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  1. All I know is I need some more Hydra & AIM troops in my life.....I wish they would'a adjusted the ratio & there's still time but its not like Hasbro releases the production numbers to let us know when the well will run dry....I passed on a AIM trooper last week now I wished I hadn't but I needed to save some $ for the figs I was missing....I only saw one 3.75" AIM fig at retail...never saw another one after that..


    Not to call yall out or anything, but besides being off-topic, it's Spider-Girl, not Spider-Woman. I know it's a little thing and we all know what you're talking about, but to me it's like calling Superboy "Superman". Just saying...You know we're all Marvel fans, I just want you to be sure you know who you're buying.

    Thanks, I didn't know the difference. I collect the toys but don't read the comics.


    I'm there w/ya Decon...I haven't read a comic since 94', I do reread my older comics that I've manged to hang on to....I have no idea what's going on in the Marvel-verse these days......my paycheck let me know it was either Comix or Toyz....I chose figs all the way....I took alonnnng hiatus from all things pop-culture when I moved up North & I bought a GI Joe fig or vehicle from time to time but usually gave those to my buddy's kids....I moved back home in 06' & my lil sister hooked me up w/a War Machine TB Marvel Legends fig cause I was in the hospital & I've been back in the game ever since.....mainly I collected 25th Joes & 6" Marvel figs at first...but picked up a few MU figs here & there mainly it was Skar & World War Hulk that pushed me over the edge to pick up more MU's....I wished I woulda had the money to pick up that Giant Skrull 2 pack I scoped at walmart oh those many years ago....I've never saw one after that...but I'm hooked & can't wait for the new waves to hit....my wallet is screaming bloody hell.....

  3. The waves are finally hitting here in the southwest....yesterday I was actually able to pick up Toxin, Black Widow & Arachne......this was even after work was over, after we stopped for dinner.....right place right time.....I feel like Target was just waiting for the TRU sale to be over so they could release their stock w/out having to price match....I mean on Sunday I couldn't find shiii but Monday the cups were over-running...all in all I stopped at 2 Targets the first one I scored Toxin, but there were plenty of WS's & Steve's to go round.....at least Walmart & Kmart are carrying these figs now so I don't think too many people should have a problem building their Mandroid.....it's not like Star Wars Black....seems like only TRU & Targets are holding but only Leia & Greedos for days.....good luck hunters....I did go to far out Target on Saturday night & the Cap figs (of course nothing on the pegs) were still $15 out there...that was odd....

  4. I didn't find anything either GC but these figs just came out a month ago.....it's gonna take some time to round up these figs but patience will pay off....unless we need instant gratification Evilbay or Amazon is there to charge us their markup....I'll wait & call around first, it sux to try to find these over the phone but it does save on gas & time.....I talk to customer service & get the scoop, it they can hold it cool if not then fate will have its way...I'll find em sooner or later...the movie isn't out yet so there's time....

  5. Went out hunting over the weekend, stopped at 4 Targets & 1 TRU & 1 Walmart (slow hunt I know, wallyworld was a joke by the way no toys makes Jack a sad & dull nerd) all I spotted was 4 Spideys & 4 Caps at most of the targets....buttt at the last Target we stopped at I found almost a full wave of Caps sans Red Skull....they left me an AIM & Hydra soldier so I was cool....left the Zemo & the Caps.....I didn't spot any inkling of the newer waves even though they've been seen out & aboot.....

  6. Last week at a Target an employee said that the 28th would be their re-stock day for the ML's I was looking for....I had to wait a whole week granted but it paid off....I called 3 TG's before work was over at 4pm 2 of them had full cases so I decided to start at those stores on my side of town...they are busy stores so I didn't have high hopes....I was wrong the 1st store Carnage & BC were gone but I was able to snag up an Aim & Hydra Soldier, both sets were full on the pegs but all were $20 ouch I know it's not as bad as other avenues but after we were used to $15 it hurts....the 2nd Target didn't have any Caps out yet (I suspect they had them but weren't stocking them as they still had 3 Caps still clogging their pegs, they've been like that for 2 weeks now) but they had a fresh set of Spidey out & was able to snag up a Carnage for my GF's son for his B-day....we left BC & the rest but took Carnage & the Cannolis......I'm rarely the 1st guy at the scene so it was a good feeling especially being at work alll day long & knowing they've restocked.....good luck hunters

