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  1. The BAF concept was a good idea in encouraging the collectors to buy all the figures in the wave. It's still a sound game plan assuming all the figures are somewhat well done and interesting. DCUC still does very well with the BAF (or CAC) concept and others are actually adopting it. Make no mistake, Hasbro's problem was in poor quality and bad execution, not the declining interest of the BAF concept. A lot of us are fine and some are even happy that it went away, but I guarantee if they brought it back and they brought back quality and character line ups on par with waves 3 thru 13 of the TB series, they would sell well. I never saw so many ML rotting on the shelves until Hasbro took over. They were way to ambitious and ill prepared to provide a product of the quality that ML loyalists had been accustomed to at that time and they still are, Jesse Falcon or no Jesse Falcon. That's why Hasbro will never be able to make the BAF work for them. As for the larger figs, I think Hasbro is content to have Marvel Select do them for the time being. I assume since TB was part owner of the MS line Hasbro purchased their part of MS with the Marvel license as well. Plus it looks like the "Giant" figures they are producing now are going to be running anywhere between 12" - 18" and will look equally well with MU or ML.
  2. I decided to make a stand and wait for these to be released, but had long abandoned hope until now. We're not out of the woods yet though. They gave no indication of quantities and number of restocks. There's no guarantee that the availability will be enough that we all get our share. Another thing I would like to ask anyone who may have the answer. According to Hasbro way back then, this wave was delayed due to the fact that they wanted to retool the AXM Beast. From all the pictures I've seen there is absolutely no difference between the promo pics and the final product. Was there any change whatsoever that anyone that has the figure can notice?
  3. Agreed. Any figure that gets voted on by the fans will most certianly come packaged with a simple repaint and with all of Wolverines alternate costumes, the supply will be limitless. We'll basically be paying $25.00 for one new figure. One thing for sure is that we'll never see the McGuinness Hulk unless it gets voted for. That's way to much plastic for Hasbro to surrender unless they absolutely have to. Plus, who's to say the voting will be legit? It's not like they use an independant firm to take the votes. Hasbro can just announce the winner to be whichever figs they want them to be. That's what happened with the AOA Sunfire. I don't know one damn person who voted for that thing, but I think the reason it was done was that it was simpler for them to do. It looked awesome, but it took less paint and only the simple application of some exterior parts. What really sucks is they announced that the winning figures would be retooled after they opened the voting lines. Knowing that now makes me want to cancel one of my votes and vote for Warpath.
  4. Dude what are you talking about? THAT Galactus is twice as thick as the TB version. It may be taller but in no way is it a copy. Same design maybe, but the articulation is way off. The figure looks decent but he looks far too stocky in the legs Legs are out of proportion. Looks way too short. BAF Galactus was FAR better. No way in hell is this the same mold - everything has been changed... and not for the better. I can't believe people are complaining about this Galactus...ok, I can. Still, that Gman is f'n awesome looking. I do think his legs are a little short, but only a little so it's pretty minor. The rest of his look is AMAZING! The head sculpt kicks the crap out of every BAF & CnC out there today. Man... i don't like this Galactus and suddenly i 'hate' Hasbro? The whole thing looks too stocky. He looks like he could barely get out of his own way. Don't get me wrong (again) i'll probably end up buying the damn thing anyway, but i (personally) prefer the BAF over this one. I realize 19" is taller than 12" (or so), thanks for the math update , but i just think he looks too thick/stocky - especially in the upper-chest area. Probably because they stuck some sort of electronics in there. Who said you hated Hasbro?? right. Is there going to be added articulation. It would be ridiculous to have a figure that is actually bigger than the MLBAF and have the same sh1tty MU articulation
  5. I hope they stay that low as well, means that wont be as expensive for us none US citizens, who dont have wal-marts, good to hear though will be able to get a few now, with beter price ranges. Whatever the price, don't sit around on your hands waiting for a better deal. You see em you better jump on em. A lot of us who waited and put our faith in Hasbro are about to be rewarded and you better believe I'll be checking the stores every day until I get a complete set.
  6. I can't actually believe people are voting for Bagman. Are you kidding? Two years waiting and you're gonna waste a vote on that garbage? Anyway we need a Havok and Multiple man, no question. Hopefully they pick the 2nd figure for each pack from the same crop. Expect it to be some of the obscure characters though so they can save the more high profile characters to headline future 2 packs. Sadly, I'm sure Hulk or Wolvie will end up as one of the fan choices. I can't believe how many people a jonesing for a X-Force Wolverine.
