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  1. another Saturday, another week STILL with no US Agent. Almost bought another AIM soldier out of frustration. Starting to get irritated but refuse to go online for fear of wretched paint apps. The hunt continues....
  2. I'm ridiculously anxious for these. The Thor especially. IF the Avengers end up forming a "diorama" of sorts, I"ll get all 4. If not, I may pass on Cap as he looks a bit too cartoonish. The Thor is amazing and I think he'll fit in perfectly w/ Legends. The Giant Man Thor is beautiful but a bit undersized. This Thor looks perfect, articulation pending. Hawkeye is too big to squeeze in a Legends collection but like MS Deadpool, he'll look fine standing no his own. I can't see them topping the Hasbro Black Widow but you never know. Damn fine job by Diamond Select. Here is hoping that we soon see Marvel Select Colossus (classic attire, Astonishing or Acolyte variant) and 90s Apocalypse. Fingers crossed!!
  3. wow sorry, smart phone made some typos on the ol grammar there. Anyway, I remember them saying Hawkeye would be Ultimate Hawkeye. Commander Rogers should be so legit and I really can't wait for it. Deadpool SHOULD be XForce attire and Magneto I'm hoping they make him as he is in comics currently, a bit "old man-ish," but still powerful. Last thing, according to what he posts, he says they will be out late THIS year. Sounds good to me!
  4. A guy claiming to have insider knowledge claims he was told that the first 4 Legends will be Magneto, Commander Rogers, Hawkeye and Deadpool. In addition, of course Terrax is the BAf but, they say FOUR other figures round out the wave. Thoughts on this? What do you want to see of the remaining four and what has been leaked so far? I knew of Hawkeye, Terrax and Rogers but not Deadpool and Mags. I'm hoping we also see Luke Cage, X Force Wolverine, Emma Frost and Iron Patriot to round out the inaugural wave. You guys?
  5. Forgot to mention, picked up Heroic Age Cap & a beautiful looking Cap line Captain Britain yesterday. Still working on finding a US Agent w/ good paint apps but that hunt will continue. Anxious to set him up with his proper shield from that Deluxe Cap figure. As for the 6 pack, I'm passing. Went to church & am gonna take the kids swimming instead.
  6. Dizzle, Did you hit the Wal-Mart or Target in Georgetown? And you mentioned MU, did they have Wave 13? I'm STILL just trying to find a Cable. It was the Walmart dude, nearly at midnight as Target was already closed. And yes wave 13 was there along with SS/patch and tasky/deadpool. Hope this helps!
  7. went to Georgetown, TX before going to the Austin airport to pick up my daughter last night. Stumbled in there and they were restocking EVERYTHING. Cap, MU, Joes, Transformers, you name it. Anyway, they had one each of Red Skull & Crossbones and I snagged em up. Would have gotten US Agent, HA Cap & Capt Britain but the paint apps were really really bad. I think finding the aforementioned figures w/ quality paint apps will be harder than finding Skull & Bones. That said, Crossbones is one hell of an amazing figure. Very well done, the only thing that keeps him from being a 10 is the piss poor arsenal he was packed with. However, a new GI Joe fig named Steel Brigade has a nice set of weapons that Crossbones will be confiscating once I see that Joe fig in stores again..
  8. I'll admit, while you guys may not like it, I'm estatic to have the chance to pick up 6 or so red Hand Ninjas. I continually passed on them until they were suddenly gone. Awesome news :-)
  9. went to the Dallas Comic Con today with one goal in mind. ARES WAVE. Obviously you can't do the Ares series without dropping some serious dough on Crossbones so, lets see how I did... First and most amazing deal of the day...series 3 Wolverine variant. $10 FREAKING DOLLARS. Next up, met up w/ board member billmaru for a quick fixup he did on the ML FF4 series Doctor Doom.....damn he's so sexy: and now the fun stuff... these guys cost me $10 each Torch was $12, Kang & Guardian I got together for $55 (hurts but Guardian goes for good money and is hardly ever on eBay) and finally, the man himself. CROSSBONES b!tches! Doesn't matter the cost, I got him and I got a good deal considering 1st day sales. Now that said, if anyone has an extra Scarlet Spider & Ares Vision....hit me up!!!!
  10. on Facebook a few weeks ago, they stated that IM Legends was going to have a 6 inch comic Whiplash included as the wave villain. They said pics were already floating but I've yet to see the news or pics anywhere. Was it false info or did I miss something?
  11. scored a few of the International Patriots sets today along w/ Winter Soldier and WW2 Cap. Was tempted to go ahead and grab all 4 figs along w/ the figure that comes w/ the US Agent shield (TRU had them for just $9.99, deluxe cap figs) but I passed for now w/ the Dallas Comic Con this Saturday. Haven't opened them but they look very, very nice.
  12. alot of people make their own claws but really, the one's that come w/ this mold are easy to fix. just boil water, put em in there, straighten them out and then run cold water over them. they freeze in place and the whole "operation" takes all of 30 seconds. This particular wolverine though, he used credit cards that were sliced up. Much more sturdy and no worry about them bending out of shape over time.
