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  1. It definitely looks new. My guess is they're gearing up for classic Thor.
  2. Symbiote Spider-Man (current) - pass Red Goblin - he looks great, so it may be a purchase Black Cat´╗┐ - pass. I hate the modern costume Silver Sable - one of the few I was waiting for BAF-Kingpin - this will probably be expensive. I may get if I can grab at a good price. I have the Face-Off black, so white would be a still alternate. Gambit - I HATE that jacket mold. Please retire it. I hope he comes with an alternate head Blink - they've been pushing her in the mainstream. so it was coming. I'll grab Professor X - I'm pretty sure this is the Riders Wave. I hope that there's other things included to justify the $40 price point. Deadpool with the lil ass scooter comes with Dogpool. I may pass Hercules - Looks good. hey may finally have a torso for classic Thor. I'll pass Luke Cage/Claire Temple 2pack officially revealed (Walmart) Magik (Walgreens) - I wish they had put her in the New Mutants costume, but I'll get. Ultron 10 Anniversary (Gamestop) - pass Archangel w multiple heads (blue unmarked, Horseman)-Gamestop/EE - Insta-cop. I called it. It may even lower the price of Hit-Monkey Archangel on eBay. Skullbuster - weird choice. But I guess it was an easy repaint. AIM Soldiers - pass. Funny, they put out the gun, but I assumed it was a Deadpool prop. Genis Vell- looks good but... So far, my definites are Archangel, Silver Sablinova & Magik. Possibles - Blink, Gambit & Red Goblin Interesting, but they still have at least 2 figures left from Spidey wave & 3 from X-Men (but it'll probably be 7 total)
  3. Is this the first time they've did an all MCU wave? I'll pass on most of the figures, since I'm not really an MCU collector. I will get Ayo though, perhaps 2, so that I'll have 3 Dora Milaje & Nakia. Unless this becomes M'Baku/Man-Ape's look in the comics, I'll pass on that too. I do think I'll get that Deadpool on a Vespa. Looks like the Vintage Wave is turning out as we predicted. Wasp was the only dice roll.
  4. That Wasp is the one to get. Ayo looks great too, and Klaue
  5. Captain Marvel I sticking to thinking they're gonna do all-female Captain Marvel (movie) Ms. America Phyla-Vell (Quasar) Titania Death Bird Dr. Minerva Quake BAF - Stature Avengers Captain America Falcon (modern) The Hood Executioner Sin Corvus Glaive (MCU) Squirrel Girl BAF - Puff Adder X-Men Storm (Giant Size) Northstar Mystique Sebastian Shaw M Black Tom Cassidy Vulcan Goldballs - they can repurpose most of Doc Ock BAF - Nimrod New Mutants Cannonball Sunspot (with alternate powered-up head & fists) Magik Moonstar' Longshot (modern) Boom-Boom (90s) Firestar Banshee BAF - Strong Guy Spider-Man Bag-Man Silver Sable Vulture (classic) Mr. Negative Nighthawk Morlun BAF - Scorpion (classic) Vintage Wave (X-Men) Cyclops (X-Factor) Jean Grey (Jim Lee) Archangel (with alternate blue head with blond hair) Jubilee (Jim Lee) Magneto (classic) Emma Frost Legendary Riders Captain America - hopefully this is the Cap to get..without BFH Iceman - build-a-ice-slide It could work but the would really have to amp up the accessories to justify the price Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur
  6. nieman257

    SDCC 2018 Predictions

    The next X-Men wave Captain Marvel all female wave The next Walgreens exclusive - either Super Skrull or Dr. Doom next 2 Riders with a preview of the 3rd via prototype image Online retailer exclusive prototypes (possibly 2-packs) to replace TRU exclusives Vintage waves X-men I'm thinking. They're onto something, but I think they'll better pick their selections, using it to put out classic versions of wanted characters without wasting roster slots on waves. The next 3-4 BAFs, but not necessarily revealed as BAFs.
  7. I'm gonna pick over these waves, so I think I'll pre-order the ones I think are gonna be hard to find. I only want X-Men - Psylocke, Magneto & Multiple Spidey - Cloak & Dagger, Elektra. I'm torn on Doc Ock since the tentacles aren't that great. Daredevil, I may get Venom - Carnage & Typhoid Mary
  8. Picked up A-Force from TRU. Figured, might as well
  9. nieman257

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    What about classic Iceman & iceslide? Do like 4 different sections of different heights and arcs that you can connect for a good iceslide and give him Iron Man blast effects and the hands for it
  10. nieman257

    Ideal Fantastic Four wave

    I like the last Robinson/Kirk costumes that they wore up and through SW or the Millar/Hitch. But since most of these currents are the perfect FF sculpts, they would be repaints Mr Fantastic - white trench coat with the same stretched arms accessories, so you can have him in and out trench coat. Invisible Woman - an invisible shield in like 3 different sizes Human Torch - probably a regular flame off sculpt with same flame effects Thing - straight repaint Valeria/Franklin - In their FF costumes. If they can include full torsos with smaller figures, why not 2-pack 2 small figures. It's not like they need much articulation The Maker Crystal She-Hulk - FF BAF - Dragon Man
  11. nieman257

    Rumour! Vintage wave 2

    I think it'll be Ant-Man - classic Pym Wasp - red trim Black Panther - damn near reissue of first appearance with a different wash or dagger fist Scarlet Spider - reissue with Peter Parker head, maybe blonde perhaps 5 o'clock shadown Vision - classic Hawkeye - slightly modified of that horrible classic version I'm hoping they'll do an X-Wave Cyke - X-Factor Emma Frost - rerelease Iceman - classic which would be same mold, painted white, new face sculpt and hands that allow Iron Man blue blast effects Angel - blue Magneto - classic And I can't think of another straight repaint
  12. nieman257

    Legends Riders - Your Best Guess

    Prob Punisher van, but they'd prob make it $60. They kinda have to release a hover chair for Prof X but more than likely would have to rebrand. I'd say the bathtub Fantastic-Car with Franklin & Valeria. Moon Knight's glider
  13. My closest one had them today. But they had already been picked over. I got Cable, which I originally wasn't gonna get, but they only one I have left to get is grey Deadpool
  14. I would've preferred Giant Size Storm, since she could double as modern Storm with an alt-head
  15. nieman257

    Near Complete Set V3

    Visited your site/database and I'm loving it

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