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  1. Windsor-Smith was awesome, but I gotta agree with the Buscema and Perez crowd. Windsor-Smith had that organic painteristic style that translated better into watercolor, especially in his faces which had kinda that dead-eye look to them. His art is beautiful to be sure, but as far as comic book style art, guys like Perez and Buscema and Byrne and Cockrum are the standards.
  2. Yup. At this point it's kind of just a sick joke to them all, and they all openly giggle as they do it. No comment is literally saying "I can't talk about it" and straight out lying has become the norm for everyone cast in anything involving MCU. It's a freaking movie about the multiverse, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro from other movie arcs are in the trailer. Of course Tobey and Andrew are in it. For me the lock is Electro. They can try to play it off like maybe they just like the actors that played the characters originally and recast them like they did JK Simmons as JJJ, but Electro was terribly miscast and it was part of the downfall of Amazing Spider-Man, and they know it. If they were gonna recast anyone it would have been him. Nothing wrong with Jamie Foxx, but trying to change a fit, good looking guy into some puny, timid twerp who gets zero respect did not work. The only reason to keep him as Electro at all is to keep with the multiverse theme. They'll keep with the BS till the movie launches, then they'll all point and laugh like they really got one over on us, like we don't already understand their MO. It works though, cuz here we are, almost constantly talking the subject even though 90 percent of us are all pretty sure both former Spideys are in the movie, if even for a fleeting moment.
  3. Your right. If I want a comic I just go to the store and buy it, like the good old days. Then I get a hard copy to keep it. I don't rent comics for 356 days at a time. Plus I take every opportunity to support my local comic shop.
  4. A hundred dollars for a bloody nose, black eye and a dirty scarf. There are places in Bangkok where you can get a lot more for a lot less.
  5. LOL. These are the conversations I love and you know the creative team is eating it up. At every corner there's a new possibility. Half the time I think they tease just so we can give them new ideas. C'mon, let's make the Griffin as a BAF or as a Riders set a thing.
  6. I think Speedball is a gimme. It's a cheap repaint that should be done with the Pizza Spidey mold, but will probably be done with the Sunfire mold, cuz that skinny kid is supposed to be as buff as Silver Surfer and Moon Knight. It's already been expected and they've already started in with the New Warriors anyway, but they're gonna give themselves a double tap on the back and go with the "never been done before" tag as well. Which is okay, I guess. The second figure is a mystery. My heart says Blackout or Deathwatch cuz I really want some more villains for Ghost Rider, but my logic says Mordo cuz there's already a familiarity built up around that character and Doctor Strange is also badly in need of villains. Notice though, that the majority of the available candidates are all mystical characters which are a major shortage in ML in general. I know there's that theory that Disney is trying to steer away from the occultic sybolism in some of those darker characters, but the MCU took the whole "science and magic are the same" angle without ruffling too many feathers so they should be able to do it in ML. Ideally, Speedball shoulda already been on the schedule a long time ago and this tease should have involved two other characters like Deathwatch and Blackout. Blackout would be so easy with a bit of tinkering on the Netflix Punisher buck and Deathwatch could finally make some use out of the Spider UK buck, but I think those two will get put off once again. Final answer: Speedball and Baron Mordo.
  7. It is Hot Toys, of course, so it's gonna be pretty impressive, but nothing there meets the standard $400+ that Hot Toys usually demands. At least they managed the proper scale, assuming the Hydra Stomper and Steve Rogers will be done as well. Hasbro would do well to get their hands on one of the scientists and engineers Hot Toys has on staff.
  8. Considering how long it took them to figure out how to sculpt a machete or even a simple decent bow that wasn't just repainted Billy clubs from the first Daredevil figure you're probably not too far off the mark. I assume the only reason they've not done a Masacre figure yet is cuz R&D are still trying to hammer out the complicated architecture involving a bat with nails in it.
