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  1. SSSSsssooo. . .that was it for Legends??? Thor, Bucky Cap and Hawkeye, Terrax as a BAF...really??? everything!?!!?!!? LAAAAMEEEEEEEE!!!!



    Technically no. They also confirmed the Crimson Dynamo & comic Whiplash in the Iron Man line. Furthermore, we weren't "supposed" to hear anything about Legends until SDCC 2011. I'd say this is a nice teaser to be honest. PICS would've been great but.....at least we know they weren't d*cking us around.

  2. I got him but didn't take alot of pics. PLus he's at work now. The drop for the S6 Juggernaut isn't a shocker. People hoped Deadpool would do the same but when the MS Deadpool came out he was so huge that it wouldn't have made sense for him to blend in w/ other Legends. While the Hasbro Deadpool is good, it's not the classic design so no, Deadpool from S6 will probably never lose value. Juggernaut on the other hand, the MS is an improvement in nearly every way and blends flawlessly w/ other ML figures. Awesome figure which would've been perfect w/ wrist & proper ankle articulation.

  3. I was showing my girlfriend the Juggernaut Group Photo I took this morning and she said ''Where is Movie Juggernaut?'' and I said ''son of a'' and realized I didn't even think of him. Threw him in the group shot. Now I'm really wanting to go find my X-Men vs. Street Fighter Juggernaut and my 90's removable Helmet Juggernaut to take a group photo.


    I'm also wondering what other Juggernauts I'm missing. I think I might have another one stored somewhere but can't remember. I'm thinking about ordering the minimate Juggernaut figures to add to the collection.







    well depending how small you wanna go, they had those steel mutant 2 packs in the 90s. I know I had Juggernaut. Also the light up repaint and the SF two pack repaint

  4. Marvel Legends will go one of two ways upon the so-called re-launch. Let's say they give us the FANS the option to vote and decide the direction of the line. Granted this won't happen but still. Furthermore, let's say they will no longer make crappy figures like those from their initial series and they'll be more like the recent 2 pack figures. What would you choose??


    Option 1) A COMPLETE re-launch of Marvel Legends in general? This means starting from scratch but seeing remolds and resculpts of likely many characters that have been done already, even if in the same attires we already have. This is what Mattel did w/ the WWE Legends line and so far, even w/ most characters being done before, people are eating them up.


    Option 2) Picking up where they and Toy Biz left off. This means less releases of characters we've already seen or have and focusing on other classic costumes we haven't gotten yet and maybe more recent characters like the Dark Avengers, current Luke Cage, etc.


    I really don't know which I'd go with. I've got most Legends as it is but in all honesty, some do need re-imagining. At the same time, I don't need another standard Captain America, Thor or Ghost Rider as the figures of them we have already are pretty flawless. On the other hand, Hasbro did an amazing job when they basically re-did the TB wave 1 Iron Man. What say YOU???

  5. The Marvel Select is more than adequate. Got mine yesterday after months of salivating. Beautiful, HUGE and intimidating, just like Juggernaut should be. The lack of wrist rotation sucks but all in all, it's better than my monkey arms Juggernaut that has been sitting atop the Juggernaut throne. Well worth the investment. With a few tweaks here and there, Diamond Select could really be serving up some epic figures. Though w/ the oversized scale, aside from Colossus and Apocalypse, IDK who else I really want now....

  6. got some good swag over the last few days. Picked up movie Iron Man 1 figures for $6 at Marshall's. Got Mark 2 & Mark 3 on Saturday, then actually found Mark 1 & the blue eyed Iron Monger at another Marshall's today. ALSO today, picked up the regular MS Deadpool. SWEET figure. Saw the MS Magneto but passed as I was really let down by the face sculpt. Waiting on a super awesome delivery from the mail man as we speak....

  7. I got mine earlier in the year w/ the FF Kang, clear Skrull, fire Skrull, Transforming Human Torch & twisty Thing. THink all of em ran me a total of right @ $240 so he technically ran me $40 MOC. Awesome figure, just wish the tail had a bit more give to it as he takes up alot of room on the ol shelf.

  8. I totally just found the 3 3/4 Carnage at a freakin HEB of all places like a half hour ago! I had seen Ben Reilly Spidey yesterday at Wal Mart but passed because the paint aps were pretty bad. This Carnage rocks the house. Wish he had regular feet and now clawed feet but whatever. Lack of ankle articulation sucks as well but overall an awesome effort for this figure!

  9. picked up Thanos & Yellowjacket @ a TRU express today. Little bastard kid in front of me got Constrictor right in front of me. Probably doesn't even know who he is lol They had IM 2020 but he'll be the Team X Wolverine of the wave so I passed on it. Thanos is absolutely amazing. Can't wait to pick up Dark Hawkeye (when I see him) and Constrictor. That Human Torch body is really tired as far as I'm concerned. Yellowjacket overall is cool but that body has to be retired.

