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  1. Well finally here are the first few pics. Sorry for the delay. So if any of u want him just pm me and lets trade. Pic with Klaw, Hope, Extremis and ML Cap Klaw and his height and bulk issues with Extremis and Crimson Dynamo Klaw and his deformed hand
  2. All I can say is lets get this over and let Klaw rest in peace (or pieces). Articulation: 8.0/10 This features the standard points of articulation on the Quick Silver/Banshee body. Head rotates side to side and up and down. Ball joints at should with bicep swivel and double jointed elbows. Wrist swivel and up and down. Mid ab crunch and waist swivel. The old Toybiz type hip sockets and the upperthigh swivel as well as double jointed knees. Foot swivels and goes up and down. All in all very solid articulation wise, I wish the same could be said about the rest of it. Paint Apps: 5.5/10 Klaw looks god awful. The flesh tone on his face makes him look too cartoony. Also there is overspray and sloppily done lines around the squiggly part of his top thigh. I really would have liked it if they had painted his red or at least add some back wash. It looks gross like totally plasticy. There is no wash to the silver on his right hand as well. Just gross. Accessories: 5.0/10 You'd think that this guy has only 1 so called accessory - aside from the baf piece - that they could pack it correctly. My Klaws right hand is warped - it looks like a triangle, wtf. Serious lack of care imo. Anyway, IF you are planning on picking him up then be sure to check it. Scale: 4.5/10 I know Klaw is not supposed to be bulky or huge but for the love of God he looks like a teen. He's even more scrawny than Extremis Iron Man. WTH was hasbro thinking with this mould?? Not to mention he's smaller than Iron Man as well. Sculpt: 4.5/10 Wow this guy sucks b@ll$ big time. He looks sloppy. The only thing I can say is that the execution is quite clean and thats it. From what I remember in the comics (I could be wrong) but his blaster isnt this big. The blaster is as long as his foot to the top of his knee joint. I have no idea how this figure was ok-ed. Value: 5.5./10 The only reason why its given a passing grade is for the completists who want the Masters Of Evil or want to finish the Terrax. Otherwise I see NO REASON to buy this figure. Its so bad that I will update my trade list and post it there asap. Anyone wants this P.O.S. feel free to pm me. Overall: 32/60 Do yourself a favor and save the dough. Just buy the BAF piece through egay unless u're looking to complete the set. Its THAT BAD.
  3. Hey everyone here are some photos of the variants MOC, I'm debating whether to open them up or not. The case assortment (as I'm told) is 8 per case. The extra 1 is another Iron Man. Variants are 1 in 4 cases here in Hong Kong. They maybe different when they get to stateside. From what I'm seeing in recent activity here people are treating Thor as a variant too as his pricing is upwards of $250 HK which is north of $30US. The reasoning is cuz he's not needed to complete the BAF so people sell sets of 6 minus the Thor. Also as he's 1 per case and fresh from the movie exposure more people want him so there is a surplus of demand. Please check my full Thor review to come for the full details. Here are the 3: 1. Stealth Iron Man 2. Orange Flame Ghost Rider 3. Clear Shield Steve Rogers
  4. The more I look at Klaw the less and less I like him. Most likely I will put him up for trade after I am done this review. He looks that fugly imo. So if anyone would like this Klaw for trade w/o baf piece preferably please PM me. Anyway, heres a pic of Klaw in package along with the others as well as a ML Cap, MS Thor and Movie Cap for u to see the scale. I'll add the review in later.
