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  1. I will continue to maintain that despite his artistic talents, Bachalo is one of the worst costume designers in the business ever. That being said, this is an amazing figure. Looks exactly like the character, with Hasbro's typical tone downs, of course. The face sculpt is beautiful. Most of Rogue's face sculpts are great, but can we get at least one sculpt with her smiling, guys?
  2. I think people are seriously expecting too much from fantasy movies these days. If you went into this movie expecting cool fight scenes with some decent special effects and weren't looking for some cheesy deeper meaning it pretty much did that
  3. Anyway, wasn't anything wrong with the movie for the most part. It was the hype train that was built up and then suddenly had to stop. When it got back on track it felt almost stale so in order to build it up again some genius decided ScarJo should start pushing the girl power angle and it just blew up in their face. I promise, if it had been clear that "Taskmaster" was a woman from the jump mostly no one woulda cared as long as it made sense and it didn't take away from the story. But to have a dude, the stunt MAN at that, run around in the suit the entire movie then reveal him/herself (they if you choose) as a female and literally give her the smallest dialog in the entire movie was an absolute momentum killer, and was pretty much degrading to women altogether knowing that they had to have a man do all the heavy lifting only to leave her with nothing to do but take off a mask. And you know what the worst thing is, I would bet an entire years salary (that's a lot of burgers flipped) that that was not how the movie woulda ended if it had released when it was supposed to before the plague. They had so much damn idle time and you know what the Devil does with idle hands. It made zero sense and felt more forced than the girl power scene in Endgame. I know a lot of people that just passed on the movie after that little nugget. The box office numbers pretty much showed that was probably what happened to most of the audience. It opened up to decent numbers and just fell off a cliff almost overnight. Hell, if I had gotten wind of it myself I wouldn't have had the viewing party at my house. I'm a fan of BW and a massive fan of ScarJo, but a bad decision is a bad decision and that BS twist had even M. Night Shyamalan rolling his eyes and moaning in cringe. Disney did it to themselves but they were all too happy to throw ScarJo under the bus and try to make her be the bad guy.
  4. Sooooooo.........90 percent new paint and 10 percent new legs? Not saying I wouldn't pick it up if I come across it, but I sure ain't bustin' my ayce to go out and look for it at Target. I get the feeling this one's not gonna be quite as hard to find as some in the past but I'll leave it up to chance either way.
  5. LOL. Oh, I'm sure they are fully aware of her full assets, which is why, in this day and age, I'm sure they were all too happy to have these MooMoo's to cover up all her naughty bits. Seriously, I thought turning one of the industries most striking women into a homely face in the crowd would be a lot harder to do, but when it has to be done call in the professionals. The funny thing is, when you see the face models on the other figures like Ikaris and Kingo and Sersi, they all look like the actors, but not this. Of all the ones they shoulda and coulda got right it should have been at least Ajak and Thena, but if you'd have just thrown those two figures at me without any reference as to who they were supposed to be I couldn't have made heads or tails of either of them. Just keep giving me reasons to save my money on these figures, Hasbro. I'm sure you'll get me in the end.
  6. Great info. Didn't know that. Also a big fan of Perez. Not the best artist. Not the most fundamental or the best idea man, but he was consistent and timely and willing to take on any project. Consummate professional. A lot of todays artists can learn a thing or two from him. Plus he loved doing those giant scenes with dozens or heroes in them. You don't see many artists willing to take on so many faces, shapes and costumes at one time.
  7. Yeah, I got that from the last trailer. Why they have to make stupid changes like this despite knowing the traditional version works in the comics is beyond me. I guess to make him look more imposing or to give Venom that underdog plot line. Either way it's not a deal breaker. Early audience reviews look good and the critics and Wokesters hate it, so that's a pretty good indication that it's great. At least we know what the next Legends BAF candidate is gonna be.
  8. Right? How is it that Funko keeps getting the jump on stiff like this and the Master license holder always seems to be playing catch up?
