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  1. Oh this is an easy one. About a year ago, I found a guy who was literally selling every wave of Legends, MOC w/ all variants for each wave. In addition, he had custom cardbacks for existing figures and would include them. For example, he put a Red/Blue Antman from the boxset in the Goliath packaging and had that as part of wave 7 since Goliath was also a chase for that series and another is the white storm in series 8 Storm packaging along w/ the rest of series 8 and storm variant. ANYWAY.....dude had pretty solid prices for his buy it now. One example, the entire Giant Man wave w/ all 4 Sentry variants and the Wolverine variant for $200. So I contacted him and we worked out a deal. I won 3 auctions which totalled around 450. Guy had flawless feedback and he agreed to let me pay it out over two months. I told him to hold everything until I finished paying so he could ship all at once. Well, communication is great, payments made as promised, I send the last $100 adn the guy falls off the face of the earth. No email, no figures, NOTHING. Well then a few days go buy, other people start leaving him negative feedback for the same reason. Unfortunately for me, I can't leave negative because the timeframe had already passed. I try to get a refund through Paypal and they basically say I'm SOL. Somehow and for whatever reason, some 3 months later the guy ends up refunding me around $225. Still no figures, nothing and I'm still out $200+. Months more pass and I see something very odd on eBay. Same seller, different name, same "custom" card figures that I had already won but never received! I knew it was him based on the auction style, free shipping and low prices being offered. PLus, how often do you just happen to see the same person selling the exact same custom carded figures? I used buy it now on every single auction he had and I told him his gig was up. He tried to play it off and said I was crazy but after a few more obvious comparisons, he finally stopped responding, the ebay username was dropped and I magically get $50 refunded back. As a whole experience it sucked. I spent 4 years buyin G1 figures back in the late 90s/early 00s and never had anything like this happen. I've since gotten the figs through other outlets but yeah.....that hands down is the worst experience I've ever had in collecting.
  2. Finally got Silver Centurion & classic Iron Monger @ Wal Mart in Temple. Along w/ the two more Target 3 packs (yay $5 coupon!) from earlier this morning and the 6 drones from yesterday.....I think I'll take it easy this weekend lol Anyone needing a set of Whiplash/Mark V figs, lmk.
  3. hit the Iron Man 2 jackpot today at Belton Wal Mart. Happily walked away w/ 3 each of the single carded drones w/ probably 3 or 4 still on the shelf. Several Whiplash & ALOT of that crappy "Ultimate" armor. I'll edit w/ pics later!
  4. You need help with archangel son use the internet to order one, trust me it is worth the time and money to have one in hand. Or do like I did and get your girl to hook it up on a free archangel :)) :rogue: thx to my girlfriend ---> If you only knew what she had to do to get that figure lol But i agree. Totally worth the extra $. I paid $20 shipped for mine and don't regret it a bit. Next to Captain Britain, that's one of the best MU figs out there.
  5. saw it at a Wal Mart and a Target. Laughed both times and bought another MU Madrox.
  6. picked up Mystique (x2), Captain Britain & Ghost Rider at WAL MART in Temple, TX earlier today. Bored so I'm thinking about heading back later to get Team X Wolverine & the 3 Madrox I want.
  7. IMO, $24.99 is a steal for these figures. The last series hurt because of all the army builders involved but they were well worth it. I quit DCUC because of the $15 tag but also because there was a new wave ever 2 months. We'll get these sets, none of which are army builders, then we'll get variants of two of them afew months later. I've got zero problem dropping the $$ for them.
  8. went to Austin today. Found both 2 packs and remnants of the Mystique wave but only Multiple Man & Wolverine remained. Refused to buy them as they were not my goal of the day. Went to a Target in Round Rock (4 targets total, only this one yielded results) and found remnants of the newest comic wave from IM2. Snagged Arctic & Modern armor. They had a Silver Centurion but the paint on the face was pretty rough so I passed.
  9. got in variant blue Angel, variant Wonder Man & the short hair "mustard" Sentry. These guys officially cap off the last figures I needed for their respective waves. Pretty funny having 4 Sentry figs and none that are close to the one that recently died.
  10. i really need to see what this "Marvel mania' display is all about...
  11. What is the #8 variant? I believe he's talking about the slight repaint they did for the Mark VI and "power glow" Mark VI. They added the silver highlights to the legs & arms.
  12. got a 4th Skrull, caved already and got a 2nd Target 3 pack for the drone.