  10. I know we're all excited about what's coming up, but looking back AAALLLLLLLlllll the way back to series 1 to now, which wave offered the best characters, sculpts, variants and originality? I was reorganizing my shelves and for the most part I have them wave by wave and not necessarily w/ their respective teams or enemies. That said, I'll give my top 3:


    1. Toy Biz Wave 6 - Juggernaut, Deadpool, Cable, Wolverine, Phoenix, Thomas Jane Punisher, Dark Phoenix & "original" Cable. I think it's a no brainer. Yeah it's a bit X-Men heavy but overall, I love this line. Deadpool, Wolverine, Phoenix & the Punisher are near perfect likeness figures w/ few faults. Juggernaut is amazing except for the giant monkey arms and if there is a weak link, it would be Cable but even he looks good. Dark Phoenix is tan excellent choice for a variant and the old Xforce Cable especially now w/ the variant Warpath along w/ Cannonball & Domino is equally awesome. Weaknesses would be the monkey arms of Juggernaut, the phoenix..uh...Phoenix and the lack of cool futuristic guns on Cable. Even the 'weak link' in the Punisher is a solid figure w/ great accessories & an excellent trench coat.


    2. Toy Biz Wave 5 - again, IMO a very solid wave. Colossus & Silver Surfer are excellent. Sabretooth, Mr Fantastic are both good. Hard for me to judge Blade as I don't care for it myself but it seems like a good likeness and a ton of accessories which back then for $7 was a steal. Nick Fury is so-so because I don't like the body reuse and Red Skull is pretty dreadful. Weaknesses would be the size of Mr. Fantastic. I wish he was a bit taller. I set up up next to the other Illuminati recently and he was dwarfed by all since I had Dr. Strange on a flight stand. Sabretooth is a bit skinny and Red Skull is just overall bad.


    3. Toy Biz Wave 10 - the Sentinel series. positives : Cyclops (both), Angel (both) Black Panther, Spiderman & Omega Red. Neutral - Mr. Sinister. Bad - Mystique. Cyclops' only complaint from me is the lack of torso articulation. I had hoped for the Jim Lee version when it was announced but we got XFactor duds. Angel in either color (I prefer blue) is awesome. Had they done a blue skinned variant, that'd been more fun I think. Omega Red is awesome but the fact that he had the same tentacles as the Sentinel always irked me as super lazy. Black Panther is awesome though I hated most resues of that body. Sinister was good if not a little too tall. The lack of wrist articulation bugged me as well. Mystique is just a tragedy. TB had an excellent female body in Phoenix and took a giant step in reverse here. I'll never understand. They really dropped the ball here. And of course Sentinel. A bit to many wires showing but overall, they display so well. Curious to see how they stack up against the Hasbro versions.


    4. Hasbro two packs, series 2, wave 1. Red Hand Ninja/Nick Fury (or Shield agent), Kree/Skrull soldiers & classic Iron Man/Maria Hill. The ultimate army building series of any line. Technically teh only non builder is Iron Man himself as SHIELD always needs a good amount of ladies at the helm. I still buy these sets when I see them and will continue to do so because the figures are all on point AND it boasts probably the best Iron Man figure to date! Awesome awesome figures w/ no flaws I can think of. I should probably rank them at 3, not 4.


    Honorable mention:

    Toy Biz Wave 15

    Toy Biz Wave 7 (had Apocalypse been good, this would be my favorite but his horrible figures kills the line for me)


    So what say you guys??

  11. Picked up big G at toys r us today. What was even more awesome is that they had the red hand ninja/fury set along w/ the others of that wave. Even better, they were $13.48 each. So, picked up MU Galactus, Hand Ninja/Fury and another Kree/Skrull set. $10 off coupon made it even sweeter. Didn't find Thanos' wave yet but the weekend is upon us....

  12. I dont understand why ppl are so butthert about ppl buying them and then selling them... Really come on growup. this is a big ppl world not a non reality kiddie world where every thing goes your way. I have tried to do it but these ppl are truly hardcore and dedicated to a sellers market I get lucky and find stuff but I never really bank. I do OK. but in reality it takes a lot of hard work to be in this kind of business. You have to call every where, Know somebody working there and You have to hook them up also, Drive and get there as soon as the trucks get there which are usally early hours and get in to get them. Some ppl are really dedicated and hey if thats the way they want to spend their time then so be it. Im not that hard core but I like to get the figures for my son and myself. if you dont like it dont buy from them.



    A big people world, YES but you have to realize, we are grown adults who play with toys. Bottom line, no matter how you wanna coat it, that's what it is. What pisses me off is that here is a guy who is big in the community, knows the difficulty in getting these figures and yet will exploit fellow community "family members" by forcing them to search harder and pay more. Yes people will support him in an attempt to befriend the popular kid but popular opinion doesn't make it right. If I go out and find something that I know is semi difficult to find but I also have friends who want them, I'm gonna give htem first crack because I know that they would do the same for me. IDK. It just bugs that especially with a series like this that one dbag could clean out the stock because I have to go 30 miles in any direction to get a TRU and I can assure you they won't have 50 pieces. THey may get 1, 2 boxes at most. Regardless, they'll be all over the place soon enough, I'm sure.

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