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  1. I started w/ Legends in it's glory days. Hell, i've been collecting Toy Biz since the Xmen line of the 90s. I LOVED Legends and got all the SMC, HC & FFC that I could back when toy biz was in control. When I saw Hasbro was taking over, I just threw my hands up and sold everything. Then around....oh I don't know, '08 or '09, I started over and REALLY got into it. Now my collection is ridiculously massive but there are so many other lines out right now that I'm honestly enjoying more, namely MOTUC. I re-arranged my detolfs yesterday and MOTUC went from taking up 5 squares to 2 full detolfs w/ likely more space needed in the coming 12 months. Plus factor in things like Masterpiece Transformers, Sota SF2, Turtles Classics......Legends is just falling behind. I don't know that I want to sell EVERYTHING but I just don't have the interest I once did. How does one fix this? I think missing the Xforce set really struck a nerve.
  2. IDK about 5 waves but let's see... 1. LUKE EFFING CAGE 2. Mockingbird 3. Classic Hawkeye....same as the original TB version but a Hasbro design....Cap/US Agent base would work. 4. Spiderman - no bells and whistles, just straight up, plain ol red/blue Spidey w/ loads of articulation and no gimmicks 5. Red Skull - I prefer the green jumpsuit but any rendition is fine 6. X-23 7. All star figure is a HYDRA agent, similar to the one that came in the 3 pack for MU. No BAF piece, 2 per case variants: Dark Hawkeye & X Force X 23 running change - Warbird for Mockingbird (I'm not a fan of the TB version) BAF - Hercules wave 2: 1. Secret Avengers Beast 2. Mr. Sinister (original look) 3. Cyclops (Jim Lee, 90s style. I have an amazing custom but this guy is long overdue) 4. Professor X 5. Wolverine - ummm...whatever they want. We'll say a re-release of the Red Hulk series w/ modified shoulder pads and a better paint job 6. Sebastian Shaw 7. All star figure is a HELLFIRE CLUB AGENT. again, 2 per case variant - Wolverine w/ BONE claws (same outfit, subtle change, maybe even have him unmasked?) running change would be titled simply "then & now" and would feature a 90s Beast & Modern Mr. Sinister BAF is tricky. 3 characters come w/ pieces to build....Prof X HOVER CHAIR. One other w/ Cerebro headpiece, two others w/ a computer or screen type thing wave 3. 1. Mr. Fantastic - "classic" 2. Sue Storm - "classic." For God's sake can we get a GOOD CLASSIC SUE STORM!?!?? 3. Flash Thompson Venom 4. CLASSIC Captain America. Take the Bucky Mold, paint that mofo up to look like he should! 5. Baron Zemo II - long long long overdue and would be worth the wait 6. modern Cable - hell, take the MU and upsize it. It's perfect 7. All star figure is a SHIELD AGENT. 2 per case (see where I'm going w/ these???) running change figures: - Mr. Fantastic, Future Foundation. more of a running change than a variant, want the ratio even Sue Storm - Future Foundation. again...see Mr. Fantastic Bishop - running change to Cable. Marvel's Time Traveling Soldiers variant. dum dum dummmmm - Sue Storm. clear, color plastic like phasing Vision BAF - THING....hear me out....Zemo, Cap & Venom come w/ right & left arms and one of them gets the head. Classic sue comes with torso/blue crotch piece, Mr. Fantastic comes w/ a blue leg and cable comes w/ a blue leg. THEN....the running changes....FF/invisible sue comes w/ torso/white crotch piece, Mr. Fantastic comes w/ a white leg & bishop w/ the other white leg. I've just given you a complete classic Fantastic Four AND Future Foundation. Send money to my Paypal. I'm a marketing genius. and on that note, i'm done. I left Iron Patriot out because I HAVE to believe he'll be in the upcoming Iron Man legends line.
  3. unless that movie is a HUGE hit (which, avatar was and the toys still collected dust) a GotG line would clog shelves for months on end.
  4. Luke Cage Modern Cable/modern Bishop - future fighters Mockingbird modern Zemo like in the MoE set modern Dr. Strange updated Hawkeye/Dark Hawkeye - marvel's marksmen Emma Frost - diamond variant BAF - eh. i don't care. Radioactive Man maybe?
  5. this one is a tougher wave for me to get. THat said. 1) CLASSIC Cap. RETIRE that F/O Captain America that is very overrated 2) Bucky. Because Hasbro's first attempt sucked 3.) Red Skull 4) Baron Zemo - just like the MoE release but 6 inch 5) Hydra Soldier 6) movie avengers Cap. Battle damaged. Evans' head
  6. assuming we get 7 figures (Iron Monger is HUGE) I gotta have some updates to older Toy Biz figures. That said: 1. 1st Appearance Iron Man - just like the 3 3/4 version but scaled up. Silver/gold variants 2. Modular Armor - Face Off is good but it's just so damn sloppy on the paint. Make this one a bit bigger. Removable faceplate is optional. War Machine variant 3. Tony Stark in a new SUIT. Gives up a new body to work w/ while giving us an official suited up Tony. 4. Iron Patriot - because I don't see us getting him anywhere else. One that comes WITH a Norman Osborne head would be choice 5. War Machine - update to the "classic" look that was given to us by Toy Biz. Just update it, give it a full Rhoadey extra head. = $$ 6. Mandarin - it can be the TB version re-done or it can be like the 3 3/4 figure was. I don't care. All i know is we need a GOOD version in Legends scale 7. Bleeding Edge armor. Saves us a spot in Legends and is really the only armor we don't have that is of any importance BAF - obviously that insane, sick Iron Monger. Every single one of you would buy these. hahaa
  7. solid said it is ultimate cap, vest & red boots/gloves. kinda double figure it seems. also just saw that they are limiting people to 4 xforce sets which i think is awesome. prevents douchebags from buying a ridiculous number and overinflating them. hopefully means hts will get them afterall
  8. idk. the original aside from being outdated is too small. as already said, this one looks bigger as he should be. i made one using a Mattel sheamus figure and he's just as tall as Ares. i hate taking him off the shelf but if this one is official, that's the way it goes.