  9. Believe me, I struggle with this. As a professed Havok fan I just can't get too excited for a third one. I loved the Outback X-Men but he was more or less just a black suit most of the time. Even Marc Silvestri understood how funky that mask was, I think. Plus, it seems to me to be a way for Hasbro just to do a quick repaint on a used mold. I suppose if they give us an alternate Alex head sculpt it would be more exciting, but we all know that's probably not gonna happen. And, I have a strong feeling, I'd even be willing to bet even money on it, that they're gonna put him on the Sunfire buck, which would be even more disappointing. I don't care how many people argue how good the Sunfire buck is, it's flat out too undersized a buck for a straight drop in replacement for the Bucky Cap mold. I'm down for more butterfly joints but let's spend a little money and do a new, proper sized buck if Hasbro's gonna replace the Bucky Cap mold. You can't just keep using the same "pretty good" mold to bridge the gap between 5'10" skinny characters like Pyro and 6'4" heavy muscled characters like Silver Surfer. At least they tend to utilize the Bucky Cap mold appropriately (for the most part). A little off topic, but my distaste for the distaste of the Bucky Cap mold just took over the keyboard. Sorry.
  10. I know the popular legless guesses are Bushmaster and Bonebreaker (my personal choice) but what if they throw us a super curve and go with Bochs, the original pilot of the Box robot? I know its not likely but if they were really trying to surprise us a Marrina, Bochs, Box box (that's a lot of boxes) set would probably make a big splash.
  11. We can't all act like we were surprised that a Wolverine was gonna be in this wave. It's pretty much a necessary evil, but I will agee, after coming out with a bang by announcing Siryn first the rest of the reveals have been less than spectacular. Darwin? Yeah, okay. Havok? A bit unnecessary. Wolverine? What else is new. That leaves 3 spots for them to blow us away and we gotta know at least one of those is a dud. I'm thinking they expect the BAF will bring the house down. I don't think it'll be Blob or Mojo, and I think Holocaust might get the AoA Apocalypse treatment. I'm still putting my money on Bonebreaker.
  12. At the risk of being labeled a Boobie Gazer, I would really love to see Monet on the Moonstone buck. It's part of her design and it's been noted and made light of in the comics. It just fits.
  13. Havok is another favorite X-Man of mine, but honestly I was never really a fan of his classic costume. It always just seamed goofy with those weird bands on his head. We've gotten a modern version that is an improvement on the classic costume and his X-Factor costume, but I could have really done without the classic version. I guess I can see the desire for it by some fans, I suppose.
  14. I agree. They did really well keeping Cyclops consistent, they should do the same with Havok. And I really don't track with all the hate for the Bucky Cap mold. It is an excellent mold that was way ahead of it's time and for the design limitations it still retains an unbelievable amount of possibility. It really is a good mold. I'll agree it is used a bit too often but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If there are any complaints I'd expect them to be that they don't use the Spider UK mold as a more consistent alternate to the Bucky Cap mold and they too often use the Sunfire mold as an alternate.
  15. I think you give Hasbro too much credit. Not only do I bet they do go and redo every significant previous Spidey on this mold but in order to double down on every upcoming Spidey they will do them first on either the Pizza Spidey mold or the Sunfire mold and get us to buy them in the main line, but then they'll go back and do it on this mold knowing we will all likely buy it a second time. And when I say significant Spidey I'm not referring to those weirdo outliers like Negative Zone Spidey and Web-Man, though I wouldn't be all that surprised if they redo those too.
  16. Vac metal, soft goods and translucent plastics are a few of the things that get inserted into the action figure realm that I just don't understand the demand for. Time is not good to any of them. Soft goods in particular are just so stiff and awkward looking and the thinner they make the material to try and make it lay right on the figure the easier it is to destroy. If they're gonna do it maybe they need to take a cue from McFarlane with his upcoming Batman figure and just include the soft goods as a swappable alternative. Of course Hasbro already skimps on as much as possible so expecting something like this outside of some Deluxe format is more or less a pipe dream.
