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  1. went to Target this morning w/ my 3 y/o and while strolling the toy aisle, noticed they had two pallets full of stuff that they hadn't shelved yet. Didn't see anything and headed out but looked on one corner and saw a single box of MU figs. Wrestled it out of the stack, took it to another aisle and cut it open. Snatched up the entire Iron Patriot Wave w/ regular IP. 6 remaining figs were another IP, Winter Soldier, ISM, Thor, classic IM & Captain America.


    Needless to say, started off the morning pretty sweet.

  2. Referring to the MOC Captain America:

    Ok i know links are bad but since I already won this auction it's all good. The listing says "Classic" which is the variant but I can't really tell by looking at the pic. Regardless, for $20 I took the chance as I get an extra Hydra & AIM soldier out of the deal, worst case scenario. I THINK I see wings on the head but I'm not certain. What do you guys think???



  3. I know we haven't gotten as much as we want/like but with the so-called future promising more, what do you think is Hasbro's best offering thus far? Be it Marvel Legends, Spiderman, Iron Man, whatever. After picking up Mark V Iron Man, I think this guy makes a strong case. Awesome sculpt, paint, accessories. Just an overall badass figure. I would say he could be a tad bulkier but the whole point of that armor is that it is light-weight so it makes sense. Anyway, after getting this fig I say top 4 are:

    Mark V movie Iron Man

    Shield Agent

    Iron Man from Sharon Carter 2 pack

    Elektra from Ronin 2 pack


    I'd list a 5th but nobody really jumps out at me as a solid contender. Who do you guys got?

  4. I know I'm way behind you guys but I finally got my regular Archangel in teh mail today and it was totally worth the wait! I think I've had every version of AA Toy Biz put out and this one is just so sick w/ the wings! I never cared much for the XMC wings and of course we never got an official ML release. This guy is just too cool though! Very pissed off expression and luckily the paint apps on the one I got are flawless. Another win by Hasbro.

  5. Got a monster box in the mail today. Stuff below was included along w/ the SDCC '09 b/w Captain America MOC/MIB. The Hulk series cost me $70 for all 7 figures and the XMen classics figs ran me $32 for all 6. Awesome thing is that Avalanche usually fetches that by himself and he is included along a/ the Astonishing Colossus that I needed since the one I had broke at the right wrist. I'd since repaired it w/ a screw but getting it in this lot for so cheap was a nice bonus. The two Beasts & Cyclops aren't needed so if anyone needs/wants them, lmk. Anyway, here they are:



    he comes w/ a sink scrubber as a base. Really wish he had the classic costume but whatever. A better figure than expected and has individual finger articulation which is cool.




    I'm gonna be honest. These figures SUCK. Clearly early Hasbro "work" because there is no sense of scale, wash and the articulation is just horrid. I am so glad I got these guys at a steal of a price because had I paid $150+, I would have been pissed. King Hulk is decent and Wendigo is cool for sake of getting the character but End Hulk, Son of Hulk, She Hulk, Savage Hulk & Absorbing Man are terrible. This makes me want to pay the stupid prices for the TB Absorbing Man because this one is a joke.


    The gem of the set. FFF is very nice. Just need Doc Samson & the lower torso to get if all done. Anyone got a Doc they don't need?.....

  6. With everyone talking about the new ML figures that we'll "be getting" in 2012, the debate continues on which is better. I for one have ALWAYS gone w/ plastic because as others say, cloth capes look so cheap and silly whereas plastic capes can be molded pretty dynamically. That said, I recently (before selling all of my DCUC figs) had made the DC Universe build a fig Trigon. DC also has had plastic capes but for this guy, they did something totally different. The cape was a cloth like material but a thin flexible wire lined the cape along the edges. Of course you couldn't see the wire but you could pose the cape any way you like and it looked awesome. I really think Hasbro should pick up on this because you can have a cape "billowing," lying flat, covering your figure, WHATEVER. Just thought I'd put my .02 out there.


    This guy shows it around the 1:55 mark. Check it out:

  7. FINALLY found something new. I35 Target off of Parmer in Austin. They had the Juggernaut wave. Looks like somebody got to Archangel before I could get one. I got my Kitty Pryde and the running change XMen Wolverine. They had one AIM soldier but the paint was pretty bad so I passed. I don't imagine he'll be a tough figure to find. I almost picked up a second Juggernaut but I passed. My goal of the day was MS Thing & Abomination but I failed miserably on both. Ah well. Least I didn't walk away empty handed. No sign of the 2 packs.