  9. Phew! Just what the doctor ordered (pun intended) after those coma inducing pics of the Eternals wave from earlier. No shade at the photographer, but damn, I seriously realized I actually started to watch paint dry here at work rather than look past the first coupla pics. In comparison this wave is a 6 out of 10. Sure there's 2 more MCU Spidey, another Miles repaint, another much wanted character that deserved so much better than being done on that terrible suit buck and another Doctor Strange who pretty much looks exactly like the other MCU Doc, but we got three, count them, three new figures (counting JJJ) in this wave. And with the rate of how things have been lately that's about average what we should be expecting in any wave. For me Armadillo was the selling point. It's big, it's beautiful, it's damn near perfectly scaled and it's excellently obscure. Like I said, after that Eternals wave porcelain bomb this wave smells like a daisy.
  10. What happened @JayC? Did Richard Madden not make the cut? No big deal. Just bustin' your hump.
  11. Nope, Nope and still Nope. I didn't think it was possible, but these things look even worse next to Seaweed Man. It's seriously making me less excited about the movie itself. Okay, it's out, it's done. Let's hurry up and move past it. Maybe it's a clever ploy by Hasbro, knowing that after this wave pretty much every wave that comes after it looks like a winner. And why is Sprite's head so massive? Are they using it to give her those more child like proportions?
  12. I thought the thing about Wasp is she was so into fashion and she was actually wealthy enough that she never wore the same costume twice. I'll admit I've never been the biggest Wasp fan so I've never kept all that much track of her outfits so I'm not the expert, but I thought that was a thing.
  13. Wait, whaaaaa.......? Are you to insinuate that the lovely ML team at Hasbro headquarters served us up a plate of warm BS? Blasphemy, I say! Next thing you're gonna tell me is Feige's been lying to us about Captain Reeeeee! being the most popular character in MCU history.
  14. I think this is one of the places where the concept art excuse is legit. I'm betting they had a pretty good lock on the character design, but the special effects were still a ways out.
  15. Oh she's still very human, she's just the most perfect, infallible, bestest evaaaaah human ever.
  16. Yep. Better, yes but i gotta echo all the same complaints. The super orange is unfortunate but not a deal killer, but the lack of curvature and muscle tone is irredeemable. If there was ever a place for a fuller figure model such as the Moonstone buck, this was the spot. Label me a Boob Lookah if you wish, cuz in all honesty I am, but I still understand not all women look the same, but the proper assets and attributes need to be applied where they're relevant. Though the previous effort suffered from a bad sculpt and bad scale, at least Hasbro understood the aesthetics of the character they were shooting for then. Another beautifully rendered face sculpt on a completely inaccurate body mold. This entire tone down, tone down, tone down and then town down one more time just to be safe is getting ridiculous. Where else is there a place to take a little bit more risk away from the gaze of the Big Box Store Karens than Fan Channel? Hell, Hercules is damn near nekkid and he has a fabulous pair of chesticles to boot. Ain't nothing wrong with it though cuz it's accurate and it looks to be awesome. Where the hell is the disconnect here? Beefcake good, cheesecake bad? Double standard much? I'd much rather live in a world full of Uber Women then a world where all the women are expected to look like pre-teen boys. Freakin' grow a pair already, Hasbro.
  17. Bingo! Mar-Vell was the original Captain Marvel and coincidentally the more popular one. Carol Danvers, who had similar powers and background with the Kree became Ms. Marvel. Both characters existed along side each other and fought together and coexisted with no problems whatsoever. While Captain Marvel was out having more cosmic crusades Ms. Marvel was the more Earth based protector, as Earth was actually her home planet. I would venture to say she was more popular then than she is now, though I guess not popular enough not to be killed off by Rogue. After about 8 cancelled runs and the current run consistently failing to break Marvel's top 30 titles (unless, of course, it guest stars the original Captain Marvel to boost sales), it still strikes me as funny when so many people keep insisting she's "more popular than ever". I guess on a scale from 1 to 10 a 2.5 still ranks better than a 2. Fast forward to today. Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, the new face of Marvel, and it's disrespectful to ever acknowledge that she was ever a mere Ms. Marvel, yet it's not disrespectful to never again acknowledge that Mar-Vell was the original Captain Marvel.