  17. It's a good figure, especially for the people who love to do posing (LOL, almost called 'em posers), but I can already hear the calls for every single Spider-Man figure ever done to be redone on this mold. This is good for Hasbro as it gives them some extra material to extend the Spider-Man line, but how many of us are gonna be compelled (I'm as guilty as anyone) to buy a new Ultra-Posable version of that Spidey when the first version should have been fine otherwise?
  18. I do enjoy the randomness of the selection. Looks like they're finding a way to hit on all the teams that various fans have been asking for. Not a big fan of the AoA specific waves though they were great figures in general. We'd better enjoy and partake in these random waves as much as we can cuz once the movies get finalized it's gonna be maybe 2 comic based characters per wave that they can squeeze in between the mandatory MCU figures. Maybe we'll get some more Excalibur goodness (maybe Rachel with Widget) or some love for the Outback X-Men. I also want a Random figure, but not sure he's exactly BAF worthy. He's a big guy, but not any bigger than Colossus or even Sabretooth. My money is on Bonebreaker, speaking of Outback X-Men. I know a lot are predicting Blob or Mojo, but per Hasbro's past tendencies I don't think they're keen on redoing former BAF's as new BAF's. More likely they'll be done, and I do think they will be done, as multi-packs like the Nimrod pack (Longshot, Spiral, Mojo....eh?) or Deluxe Editions like MODOK. Just my view on it.
  19. Darwin, once again Hasbro, you catch me looking one way and come at me from another. Wow, totally unexpected, but not totally unwanted. I'll take it and go ahead and throw me in with the group who wants Random. Go for that 1, 2 combo knockout. Of course, seeing as he should be little more than a repainted Pizza Spidey (please get this right) with a new head sculpt it should really come as no surprise. He's just kinda fallen off the radar in recent times. Way to keep us guessing.
  20. Insomniac is out front the best game developer in the business today. Spider-Man was surprisingly fulfilling and I hope part 2 is just as good. Not sure what to expect from Wolverine. They're usually successful with the high flying, off the ground stuff, but I'm interested to see what they do with a ground based hero. The biggest thing they have going for them is that there isn't a very high bar set by any games featuring Wolverine thus far.
  21. This is by far the very best of the bunch, followed closely by Cap Carter. The others in this wave have some serious aesthetic and design issue and basic "laziness" issues. This is cool and I will be on the hunt for this one because I think it will be the HTF.
  22. Haven't we all? By liberal dogwatching standards today, once you've endured a crisis, which I have, you're then allowed to make lite of it. I didn't write the rules. Plus, if that's all you got outta that then you're obviously just looking for something to be outraged about. Happy hunting, I'm not gonna be dragged into another thread killing argument just cuz you don't like what I said. The next time I take into account whether everyone will appreciate what I have to say will be the first time.
  23. One of your best. Colossus is one of my hands down favorite characters and one of the most underrated characters IMHO.
  24. I dunno. Are you wanting to do the entire mid 90's Gen X team setting with those team uniforms and the entire red and yellow look or are you cool with having some of the characters that are still in action but have their own thing going like M and Husk? It's just that entire look was so damn specific, similar to Quitely's X-Men, I think the best option of ever getting the entire team would be like a box set. I mean we'll surely get a Banshee soon, we've got Jubilee, I don't think Husk and Monet are outta the question, but I think they'll be in more traditional costumes and I think guys like Skin and Mondo and Gaia seem like pretty good longshots. Don't get me wrong, if they do do them I'm all to happy to fall on my sword and always excited to get as much new product as possible, but I just don't see it. As far as Alpha Flight, a Merina figure with a Box (original or upgraded) BAF would be soooo freaking unexpected and awesome. And I'm with you on Betsy Psylocke. I'll take any one they wanna give us, preferably her Outback Armored look.
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