  5. So now onto the review (more pics to come later): Articulation: 7.5/10 I think this is a reuse of the Psylocke moulding but I'm not sure as I'm having some troubles finding her atm. Head is on a ball joint, but the hair and cape hinder up and down movement to the point that it's almost non-existent. Shoulder and bicep is one piece meaning no bicep swivel, but because this is sacrificed the figure looks cleaner. Ball and socket elbow like the Marvel Select so there is NO double jointed elbows and no mid fore arm swivel. Wrists rotate 360 and have an up and down swivel. Note there is no forearm swivel. As with Iron Man, Hope has an ab joint which actually has quite a bit of range but no lower waist swivel. Comparing this to an old Toy Biz Invisible Woman I have, I prefer the new design it looks much better. I believe this is the old hip joint from Black Widow and Sharon Carter but correct me if I'm wrong. Double jointed knees and high thigh swivel. Feet go up and down fairly nicely and swivel 360. Now you may wonder why I gave this lower marks than Extremis, first off the lack of up and down movement on the head is not good for me. Also the new Marvel Select type joints at the elbow are very small and look very fragile. The peg thats holding it in would be no more than the width of her thumb. Because of the frailty of this piece I'm scared to swivel her arm at the elbow joint. Paint Apps: 9.0/10 This is the area where this figure really shines. The green is a rich tone with subtle shades to it. Nowhere can i see the mishaps that happened on my Extremis. The yellow lines are crisp and clean. The face looks absolutely stunning. No more female figures that look like they're 5 cent hos. The cape and forearm guards have an nice weathered look to the brown. All in all great job. Accessories: 7.0/10 Hope comes with her gun and cape, a pleasant surprise was that her forearm guards are removable. However, you'd have to remove her lower arm. But they are not sculpted on. Nice. I won't comment on the Terrax pieces here, instead I'll do a seperate review on him. Again her hands are stuck in a pose of holding her gun so when its not mounted the pose looks awkward. It would've been nice to have another set of hands. Scale: 8.5/10 I really like this figure and I think as a female figure the scale is pretty bang on. From height to proportions of limbs, boobs and so on. But you'll see when I post more pics. Much better scale then the Extremis imo. Sculpt: 9.5/10 This sculpt is truly a thing of beauty with some hidden joints as well like the upper forearm pegs. The shape of the body and the ab muscles are nice and everything is proportional. Truly a piece of art. Value: 8.5/10 This is a subjective rating I understand. But imo I really believe that there is good value to this figure and it will look good in anyones collection. Overall: 50/60 The sculpt and paint jobs bear notable mention here as both are as good if not better than any I have seen in any of the Toybiz ones. There are areas that can be improved upon, but if this is what we can look forward to then lucky for us all. Later Guys!
  6. Hi everyone, sorry haven't been able to get these up sooner but this will be my 2nd review in this line. Hope Summers. I've been trying to figure out the link feature so i can use photobucket so I can even post more pics. Anyway, heres a few in progress pics to hold you all over till I can finish the review. Once again sorry for the long time as I've just been trying to figure out how to get my pics here without exceeding bandwidth. Also theres a sneek peak at the next one I'll review - Thor and you'll see my Marvel Select Thor in background for comparison.
  7. Errr... well how can i put this? While the Iron Man mark VI was kind of small, when u put the extremis next to it - it kinda looks like Iron Man and Iron Boy.
  8. While I am happy with the new figures so far, it does seem to me that the scale is quite off. I'll show some scale comparison pics with my Marvel Select Thor as well in the mix.
  9. The scale of Thor is messed up too. I am in the process of doing a review on him and will post up pics of it shortly. Be patient a bit more and u can see the comparison pics of Extremis vs. Mark VI from the movie line. Too bad he is too scrawny, you'll notice in my review I made a complaint about the scale of the figures and it doesn't get better.
  10. P.S. I'll try to get some variant pics up later today so you can see the stealth version but its not looking anywhere near as nice as this imo.
  11. don't get me wrong, this is a great figure and I love it. But, there are some major size issues and you really have to look to find one with a good paint job. The sculpt is great and the hands are removable which lead me to think that Hasbro was planning on giving us changeable hands but were too cheap to in the end. Now we're stuck with the same hand poses.
  12. Ok well I've looked through most of them now, the ones that are the weaekst are Constrictor and Klaw. I think that Constrictor is the old bullseye mold but i'm too tired to pull it out to compare. AS for Klaw, hes God F-ugly. He looks a cheap P.O.S. at first glance. I'm so disappointed in him I may not even open him. As for Steve Rogers its a totally new mold and from what I can see they are trying to do the hidden articulation that is present in Extremis. Hope looks good too for the most part. Ghost Rider looks bad ass, to bad theres no cycle this time. God Klaw should never have been made - he looks that bad. As for Thor I'm sure u have all seen the other review and this is just a repaint. But he is BIG - hes' on par with my Select Thor. Just a quick few first thoughts.
