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  1. Right now would be a perfect time to rerelease this series and have it be successesful with all the movies coming out and mu burning, DCUC at 15.99!!!!! 16 dollers + Tax for a ok figure. Wow Hasbro is shooting themselves in the foot banking on 4in figures. Now with the quality of these new 2 -packs coming out, they could make all the figs better thus selling better. Its so fustrating seeing these lists and all the potental there.
  2. I go for what looks good, displays better, and feels like I got my moneys worth. As for 3.75 they are good for toys, my son can carry a lot with him at once in his pockets. Make Mine Marvel Legends
  3. Saw 3 sets of these at walmart last night, bought all 6. War Machine is nice kind of small for an armord suit. So if you see them buy them up that way they use that ray from Honey I shrunk the kids and blow the rest up to 6". I noticed the war machine on the back of the package card has a blue reactor, and out of the 3 I got none of them blue just red.
  4. Yes, I know for a FACT they are ;) Yeah after the movie comes out Hasbro will rush a 10" War machine that ill look like the $20 Iron man 10" Figure thats out right now.
  5. WOW why im I not surprised these are not true 6" figures. Not even as tall as the already skinny Iron Man 1 Figures. This is disgusting, they are about the size of the spider-man line.
  6. True that. why do marvel figs get shytie paint treatment and the gi Joe and star wars look fine? I look for the best paint aps too but some times you get stuck with caca.
  7. I think the new ball hip joints on marvel selects looks promising, and pluse they are doing a lot of better characters: Iron Man, War machine, Thing, Abomination, Magneto, Dead pool. Look awsome. so Thats somithing to fill in for marvel legends. I also understand the high price tag though.
  8. Statues also cost 10x as much when released. And before you say MU don't look that good, take a look at the new MU Extremis Iron Man, Luke Cage, and Thor. These are brilliant figures. yeah thats true about the statues, but in the long run they will be worth more. I dont like the Faces on MU Im not impressed, and they dont disply as Nice as Mid or larger figures. Im not hating, I buy some because they are toys and my 6 year old son plays with toys.
  9. First off MU will not be worth much as far as serious collectors go. They are not as good looking as Marvel Legends, and five to ten years down the line they will still look good as far as action figures go. Selects are also getting a little better looking, but not as much articulation. any way ML still look awsome in my display. as far as worth, my statue collection is worth ten time as much.
  10. damn how much frustration can we take out on each other? any way yeah hasbro is laughing because they run a toy business and buisness is business. So no matter how frustrated we get they will just make a figure in 3.75" that we clearly asked to be made in 6". Also dont mix politics with toy collecting it makes my head hurt.
  11. They could just resize the Hulkbuster armor they did for the Ironman 2 movie line, they did an awesome work on that sculpt. Whats up with that stupid cannon they keep slapping on the top of iron mans fore arm. Why cant they just have something flip open? I prefer it this way, it's removable and doesn't hurt the figure at all. I know their is a 50/50 chance we will get Crimson Dynamo and titanium man (comic versions) in 6" they have them, and the only thing holiding them back is weather they will sell to the massis. I also need a Blue Iron Monger any one have one? I could get? oh and that stupid cannon which iron man never had is removable and my son looses it with in an hour.
  12. Whats up with that stupid cannon they keep slapping on the top of iron mans fore arm. Why cant they just have something flip open?
  13. A Prime example of your point was the exclusive 2-pack's of cannonball, domino and cable,classic marvel girl. those things never moved! I picked up about 4 of each for 5 bucks a pop after sitting their for 6 months.
  14. Yes they were short when they came out, in a couple of walmarts they got about 4 sets and only one cross bones for the 4 sets. I found 3 in all. one loose, one carded, and I made a custom Bushman for a cool moon night villian.
  15. What gets me Is hasbro had it right in the first place with Spider man Orgins. Remember those every one those were awsome! I remember getting Demogoblin, Rhino, Iron Spider man, 2099 spider man. May be they were left over from toy biz and Hasbro bought them out. Those were good scale, good rubber, good paint jobs. that was the first wave of Hasbros spider man orgins. whats up with that?
  16. I agree you can give him different poses but only the upper part of the body. No matter what pose you give the upper body , the legs will always be at the same place: On the glider !! As far as scale goes, i don't have the hasbro juggy, the TB one is good enough for me. I personally don't get caught up on small details like scale, but that's me. To me as long as we have the fig(would you rather have a smaller tarantula or not have one at all ?) and that it looks good, that's all that matters !! Nope, I´m not talking about the upper body, I´m talking about poses Willem DaFoe striked on the movie: crouching, leaning forward, sideways, grabbing the front of the glider, etc. That couldn´t be done with Hasbro´s Goblin. Close second? Maybe in looks, cause Ramos´ and Ross´ Goblin come first. Its not really the height of the hasbro figures that bothers me so much. Its the skinny asz anarexic figures they spit out and charge the shyt out of them. if i wanted a small figure i would buy Gi Joes.
  17. Nobody said it was better than the ML one , but its a close second. The paint is fine, actually better than alot of hasbro stuff to date. Yeah he is a bit short but big deal, I'll never understand you scale freaks. You don't really need more articulation than that for a fig that goes on a glider, I mean there's only really one pose he's gonna be in; on his glider. Saying it beats out the SMC goblin isn't saying much. That's like saying a Pinto is better than a Gremlin. And it's not a "close" second. It's a very, very, very distant second. Naw I think he meant it was a close second to a Happy Meal Toy.
  18. Nice, that figure is awsome. I think I will pick one up, the only thing is the zombie captain america hips that that DD has. Thanks.
  19. Safty first bro, you gotta stretch and cut away from your self. wear body armor and chain mail mesh gloves.....
  20. Devilsdue it would be real cool if you could post some pics of the scale next to some Marvel legends, say bullseye or kingpin. been waiting for a good DD I have sold every single DD that has come out. I know he is going to be to large? but the pics would help me decide. Thanks.
  21. well..... my son's 6th birthday in on jan. 12, right around the corner. I planed on spending a $100 on his gift. So I take a walk around my local walmart. I see the Starwars super huge clone wars trooper transport for $50!(it was $100 at christmas), and its the Last one! Score. So I continue because I have $50 more to go, and low and behold I find the movie Gi Joe Super huge transport set for $50(also $100 at christmas). I snag this up, and know my son is going to go nuts. So thats my $100, and not bad to boot.
  22. Picked up my Kilowog series last night, plus the carded black and grey batman, got the green variant steppienWolf (Looks Awsome).
  23. Agreed, he just screams Thor to me, the ML3 one may be larger but he just doesn't seem like Thor, main reason i never looked for him on the after market heh. Every time i look at ML Thor series 3 i want to yell, GET TO THE CHOPPER! Arnold dressed like thor.
  24. What Crazy Marvel Universe are you living in, Some Alternate UNIVERSE were MU sells out... Yeah the first couple of shipments of new waves usally sell, but after that the reshipments of older waves just sit there mybe because people relize they just wasted about 8-9 Dollers on a piece of crap. I rather buy a $5 G I Joe that does not suck, I like GI Joes because they go on clerance so quick especially the boxed sets.
  25. All of Hasbro,s recent Q&A Answers: We can't say right now, thats a surprise, we will let you know in the near future. Come On Man im a grown A$$ man. Just tell me whats coming out so i can Buy the Damn thing. Whats so secrative, Really come on lets be honest they are toys!... (that I Really want to know about...)
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