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  1. the MU list is pretty long for me. SPIDERMAN - All of the MU Spidey figures are pretty bad. BUT, SHS did a pretty good one BLACK PANTHER - there are 3 Black Panther figures, all use bad bucks. GREEN GOBLIN - the MU one stinks, luckily the SHS version rocks. CAPTAIN AMERICA - the closest thing is the "classic" one from the CA movie line. He is a little short compared to MU figures though. BLADE - he's just dumb MOONKNIGHT - bad buck body VISION - just needs the new body WARPATH - he is WAY too short SKAAR - one of the worst figures of the line X-23 - giraffe legs MAGNETO - come one man! he deserves so much more ICEMAN - closest thing in this scale is from the XMOW line, but it's not great. The MU ones are way too tall CLASSIC THOR - really dumb faces, lack of size, just not very badass CLASSIC BEAST - Cat-Beast is a good figure, if you like Cat-Beast. I hate him. The SHS figure has an ugly face. The new MI one has no bicep, wrist, or torso articulation. WTF? ABOMINATION - just looks so silly. terrible proportions. A-BOMB - same as Abomination NIGHTCRAWLER - unless you like Nightcrawler being one of the tallest X-men MR.FANTASTIC - they chose the worst body possible for him VENOM - no, the Spidey line figure is not a good substitution. The SHS one is cool, but it's so detailed it doesn't fit in with MU GAMBIT - the dude needs some articulation. INVISIBLE WOMAN - do you have a Sue that fits in with the rest of the FF? nuff said. ROGUE - she is sooo fugly NICK FURY - he looks like a little guy having a stroke JEAN GREY - no neck and a monkey face
  2. did the Transformers Kreo pack come back? that's the only thing I wanted that I missed. I am still passing on the MU set
  3. Clam

    Lady Deathstrike

    NONE. i think she sucks. there are at least 785 characters that deserve a figure more than her
  4. Clam

    DC Multiverse Batman

    to me, the DCUC figures mostly suck. The sculpts are okay, not great, and the articulation is lacking. so far, I have been looking at this line as only parts for possible customizing. and it really bums me that they are only doing movie and video game figures.
  5. Clam

    Annual F5 Day 2014 Edition

    the set was definitely overpriced. probably by 20-25 bucks. the figures weren't even worth 10 bucks each. You have Starfox and Nebula worth 10 bucks.. Thanos a simple repaint and Death an un-articulated hunk of plastic. So I give that set a price of 35 bucks... then 20 bucks for the Gauntlet. but even at 50 bucks it would have been an easy pass for me... just not something I wanted. The ONLY thing that caused this set to sell out was the "SDCC EXCLUSIVE" aspect. If this was released at retail, it would have sat for 2 years at TRU then eventually went on clearance If they packed Starfox and Nebula in a comic pack, I would have been happy to pay 25ish for it.
  6. Clam

    SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Topic

    there is no way Vonner got into trouble for showing too much. they canned him to save money and that's that. It was at the same time they cut a ton of other employees. they had plenty of Vonner's work to last them for a couple years. The line was doing great. So they just decided to cut him. Stall had been at Hasbro for years. He was their home-grown guy, Vonner was from Toybiz. easy decision for Hasbro... but unfortunately for collectors, a horrible one
  7. Clam

    Annual F5 Day 2014 Edition

    only thing I want is the Legends set. Guardian, StarLord, and Blackbolt are all must haves.. it's a shame they are released in this set instead of at retail. I really don't care at all for the MU set.. 75 bucks for what? it's pretty dumb and I already got the GiJoe set from TRU
  8. Toybiz Legends were still going strong when Hasbro bought the license. Hasbro changed the style of Legengs and the line slowly died over the course of 3 years of so. MU came along and maybe it did keep Hasbro in the Marvel game. Vonner was in charge of MU, Stall was in charge of ML. MU WAS indeed stronger for a while. Vonner and Stall even said so at one of the panels.. MU brought in more money than ML. Then they fired Vonner, most likely in a cost-cutting move. And Stall became in charge of both lines. Legends have been strong since the return. MU has not fared as well.. especially since it appears that they have finally hit the bottom of the well of Vonner's work. And now they are claiming that they have to start over ? WTF
  9. Clam

    SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Topic

    best case scenario for that Bishop figure is that we can do an arm swap with Luke Cage or a Roadblock figure or something... but that would require cracking the torso... so I hope these new torsos are easy to pop open. another thought.. these new style MI figures might not even be the same size as the MU figures.... just like the movie figures are always a little smaller
  10. I would say Vision, but I don't want a "new" figure of him. I just want them to put his head and cape on the Cyclops buck. and Ulik
  11. Clam

    SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Topic

    those Marvel Mashers are twice as big and only cost 10 bucks.. why does MU have to cut articulation to stay at 10 bucks? really though, I would have rather had them just raise up the price than create an inferior product.
  12. Clam

    SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Topic

    damn. this is pretty disappointing indeed. After, it looked like Hasbro was going to continue to keep the quality going with guys like Deathlok and Ares... now this? The Marvel Legends stuff looks great of course. The new Infinite stuff looks pretty crappy. So it seems that this new wave finally features the first figures that Vonner didn't work on, and it seems that all of our fears are coming true. What would happen to the MU after Vonner left? Well they have clearly been riding on the work that he did up until this point. And now that they have to make new figures without him, they suck. You can clearly see the influences of the Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, and movie lines in this wave... meaning dumbed-down sculpts and loss of articulation and paint deco. This is no good. Hasbro says they cut articulation in order to save costs.. well why design three brand new bodies when there already existed BETTER bodies that could have been used instead? I thought that tooling new sculpts and molds was the most expensive part of producing these figures.... so why not just keep on using bodies that are perfectly suitable? Out of these new figures, Beast is the only one that needed an all new figure (and really, since they own all of the Toybiz stuff, they might have been better off retooling the SHS figure with a new head and joints).. Bigtime Spiderman, Bishop, and Black Cat would have all been better served by using existing bodies, just like they did for Sandman. I just can't understand all of these changes that they have invested in that actually make the figures worse. The sculpts are clearly not as good as the last few years of MU figures. They have lost a ton of detail and almost seem cartoony. There also seems to be a loss in paint details... but still, they might have been passable if not for the huge loss in articulation. No bicep swivel. No WRIST swivels (and I was getting used to wrist swivels and hinge joints)! No torso joint. No waist swivel. No thigh swivel. no calf swivel. I am guessing no ankle rocker joints? no neck hinge. so to me.. this has officially become the entirely different toyline we were all worried about when we first heard "Marvel Universe" would be canceled and become "Marvel Infinite" ... - Big Time Spiderman - one of the most worthless figures in this scale. Does anyone even want a "Bigtime" Spidey still? This costume is way out of date and plenty ugly. Even if they needed to make one for some reason, I cannot fathom why they created a new sculpt for him. He would have been much better off using any of the bodies they had already used for Spidey. This figure is garbage with no redeeming qualities . Beast - At first glance, I don't mind the sculpt so much. It's okay. Although the head is a bit off. But he is really hurt by the lack of articulation. A figure like Beast absolutely NEEDS all of the available articulation. I will be trying to figure out ways to fix him like crazy. Bishop - I am so sad to see his pathetic sculpt. He looks so bland and scrawny. Does this guy have any muscles? I really wish they would have just sculpted him a new head, scarf, and gear and slapped it all on the Warpath body. He would have been 10 times better. I will be buying him just to try to figure out how to transplant his parts onto a different figure. Black Cat - like others have said, look at the ML version, and then look at how crappy this one is. They should have just sculpted some fur parts and the put them onto the Black Widow body. This figure sucks. Sandman - the only one that is any good. They did what makes the most sense and used a body that already worked. I just hope he comes with regular arms too. and for all you folks wondering if these are just mock-ups or prototypes.. sure, they are prototypes, but definitely of the final design. There is no way that Hasbro will be adding anything to these figures. In fact, they may get even worse upon final release. from this point forward, it looks like the Infinite line will just be a line for possible custom fodder to transplant onto MU bodies.. (same way I see the DC Multiverse line.. cuz BTW, that line SUCKS... but you might get some parts out of it to use for customs)
  13. the toys look lame. the movie looks cool. But I it's not like comic at all. I guess Sunfire and Silver Samurai are locked up by Fox?
  14. Clam

    Who is the Right Height?

    there is definitely a scale to the MU line. And there definitely needs to be a scale. The figures should be the same relative size that the characters are in the comics. I am a stickler for scale and it really bugs me when a figure is too far out of scale... Unfortunately, Hasbro has gotten away from caring about the scale with alot of the figures recently.. especially the constant giant giraffe-legged female figures. The scale is 1/18. That means every inch of a figure represents 18 inches of the "real" size of the character. so if you want to see how tall a figure SHOULD be, then just divide the characters "real" height (in inches) by 18. EXAMPLE : Spiderman is 5'10" = 70 inches. 70 inches / 18 = 3.89 Spiderman's figure should be 3.89 inches. So if you look at the MU wave 1 Spiderman, he is just a tad bit too tall.. still passable. And every other Spiderman (those using the Black Spiderman buck) are WAY out of scale. I started building a database of each character to see if their figures were in scale, but I never finished it.
  15. Clam

    SDCC 2014 Exclusive

    very true. I am also happy that I won't care to miss this set. puts alot of pressure on me to get the ML set though

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