  13. Check out my review i just put it up. I'll try to get more pics later.
  14. Well I've finally opened him up and I'll try to review with a more in-depth scale/chart so if u're like me an avid collector you can decide whether or not this is really for u. Articulation: 8.5/10 He comes with ball and peg head so he can actually tilt his head somewhat. Ball sockets for the shoulders with attachments at the upper bicep like the previous Iron Man Legends. Note there is no mid bicep swivel but to me this is not needed Double jointed elbows. Wrists rotate 360 and have an up and down swivel. Note there is no forearm articulation He has an ab joint which actually has quite a bit of range but no lower waist swivel. Now if u're like me this is important, Hasbro has got rid of their old hip ball joints at least for Iron Man, as for the others I'll let u know when and if I open them up. Its been replaced a joint and peg and the joint is hidden. Imo this joint allows more swivel in the hip area especially when compared to the Iron Legends and Captain America one. As well the joint is hidden making the figure look better. Kudos for this new joint. He has a double jointed knee, the boots have a hidden swivel as the Extremis can swivel his leg at the top of the boot area and i"m a fan of hidden joint. It makes for a cleaner looking figure. The foot articulation is very minimal, a bit of up and down and a bit of side to side. Paint App: 6.0/10 This area is a passing grade at best imo. While the shade of red and gold look nice there are some faint paint blotches or indiscrepancies on the chest area as if the red has not been put enough to cover up the base or primer used. Also the face on mine looks fine but i chose like 3 of him b4 i got this one, some of the errors i noticed was the mouth of the extremis not following the lines on the armor, the eyes not being fully painted and the gold flaking away on the faceplate. The colors are crisp for the most part and there is little to no bleed on mine. However, I might add that Iron Man isnt' the most difficult to paint. I was disappointed in the arc reactor/uni beam and repulsor color. It looks like liquid paper imo. Accessories: 6.5/10 While he does include Terrax right leg this is disappointing especially when we see what Hasbro CAN do like the Iron Man Legends series with the multiple hands. There are no other accessories so we're stuck with the open palm on the left hand and the fist on the right. Scale: 7.0/10 I'm adding this in as a score to see how the figure will fit into ur collection. While overall its a nice figure i have some gripes with the figure. First off the arms are puny. Just to give u an idea the biceps and forearms are smaller than my Initiative War Machine ones. He's a little bit taller than WM but he looks too slim. When this is up against other figs like my Face Off cap i have a hard time seeing how someone can fit into this suit of armor even though I know Extremis is supposed to be slim, but for God's sake its suppose to be someone wearing a suit of armor! Sculpt: 8.5/10 I think the sculpt is great, a lot of the joints are now hidden and make the figure appear nice and sleek and makes for a very clean looking figure. HOWEVER once again I think this figure is too small or scrawny. That being said there are some joints that are very stiff and I am afraid to use too much strength for fear of breaking and some that are a little too loose for my liking. Value: 7.0/10 While this is more expensive then the Toy Biz stuff the molds (at least with Extremis) is looking nice and the new hidden joints are really done well. But I would at least have like my Iron Man to be able to make duo repulsor hands. But overall a great continuation from the Iron Man Legends line. If the rest of the series is like Iron Man then u should all get ur hands on them cuz they will be worth it. Overall: 42.5/60 So Kudos for Hasbro in taking a step in the right direction. I'll try to up load more pics later on guys.
  15. Ok heres a few pics of Extremis Iron Man, I'll be doing a full review on them. Let me know what u guys think. Btw once i do the review i'll post a ton more pics there.
  16. I added pics of the 3 normal figures and the 3 varient figs still in box. I will post more pics later.
  17. Hi everyone, most prolly dont know me as I'm usually in the back ground. But I have been collecting forever and I thought since I am I in Hong Kong I will show u photos of the new line and try to give u all an unbiased review. Sorry my camera is charging atm so u will have to do with photos from my crappy phone. I got wave 1 today and have looked at most of them and will start off with my fav Extremis Iron Man. I can confirm the rumors of 3 varients. Actually I will charge my camera now so I hope I can take pics for u all. See you all soon with pics I hope! Sorry cannot find the right USB cord for my phone so i will try to get the pics up asap. Also I can confirm that there are 3 varients. Btw I paid $1300 HK which is abt $160 US of my case but I got the case with all 3 variants and an extra Extremis Iron Man. 1. Stealth Iron Man 2. Orange Flame Ghost Ride 3. Steve Rodgers w/ Transparent Shield
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