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  1. Here's a pretty sweet 5 day haul that I've gotten. Not pictured but also received were ML2 Namor, ML 10 Angel, ML 7 Iron Man, ML 7 Vision & ML 7 Apocalypse. Anyway, I'll post this both here and both the ML & MU haul threads. Enjoy! MS Sabretooth is AWESOME. I went back & forth on whether to include it as part of my ML setup but he is hulking and monstrous just like in the X Men cartoon. Sweet sweet figure! I was about to get the limited edition Wolverine at Best Buy but I couldn't justify another $20 for a crappy looking bust. comparison to Forge Going all M
  2. this could finally be a good enough Thing that looks like he could go toe to toe w/ a ML/Hulk Classics Hulk figure.
  3. well the whole set is pretty much lacking. Mr. Fantastic is an okay concept. Torch is absolutely terrible because of that bright orange hair. Thing would've been cool had he been bigger. Surfer is tiny, Namor is tiny and Mole Man.....well....IDK....seems like they could've dones something about his articulation. Dr. Doom on the other hand is nice, just wish he had more of a wash going on.
  4. Finally got this one in today. W/ Sue, now I'm only missing Mole Man & Namor and I"m done. Sue ran me $36 which considering I got Doom, Surfer, Torch, Reed & Thing for less, I'm willing to take the hit. I estimate I'll be able to complete this set for approx $120.
  5. So...I was thinking about how crappy Hasbro figs can be......specifically Banshee. Then I was on eBay and I was looking for the Forge & Wolverine set and I realized....man....that Wolverine head really sucks. THEN I looked at the Wolverine body......and was like...."Whoa...Bashee had that exact same outfit...hmmm....." Has anyone tried a headswitch here? I mean, take Banshee's head and "wings" put em on that Wolverine body....could 1 crappy figure + 1 crappy figure = 1 awesome figure??? + =
  6. Since Monday, I've gotten complete sets of Hasbro Marvel Legends Blob & Brood sets along w/ the variant Marvel Girl. Got both Face Off sets of the Hulk & Leader, Face Off Red Skull & Captain America, picked up the regular 6 figs in the Nemesis series and in the mail today, I got the regular version of the Punisher/Jigsaw set (which looks pretty sweet but I haven't opened em yet). That said, I'm taking the rest of August off from toys (Unless I find the Ronan Invisible Woman, Namor & Moleman for cheap) and will pick up in September...just in time for my birthday :)
  7. kind of suck. Don't get me wrong, Holocaust is awesome. But as I just finished opening up the regular figures, I'm completely underwhelmed. Nova & Blackbolt look awesome w/ their costumes but there's one giant problem. Their faces are just a solid, pasty flesh color. There's no wash, no detail...it's just....a blaring white. I know I'm being picky here but fine, I'll leave them alone. Beast....good lord...this is a horrible figure. BEAST...the guy who has amazing agility & balance has the articulation of ML1 Toad and he's a dwarf. I understand the ban of steroids in major spor
  8. FOUND! Copperas Cove, Texas. I said I'd find em today and damned if I didn't. Called about 8 Wal Marts within 50 miles and finally found this one about 40 minutes away. Braved a thunderstorm and found all of em plus the Ares leftover crap figures. The selection was awesome and I'd say there were at least 5 complete sets of 8. I decided to get all except the variants for now. The black Punisher just isn't that cool and I've already got 5 red Daredevils so I'll get them later.
  9. nothing at all found in my area (Central Texas). If my locals don't have em by Friday, I'll be spending that day toy hunting up and down I 35.
  10. obvious ones....I think Wolverine/Warpath Hulk/Bi-Beast -that's alot of plastic btw Havok/Madrox or maybe Havok/Phoenix Deadpool/Lady Bullseye for an "assassins" pack Bag Man & Ms. Marvell or Ms. Marvel/Constrictor...either set would have that retro feel to it. Everyone else...no clue.
  11. $25 is not even worth the trouble. $10.44 + tax for a figure, eBay fees, paypal fees, hassle of shipping, gas to the post office + packing supplies? Hardly worth it IMO.
  12. Nemesis prices are plummeting on eBay! BIN of $25 on figs that were going for over $70 a few weeks ago, I love it! this will partially make up for the money I got screwed out of on Paypal.