  8. So I found a someone willing to sell this set, MISB in the black & white box for $150 + shipping (approx $25). I tried to talk him down but he then made the offer of all figs loose for $150 (I offered $135 loose). What would be the best deal at this point in time? Out of all the ML lines, I'm only missing this one and the Ares wave and a few variants here and there. What do you guys think? Worth the $150? Go ahead for the set MISB? Try to barter it down more????

  9. I think they did a good job w/ Iceman in the XMC line. The ML version was terrible. Rogue would need an update, Black Cat as well. Phoenix I thought was okay. I'd take a Jim Lee era Jean over an updated Phoenix ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and twice on Sunday. I know alot of people like Beast but I think they could have done the head better. hmmm...others......Dr. Doom was pretty weak but w/ the MS and the FF4 version, either of those work well. Ultron, Mandarin and an honest to God ML Venom would be nice additions/updates. oh and Scarlet Witch. And fat Apocalypse.


    a sweet first lineup could be:

    Iron Patriot


    updated Black Cat

    mandatory Wolverine....X Force attire?


    Luke Cage - current


    That'd be money well spent.

  10. They had them all marked down to $11.50 so I figured now was the time.


    Thanks for the heads up (sick avatar!) gonna stop at TRU on the way home. Did you snag an "Amazing Friends" set? Wanna grab another? I'm sure mine is out.


    I can't remember if they had one or two left but they definately had one along w/ about 10 Surfer/DD/IM set. The TRU is about 30 miles out but I'm headed to San Antonio this weekend so if you want me to get you one, I don't mind, just lmk.


    Went on a freakin 7 store hunt today around central Texas and for the most part came up empty handed. However, managed to find a DCUC 13 Blue Beetle and I finally caved and bought some of the TRU 3 packs. They had them all marked down to $11.50 so I figured now was the time. Picked up two of the Hand/SHIELD/Hydra sets as that was all they had. Will probably get a few more at that price. Very glad I didn't get em for $29.99 when they first came out. Still can't find Juggernaut and it's starting to irritate me....

    You're in Austin right? I haven't seen anything either. The walmart on 35 and slaughter has had a few of the new DC figures. They had them all when they first came out. No new IM or MU figures though


    No I'm in Temple but will be passing through ATX and into San Antonio on Sunday. Hopefully pick up a few more of those Hydra/SHIELD sets between here & there. Way I figure, 10 sets for just over $100 would look pretty sick.

    As for todays stops, I went to the two Wal Marts here and then two in Killeen as well as the Target, TRU & K Mart. K Mart actually had the new IM figs & DCUC 13 about a week ago and I figured nobody would get the DCUC (I got the IM2 figs) but when I went there today, all they had was that classic Cheetah which is pretty easy to find around here. At this point still need both Negative Man figs, that classic Cheetah and Cyclotron. My Trigon is currently a weaponless amputee. I'm tempted to go to Waco this evening but Waco is a dry spot but when you hit, you usually hit big.

  11. Went on a freakin 7 store hunt today around central Texas and for the most part came up empty handed. However, managed to find a DCUC 13 Blue Beetle and I finally caved and bought some of the TRU 3 packs. They had them all marked down to $11.50 so I figured now was the time. Picked up two of the Hand/SHIELD/Hydra sets as that was all they had. Will probably get a few more at that price. Very glad I didn't get em for $29.99 when they first came out. Still can't find Juggernaut and it's starting to irritate me....

  12. Went on vacation to Galveston this week and came across some good stuff. Picked up Havok & Colossus at the Kroger's in Galveston and then in a Brenham WalMart, FINALLY found the SM Rhino figure. Much bigger than I thought it'd be but also a better figure than I had expected. Another fun thing is that as I went to Target stores, I saw that DCUC figs are on sale. Some had them @ $9.99, others @ $10.49. Not a bad time to start filling in some holes for those interested.

  13. Hey for those of you still seeking the new IM2 comic figs, check out KMart if you can. I found the whole series earlier today. Got 3 of the 5, left Guardsman & "winged mask" IM. Figure they'll be pretty common. For the first time, I also came across Hammer wave 3 Kitty Pryde at a FYE but since my primary figs for that set are Archangel & Juggernaut, I left her behind as I couldn't see dropping $9.99 for her. Juggs I would've done so in a heartbeat.

  14. 101_1484-1.jpg


    they definately gave more detail to the WM base w/ more colors and the "HAMMER" logo in the middle is a nice touch








    War Machine could have used another cannon just to have that "armed to the teeth" look or at least had his included cannon a bit larger. Out of the Marvel Select figs I have, I have to rank them as

    1. Thanos

    2. Mephisto

    3. Hulk

    4. War Machine

    5. Thor

    6. the Watcher

    7. Iron Man - sorry Tony


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