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  1. Looks amazing! I don't recognize this character. Who is it?
  2. I've got a couple from HTK ( I think that's the right acronym ) as well: A Wasp and a Silver Sable.
  3. Can't seem to get these to display right. Damn phone... Here's Moonstone, a favorite character of mine who has been sorely overlooked in the line. This Domino was the first one I got from the guy. I really liked the quaint details, like using thumbtacks for the kneepads. This is a Cable & X-force Colossus he did, which blew my mind. I lost one of the rings on the top of the costume. This one was made with a combination of the Colossus and the Hercules figures, which seems to be a great way to get the best out of Colossus. The figure is twice as posable as the standard Colossus figure in the line. Here's a group of the New Uncanny X-men I got from him. Cyclops is my favorite (the Deadpool was pretty slick as well), and I think the use of tape to get those bold red lines on the Cyclops costume is very appealing. Magneto utilizes the Absorbing Man head, so that he has that protruding chin Bachalo draws onto the Uncanny Magneto. This one is the new Omega Red from the Clan Omega. I liked that he took the Legends Constrictor's tentacles and married them to the Ghost Rider body. I don't know the guy's handle on other sites. He's not the MOC guy--he actually hates that guy, he told me. And the guy does seem to imitate him, doing the figures he does a week or two later. I have two figures from the MOC guy: a decent Chameleon and an "okay-in-concept-only" Noh-varr. They aren't painted as well and he doesn't really protect the joints from chafing.
  4. That wasn't the one I won. I told the guy I had wanted it, and he messaged back that he could make me another. So that was what he did.
  5. I actually just did a search on ebay: "Marvel Universe custom." Now that I've said that, well, f*ck it. There goes my easy ride. I had been ordering the figures from this guy, but the bidding on these figures is going up all the time. They're costing a lot more now. I have a host of other figures from this guy. He is really an artist. I'll see if I can post some more.
  6. Um....why did it turn my photo on its side?
  7. Here's the Spiral Custom I got. The guy used the She-Hulk mold. He drilled into the upper torso under the existing She-Hulk arms and on the figure's back, behind the other sets of arms. The other arms appear to be X-23 arms. The boots are sculpted.
  8. I don't know why, but suddenly I have the urge to go on some shopping website and order a Nike blazer. Does that make any sense?
  9. That's an awesome Ares. There have been so many good ones but this is the first I've really wanted to do. Plan on changing it up a bit but had to thank you for the inspiration and the great job. I want this Ares! Amazing! Fantastic job! This is the figure Hasbro could and should make right now. Don't know why they continue to hold off on this guy. And that's a really nice custom!
  10. Good to see the new figures in production. I think Black Bolt came out very nicely. The sneer on Karnak makes me think they might re-use his head for a villain, like Leader or the Wizard. Rogue's face looks a little pinched, but she'll probably be survivable in person. I suppose I could order a Puck, but I think I'll wait. I like the new Hawkeye just fine, and Mockingbird looks about what I expected them to do. And I don't mind that, at all--it's exciting to have her in the collection. War Machine...I dunno. A white-bodied Vision on the Amazing Bag-man buck (toes exposed) would have been a much more desirable figure in that lineup. Or a retooled Moon Knight on the JL Cyclops buck. Was Rhodes actually in the War Machine costume during any of West Coast Avengers? He wore the Iron Man armor initially, in the Silver Centurion gear. And then I thought that when Iron Man showed up in the heavier red-and-gold armor from Armor Wars II, then it was Tony Stark wearing the suit. So War Machine seems...I dunno. Maybe they're getting rid of a lot of overproduced War Machines this way. That third spot could have gone to a figure that mattered, though. Don't most of us who want it already have that War Machine? Looks to me like Hercules is going to be cool as hell, but maybe a figure where you have to be careful about the paint? Just judging by how f*cked up his beard and face look in the product photo here. Gads, these comic packs can't get here soon enough for me!
  11. Found the Future Foundation Doom & Spidey pack at my local TRU today. I was holding off on purchasing this online, and so that basically paid off. My area is for once flush with figures, all of which I already have. I see Iron Patriots, Ghost Riders, Spider-men of various kinds, Beta Ray Bills, and Hulks galore. The TRU light-up base figures are all over the place. There are Mandarin/Iron Man comic packs, Wolverine/Hulk comic packs...It's all pretty impressive, considering the last time we got anything close to on-time was the Spider-woman/WWHulk/Captain Marvel wave. No Kangs or Scarlet Witches or She-Hulks, and no Jubilees or Blastaars, so we're not totally up-to-date, but we're closer than we've come in years. Quality control on these TRU exclusive comic packs is pretty sketchy, though. Doom's arm was almost out of its socket before I even opened the thing. Couldn't see that before opening the box, either. Spidey has a frozen calf-joint. I also saw the Avengers movie version of Ultimate Captain America--the one where he has the longer arms (big +). And--surprise!!!--he has single-jointed knees and no ankle articulation. I mean, all his parts come from the Captain America line. He couldn't maybe benefit from the available articulation there? They had to limit him like that why?