  18. Guess I'm in the minority here, but this thing is lame. Despite all it's detail and complexity it just seems generic as hell, especially for a Marvel villain. Someone was just trying to make some slimy, wriggly, seaweed looking swamp monster. Almost like they didn't know where they wanted to go with it. Reminiscent of the generic look of Doomsday from Dawn of Justice, just off the mark. Seriously, I'm torn on whether they intended this thing to look scary or silly, cuz it's kinda both. It's a cool enough looking monster I guess, but had i seen it outta the box anywhere else I'd have trouble even identifying it as ML.
  19. I'll agree with you that Kamala and Miles are by far the best to crawl out of the ANAD dumpster fire, followed by RiRi, but I tend to agree more with @mako about Kamala. I think she's pretty well liked because she was actually a new character at a time when most of the characters were more or less made as a gender or race bent (or other) version of another character made to replace said character. Nothing about Kamala, other than the name and the fact that the original Ms. Marvel was her hero, had much to do about trying to replace that person. And as far as her being hated because she was Muslim, that's just plain ridiculous. Sure I suppose there were a few raaaacistuhh aceholes in the bunch that didn't like it but it's not like Marvel wasn't already diverse before she got there. Saying they hated her cuz she was/is Muslim is like saying some people hated Nightcrawler cuz he was German or Catholic or Some people hating Kitty Pryde cuz she's a woman or Jewish. Again, I'm sure there were a few d-bags that had or have a problem with any or all of the above, but they are in the strong, strong, strong, yet very miniscule minority of the overall fanbase. The whole "Hate her cuz she's Muslim" bit just doesn't fly and it never did. A few unenlightened, intolerable idiots does not a racist society create. You can walk by a thousand people in a day and say "hi". Most of them will say "hi" back, some will say nothing, some may grunt or look at you funny, but a the end of the day the only people you're gonna really remember are the few horrible people that said something derogatory or uttered a slur. That's not widespread racism, that's a few repulsive misguided people in a thousand. The so called creators of the characters of ANAD knew what they were doing all along with trying to act like they somehow suddenly created diversity in a medium that already had plenty in it, but they were also hoping to drum up some drama and outrage and it was a flat on it's face failure, though some of the characters were a relative success. People that have such a problem with other peoples of varying racial, religious, gender and other backgrounds woulda left a long time ago, cuz diversity was already there. The honks that were behind the ANAD catastrophe didn't create diversity, they just mad a mockery of it. Diversity and equality is basically what the entire creation of the X-Men were based upon, and they are still, by far, the most well loved characters in the Marvel Universe.
  20. I guess that's one way to go about it. Also, I suppose they could just call her Moonstone and go with alternate head sculpts.
  21. LOL. Spider-Man Upgrade Suit is a bit grandiose, isn't it? Guess it's better than Same Suit, Different Color. Any upgrade on the accessories, guys? Didn't think so. Pass and pass.
  22. I agree, but the one they used for JJJ in this No Way Home wave is the older one. Even with the JJJ head sculpt that was built specifically to fit this buck, it still has that lollipop head. As far as the Morlun, he looks pretty good because he seems to be using some variation of the Hellfire Club buck.
  23. That's something i can't understand either. Even if they don't want to belittle Captain Marvel by turning her back into a Ms. they can still label her as Dark Ms. Marvel. Then again, even calling her Dark Ms. Marvel would indicate that there was an actual Ms. Marvel at one time and we just can't have that. That's just a thing that's supposed to disappear down the memory hole.
  24. Damn, that scrawny, spaghetti legged, whispy armed, super short suited buck just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? And isn't I just so great that pretty much every head sculpt from any "normal" sized figure doesn't fit on it without looking like a pumpkin head? It's the gift that keeps on giving. Great job deep sixing a great buck like the Moonstone one and keeping this Office Manager Frodo buck in constant rotation, Hasbro.
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