  7. Today I was out clearance clarence shopping & spotted some old Iron Man 2 3.75" figs on the endcaps at Target.....now since there's more Ironmen suits than fast & furious sequels I don't have time to name the armor properly other than the package has #26 mark-V & #30 mk-VIII?? on them....they're both Comic versions & not some concept suits...they were down to $2.98 a piece, they even had the 3.75" Spidey 2 figs down to $4.98 but I passed on those, those horrible 5 POA Iron Man 3 & Wolverine Movie figs were $2.98 as well but those figs are a pass for me, also they still had Captain America figs there too? U.S. Agent & Ultimate Cap which I picked up for my GF's son as he doesn't have any Caps in his collection so he was super stoked about those figs....I even snagged him up a Adventure Time Finn in Jake Armor for $2.98 as well, he was over the moon on that fig too. they had quite a few ML 6" Klaws, Hope Summers & Ultrons for $7.48 still left as well...whew lotsa markdowns for the last minute hunters....good luck

  8. Did anyone notice if kmart.com ever had these? They were the first to list pictures online but never had them in stock.


    I was wondering that too? Kmart to my knowledge was one of the first teasing us by having them up on their site....I've been checking day & night for too long now & nothing seems to indicate they've started selling or are gonna have anything in stock locally for awhile....maybe they're waiting for the actual movie to hit the theaters before they put em up?...its kinda confusing either way...& that sux Dodge76 I wanted to score them off HTS but they sold out just as I was starting the check out process....I hope they give you the figs they screwed up on instead of the cookie-cutter shafting they usual dole out when it comes to their mistakes.....granted I've deal w/HTS alot in the past year & I only had one issue w/them myself...

  9. I've never thought I'd get any from this except Black Cat. But after seeing the video and these pics I think I'll get them all including the movie version. That Black Cat's head sculpt is wow and the body really works for her. Probably the best female ML so far.

    I only really wanted Superior Spidey & Black Cat but I enjoyed this whole wave so I went all in....now just waiting for the next fig swaps to show up at retail.....here's another shot of my favorite for the time being, she really is great small work of art, kudos to Hasslebro......


  10. well round these parts the MU train has sloooowed to a crawl....still the same Colossus' & Black n' Blue Iron Min on the shelves....I spotted a Puck today but since there's prolly no hope in getting the rest of the Alpha Wave team I put him back....did see a Gladiator...the Pegscorcher that put Walmart out of the MU game....a few DarkHawkeyes & Baron Zemo's...nothing to write to home about...I'll keep the hunt up

  11. Couldn't find any Aim or Hydra Troopers in the past week so I went to my comic store to find some goodness....found this Toybiz Abomination for $11 & today I found Marvel Titan series Iron Pat for $2.69! on clearance clarence atta Grocery Store....I'm not a huge fan of the Titan Figs but for that price I'll deal, they had plenty of Titan Hulks hope they bring him down 2 that price too....I wish....they had Capn' Murica down to $6.50 but I just couldn't bite on that....


    dig the speedos on this guy....looks like he's off to the gym or maybe a photoshoot for GQ??

  12. It figures, I've been checking HTS day & night since before they sold out of the Joe Night Vipers missed those & since then, it was a no-brainer that these figs would find their way onto HTS. HTS has a habit of listing stuff in the early morning hours, seems mostly east coast time....but I just checked this site this morning & just before I left work....man I have an Aim & Hydra Trooper already but I do want to have one more of each...they are the hard guys to find obviously, at Target they're swimming in Caps galore....but for $15 I'll go back to Target rather than pay $20 that's steep especially if you don't have free shipping till you hit a certain price....thanks for the heads up though....I took some stuff back to Target tonight & they had the entire wave but sans Aim & Hydra Troopers.....

  13. great find T84....I scored too on the way home from a lonnnng week of work....I just felt lucky going home last night & at the 2nd Target(its a store near ASU so it's always hellabusy w/allll kinds of folks year around) near my house I scooped up BC she's definitely not hard to miss haha & said the H w/it I snagged up Electro too & finished up UGG, he's got Fight Club w/my Disney Hulk later tonight....still $15 bux at Target TRU way to drive away your customers I only shop there for Predator Figs anymore anyways, can't find Joes there....I kinda want to snag up one more of the Aim & Hydra soldier but time will tell if those will be hard to find as this hunt just officially hit the pegs....oh & I did see a SW Black Boba Fett too......man I shoulda bought an lottery ticket last night.....good luck hunters



    So far, I have been able to pick up the whole wave at Target, plus an extra AIM and Hydra trooper. I just ordered 2 more AIM and Hydra Troops from TRU's website for $14.99 each plus free shipping on orders over $49.00.