  12. Wicked. What are the parts of that figure from? Are there fedoras from the Indiana Jones line that are detachable?
  13. They've been putting Taskmaster's gloves on the pack-in Cap figures for a while now.
  14. Nah, man. She's already looking real cool. Good stuff!
  15. That's rad. Purple doll shorts can't be that hard to find. I hope. Hasbro's Foom should come with Boom-Boom. On the box she should be saying "he was gonna put me in his pants!" in a speech bubble. That sh*t would sell! Don't normally post my hauls, and this one isn't MU-related, but this is the only toy board I really frequent, so I thought I'd share the joy. I dropped the hammer and scored two of my more expensive, sought-after toys that I've been staring at on ebay for years. Mezco's Hellboy Comic Series Kriegaffe figure, along with the Herman Von Klempt head-in-a-jar accessory danced across ebay for the low price of 120 bucks, and I clicked buy! Considering it originally cost $50, and most always goes for between $200 and $400 now, I think I did good. Got the huge gorilla in the mail today and he looks handsome. One cool toy!. He actually looms menacingly over my Comic Series Hellboy figure, which I bought way back when they were still retailing those figures at comic shops and stuff. The other toy I found was a Figma action figurine of R.Dorothy Wainwright from the anime The Big O--a favorite cartoon of mine, and a very beloved character (as should be obvious by my figure lists here and now my all-female new credo for my avatar, I go moe on exotic female characters at a constant rate). The figure is absolutely incredible--beautiful matte-finish plastic, giving R.Dorothy a very luminous look, and superb articulation. The figure is far sturdier than it looked in pictures, as well. The level of detail is intense--I discovered that under the long black skirt that goes all the way to her knees, Dorothy has a sculpted pair of white bloomers. They certainly didn't have to include that kind of detail--I don't recall the bloomers appearing in any episode of the cartoon (R.Dorothy wasn't sexualized in the traditional anime style--her "fan service" was just that she sometimes revealed emotions--and that was certainly sexy). The figure comes with two faces and five sets of hands, all arranged in different positions, and different hairpieces. R.Dorothy has a mop, and the mop actually has articulation--the strands of it can bend back and forth. R.Dorothy also comes with an inarticulate but adorable statuette of her pet cat, Pero (which is really hard to look at all the time, knowing what happens to the cat in the series). So even though I didn't net any MU this week (two weeks ago I got the comic-pack Avengers vs. X-men Magneto), I did get a nice haul.
  16. Great looking work, sir! Can't wait to see them completed!
  17. It only took all week. But that is awesome, man!
  18. I've looked back over the last couple pages more than a few times and I don't see why Dellamorte got angry. If he didn't want a debate he should have couched the argument in more neutral figures of speech. If he thinks only 5 of us are interested in Fing Fang Foom, and then 5 or so of us respond that we are interested, I don't see that he should feel like the community is closing in to force him out.
  19. I for one would be happy to see you argue your point. A dissenting opinion that is unsubstantiated is bound to get ripped up on any site full of avid fans, though.
  20. Foom is a classic Iron Man villain, and I imagine he has fought the Hulk many times. There's lots of love for the character out there--he turned up all the time in comics in the 80s--which is the era many of the makers of the figures and many of us purchasers were reading a lot of Marvel comics. I think it's a little silly to try and argue that there is no market for a large, detailed and articulate dragon action figure at retail. There are people out there who will want it even if they don't know where the character is from. And I don't know where you are, but Galactus certainly did not peg-warm in my neck of the woods. However, the orange version wouldn't be nearly as popular, I think, since Foom is most commonly green. There was some talk when the creators initially unveiled Foom that it would be the orange version at retail, but I think they have adjusted their thinking on that.
  21. Holy cow, but that Psylocke looks amazing.
  22. Man, that is the Patriot they should have done in the first place. Why do half the black characters they've released so far have their faces covered? Especially with Patriot, who has been wearing that improved costume for what, six or seven years? Dude, you did a great job on these Young Avengers. Kate looks divine. And Teleplayer, that is a cool Gauntlet. I like how you worked the arm in there. Always liked that character in The Initiative. Great stuff!
  23. Oh, it's on! Maybe this will motivate Hasbro to not be outdone. Great stuff there, evil.
  24. Holy cats. If I saw that at Ross I would get it, too. That's rad!
  25. The pockets are to die for.
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