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  1. I walk into Walgreens and they have a Moonstar, so I grabbed it. I'll try fr a second, for Wolfsbane...but a 3rd will seem difficult. I've never seen Emma. It looks like I'm gonna cave in and get X-Force Deathlok as well.
  2. They could really do Medusa with Barbie-esque hair. That would be the perfect way to do her. it's not like they don't already do the FoD dolls. And if they really wanted to step it up, they could use bendy wire hair that was a thing in the 90's, Y'all think we'll ever get a ZZzax? Or Azazel?
  3. Got that Punisher today. It really is a beaut. I'll go look for the Punisher WM tomorrow.
  4. OK, now I'm just gonna go with Rachel Cole-Alves. She's fairly new, not enough appearances, will require a lot of new sculpting (even though they don't seem to care as much these days), and not many waves she could be placed in.
  5. I think F4 is next in the blue & whites Reed Sue Johnny is classic flame on solid/black lines Thing Dr Doom (classic) Crystal
  6. Xavier Institute Rockslide Pixie Goldballs Ink Honeybadger Storm (Giant Size) Hellfire Club Sebastian Shaw Selene Harry Leland Trevor Fitzroy Emma Frost Azazel X-Factor (Modern) Multiple Man M Longshot Siryn Darwin Strong Guy Secret Avengers Winter Soldier Moon Knight Agent 13 Captain Britain Human Torch Red Hulk Asgard Laufey Volstagg Fandral Hogun Skurge
  7. It's pretty safe to say that we will never get a true comic Man-Ape. Hellstrom if done, would be so modified, that the most they could do is "Damian" and without the pentagram on the chest. I think it's a longshot for Graydon Creed, Bolivar Trask, William Striker and a generic goon. And I doubt they'd attempt MODOK or Mojo.
  8. For an X-Villain Wave Sebastian Shaw Emma Frost (White Queen) Vulcan Avalanche Trevor Fitzroy Lady Deathstirike BAF Nimrod Villains Wave The Maker The Hood Kang Korvac Puff Adder Sin Titania
  9. MCU Black Widow MCU Red Guardian* Winter Soldier (comic) Moon Knight (classic) Black Mamba Falcon (comic) BAF Black Specter *Red Guardian would depend on how he would look in the movie. If he's plain a la Baron Zemo, then MCU Taskmaster.
  10. My Dream Wave would be (excluding what we already have/upcoming) Mr. Fantastic (same stretched arms, with removable labcoat arms, and an alternate bearded head Sue Storm (fully painted arms, maybe with alt invisible hands, and an invisible effects piece like MCU Strange magic) Thing Johnny Storm on a skinnier buck (mid flame, so uni with flame add-ons and some color variation) Powerhouse/Brainstorm sold as one pack, just the 2 smaller figures, no accessories needed Crystal (classic) Maximus (modern) BAF Ronan I'd save Kang for an Avengers wave. And use current uniforms for the F4, no 4white unis for Franklin/Valeria,
  11. As far as "heavy hitters" Emma Frost (white) Angel Storm (Giant Size) Rachel Grey Just under that would be the rest of the popular among X Banshee Siryn Longshot Sunspot Lady Deathstrike Sebastian Shaw Magik (classic) Warpath/Thunderbird Pyro & Avalanch Nimrod Bastion Chamber Feral Northstar Puck Cuckoos The rest of characters I think are gettin figures Rockslide Goldballs Armor Ink Pixie Dr Nemesis Snowbird Selene Madelyn Pryor Corsair Hepzibah There are a few characters that I don't think well ever be done. Like Frenzy, Leech, Fabian Cortez, Hellion, Arcade, Graydon Creed, Stacy X, Dust...
  12. I think they'll use this to get out the rest of X-Force and such. Ultimate Deadpool Sunspot (X-Force) Black Tom Cassidy M Longshot Dark Beast Deathstrike I don't think they'll revisit Dom anytime soon. She's pegwarming like crazy
  13. Alpha Flight - Northstar Asgardians - Fandral Avengers - Comic Falcon Brotherhood of Mutants - Avalanche Champions - Ironheart Excalibur /MI13 - Pete Wisdom Fantastic Four - Franklin Richards Hellfire Club - Sebastian Shaw Heroes for Hire - Colleen Wing (comic) Inhumans - Crystal Midnight Sons- Daimon Hellstrom New Mutants/X-Force - Sunspot New Warriors - Firestar Reavers - Lady Deathstrike Serpent Society - Puff Adder Sh'iar Imperial Guard - Corsair Squadron Supreme - Nighthawk (31916) Thunderbolts - Penance West Coast Avengers/Force Works - Squirrel Girl X-Factor - Strong Guy X-men - Honeybadger Young Avengers - Miss America
  14. I think they should've gone with the phasing to translucent legs, similar to Sue Storm's arms/hands, with blast effect attachments for the feet...like Mysterio or Hydro Man. That way you had everything. The full blast bottom wasn't a good idea.
  15. Walked into my Walgreen earlier this week, and they had 1 lone Doc Doom. I snagged it up. Best Buy is seemingly like the place to go for some releases. I've been to 2 this week, and they had X-Men in. Well, one had Jubilee and the other has Skullbuster.
  16. I found Jubilee by its lonesome yesterday in Best Buy, so that may be to go-to place. My Walmart(s) don't usually have anything. I saw Ronin in a couple of FYE stores
  17. So now I'll have to see if those Pepper heads fit. They seem accessories-deficient - not Beta Ray Bill, since that's all he needs, but heads for Rhodey & Pepper..it's not like they need new sculpts.
  18. For me it'll be: Rescue - Finally, and they already have 2 heads that they can use, so we better get one Rock Python - keep the society coming. Now I need Puff Adder Don't want Loki or Shuri, but if that headsculpt fits on BP Shuri, I'll buy one loose. I'm up in the air on War Machine. The one from the Civil War 2 pack was great, so I'll have to see reviews first. Pass on Union Jack, for now. If they release Pete Wisdom, then I'll get it.
  19. I'm gonna keep with mostly repaint themes, for me it would be Wave 1 Moon Knight Electro Human Torch (Jim Hammond) Sharon Carter Dr Strange Ka-Zar X-Men Wave Iceman Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers - Phoenix) - with short hair & long hair Firestar Cannonball (New Mutants) Lilandra - without the helmet, since we'll already have it..or they can include it just because Emma Frost
  20. I'd do 3 waves, that are unique Dark Reign (all Villains) Norman Osborne Kang The Maker The Hood Dracula Maximus Korvac BAF: Laufey X-Men Iceman (classic) Sunspot Sebastian Shaw Goldballs Firestar Vulcan Storm BAF: Strong Guy A-Force (I think they should redo it) She-Hulk Ironheart Sin Miss America Squirrel Girl Superia Black Mamba BAF: Titania
  21. Ordered Deadpool Riders off ebay for a great price. it's just an OK figure. The reds don't match any of the others. But overall, I'm glad I have.
  22. So I just bought the Captain Marvel Starforce Target exclusive, only saw 1 in the wild...and I just open it and it has 2 right hands for Minerva. WTF.
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