    How did you get them for $14.99? They're listed for $19.99...


    Target is selling them for $14.99 even though MSRP is $19.99.


    I've been stalking my local Target for the last 3 days now ever since they started to do their reset. The first day, they took down all the old toys and placed the prices on the pegs.

    Me: "Can you pull the box from the back? I would like to purchase all of them."

    Target: "No sorry we can't do that" (nicely)


    Second day, they put some toys up, but no action figures yet.

    Me: " Can you pull the figures from the back? I'm ready to purchase them now"

    Target: "No can't do that" (complete #$#@#)


    End of second day, I go back and see one lone WW2 Captain America on the peg. Meaning, someone went in the back and got the case for them and they put the remains on the peg. So of course, now I'm a little pissed.


    Noon on third day. I finally walk in not expecting much, but was able to pick up a complete set of Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures. Still a little pissed about missing the Captain America figures, but these should be everywhere and some patience and persistence should get me a complete set.


    Man I feel ya.....that's the song & dance I was getting but I asked around the stores till somebody took pity on me....I even went to customer service to inquire about figs......I know they hafta wait so there's actually something to put out but damn its like they don't want your $$...at least you got a complete set of Spidey's, I still need a BC but I'll find her there's still plenty of time for the hunt....good luck on the Cap Set.....

  15. Went to wallyworld last night & they had the older ML's in 3x Wrecker & 1X Scarlet Spider & the Summers girl w/the BigAs$gun, no sign of the Infinite Series but they had plenty of those Marvel Hero Mashers 6" figs for the tot-set they had 15 pegs committed to them & they were all 5 deep, dass alot of dimp....$10 on those.....so brokenfarted I went down the road to my local Terget & I scored....Goaaalllllll! I snagged up Carnage & Beetle & did a victory lap around aisle 11 thru 9 w/them in my hands....no Black Cat though....on the way out I do think I saw another collector eyeballing my finds....I felt bad but hey somebody beat me to Black Cat cause she was the only one missing....I checked the Cap figs & all were gone but Red Skelton & the Various Caps....but we all knew Cap was gonna keep things warm by staying frosty & on his plastic toes.....he can keep those Slave Leia's company....

  16. doh....missed out, I swear but I checked TRU last night before bedtime....oh well, I didn't have the cash to splurge on army builders anyway...I'm saving my current $ for the Spidey wave.....I actually got lucky this morning & a sahhweet lil old lady working @ Terget hooked me up w/some Spidermin.....Amazing & Superior are off my list now...she was soo cool too, it was refreshing especially after running into redshirts that don't give 2 flying figs about whether I gets some Spidey love....great sunday so far...can't wait for the toy resets....I need some Carnage in my life, just the fig not the drama....


    wow. a Night Viper at retail! I haven't been able to score those guys either

    Walgreens was the place to get G.I. Joe. I picked up a total of 5 Night Vipers from Walgreens. Patience helps, they only put about 3-4 figures out from each case but considering i have literally about 20 Walgreens within a half hour of my house, I always stop at any Walgreens I see. i did great and not to mention I even scored a few of the hard to get figures on managers special sales.



    I dunno I guess all the Q-tips are buying them up here.....I'm a hunting M-fer for Joe figs, but all the WG's I've been to in the last month alone have nothing but Wave 1 on the pegs & usually just 2 figs per peg & some of the WG's don't even sell them here....bummer man....I've even seen POC Barbecue on the peg at one store....& Rockblock's galore, bartender Wave 1 Rockblocks for me & my friends!!.....maybe I'll see one by summer....Crom knows you can't buy Joes at retail anymore....or online for that matter either....I was out looking for Spidey Infinite figs earlier & did snag up an MU Electro Variant?? his hands are clear yellow as apposed to the solid color black gloves I found 2 years ago at Wahmart (does anyone remember when Walmart sold MU figs??)....great find my friend I'll keep up my search it'll pay off hopefully but then I said that about ROC Kamakura & Renegades Storm Shadow.....to date I've never seen those figs at retail or resale other than on evilbay.....

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