  7. Well color me surprised, Hasbro finally followed through on one of their promises. I'm totally on board with the mix of characters who are far overdue and ones that very few of us recognize. Just as I suspected, it's turning into a more collector based selection. If they gave us all the characters we we are demanding, they would run out of source material very quickly and future wave would end up being either updates or existing figs or 2 packs of relatively unknowns, neither of which would sell well. This should be a good sign that they are looking to extend the longevity of the line. Two things disturb me. What the hell is with all the Hulk hating? When the release of this fig got sidelined for the Rulk BAF everyone was bitchin (myself included) that this fig would never get made, now everyone's bitchin the other way. Might as well deal with it cause I can guarantee he'll be one of the highest voted on. DP will get high marks too regardless of all the hating on this thread. A lot of us got the first one, but a lot of people didn't either. It was a slam dunk for Hasbro because whether you like it or not he is quickly on his way to becoming the next Wolverine. Speaking of Wolverine, I simply cannot stomach another one. At least drop him from from every other wave or so. If we end up getting yet another repaint over the updated Havok I will loose my freakin mind.
  8. K-Mart used to be awesome for unexpected treasures, but now you're lucky to find anything less than double what it cost somewhere else.
  9. I must agree with this. I'd been hoping for quite some time they would retire the Bullseye mold in favor of this one. This body looks more balanced and the musculature in the legs actually match that of the body. Good call.
  10. I don't think ML one Iron Man is the best, I think the Silver Centurion from series 7 is the best. Right now that's just splitting hairs. Of course there are better IM's out there but this is by far the best IM (or any other fig for that matter) that Hasbro has ever done. Maybe the time off did them some good. Maybe they've had a chance to finally pull their head out of their a$$e$. As for owing Hasbro an apology, I don't think we owe them one just yet. We've yet to see how they perform with the new 2 packs they're proposing. If they get that right maybe we can start considering an apology.
  11. I didn't realize the two females were just going to be interchangable heads. Looks like we're gonna have to buy doubles of yet another IM.
  12. Bummer bro. Seems like you just lost the itch. Can't say I haven't been on the edge myself a couple a times, especially with the recent events with ML. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  13. I stopped caring so much about exact height representation. Bout the time Bishop and Omega Red came out so much out of scale when compared to other characters. As long as they're somewhere within the six inch scale, I'm cool with it. Besides Iron Man I have, in droves. I'm more interested in the other figures, especially in the female figures who look awesome.
  14. Not really interested in non-super powered figures either but I think I could splurge on a boxed set of several. I don't think as singles or even 2-packs they would sell very well. Aside from some collectors, how many people can you see walking the aisles of Wal-mart or Target really stoked about finding that that Aunt May or Foggy Nelson figure? Though from a collector's perspective how awesome would it be to have a 6 figure normal wave (PParker, MMurdock, SRogers, BBanner, TStark, and of course JHowlett) and top it off with a Romita style Kingpin BAF.
  15. I'm still hoping Hasbro will come through and the end product (especially Warpath) will have new heads and a modified torso and maybe add some cuffs to those boots. After all we know these are just Prototype pics that they threw together on short notice to show at SDCC. I actually can't understand why someone didn't ask the almighty Mr. Falcon about this issue. Sure it would have been a little harder hitting question than those cream puff questions most of the "journalists" on site ask but it's far from hitting below the belt. The MM head is obviously new and they went through the trouble to smooth off the laces on Warpath's boots. Maybe they're still a work in progress/process or maybe it's just Hasbro's way of testing the waters to see if ML is still profitable. I've said it a hundred times so make this 101. If they don't sell or get much support, there won't be a future for ML.
  16. Not so sure Deathstrike and Pyro were so much a waste as they were just poorly done. I think they would have been more appreciated had they been done better. As for my list: Bucky Toad Brood Queen BAF (or the unassembleable pile of parts that is supposed to be the BAF) Spiderman Movie Wave (there's a place for movie figs, ML is not it) X-Movie figs (good fodder though) 2nd & 3rd Black Spidey Any Movie fig that made it into ML Any Wolverine after Apocalypse Wave Anything having to do with AoA (even though Sunfire looked awesome) Danger (lieterally the biggest POS ever) Skaar (did we really need this more than Valkyrie?) XMC Juggernaut Anything with an action feature (Spiderman Classics mostely) Bishop (bigger than Colossus?) Deathlocke (who cares) Dr. Strange Savage She-Hulk (still hard as hell to find) Baron Zemo (cheesy)
  17. the only decent HMLs imo are.... 1.) lord thor 2.)she-hulk(1st version) 3.)crossbones 4.)dr.doom 5.)flame on johnny storm 6.)ronan(baf) 7.)daredevil(too small though) 8.)punisher 9.)black spidey 10.)wolvey(rulk wave) 11.)union jack 12.)spiral 13.)elektra 14.)n.fury 15.)WWII cap Gotta agree with this list though I would add Black Knight and the Blob and Rulk BAFs as limited as thier articulation may be. As far as Multiple Man, it seems like a home run from the onset, but this could end up being a double edged sword for Hasbro and ML. Say they pack MM with someone like Wolfsbane. If I want to get a dozen MM do I have to buy a dozen Wolfsbane? Now say they pack two MMs together, what would be the average amount of MM's customers would be willing to legitimately pay full price for before they are content to let them sit on the shelf until they go on sale? I would pay full price for 12 MM's myself but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone would. I would be another disaster to see boxes and boxes of double packed MM's rotting on the shelves and that could very well be the death of ML. I think the best bet would be to offer up two distinct selections, MM 2 pack in a very limited quantity and then a second more circulated 2 pack with MM and an easily customizeable figure like Syrin. Additionally with proof of purchase of the first MM they could offer MMs on the website where you could either buy them in single or double quantities.
