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  1. Hey everybody. I haven't posted a new custom in a while. I've been working in other styles and lines. But, I do have a couple to share. First up is 90s-style Jubilee. Pretty obvious, pretty easy. See my screen name. Next is Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu. He's mostly a G.I.Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Quick Kick, with feet from a Super Hero Showdown Namor. The tunic comes from the 5" Toy Biz version from so long ago. Finally, Dr. Druid. I had called this one "finished" for a while, but then this weekend I picked up a Gandalf from the 3.75" Hobbit line that had more accurate sleeves. The body is a Scarlet Spider (which allows him to do the cross-legged yoga pose) and the cape is from Moon Knight (though it is not strong enough to support the figure's weight). The head is Dr. Henry Jones Sr. from the Indian Jones line. One of the very first Trade Paperbacks I bought when I first got into comics was the collected X-Men Vs. the Avengers mini-series, which had Dr. Druid in it, which is why I felt compelled to make this figure.
  2. Nice Ka-Zar decepticonmark. For Zabu, see if you can hunt down a McDonalds Happy Meal Masters of the Universe Panthor from 2002. I got one years ago to make a Zabu but never finished it because I hate (hate hate HATE) painting yellow.
  3. Hi Gang. It's been a while since I posted anything, mostly because it's been a while since I finished anything. This week, though, I had a burst of inspiration and finished off a couple of 90s-style X-Men I'd had in the works. Starting with: Professor Xavier This is the second Professor X I've done (the first one was in a suit). This one is a DC Infinite Heroes Lex Luthor head on a G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Snake-Eyes torso, with ROC Cobra Commander legs. The arms are from 25th Anniversary Duke, and the jacket is from Indiana Jones. The wheelchair is from Avatar's Jake Sully. Next up: Jim Lee Rogue She's kind of a frankenstein, which I find satisfying when they come out well. The thing I'm most pleased about is how well the X logo on her chest and the belt buckle came out. Hair- DC Infinite Heores Starfire Head and feet- G.I.Joe ROC Baroness Torso and legs- MU Firestar Jacket- DC Infinite Heroes Black Canary Arms- G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye Belt- G.I.Joe 25th Flash I hate (hate, hate, HATE) painting things yellow, so when I ended up with an extra Firestar, I determined to find something to do with it. It was between this and Crystal in her early FF look. I actually think its more likely that Hasbro will make this version of Rogue eventually, but I was intrigued by the challenge. Here's a group shot (yeah, I still prefer my ML Showdown versions for many of these characters): Belt
  4. Hi gang. Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything new. Here are a few minor tweaks I worked up. First, Multiple man in a coat, so I can have a defined "main" Madrox: The coat is from a DCIH Commisioner Gordon, with arms from Indiana Jones. Next, Phoenix. Regular Ol' Non-Dark Phoenix. I'm surprised I haven't seen more of these... Finally, Hydra Agents I could accept the fact that they didn't have skirts, but the lack of bug-eyes and exposed mouths really annoyed me. So I swpped on the heads from some DCIH Blue Beetles. They all have sort of goofy expressions, but it works for me. More coming soon, I promise. One of the frustrating things about seeing pics from Toy Fair is having to abandon planned/in-the-works projects.
  5. @Legend - Love that hood up variant of Scarlet Spider. Well done!
  6. Wow, I forget to check in for a few days and the place gets swamped with awesome customs! @Legend - Love that Scarlet Spider. Any other clone-themed customs in the works?
  7. @ Ronnieramone- Can you go into any more detail on what toy those Doc Ock came from? Any idea who trhe manufacturer was, or how long ago it came out? Thanks.
  8. What new torso cracking method. I'd love to know this. I've tried a few and none seem to come out right for me. Here's the link: http://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-cust...est-method.html I used a pair of channel lock pliers and both Captain America and Iron Man's torsos opened with no problems.
  9. Well, I had a flurry of inspiration over the past few days, so here's my latest custom: The Super-Adaptoid! The devious, self-aggrandizing android created by AIM, originally designed to kill Captain America, it later battled the X-Men and the Avengers. When I was looking for reference pictures, I found a pin-up of Great Avengers Foes, and Super-Adaptoid was featured much more prominently than I would have anticipated. Here's the recipe: Head & Quiver: SW Hawkeye Wings: DCIH Hawkman Upper Torso: SW Iron Man Arms, Lower Torso & Shield: FA Captain America Legs: SW Piledriver (I wanted to suggest that he was copying Giant-Man's powers, thus some extra height) This was mainly an exercise in finding a use for an extra Iron Man, and I was at Target and they had all the other fodder I needed, so I threw it together. It also gave me an opportunity to try the new torso-cracking method I read about on HISSTank. More to come.
