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  1. Newcomer - Knull Remake - Rhino New Costume - Baron Zemo Re-release - Captain America 20th Villain - Gorr the God-Butcher Female - Spiral Spider-men - Spinnarett X-men - Toad (since I didn't want to do Spiral again)
  2. A lot of my older lists have been done, so let's give this a try Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) Johnny Blaze Robbie Reyes Alejandra Jones Ghost Rider Mephisto M (modern) Angel Beast (modern hybrid bald) Rachel Summers (Starjammers) Hope Summers Cannonball (New Mutants) Sunspot (New Mutants) Magik (New Mutants) Idie Goldballs Pixie Rockslide Armor Dust (find a way to make those 2 work) Fabian Cortez Frenzy (costume after Age of X) Shang Chi (modern) Colleen Wing Victor Alvarez Power Man The Spot Alistair Smythe Spider Slayer Daken The Maker Dragon Man Franklin Richards (Powerhouse) Valeria Richards (Brainstorm) Alex Power Man-Ape Gorilla Man Ka-Zar Shanna the She-Devil Crystal Karnak Maximus Thane Starfox Beyonder Phylla-Vel Penance Nova Corp (Anwen Bakian) Sakaar Titania The Executioner X-cutioner Silverback Bushmaster Copperhead Count Nefaria Werewolf by Night Redwolf Dracula (modern) Blade (Marvel Knights) Sin Man-Wolf A-Bomb Clea Finesse Hellstrom Abagail Brand Madam Masque Henry Gyrich Mindless One Korvac Morgan le Fay Mandarin Eden Fesi GW Bridge Pete Wisdom Moon Girl Tilda Johnson Nightshade Nighthawk (Earth-31916) Human Torch (Jim Hammond) Lilandra Patriot Wiccan Speed Hulkling Stature Chitauri Annihilus Fandral Hogun Volstagg Laufey Proteus Echo Supergiant Lady Death Black Swan Gideon Mace Gravitron Lockjaw Zabu Rachael Cole-Alves Clay Quartermain
  3. What are the features though? Opening doors, and a light up feature? I'm looking for those of higher quality than say the WWE vehicles with the action features. I don't really see the "great quality" that people speak of. Every vehicle so far has been pretty standard/cheap. Some of these are RC, which have more features, but have canopies that can fit (or mostly fit the figures). And people repaint and repurpose the TMNT vehicles all of the time. None of those outside of the collectors lines are over $100. The Batmobile is RC, has lights and fits figures. That right there invalidates any high price. The Jada Warthog & Click-N-Play (even though that's 1:6) are probably a great assessment of the price range. There's also those 1:12 diecast military jeeps that go between $60-$80 on ebay. https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Wheels-Batman-Batmobile-Remote-Controlled/dp/B09DD96Z1H/ref=sr_1_30?keywords=1+12+scale+car&qid=1667227392&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI1LjQ0IiwicXNhIjoiNC43NiIsInFzcCI6IjIuNzUifQ%3D%3D&sr=8-30&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/171584 https://www.amazon.com/Click-Play-Military-Accessories-CNP30558/dp/B08141253R/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2IAUIH4D4R9MK&keywords=1+12+scale+cars+for+action+figures&qid=1667228047&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI0LjE4IiwicXNhIjoiMi44OCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=1+12+scale+car%2Caps%2C77&sr=8-6&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc https://www.amazon.com/Suzuki-Vinson-Auto-500-Sand/dp/B002LQV7MQ/ref=sr_1_45?crid=2IAUIH4D4R9MK&keywords=1+12+scale+cars+for+action+figures&qid=1667228047&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI0LjE4IiwicXNhIjoiMi44OCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=1+12+scale+car%2Caps%2C77&sr=8-45 https://www.amazon.com/Control-Crawler-Brushed-Headlights-Vehicles/dp/B0B5R7TP26/ref=sr_1_148?crid=2IAUIH4D4R9MK&keywords=1+12+scale+cars+for+action+figures&qid=1667228323&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI0LjE4IiwicXNhIjoiMi44OCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=1+12+scale+car%2Caps%2C77&sr=8-148&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc https://picclick.com/2012-Jada-Halo-4-S1-Usnc-Warthog-Collectors-284986009313.html?refresh=1 Made by the same company, all include 1 figure, but this was $60 when it came