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    holy crap

    thats guy's knees are going to be SHOT in a couple years!
  2. *Deathblade


    It was never as bad as siebertron...I swear I used to just visit there, and filter to all the locked threads, and have a good day at work laughing...most of the "cliques" started diffusing around late 2003, early 2004...there weren't roving bands of them like on on-line version of the warriors or anything...more like a group of about 10-20 people, and several of the had cronies who rushed to their defense in any thread.
  3. *Deathblade


    I know alot of the reason I don't post that much is because of the general "been there...done that feeling" You get tired having the same tired "debates" with the same people...or worse yet when someone new come in and stirs the same pot over again...MISB vs LOOSE/ SCALPING vs HOARDING/ARMY BUILDING / G1 and ARAH vs whatever new product..etc When you can look at a thread and pretty much tell who is going to post in it, and what they are going to say, things get a tad well..."meh" Also most boards are composed of loosely allied "cliques" that when one poster is attacked, several others will jump to their defense. The other poster's "clique" will join in...etc. Some of the main reasons people post on message boards in the first place are for agreeance, acceptance and acknowledgement from like minded people...even in the case of trolls, they are looking for acknowledgment. There arent really "Alpha" sides here anymore...well, I take that back there isn't an "Alpha" Left side here...VH and the majority of the 8 or so people that post here are largely on the conservative side....the only people I can think of on the left are arrow, pit viper and nevermore. Personally I am just left of the center. People like drama, and drama threads...so most "good" threads consist of two strongly disagreeing sides, a a bunch of "atta boys/agrees/thinly vieled insults" and a bunch of spectators. Say what you will about honeyboy...but she put a**es in the seats, if nothing else...and people STILL bring her up to this day....even though she only posted for a few months. Also alot of the "old guard" has left the site...there comes a time for some people when they realize 13,000 posts on a message board=diddly squat in real life...and showing off a collection on message boards isnt necessarily worth $26,000 in debt. Life happpens and people move on. Though with them left alot of the elitism and cronyism that was prevalent when I first joined back in 03... (how many times did I see a post from some schuck saying "hey noob! dont talk to ____ that way, he has 15,000 posts and been here since 2001!) when someone disagreed with the clique or "HEY ____ I thought you were on MY side! I DEFENDED you last week! you USED to be cool! now you're DEAD to me!!!" ....as the number of these guys dwindled, and new people increased, they lost their online "respect" and "prestiege" with that also went their exclusivity and most importantly their identity....and for some of them, that E-penis and crony clique was really the only reason they came here after their toy interest waned for whatever reason. Personally I tend to skim sites, but it is just too time consuming to type out drawn out arguments with people, when very few people read all the posts in a thread (wonders how many people will actually READ this post)
  4. *Deathblade

    Im black yall

    on a different note I often find myself getting lost in looping GIFS, sometimes i'll stare at them for upwards of a minute...anyone else do that?
  5. *Deathblade

    Im black yall

    WELCOME to 1992! that was never really a song, it is from the movie CB4 (came out around 1992) - chris rock starred, and it one one of his first films(also had charlie murphy in it)...basically the movie parodied west coast gangster rap groups like NWA and the industry at that time... The song was from when the group broke up, and one of members made made a solo single, and those were all the lyrics he could come up with (it was most likely a play on X clan) pretty funny movie..I doubt you would pay to rent it, but it comes on comedy central from time to time..worth seeing just for the "sweat on my balls" performance ^_^
  6. *Deathblade

    Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

    Why would you call me out like that, with such a personalized "attack" against what I posted? You're breaking all your own rules on this stuff here lately Jay. Don't attack people PERSONALLY for their opinions...right? I don't like any of the Clinton's and found some material on the question asked about why people hate Hillary so much, and i did so by googling the question...why do people hate hillary Clinton so much? (wow!) and reading into a few of the search results found the particualr piece I quoted and found semi-interesting, although more ridiculous in just attacking her for being a b!tch towards her secret service agents. The video I linked speaks for itself and the only real opinion of my own I posted was that I think the Clinton's are real POS that will do anything to get what they want, POWER! I even bashed most ALL politicans in that regard, but I just think they're the worst of the worst. So in relation to the topic and the question, what does my "assumed" opinion of our current President have to do with that, and what does hypothetical statements about my likely response to an attack on our current President have to do with it, other than just another slight and personal attack on me? <_< Now as far as the 3 "typical" repsonses to why people claim they don't like her being.. 1 She looks creepy 2 She stood by Clinton in public during the lewinsky scandal, as opposed to going postal on him 3 She has annoying voice Those are pretty retarded and childish, like some 15 year olds said it. True...she is ugly! True...she does have an annoying voice and a constantly changing accent (as she tries to adopt the accent of those around her) that only proves how phony and insincere she is. She panders to her target audience and tells them what she thinks they want to hear. Standing by Bill was no big deal for her, since i don't believe they have a marriage together based on love but more about convenience and presentation. I'm more than convinced she's a lesbian anyway and couldn't care less about his infidelities as long as it doesn't jeopardize their plans and if she berated him at ALL for his affairs, it's only been when's he's been caught. "YOU IDIOT...you're going to ruin EVERYTHING!" is the likely lecture. She has numreous failings in her schemes and healthcare ideas, and she does speak out both sides of her mouth and contradicts herself a lot. I just the think the Clintons are bad news and a really nasty couple of cut throat individuals, who put on a good show, but can't back it up with any real action. Hey VH, I just thought about something, you have voiced your dislike for hillary, but you have something in common with her....I am NEVER voting for you because you were so adamantly against sigma 6, and one of its loudest and harshest critics...now 1 1/2 years later you buy them proudly, you're a FLIP-FLOPPER!!!!!!!! @firedevil@ @loll@ @loll@ @smilepunch@
  7. *Deathblade

    Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

    This of course is coming from the guy who to this day will probablly tell you Bush is the next best thing to sliced bread, and though I could search around the internet finding quotes to show how he could possibly be the worst president this country has ever seen, like he's done here with Hilary, he would tell me Im wrong. Not that im saying Hiliary is the right canidate for President, but people make these kinds of statements all the time, and cause there's always some side you can find to back your view and make it seem valid, many people will take that kinda stuff at face value. My advice is don't worry about why other people do or don't like her but go out and find out about the canidate yourself and make your own opinion. Right now Im liking Fred Thompson, though its still way to early to know for sure, but so far I've liked alot of the things I've seen him say. I have looked at Hillary Clinton and have been following her campaign somewhat, thing is I don't find her any more offensive than any other political candidate, yet there is a certain level a vitriol when it comes to her, particularly from repulicans I have noticed...but some democrats dont like her also. A few of the left leaning people I have talked to have cited things like her initially supporting the war in Iraq, accepting funds from Fox news executives, dropping support on the healthcare initiave...so the vibe I am getting from them is she is not left enough... My personal disagreement with her is her stance on video games, When this subject comes up at work, people on the right basically say "shes a ****###!!! I hate her!!!@@@@" LIBERALS, DEATH OF AMERICA!!!..etc!!!!!!!!but no real reason why... I consider myself firmly in the middle and indifferent about hillary clinton, but I guess what I was looking for is firm political reasons people dont like her..becuase from what I have seen, she is not really any different from any other politician I have seen...at least not to inspire such angst... So to clarify I guess what I am looking for is POLITICAL reasons, not baseless hearsay and personal bias, the last thing I created this thread for was to defend her. I want to find out why people dont like her without all the personal BS included.
  8. *Deathblade

    Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

    You can tell me that stuff 100% factually how exactly? Because unless you worked for the secret service during the clinton years you cant, nor can you speak for the entire secret service..Or do you base your opinion off internet tripe like this "horror story"?: I did not add the link because site is questionable... "A former Secret Service Agent who was assaulted in the White House in the 1990's with an ashtray by Hillary (Gay Republicans-in-the-Closet) Rodenhurst-Clinton is now in contact with former White House Aide now Fox News Commentator Dick Morris. Morris specializes in blackmail and is reportedly now ready to Swiftboat aka Hillary on her White House year's i.e. sexual affairs. The ex-Secret Service Agent has signed an Affidavit that he was hit in the head by a glass ashtray after catching Hillary Clinton in bed engaging in hot lesbian sex with her White House Prostitute Susan. Note: Susan came to the White House in 1994 to calm Hillary after she blew out the Democratic majority in Congress in 1994. It should also be noted that Susan not only gave Herpes to Hillary but also to Leo Panetta and Bill Richardson. The ex-Agent was forced to travel to Virginia 50 miles away, to receive emergency medical treatment aka 55 stitches in the head after being assaulted by Hillary. " Are you going to tell me that's 100% true because some schlub wrote it? ...People can make up horror stories about anything. If any of that stuff were undisputably true if would be all over fox news, as it is they are airing table scraps like the "I'm your girl" blurb and "obama's wife takes jabb at hilary" and random "body language expert" BS As someone in the military that occasionally has to deal with dignataries/high ranking military officials, I can tell you from personal experience very few of them are nice and cordial when things aren't done exactly the way they want, or when things don't go as planned... you better be prepared for some less than choice words, and learn to not take stuff personal real quick...So while I dont doubt things were said, I am sure its no worse than anything I or anyone else who works in that capacity have heard before when things "didn't go as planned". As far as not liking her after looking at her for 5 minutes.....uuuh OK, that sounds more personal than anything else, the same could be said for you or me or anyone else.
  9. *Deathblade

    Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

    UHH..ok, you cant stand her WHY? Exactly HOW is she ruining it for other women? VH's comments I can understand, though I don't necessarily agree. Here are 3 reasons people recently told me they dislike hilary clinton. 1 She looks creepy 2 She stood by Clinton in public during the lewinsky scandal, as opposed to going postal on him 3 She has annoying voice Those were three responses I got......when i probe people deeper I get answers like that...or that she change her mind about something she said 15 years ago....I dont know one person who thinks EXACTLY the same way about every issue their entire life so I don't consider that relavant. I am a how and why type person, and and blanket or absolute statements with no context or justification are pretty big pet peeves of mine, so please elaborate. Basically what I am trying to find is POLITICAL reasons people don't like her.....as opposed to personal opinions like "she's a POS" Also I know the majority of the 8 or so @smilepunch@ people that post here are republican, so I expected more polically oriented answers....well I guess answers at all...man this place is DEAD! (I wish there was a smilie for crickets chirping)
  10. *Deathblade

    Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

    Honestly when I look at those statements I just see a bunch of "he said/she said" I consider people who have disparaging "tell all" books published about other people to be just as much a piece of scum as the paparazzi, just parasites feeding off someone else's fame/notoriety. I can honestly say I have nothing but contempt for people who make money off other people's coat tails. I also think it would be fair to say most people who have tell all books. 1. Need Money- hence their plugging their books on any news shows that will have them 2. Have an axe to grind I also think that most statements made in the books are edited to make them more "sensational" and "controversial, and very few of them are actual quotes. That said I dont know if any of those statements were actually said, but even if they were it isnt like she would be the first or last woman or politician to have used profanity... I recall the incident of her "fabricating an accent" when talking to a group of black people awhile back..meh I didn't really think much of it...all aspiring politicians cowtow to their audience, and when they acheive their desired posistion, they only speak in front a prescreened, preapproved audiences, so... I will say I have read a bit on her abanding a healthcare reform, and found that a bit unnerving. I also dont care for her stance on video games
  11. Many of my co-workers ( I am in the military) have shown utter contempt and disdain for her as a presidential candidate. The things is none of them ever really say why...other than " I hate that @@WHWHWJ@@####!" Alot of that I just dismiss as being sexist. I never really go any further than that, and usually just change the subject, as politics and religion are two things that go south fast in any kind of forum, and even though other people discuss them, I never do, unless it is with some who thinks along the same lines I do. I have heard such things as "she hates the military" but never anything concrete to back that up. Personally I am indifferent about her...all I know is she kept cool and stood by clinton, even though he didn't necessarily deserve it. The only knock I have against her personally is that she was in cahoots with Lieberman in the whole "GTA3 and doom are MURDER SIMULATORS!! WHO WILL PROTECT THE CHILDREN!!!" fiasco, but other than that I don't understand why people are so against her.. One of my coworkers said he would move to canada if she became president....but at the same time, I can't say that I don't think this guy has sexist tendencies. I know judging from some of the comments here... some people aren't too fond of her. So Please elaborate on why...and also if you are going throw around statements like "SHE HATES THE MILITARY!!!!" Please cite a link with relevant infromation to support that stance. I am just trying to understand all the vitriol when it comes to her. Also lets please keep it civil.
  12. *Deathblade

    Thread shows as list of posts?

    Thanks I am good now, I always use the add reply at the bottom of the screen, so I never noticed the add reply at the top or the options.. again thanks dude
  13. *Deathblade

    Thread shows as list of posts?

    can someone go over this in more depth? I am having the same problem, and I dont see any buttons under the add reply button...I also have this same issue whether I am logged in or not..help?
  14. *Deathblade

    starkjj +1

    StarkJJ is an excellent trader! Items came fast and carefully shipped! would do business with him anytime!
  15. *Deathblade

    Devil Bat

    +1, got my items fast and well packed...do business with anytime!

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