  10. Hey everybody. Here's a new custom and a couple more simple tweaks. The first one is a simple, common recipe, but I thought I'd take a swing at it. Forge: The body is the X-Men uniform Wolverine, with right thigh and hand from Ultron. The head is a Star Wars Bail Organa, with a piece of cut plastic for the headband. The knot and straps came from an ML Elektra. The chest strap is from a G.I.Joe Duke figure witha bit of extra kibble I cut off of a Playmates Star Trek Captain Kirk belt. The big gun is from a G.I.Joe: ROC Cobra Commander. The other gun (closest thing I could find to Forge's mutant power negating pistol) is from a B:TAS Talia. Here are few more small tweaks: I didn't like the fixed chains that came with Absorbing Man and Thunderball, so I worked these alteration. Absorbing Man's is a piece of small chain I found attached to a handle from the weapon of a Dollar Store medieval figure I had lying around. The ball is the accessory from an old Toy Boz Loki painted silver. For Thuderball, I took the nunchuks that came with a Toy Biz 5" Shang-Chi (I had bought a bunch as fodder back in the day) and took the chains off three of them. I kept one attached to the handle, and attached the other end to Thunderball's ball. I didn't like the Mr. Fantastic that came with Ultron, so I swapped the head onto an old Showdown Mr. Fantastic. Now my Fantastic Four all match. That's it for now. More to come.
  11. You could do a modern-style Drax the Destroyer.
  12. @Sizemore77- Thanks. It's a Showdown Punisher with re-sculpted hair. I also used that head for my customs of Bullseye, Electro, and Monkeywrench from G.I.Joe.
  13. There's another option, which I used on my old Showdown Quicksilver, which is a sort of modified decoupage. I printed up the zig-zag pattern: Then I cut it (using a new, very sharp X-Acto blade on a cutting board) to the length I needed, and applied it using some diluted Elmer's glue. I then had a hard, slightly raised edge that I could paint right up against. I think it came out okay:
  14. Hi everybody. Thanks for the kind words about my Scarlet Spider. It took a long time to work up the nerve to try painting that chest insignia. Here's another one that I had planned for a long time, but only just recently got the parts for- Paste Pot Pete, aka The Trapster: Recipe: Head- MU SW Klaw Body & feet- MU Blade Lower arms and legs- IM2 Crimson Dynamo Harness- GIJoe 25th Cobra Trooper, with bullets from Roadblock glued on Propellant tanks- GIJoe 25th Zartan swamp skier engines I painted the body dark blue, then went over it with a purple pearlescent coat. The gold parts were originally painted yellow (which I hated doing), then again in gold, and finally with a thin black wash to give them that burnished look. Here are some more small tweaks: I ususally think that crime-fighting in high heels is wildly impractical, but if anyone should do it, it's Carol. I swapped the feet with a ROC Baroness. This pose sort of reminds me of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video... As with Nightcrawler, I hated the blue wash on Spider-Woman, so I repainted it all white. Looks much better, I think. More to come.
  15. Hi Gang. It's been a while since I posted anything, but I finally finished some stuff, so here are the pics. First, one I'd had in the works for a long time: Scarlet Spider This is one of the few times when having a mixture of Showdown and MU in my collection has not worked out well. But, until Hasbro makes a Spider-man that I like better, this is how it is. Recipe: Head- MU Black Costume Spider-Man Body- MU Klaw Right forearm- ML Showdown Black Costume Spidey Hood- G.I.Joe 25th Arctic Snake-Eyes Webshooters- Toy Biz MC2 Spider-Girl Belt- MU Punisher with cut styrene Ankle straps- MU Union Jack Ankle pouches- DC Infinite Heroes Hawkman belt This is just a quick tweak: I didn't like the blue wash on Secret Wars Nightcrawler, so I painted over it. I also re-painted his head and tail to be a darker blue. That's all for now, but I have more to come.
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