  13. Dude what are you talking about? THAT Galactus is twice as thick as the TB version. It may be taller but in no way is it a copy. Same design maybe, but the articulation is way off. The figure looks decent but he looks far too stocky in the legs
  14. I voted for Warpath, Havok & Black Widow. Way I figure I'll get four of the ones i want that way as it'll likely be Wolverine/Warpath & Havok/Madrox. Black Widow is just amazing so I had to vote for her.
  15. it's begun....$285 BIN for a full set? Compared to recent prices, this is a friggin steal which is terrible. Notice where the fn dealer is from? http://cgi.ebay.com/Complete-Marvel-Legend...%3A1%7C294%3A50 Curious to see how far they drop as time goes on....
  16. so today I picked up both the full Blob & Brood sets. Since starting ML over about 3 months ago, outside 5 face off sets, a few variants, the Giant Man & Ares wave.........all I lack is the Nemesis series. Thing is, I realllly hate to sink alot of money into the set and have em hit stateside next week. I can definately be patient but now that I'm at the end of the road, I'm thinking of picking the figs up one at a time. At least it won't "feel" as bad that way. Maybe get Punisher & the variant.....DD & his variant, then Beast, Tygra, Nova then Blackbolt. Pretty much start
  17. I think Multiple Man could also have an easy variant with his mask on. Matter of fact, I prefer that over the unmasked version.
  18. I piece of my just died from so much happiness. This is absolutely awesome. I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLLLLLLLLLLLLY hope that the Warpath gets a classic XForce variant
  19. Gamma Punch Hulk came in today. I can honestly say I'm not sure why this fig was one of the more expensive ones that you see in online stores and at times even on eBay. The Banner figure is the only high point and even he is not very articulated or fun. Luckily I won this bad boy(s) for $18.50 plus shipping. The Hulk itself has a decent sculpt but his feet are huge and flat like a duck and the gamma punch feature limits his arm poses because of the spring action. Ah well. War Hulk should be here tomorrow and all I have left to do is find an Absorbing Man....
  20. I'm telling you guys, the prices aren't that bad. Just be picky about it. Like I said, Mecha was the most expensive at $30 even. I mean, they've averaged me around $22 which if you factor the cost of a figure today @ 11.99-14.99, taxes and gas looking for it, you're probably ahead using eBay.
  21. So let's all assume that at the SDCC some life is breathed into ML afterall and it moves forward. If you could create two series of upcoming figs, who would you include? Let's leave out the Toyfare figs and assume they'll be made. my votes: Wave 8 (7 is the Toyfare wave) Jim Lee Cyclops - the original in XMC is good but far too skinny Guardian w/ Puck Vision - white outfit. IDK why, but I love that figure new XForce Warpath - classic Warpath variant Venom - we need an end all, be all ML style Venom that is not in SMC - variant w/ Eddie Brock head AOA Apocalypse
  22. eBay is your best bet dude. Since May 31st I've won all of the figures in that series except for Absorbing Man. All were MOC except for Abomination & SP Savage Hulk but those two were totally complete and today I won Gamma Punch Hulk/Bruce Banner for $18 which IMO is a steal. The most I paid for one figure was Mecha hulk who I got MOC for $30 and War Hulk who was $25. I figure Absorbing Man will end up breaking that record but all in all I think I've done pretty well. Check out the hauls thread and you can see em all except War Hulk and GP Hulk as they hven't been received yet.
  23. Finally got my Target set today. Spider Woman came in last week. Underwhelmed by Red Hulk but the set itself is pretty solid
  24. was really happy to finally get this guy. Even though this is my re-boot at collecting Marvel Legends, I missed this variant of Cable my first go around so I was stoked to finally land one at a decent cost on eBay ($40). Packaging has since been discarded :) Got these guys in earlier today. Both were MOC but I didn't snap pictures because my wife had the camera with her and I didn't feel like waiting. I gotta say, this Hulk Classics line has been alot of fun. Out of the 8, I've got 6 and there really has not been a weak link. Even Abomination who had a double sized release come o
  25. Technically we've seen that in the Age of Apocalypse. Magneto ripped Poc in half, presumably killing him.
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