  13. without question the "McFarlane Spiderman" is the best Spiderman figure...hell, one of the best figures of any line EVER made. Pricey ($40+ loose, much more MOC) but worth it. Classic blue & red BUT if you like black/red, Hasbro re-released the same figure, different paint and it's on HTS for $9.99 as we speak For Iron Man, either ML 8 Modern Armor or the recently released version that came w/ Maria Hill/Sharon Carter. For Wolverine, it doesn't get any better than the brown/tan version from Legends series 6. Hasbro re-did it in the tiger stripe blue/yellow but the paint result was typical *at the time* Hasbro laziness. I got it and had fellow board member billmaru repaint him and it's now the BEST rendition of Wolverine I've ever seen. See:
  14. went to Waco TRU today and landed the Giant Size Xmen set. Watch the paint kids, quality control was snoozing on these sets. Had both First Class sets but I only got the Scott/Jean. Again, paint apps on these two are going to be tough to nail down but out of the 4 sets they had, I got the one that was closest to being perfect. Passed on Sabes/Wolverine.
  15. TxHiro managed to snag Wave 13 today in Waco and got me Cyclops & Apocalypse. only one Cable (with Hope) was there so he kept that one for himself. He showed me Gladiator and I hoped the exaggerations were just that but my God...it's not just the face, the entire paint job is just sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!! Cable is a great figure, i just wish he was a bit bulkier up top and not your standard size MU figure. Cyclops is AWESOME. I really dig the fact that they made the visor a metallic gold and didn't go all lazy and make it the same yellow as his boots/straps. Apocalypse.....sigh.....my 2nd favorite baddie but man I wish we'd gotten his classic look. The figure is good, a bit too much man boobs but he's still nice. He won't take the lead as my favorite MU figure as I have several others ahead of him but he's still essential. IMO, best figure in the set is Cable, followed by Cyke, Apocalypse then the other two tied at last. (though in all honesty, based on that lazy paint, Wolverine could actually be ahead of Gladiator)
  16. got the set yesterday. Have not opened them yet as I was too busy getting wasted last night. Will post pics w/ comparisons to the MS Iron Man as well later on. Loki is damn amazing looking though.
  17. Since this looks to be a hot topic on the MU board, let's do it here as well. Alright....what was your FIRST Marvel Legends figure? Tell us a story!! Unofficially, my first was from that "grandfather line" of Spiderman Classics. I picked up the standard blue/red Spidey. My mind was f'ing blown at how awesome it was and I quickly got the Symbiote version. When Legends hit, it took a few waves for me to jump on board but my very first figure bought at retail was Gambit, followed by Magneto. I proceeded to get many Legends, XMC & SMC figs over the next few years but a good ol divorce in '06 caused me to sell all of my figures except for Deadpool (good call!) and Mr. Sinister (personal favorite). A few years later, I decided to start over from scratch and I did it in style, winning an auction that contained all of wave 6 (juggs, phoenix, etc) minus Deadpool. Now right at two years later, I have only 6 Toy Biz legends to go, aside from the Blue Wasp, Black Psylocke & Silver Luke Cage. So how about you guys?
  18. jealous. I can say in all honesty, if I found 3, I would have bought them all but I'm 99% certain I would have opened one of them, kept the other sealed &graded and probably sold the 3rd after a few more years. Hell of a find. Makes me wonder if there are more than the proposed "12 in existence."
  19. For Legends & Hulk Classics, the only Hulk figs I don't have are the variant green from FFF & the series 2 version w/ ripped shirt. Both of which suck. That said...my vote goes to Marvel Select. Followed by the recent two pack version and the one I used to use was the Savage Hulk from the Hulk Classics line. he came w/ the steel bar thing. The two pack version w/ the Leader is good if you want an 80s look Hulk.
  20. scored two Gigantic Battles Frosty Giants today. Loki is an AWESOME figure. Probably going to snag a 3rd but just got the one today from Tx Hiro and I found another at Wal Mart. Will eventually get Foster but man....he is just way to dark skin tone wise. He'll definately get a repainted head.
  21. the new Concept Iron Man figures are all repaints but they honestly were not lazy w/ these guys. Paint jobs are all excellent and the extra accessories make them easy enough to stand by the originals and not just realize on the spot that they are simply repaints. I still have yet to get a few of them but these above 7 are all very, very awesome. The shimmery paint job on the Hammer Drone is ridiculous. PICK THESE UP!!
  22. same seller: He had the remaining 4 from this series at like $5 or less but I figure i'll leave something to find in the wild as they won't be difficult to come by. Got these last week. Forgot to take MOC pics. This War Machine is SUPERB. The paint job is just sick sick SICK!! And for giggles, here is my desk at work, lol
  23. the following all came from a super awesome eBay seller: (look him up, eBay name is comics-and-toys
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