  13. went to Hasting's in Waco today. THey actually had the new Galactus but I wasn't too keen on spending $69.99 for it. Not yet anyway. I did get a 4th red hand ninja/shield agent set and picked up the Marvel Select Bucky Captain America. Kind of underwhelmed once out of the package but he'll display fine.
  14. I know those TRU packs weren't as plentiful as we would have liked (not around here anyway) but I found BUNCHES of the RED Hand Ninja/Shield Agent, red/yellow Iron Man/Maria Hill & Kree/Skrull 2 packs at a local Hasting's earlier today. I still see the Skrull set from time to time but I only see the white Hand Ninjas nowadays so I jumped at the chance to grab a 4th red ninja today. Rang up at $19.99 so while I had hoped these would eventually trickle down to Marshall's, it appears Hastings my be the spot for these guys. Just a heads up!
  15. went to Waco today, picked up another (3rd) AIM Soldier and got 1 of the Target IM2 3 pack. Plan to get 3 more but I don't expect these to be "hot sellers" so I'll probably get one every 2 weeks.
  16. Lovin the mailman this week! Got these guys w/ 3 other loose crappy ML figs, 5 loose MU figs all for $20 on eBay. Pretty sweet deal.
  17. got these guys in a lot w/ 4 other Marvel Legends figures and a MOC ML 8 Captain America variant. Whole lot was $20 Don't need the Bucky, Hawkeye or War Machine so if anyone needs em, lmk. They are complete w/ stands and files.
  18. $600 is alot but if I came across her I could justify it in that I paid $800 for an MIB Grand Maximus back in 01. I sold it just 4 years later and more than doubled my money.
  19. Of the Marvel Legends series I mean. Including the sub lines such as XMen Classics, FF Classics, SMC, etc. Hasbro, Toy Biz, everything. Aside from the obvious rarities like the blue Wasp, silver Luke Cage & black outfit Psylocke of course. I have now 10 single carded toy biz figures (variant included) to go before I'm finished and then I'll pick up the odds and ends from other lines that I want along w/ the Ares wave. Along the way I've had a hell of a tough time getting some figures (phasing GR, stealth Iron Man) and others that I thought would be expensive but really weren't at all (Toad, Avalanche). My Dragon Man arrives MOC tomorrow so as he becomes my center piece, I'm just curious who else you guys rank up there. Personally, I say (in no particular order): Dragon Man (considering the 6 other figs I got from the seller, it ran me approx $33 MOC) Stealth Iron Man (still don't have it) Deadpool (kept from retail) Absorbing Man from Hulk Classics (don't have it either) Bobby Drake variant (cost me $23 in a loose lot w/ series 3 Thor & a loose movie Jean Grey & Doop) MAYBE Juggernaut (averaged $17 in a MOC lot of series 6) brown variant Cable (got it for $50 shipped via BIN) and for me, the Ares wave in general has just been a pain to find for a reasonable cost. I managed the Giant Man wave this past summer for $155 w/ all but one Sentry variant but Ares wave just goes for crazy money now. What do you guys consider the "IT" figures out there?
  20. picked up a 3rd Skrull for myself. Cool thing is that it was the english stand so now I have one in english and 2 in Skrull. Also, picked up a spare Rhino from the Spiderman line if anyone needs it. Looking for what's show below obviously or unmasked IP.
  21. went on a pretty decent hunt today. Goal of the day was the Proving Grounds 3 pack and the Mark IV Wal Mart figure. Ended up w/ one out of two though I'd MUCH rather found the Mark IV Iron Man. Anyway, finally picked up that House of M Spider man along w/ the final Secret Wars set also featuring Spiderman. Figured since I got Wrecker last week, time to round out the Wrecking Crew. Picked up a 2nd Skrull soldier from Target in Killeen. Skrull gibberish on the display stand. The horned mask Iron Man was another I just finally broke down and got just to get it out of the way. The proving grounds pack is very.....well, knockoff-ish. The War Machine is decent but that "Hulkbuster" is just so awkward. They had 5 and the paint on most of them was pretty bad. I got the best of the bunch as I don't go to KMart often and I completely missed the last 3pack. War Machine will have his shoulder missle pack stolen and given to the normal movie War Machine.
  22. Good work, usually target frowns on such behavior, like a ninja misson accomplished! Hell yeah man, I'm quick like a walrus
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