out: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Skywalker-Landspeeder-Figure/dp/B01N6XZUOH/ref=sr_1_9?crid=10CAY754DT3JS&keywords=hasbro+black+series+speeder&qid=1667233097&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIxLjg2IiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=hasbro+black+series+speeder%2Caps%2C54&sr=8-9&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.f5122f16-c3e8-4386-bf32-63e904010ad0 This was $120 https://hasbropulse.com/products/star-wars-the-black-series-snowspeeder-vehicle-and-dak-ralter-figure This was $170 https://www.actionfigure411.com/star-wars/6-black-series/deluxe-sets/tie-fighter-69.php https://www.amazon.com/Mostop-D12-Crawler-Climbing-Steering/dp/B0B76CZBX3/ref=sr_1_31?keywords=1+12+scale+car&qid=1667227392&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI1LjQ0IiwicXNhIjoiNC43NiIsInFzcCI6IjIuNzUifQ%3D%3D&sr=8-31&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc https://www.amazon.com/TeamRC-Bentley-Continental-Speed-Convertible/dp/B01CTI08Y8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2IAUIH4D4R9MK&keywords=1+12+scale+cars+for+action+figures&qid=1667228047&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI0LjE4IiwicXNhIjoiMi44OCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=1+12+scale+car%2Caps%2C77&sr=8-3
  4. Daimon looks good. They may not release this version again, but they will release some version of him. They may obscure his pentagram (hide it with a jacket/vest or flame motif to cover it), or give him Shang-Chi's lower body and make it a Fan Channel, but I think he comes. Mephisto will come and Robbie Reyes will as well. I think they've released every single reveal they've ever had..and BiBeast & Lady Bullseye I think are the last 2 from that unreleased/nixed crop back in '09. I would've liked to have the car, but I just couldn't justify that price. The car itself was maybe worth $100-$120, and that's being hella generous. Even secondary market vehicles are not that expensive.
  5. I can't get it to resemble anything close to me, so I'm going to pass. I may get as a gift for others though.
  6. WTF!! A 33% markup, not even 2 months later. I was gonna get one at the $60 tag. NOW, it's a hard no.
  7. For me, $350 was just too much for a car. We see large companies dish out in-scaled vehicles all of the time, with varying degrees of features, at a fraction of the price. Even the UA Turtle Van was less than $250, it's massive and they were indie. I'm scared for the Punisher van now, so I'll continue my hunt for a random van I can use for it. For $350, right out of the gate, it should've been the Hellcharger AND a Danny Ketch bike, of course with both Robbie Reyes'. Lets look at it saying that is a $50 Legendary Rider figure, and still they'd get their overpriced car & figure at $300 value. And that would be the initial base offering. Myself, as well as others did initially expect another bike, but they silenced that noise with a response. The early bird should have been "if you backed it by the end of the week, you get this throw-in", with perhaps being some random headsculpts, and additional flamed weapons. For those that tally the tiers in the overall value (IMO is still a wrong way at looking at it), then they could still add Mephisto (a $45-50 deluxe figure at their prices, and a repainted figure). Hell, they could have even kitbashed Alejandra GR (she's a Black Widow upper torso on a Domino figure) or Danny Ketch GR. That would still make the car w/ figure $225. The Fantastic Car is one they could do as Haslab, but I don't know what they could include to make value it at $400. But they could also do it as a Riders series
  8. For Retro Hulk: Smart Hulk Bruce Banner - a face in-between Bill Bixby & Mark Ruffalo with glasses General Ross Doc Sampson A-bomb Skaar For Retro Silver Surfer Silver Surfer (perhaps on Vulcan body) Stardust Korvac Nebula (comic) Beyonder Smasher
  9. Danny Ketch, but will it include his motorcycle? I think they'd throw in the bike they already have...even though it would be incorrect for Ketch. Johnny Blaze Blackout Robbie Reyes head
  10. Now this will be dope, and $60 seems reasonable. I'm assuming the handful of figures that they will allow will come with their original standard accessories.
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