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  1. Damn These figures are awsome I cant wait to see the rest of the waves later this year.
  2. Lucky SOB, hmm Didnt relize Zola was going to be so small. He looks like a shrimp next to piledriver.
  3. I am In the surrounding area of Corpitos, about 10 wal-marts in the area. But only 1 traget, and 1 toys r us in the actual town.
  4. south Texas is the last to get shyt, it pisses me off. Well not even south, south gets crap first too. The valley like laredo, mcallen, and brownsville get crap way before Corpus Christie. Its like we get bypassed for every thing.
  5. It will Never sale, I have a captian america series 1 with a upside down american flag and I couldent even sale it for $35. Lol
  6. I noticed all the printed manufactured dates stamped on all the figures are 2012 except IronMan? I am pretty sure he was made for the undersized Iron Man Series's Last Year. He is stamped 2011. They will probably hold off on the Neo Classic, and the First Extremes color in the comics for a later Lagends line or during the Avengers Movie: As a comic version.
  7. true that. It seems like target has a little better standerds in their hiring process, and most know how to help you right of the bat. Walmart will hire anybody especially toys. I call: hold on let me walk over their and try to find them..... takes about 20 mins for them to get back some old lady who knows nothing or could care less about toys.
  8. I want Wave 2! this is bullshyt! Hasbro Needs to ReUp and have enough so we can buy them shyts! Marvel Legends Needs to Live!
  9. I dont Know MAN My Target is bullshyting me... They have them in stock on the link Wolverine hooked us up with So I call them last night at 7:00 Pm. and the operater tells me they have a case on the floor and a case in the back. Ok Cool. I ask if nothing is on the floor will somebody go pull them from the back for me, and he said sure they will. Ok so I take the 45 min Journy and sure enough nothing on the shelves not even the price pegs. So I ask the He-She working their (No offense to any He-Shes on this Forum) to pull them from the back he-she takes off and 5 mins later says they are outside in a storage unit and they have a policy not to go out back after dark (somebody got beat up back there). So I go to customer service and the guy there tells me the same, so he calles a manager and every thing seems to be going good and the lady walks up with a basket and a face that could kill any way I could care less that she is pissed. I look in the basket and say where is the rest of the case?? she says those are the only 4 and thats how we get them. OK what ever Rookie. so I got stealth Iron man, Constricter, and Steve Rogers. The 4th was another Stealth Iron Man. I was happy but pissed at the same time. So I call Back today and they tell me they have 5 on the shelves, I say wait, wait can you go check. Ok they are not their, she tells me someone else bought them this morning, WTH basterds! But why is their still 5? my guess she left the open box last night some where in limbo in the back, sucks.
  10. I really do not like to make a finale assesment until I have the actual finished figure in my hands. I like the Head Sculpt, Weapons, and black on red Coat. On the Flip Side I dont like the Huge Coller on this coat for Blade, and the Chest piece should have been Different than another Figure. I do agree that is a Stupid choice. I guess I would have to say I am on the Fence with this one. Will I buy this figure due to a chest piece? Hell Yes, I want the build a figure.
  11. Yeah I would think they would go with 1 every 2 months to keep the line Hot the First Year and so on. Hopefully we see at least 5 waves in one year and an exclusive thrown in here or their. I want to know who the build a figure is for wave 3?
  12. Yeah well worth the price Brother. I also got the Avengers Hulk on preorder for March.
  13. The link for the close ups of your wave 2 pics to not work. FYI or any of them for that matter.
  14. I really like it. I'm a big fan of Colossus, so it doesn't take much to impress me as far as he's concerned. As mentioned by another poster, he is really tall ... perhaps too tall to fit in with the Legends line. This figure is awsome, a perfect figure in my book!
  15. Now I have never Given a Marvel Action Figure a Perfect 10!, But in my view I think they just made a perfect figure in my Eyes. First off to give you an idea of my Rate scale: I considerd Captain America Face Off to be a 9.5 the highest I have ever rated a Marvel Figure. This is due to being a perfect mold and sculpt the only thing that nocked it down a 1/2 point was the long goofy feet. Brown Wolverine would be a 9 due to being to scrawny in my eyes they got the art., sculpt, and paint but he was to skinny he needed body mass index. Any way I rate this figure a Perfect 10!! the articulation is the same as a standerd Big Guy in Marvel Legends. The most impressive part about the whole figure is the awsome Hidden Ankle Pivot, I think this is the new standerd even with the marvel legends just take a look at Bucky cap. The Paint apps are perfect they really pop compaired to the marvel Legends Colossus, and nice spray washes. I know, I know Get to the scale already! I think it is fine, and I know alot of people are filling in their Bigs with Marvel Selects as do I, I always liked how the Xmen had a Muscle when they needed it Like when COLOSSUS Fought Hulk in World War Hulk and Juggernaut, looks more Belivable to me, so I dont mind that he is an inch taller than the standerd marvel Legend. Thats how you make a Awsome figure, perfect!
  16. Damn that head sculpt is Nice!, and I have to say hands down those Ankle Rockers beat Toy Biz ankles!
  17. hmmm went to wal-mart yesterday and it rang up at $54.00 that sucks. Must be an arear Clearence only.
  18. I think they are going with having 3 big A listers (seen in movies). wave 1 had Cap, Iron Man, and Thor. Wave 2 has Cap, Wolverine, and spider-man. wave 3 ???? U.S. Agent,.......,.......
  19. holy crap! I didn't know how stupid Thor looks next to other figures. Way too big.... now that I have seen this, I can't even buy the guy. He is in 7 inch scale... lame He looks to be the same size as the Face off Hulk, Body mass
  20. Cap looks fine because he ia a toybiz mold. What I cant get over is his huge azz O.J. Simpson Head!?, and for that matter Klaw, and Constricter, and Loki??? Good sculpts but damn! bobble Heads? I saw a review explaining its an illusion of the eye to compinsate for all the extra stuff pilled on the origanal molds. I know this is to save money in the long run, to just add extras to all the same reusable molds. This is cost effective but the over all quality suffers. If some things were were molded on they would look better like toy biz, or think of something your a damn toy company. Thor is way over scaled I think they were going off the bases of the marvel select one,(stupid we delt with the size because thats all we had, why make the same size??) Iron Man is an amazing figure.....except he is the size of spider-man -----Hasbro Fail!
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