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  1. Pooda's not so much a Hasbro honk as he's just come to terms that MU is Hasbro's future and has gotten on board. What he says is usually factual and not just outright condescending like TomTom. i didn't mean it negative... i know it sounds it. but i didn't. there is a value to embracing the changes that are currently taking place, and a great many of us live in the glory days. i think in the end it's a matter of preference and acceptance.
  2. You know you have to blame Marvel too. I understand we are on a marvel forum but im simply just pointing out how the business works. Marvel is pretty big again because of the movies and im very grateful because i have been a fan fo 20 years. I remember in the late 90's when marvel almost went under they merged with ______ just to keep publishing comics. Any way their stock is very high now and some compinies will not pay the amount marvel is asking for(Capcom) or cant afford i.e. (Toy biz). I like that comics are better than ever before, but maybe one day when marvel craze dies down again some good toy company will get the lisence. i'm not sure if you don't know the history, or are leaving that blank for another reason... but hasbro went bankrupt in part due to bad deals with companies like sony and a toy maker (avi arad primarily) bankrolled the project. after marvel created toy biz to help with the products, toy biz got really successful and then bought marvel when marvel had problems, and then sold it back to them later. but toybiz was kinda the lifeline that kept marvel going. the fact that they ended up out in the cold with almost nothing to put on shelves and a very stern block and delay pattern from hasbro is really sad. p.s. yes i know i am skipping some of what happened just trying to keep it pertinent.
  3. nothing against Pooda(?) but i'm a little surprised he hasn't jumped in already to administer the traditional corporate praise for hasbro et al.
  4. is it 5%? 20%? it's like there is some OCD guy at hasbro that freaks out if products aren't in two packs. and has it ever worked? g.i. joe was hurt by them for years (and years and years), and now ML, MU, star wars, g.i. joe (again), and even some transformers are going that way. is it really that much cheaper? sometimes it seems like it's to avoid peg warmers, but at the same time it would seem like the half of the pack that no one wants or everyone already has (*ahem* snake eyes, iron man) causes the same problem with two figures instead of one.
  5. i got enough to build nemesis. picked the green punisher and the yellow DD since i had good standard versions of them already. good figures... not great. black bolt is one of those "finally got him in my hands" ones, the punisher is more fun than i expected, nova is a favorite character, but the figure is overly scrawny... which leads to the real problem: the scale is clearly off. they have all been shortened. instead of feeling six inch scale, they seem more 5 1/2. they suit the halo figures size better. and if you try to blend them in with marvel select it will not fly. tigra is only a little above the hips of thanos. it makes him look two stories tall. oh, and that beast figure is atrocious. unless he is to stand straight up and never move then he is worthless. leg pose ability is terrible. the nemesis figure really does make up for a lot though, and the "about time" of it all. not to mention that the price of $11.00 (which used to seem sooooo high) was a nice surprise.
  6. the black cat is pretty much a statue, but thanos is my favorite figure to date, seconded by the select modern thor. he is a beautiful figure and is big but still sits well with legend figures.
  7. happy trails... to you... ... until... we meet... again... i see a lot of defense of MU but it seems like that's been the final straw for most of us. hasbro taking over was tough, but this last switch to the smaller toys seems to have put the soul and the heart of this to sleep. to have silenced the inner child that this all brings out. without that we go from fervent collector, to critical shopper, to buying some, to only the ones we want and then to none at all. what's hard for me is these figures used to inspire me to get them, now they make me feel tired.
  8. havok vs. hulk (he's been mutated... so technically) havok is one of the most powerful on earth and can absorb nearly infinite levels of radiation so i have to wonder what would happen against the hulk and if he could just drain him dry.
  9. if we see anything it won't be until after the big transformers and gi joe push this summer. i think some things will trickle out maybe, but once we see clearance stickers on the joe transformer stuff then we can start to wonder if marvel has any six inch life left. hasbro is the owner of the joe trans stuff, they have more to gain by there success then by being the license holder for marvel. i think unless there is a movie proerty to attach to there will be minimal product, or there will be peg warmers, empty pegs, and empty promises for the next year or so.
  10. age of apocalyose sunfire found at marshalls discount stores for $6.99. i found him at the store in metairie louisiana, there was one more left.
  11. my target in metairie louisiana (suburb of new orleans) had all of them, i got the two versions of ms. marvel, and ultimate captain america. i passed on the rest of them due to the price. i also think the superhero showdown hulk and thing looked better, and i have them so i'll be passing on the ones that don't seem superior in looks and plastic. i posted a rough version of how to retool ms. marvel to give her swivel elbows, i'll try and add picks. she is awesome now that her elbows work.
  12. HAWKEYE i live in new orleans, and when this wave and a couple others were hitting and re-hitting the shelves was when Katrina hit and we had no power or food or water or toy stores. never had a chance to get him and he's my second favorite character. first being cap, and i have five or six versions of him.
  13. from everything i've seen and heard hasbro wanted the marvel line so they could clear off peg space before transformers 2 and g.i. joe were released to theaters. they release the minimum quota set by marvel and raise the cost of figures to cover the licensing fee paid to marvel. the 3.75 figures are new and the cost difference between them and joe's is the exact cost of your average fee. hasbro was always vocal in the past at feeling toy-biz was granted too much space on shelves for such a small company, and they were involved in the anti-monopoly law suit against toy-biz. as far as hasbro hate goes i think it's fair.
  14. they are, but they don't tend to cross marvel and g.i. joe. it gets in the way of pricing on licensing deals (but since it was a SDCC exclusive and not available in retail markets it would be different). if you look at the weapons on most of the wolverine figures they tend to be both new and crap. that's part of what made me think it was odd since the origin figures would be pretty well served by some of the joe accessories.
  15. yeah, i figured as much. it's more of a revelation for myself. i have the zabu figure and then i saw the storm shadow pack. just thought it odd.
  16. i guess i should mention it's the tiger that's in the storm shadow jungle attack (no clue if that's the real name) set. saw it at the closeout store tuesday morning... that place just screams "sad grandma".
  17. the zabu that comes in the savage land pack... as opposed to all the other zabu's? because they've made so many... anyway... which i guess would explain why he is as blocky and angular as he is. such a good set, and it's really a good figure, but for some reason that seems to cheapen it. sorry if i'm late to the party and everyone already knew this.
  18. by this i mean what figure did you expect to dislike, or bought only to complete a series or on clearance or whatever but really thought would be a throw away figure that turned out to be pretty good. why did you think they would be bad, and why did you like them? 1) Mr. Sinister, thought he would be lame, but the level of detail in him is incredible and he poses really well. once i modified his cape he is so perfect. 2) Deathlok, lame character really, but he can look so vicious, and he was once described as having a nail gun plugged directly into his heart. 3) Classic Iron Man, did anyone expect this to be a good figure? i think he completed modok or mojo. looked stiff, and nearly unposable with a pinhead. but (if you never take the mask off) he is really fun to pose and is a great classic figure. 4) Beast v.1, i'm alone in this but i thought his hip articulation was inspired. he spent more time on top of my computer than any figure so far. 5) Wonder-man, i think i got him when he was a final clearance figure after i started regretting not picking him up just to complete my avengers line-up. when i started posing him and the little yellowjacket he came with and the red eyes he was really great. also loved all the texture to him. those are mine off the top of my head.
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