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  1. Apparently I missed Wave 14 at my Pasadena Target. I managed to snag Scarlet Spider, but none of the other characters were there.
  2. Here's a crazy ebay listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sewer-Clash-Lizard-Ven...08#ht_772wt_938 Shocker's in there, and so are the other figures everyone's trying to get. None of these have ever showed up in any store near me. I'm hoping they come down in price at some point once they are more accessible.
  3. Can't wait to be able to order that torso, Legend. That is wizardry. Hasbro should have you and Onyx designing for them.
  4. Wow, Noodlechow; where'd you find those pegs? That looks like a great solution to the woes of posing figures of that size group.
  5. Those GI Joes are cool, too. For 60 miles all around me you know what GI Joe we have? In every store? Just one figure. It's that Destro with the snow gear. Nobody wants that dude. Everything else gets bought before I get anywhere near it.
  6. That's an awesome haul. Man, I wish there was a K-mart near me. I'm not sure I've ever even seen one. In my entire life, even. Captain Britain looks just dope in that set.
  7. My neck hurts from craning to look at your awesome customs. Very cool range of different female heads on those figures.
  8. A local Target had wave 13 today. 2 or 3 Gladiators were left, 2 Wolverines, and an Apocalypse and a Cyclops. Already had them, except for Wolverine, both of whom were badly painted and looked trashy. They also had a Spider-woman, which was pretty cool. I'd never seen one in the wild before. I think they had a World War Hulk. Then at Toys R Us, all of a sudden they had the Giant Size X-men pack! After telling me on the phone that they didn't. That was awesome. No one will take out their Captain America figures yet, though. I think most places must have them in by now.
  9. Hasbro was in such a hurry to get these out before the movie that they didn't bother to proofread the packaging too thoroughly. That is an awesome gaff. Almost worth keeping it in package for that one. I saw the Wolverine pack before, with the "first class" label on the comic book, but I never put it together with the other one. Huh.
  10. "LAX area" Thanks, dude! I'm looking there next. Aw, shoot. Cap figures, already! Luckily the first wave holds less interest for me than the second.
  11. Hey, BADxGUY, I was wondering what part of California you live in? I'm in East Los Angeles and the places near me don't seem to have these packs yet.
  12. I hit this page every day, hoping someone has found a Cyclops or an Apocalypse. I have no interest in these variants, and my stores never have any of them anyway. Hope somebody finds something soon!
  13. Got two figures from Giant Battle packs in the mail recently (some may have heard from me before on this--I don't like collecting large figures, even large relative to this scale...but the accompanying figures in the Giant Battle packs are always characters I want). A Loki came in, along with the Ditko-mask Iron Man from the Goliath pack. Both are exceptionally cool figures. Loki's headdress looks just right. I have him standing next to Doom, the Red Skull, and the Mandarin and they look like quite the group. The Ditko-mask Iron Man is pretty dope, all told. The mask looks nice, and the hands are both open--as if he's shooting repulsor rays from both arms at once. That detail kind of sold me on the figure. Otherwise I've been collecting gorgeous Hellboy comic figures. Mezco really went out of their way on these babies--they look like they emerged straight from Mignola drawings. Hellboy and Abe are even covered in those pock-marks Mignola draws onto them. A while ago someone had a thread up about what other properties ought to be made at MU scale; I couldn't think of anything then, but seeing these figures, I thought a Hellboy comic line would be awesome! Especially since Mezco never got around to making a Kate, a Panya, a Devon or a Daimio figure. But gosh, beyond that, there could be scads of cool monster figures in a 3.75" Hellboy line. Some cool BPRD 1946 and 1947 figures, some villains like Hecate, Kroegen, Vladimir Girescu, Varvara, the Queen of Blood, Memnan Saa, the Black Flame...they could do awesome stuff here. I wonder why a company doesn't approach this scale with something like Mezco or Neca has had--lots of varied cult properties. Wouldn't it be cool to have a 3.75" Tony Montana? Or Akira figures in this scale? Michael Jackson? I think it would be kind of rad.
  14. Legend, your She-Hulk custom is so major, I think Hasbro ought to make a mold of it right now and use it to make a She-Hulk. And a Valkyrie, and Titania. And of course, they should give you a job.
