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  1. So good story. I got a scalper that comes to my store(Target) and he takes the monster high and hot wheels and MU figures. He kept asking me for the legends and I told him were dry and a small store so chances are we won't get them. So the 1 wave we got 3 cases and I baught them and 4 of the 2nd wave baught them. I am a overnight manager and see them fresh off the trailer. So this why I did this, this past Xmas we got some monster high dolls and he came running in and had all of them in his hands and a little girl and her dad were in there and she was begging for them and this guy had no remorse to even hand one over. I knew what he was doing and I was so mad. So when I know there's something he wants I act them same way he does. I have two little girls and would hate to see my daughters heart broken because some chump came in and did this. Yes I am still sitting on all seven cases and no I dont scalp I keep all my stuff unless I need to trade for something I don't have.


    Wow 7 Cases? off a Target Salary? Somebody lives with Mommy and Daddy.... Naw just messing with you....... but really.

  2. No its true BRO it wouldnt be a fare Trade, This hulk figure is super Hot right now and the one You are offering for an even trade is 2-3 months old and very attainable for a collector who hits up stores every day. plus you joined this forum over 16 months ago and have only posted 12 times and mainly to ask for this figure. Come on GUY no one is taking you seriously. when you come here with your unfair offers and Lurking ways.

  3. Well urban Collector. com sucks for Pre-Orders. I orderd a marvel select Avengers Hulk about 2 1/2 months ago, I paid $24 and some change so I am super happy on that Pre Order price plus shipped, cant beat that straight to my door step. Well after a week that the Figure was released no sighn of my figure. I go on line and find an email from urban collector stating the package was damaged or the figure??? I have never had a problem with Marvel selects Packaging and Diamond Select would address any problems. Any way the e-mail said they will get more and it will ship when they get them. Well I complain to Urban Collector and they refund my money, so I go on their site and see Hulk avalible to order also he is now 34.00 and some change shipped. hmmm sound like some ebayers I know Who dont get how much they wanted or a figure becomes super popular and they say they dont have it or it is damaged after all. Then they turn around and sell it for more. They Suck AZZ.

  4. Riddick- Going to have to agree with Clam.

    Clam- I disagree wholeheartedly about your opinion that it has a better sculpt


    MikeC123- It has a better sculpt, better paint, Larger size and I am pretty sure weighs like a brick.


    Riddick- I wish it was bigger however but if it was as big as the Select Version it would be just perfect.

    That being said I do prefer the sculpt of the Select when it comes to the face but the body of the Toybiz is just great.



  5. I think you are wholehartedly underestemating this sculpt. Just look at the shoulder, chest, and upper front thighs. The out line of the armor plaiting is amazing, and the lines on the TB rhino are cool to show the thick hide but this new Selects one hit the mark on looking like an actual Rhino's hide. I like the way it looks so real I can imagian this figure standing in a 4-point stance on all fours looking like a rhino! I never said the Toybiz Rhino was a bad figure just inferior to the selects. Also I dont know who had the bright idea of taking bad pics of him with his upper body twisted in that position. The Toybiz has that old school jack Kerby feel to it. This new one just has Badazz written all over it. I am pretty sure we will see a flood of TB Rhinos on Ebay the same way we saw Juggs, and colosses.

  6. Every thing riddick said is true the facts are right on, but to be honest just because a movie does good in box office dosent mean its good. Part 1's can be good and set up every one to go see part 2 but then it sucks. happens all the time with marvel. Dude your also bringing up marvel animation from 15 years ago I am talking about now, and when a cartoon is not cable syndicated it is not by any means close to having more higher ratings than A cable show. Why do you think Marvel Super Hero Squad was on cable, and all other marvel is on disneys owned company, the majority do not have satilite vs all the people who have cable. I am sorry brotha but I do not rate Captian America up there with the good that we are talking about. I stick with The Bad Casting for cap, Goofy Human Torch Dude. If you have ever been around The hard core Military type with the Carisma that can commande and lead a room, then you would know what I am Talking about. He always had that ahh I am erratated with this future stuff, he did not take the end leading heroric scene. Again Robert Downey was the leading Man.

  7. Yeah Like I said hit and Miss. The Wolverine Vs. Hulk is awsome manily due to it being the start of wolverine in the comics and the Star Power I mean come on Wolverine, Hulk, Deadpool, Sabertooth. the others so so not better than the DC stuff. Oh yeah Watchmen had to much Nut shots, I think the Director whats his name Zake Snyder is Gay, 300?, Immotals?, to Much. Yeah the pacing is hard to take but it was like a comic and thats the hard part addapting comic to film. I think he did Ok. Avengers Was good very entertaining, Hulk was the best and Iron man after him. They finally nailed Hulk down in a good way. People and Kids want to see Hulk not Bruce. Captian Sucked just Like I thought he would, and I said it here before He dosent have that commanding role in him, I am sorry that one scene where he barks out orders was weak Shyt. Tony had way more lines and camera time. Set up for part 2 was Awsome!

  8. What, how easily people forget, I think Watchmen and V for Vendetta are better movies hands down. At least they are deep and meaningful. Marvel is a lot of hit and miss some good some cheese. They make some good action some times. I love Marvel over DC anytime but DC Stomps out Marvel animation any day. Watched Cartoon Network Lately?? Why is it so hard for Marvel to make good cartoons, or some movies?? They try to appeal to the masses and well it works but for those who actualy give a crap or know when they are being feed crap dont fully buy into it. my faves of marvel are Spider-man 2, Iron Man 1, Spider man 1, and Spider man 1 N 2 where good mainly because Sam Reme was the Director.

  9. My advice to you is save your self some money and get the new Avengers Movie one first and then build from their. get it while its new and atainable at retail price. the only small gripes I have is the movie looking face and the ab swivle(for hulk it dosent do much in the way it looks and the green ist a little pea green, but notheless it looks like a great figure. Trust me this one will be pricey in the aftermarket. SO GET IT.

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