  9. how can you guys not be stoked for a modern Sentry? Jesus Sentry & crew cut Sentry are badly outdated and Sentry was MAJOR in the Dark Avengers arc. Much needed IMO.
  10. new figs at the bottom are clearly Red She hulk, Sentry, Protector, modern Iron Fist & classic Archangel. Not a clue why that Fantomex is down there with them. possibly a place holder for someone else? Either way, that's one sick effing wave. Can't see variants out of Sentry. Iron Fist would obviously be a green variant. Archangel could be b/w XForce (instead of the sdcc black/silver), Protector could be his green/white look w/ no mask, She Hulk.....hmmmm maybe a green variant or a running change w/ Titania? (sp?)
  11. MikeC, tried to inbox you. Your box is full. I need that masked Daken bro. Also, lmk if you had any luck on that Spiderman fig I asked you about. Thanks man!!
  12. in all fairness, 3 sets can be justified depending on how you display. two major xforce squads are Wolverine, Warpath, x-23, Archangel & Wolfsbane (granted we don't have her). so that is one look. the other, obviously is Wolverine, Fantomex, Deadpool, Archangel & Psylocke. that's two sets there and the 3rd is if you are a MOC collector as well or customizer.....
  13. sorry but anyone coming to a community forum about how much they are going to (let's face it) SCALP an item like this is straight b*tch made. just my .02.
  14. Looks very much like the Transformers Generations guide book from about a decade ago. Very cool indeed. That thing was in Japanese & I still gladly paid $60 for it lol. Hope to get it in Austin, if not before.
  15. that Sentinel pic is NOT his. I did a search for completed auctions and found the exact picture (in fact, the seller had like 10 pictures) in another auction. see: http://cgi.ebay.com/004958-BAF-BUILD-FIGUR...=item1c1b31acb1 vs. this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Marvel-Legends-Sentine...=item2311e929d5
  16. wow those prices are insane. Something seems fishy though. He's 100% yes, but ALL OF IT is as a buyer, he has no feedback as a seller. I'm very, very tempted to get some Sentinels though. I just don't want to chance it.
  17. Scored a pretty sweet deal while on vacation this week. Found a nice comic shop in Corpus Christi (texas) that had a TON of awesomely priced Legends and Legends related figures. Guy was even willing to negotiate on our final deal. Anyway, scored Mysterio & Beetle for $15 each (he originally had beetle at $23 but accepted $15) and the highlight was easily the variant Storm which he had for $25. So, that said, grabbed these 3 but crazy as it is, dude had THREE FFC Namor figs for just $15 each. I already have one but I know that figure usually fetches decent money. Left em there though. Would've been much more excited for 3 Hydra soldiers. Ah well...
  18. Not only that but the Marvel Select Thanos is more amazing than anything Hasbro could ever do.
  19. to be fair though, the TWO shockers we have are good enough IMO. Yeah arm movement is limited but the sculpt is spot on. Give me somebody new before going back to him. Furthermore, I think to get the BEST out of Marvel Legends, they should give us Legends quality baddies/supporting characters in the Iron Man Legends/Spiderman Classics line while running side by side w/ the actual Marvel Legends. Use the old Toy Biz formula, 1-2 Spidey villains per wave, bam. Everyone is happy.
  20. one of the best examples of a standar Marvel Legends figure has to be the SHIELD Agent/Dum Dum/FO Punisher. Perfect in every way, proportionate and just excellent size. I can do without finger joints personally and as long as the hands aren't in a goofy pose, extra hands aren't a must. Extra heads are nice I guess but I'm just more concerned w/ scale & a GOOD-GREAT paint job. Double knees/elbows should be a no brainer though.
  21. not only that, it's called Marvel LEGENDS. Not many Toy Biz figures were of up to date costumes because they were going with ICONIC costumes worn by the characters. While I've got no problems at all w/ stuff like Bleeding Edge, Commander Rogers, etc....I'd also still like to see alot of classic characters/costumes that have yet to see production before we get a slew of Dark Reign/Heroic Age/Fear Itself stuff.
  22. my US Agent search finally ended today. Found one with perfect paint apps and quickly snatched it up along w/ that fortress assault Cap so I could steal his shield. Saw tons of the variant X Men box set as well but just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for 3 figures. I must say though, that Colossus w/ gold trim is AMAZING.
  23. Ares series Vision arrived today. Only missing that lame Spiderman figure and my Ares will be complete! Gotta say though, I now have all 3 Legends Visions and this Hasbro version is actually much better than anticipated. Definitely display worthy and not the usual early Hasbro crap that they were putting out.
  24. yeah man i'd meant to tell you the one in RR doesn't have any either. They said the figures aren't in any of the outlet stores, however, Lakeline Mall DOES still have a legit Disney store that does carry Select, MU, etc figures.
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