  18. To comment on your point way back Pooda, that most toy lines have a 3.75 brother, that's correct but it seems Hasbro is intent on doing only the 3.75 altogether. I do collect MU a bit, and I can live with having both but It's pretty lame that we may never get a 6" line back, and just when others like DCUC are hitting their stride. We all know Hasbro's major reason for buying the Marvel license was to cash in on the movie and cartoon merchandise and I understand business is business, but it's just pretty $hitty we may lose the product line that set the standard in the process. It just seems like a better deal could have been made on Marvel's part (maybe with a subcontracting company to Hasbro) to ensure ML would continue.
  19. Ok,You really need to shut up with this crap. We get it,You don't like Legends anymore. Either post on the Marvel Universe board or don't post at all,Cause' you're really starting to piss me and I'm sure the same applies other members . Amen, sir. I knew we could agree on something. You can find your way to the little toys on the MU board. Right now the adults are speaking. is that to imply that MU collectors are childlike? please tell me thats what youre hinting at! Just a joke. I got a tendancy to do that. Just a pun on the difference in size of the two lines. I also did want to inforce the fact that we were on an ML thread and it is kinda childish to bust in with an MU shoutout in pretty much every topic. I'm also and MU collector, just not as loyally as ML.
  20. I know he's just a scapegoat, I've said it so many times. He is just doing what he's told, but what happened to the guy who was gonna change the industry? We are going backwards. I'm sure promises were made to him that he was going to spearhead the ML effort and be the go to guy. We've all had jobs where the boss changed the rules midstream. You know what you can do, take a stand or just give up. You can't ride both sides of the fence and expect to maintain your integrity. He had to know the biggest reason they brought him to Hasbro was for his name as it would be recognized by the ML fans. They intended him to be the one to pull all the ML fans to the MU dark side, but it didn't work. Now they're throwing us a bone and he's gonna be the fall guy when it all turns to crap. All's fair because he sure don't mind being up front and center when he does something right.
  21. Ok,You really need to shut up with this crap. We get it,You don't like Legends anymore. Either post on the Marvel Universe board or don't post at all,Cause' you're really starting to piss me and I'm sure the same applies other members . Amen, sir. I knew we could agree on something. You can find your way to the little toys on the MU board. Right now the adults are speaking.
  22. i was thinking it, you said it! great minds think alike. don't get me wrong, i do love the MLegends line, but they pulled the plug on that last year and died. it's time to stop talking about them and let them rest in peace. C'mon guys, you're on the ML forum calling for the cancellation of ML. If we all thought that way we'd be on the MU forum right now. There are still a lot of us hoping for the best. I do understand where you're coming from. Once you've been screwed around for so long sometime you gotta just give up and go with the flow. I tried MU, and my biggest problem is quality vs. price. Not such an issue with some, but I think that's the case with most ML holdouts. I agree it's been losing steam for quite some time but there's obviously still a large demand for them. Maybe with Hasbro's new plan of attack they'll be able to concentrate on a collectors style assortment and make figures everyone wants and will sell well
  23. I thought I saw the GR and the Johnny too, but this is the first time I've ever seen the Venom. I'm sure they decided against widespread release because the thing was so awesomely cheesy, but what made it seem lame a few years ago is what makes it so cool now.
  24. Agreed. Makin toys and rakin in the dough. It don't get much better than that.
  25. Okay, so myself and another member are having a uh........ friendly dissagreement over at another topic (much love to you brother, I mean you no harm). He spoke directly with Jesse Falcon at the latest convention and got to know him a bit and believes he deserves our unconditional respect and forgiveness. With Jesse's unveiling of these new pictures of ML prototypes are all of his misleadings and fabricated excuses from the past forgiven? Also, apparently he (JF) spoke directly to the people on hand at the latest convention (a very, very small percentage of the entire ML fandom), and he explains that he did not intend to be misleading at the NYCC, he wanted to show new product, but it just wasn't in the cards at the time. I've got three major basis of agreement: 1. Should we really be expected to praise him for actually getting around to doing something he promised to do 6 to 8 months ago? I work in management and I have yet to reward someone for doing what they were supposed to do. 2. Are we really supposed to take it at fact value that ML is back on track just because he shows us these alleged pictures of prototypes. Firstly I bet the vast majority of us could produce these images in just a few hours using Photoshop. Secondly, if this is what he's been up to for 6 months (3 figs, all used parts and even used heads), then things are not as sunny as he'd like us to think. 3. If you wanted to show new product @ NYCC but couldn't due to other circumstances, why not just be up front about it. What was the point of spinning some fabulous rap about forgetting which convention you were at, getting confused becuase there was so many, etc. That just makes him a liar.
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