  15. So has anyone seen the Thanos wave at retail? Wave 12 seems to be everywhere...and the Thanos wave is MIA. Of course, in my area we never saw the Captain Britain/Mystique/Ghost Rider wave, either.
  16. My strike was Target in East Pasadena, CA. They are definitely @ Target at this point.
  17. Best haul in ages today. Went searching around all day with a friend--he was looking for DCUniverse figs, me for MU. Covered half of Los Angeles. It was a barren wasteland. I got a Ben Reilly, which is a real piece of sh*t figure, three more AIM soldiers, who are now all over the place, a comic Iron Monger, and then...nothing for most of the rest of the day. Strikeouts wherever I went (my friend was the opposite, and actually bought 22 DCUniverse figures today). Then at one of the Pasadena Targets I found World War Hulk and Modular armor Iron Man. Then in a restock basket I found Spiderman 2099 and Doc Sampson. I had found the last figures of Wave 12 they had in the store. Came home to a Constrictor and a Dark Hawkeye in the mail, as well as a GI Joe Resolute Destro (planning to customize him into a taller Red Skull). Then I broke down this evening and ordered Spider Woman and Captain Marvel, who were my two main wants in the first place. It was so sweet. A very good day! Who cares how far behind I am in all of my homework and my freelance commissions? Not me!
  18. Dang. I was at the Alhambra Tru on Black Friday and there was nothing. So they basically sold out in like a day. That is horrifying. I spent the whole day searching East of me, so now I'll have to try West for my next search. I've been hoping for Spiderwoman since the line began, darn, it!
  19. Do any of the people that have found Wave 12 on the board live near Los Angeles? I am going hunting for this wave on Friday, but I expect to be disappointed. I haven't found anything new in my area yet--just tons of Iron Man Extremis, Namor, Luke Cage, Modern Thor. Once in a while we get a Juggernaut and some AIM soldiers. Occasionally a Wrecker or a Winter Soldier. No Yellowjackets, no Thanoses, no Spiderwomans or Captain Marvels yet. Such a bummer.
  20. The Iron Fist in question I believe is Orson Randall, the Iron Fist before Danny Rand. He appears in the Fraction/Brubaker series and shoots a lot of "iron fist"-charged bullets at Hydra agents and stuff. Very cool custom, by the way.
  21. "It's more accurate, I don't know why Marvel made BRIGHT SILVER PAINT on Warpath and Archangel in the first place, when their costumes were designed for covert affairs. It looks cool on the figures, but is wrong. yea, we were unsure why they did silver. when we were painting this prototype, we just went with grey and black. " It's not necessarily more comic accurate to paint them matte grey. Clayton Crain's paintings make no tonal distinction between the metal of Archangel's wings and the grey on the X-force costumes. Mike Choi and Sonia Oback actually render the entire costume slick and shiny--black areas and grey alike. In the issues by both art teams the grey on the X-force costumes is the same grey they use for guns, wings, knives, Wolverine claws, etc.--much of which might just be shiny and silver. Besides, they're the comic book version of a "covert team" anyways. If they were a real covert team they probably ought to just wear black. But the point with the comic characters is not that they blend into the shadows, but just that they don't look like the regular X-men. I realize that the way they sport little black and red 'X'es everywhere kind of defeats the purpose as well. Hey. It's expressionistic, not realistic. There's no evidence to suggest that the color hits on their uniforms are NOT bright silver in the comics. Incidentally though, The way Jerome Opena draws Archangel in the Uncanny X-force makes it very explicit that the design on his uniform is made of shiny, reflective silver.
  22. The paint on this one appears to be grey, to fit with the newer redesign of most of the X-force costumes. Of course, Warpath isn't part of the new team, so he never had a new costume where his silver streaks get replaced by grey ones. And he and Deadpool didn't serve on the same X-squad. Making this set even more bizarre, the head they're using for Wolverine looks to me like a repaint of the new 1st appearance head--an even less comic-accurate version of Wolverine's mask than the previous version. This is going to be one exasperating set. It won't help anyone anxious to complete either the recent or the current X-force team.
  23. It seems as if they can put anything Marvel in the cube. Anything they feel like. In my case that means tons of Modern Thor, Ultimate Cap, and excess Iron Man toys not already clogging the regular shelves. No comic packs (my TRU sports nearly none of those, and definitely none of the newer ones), no figures from the most recent wave. The cube blows! I continue to have to find any new figures online.
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