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  1. I understand what you mean as price is always a concern to me too. Here in Canada I will probably have to pay about 20-30 for each figure with shipping. It is a steep price but I think overall it's worth it. I have always been more adamant about the price of Marvel Universe figures over 6 inch figs. I don't mind paying 20-30 for a good 6 inch figure but I hate spending 12 bucks after tax on a MU figure. I won't be a completest with the new legends but will definitely get most of them. Wave 1 will prolly only get like 2 of them (hope and commander rogers) but waves 2 and 3 I will probably buy them all.
  2. I like both of them a lot but I would definitely have to say that if I could only collect 1 it would be Marvel Legends. In terms of articulation and scale I like Marvel Legends Much much more. Marvel select have some amazing figures too like the gambit, juggernaut, hulks, and plenty of others I can't think of off hand. Marvel Legends on the other hand though have a good portion of the Marvel Universe in figure form. ML really have some amazing figures. The ML Sentinels are just outstanding, the juggernaut is my favorite 6 inch figure, face off captain america, face off hulk, ares, foom, and so many more I won't even get into. Overall I have to give it to ML figs but if MS released more figures they could definitely make a case for being the better line. Right now they just don't put out enough product for my tastes. Even though ML figs stopped cold turkey for years they have released in total probably about 10 times what MS figures have. Toybiz ML 4 life!
  3. I think the MU Sent's will fit in with Legends pretty good and I will probably pick up a couple eventually. I have 5 ML Sents and definitely prefer those over the MU ones. The voice chip is a very nice addition to it though. I think in the poll after a couple weeks the split was about 75% of the people that voted prefer the Toybiz Marvel Legends Sentinel. The Toybiz Sentinel is a very special figure and not one that is easily outdone. The MU Sents are really great figures but in comparison I feel they can't match up. That Toybiz ML Sent was one of the very best figures Toybiz ever made and that is definitely saying a lot. It won't be easy for any company to ever outdo the Toybiz Sentinel. I believe Marvel Selects could outdo them if they wanted to but doubt they will since the amount of materials it would cost to make a Sentinel in MS scale would be crazy. Long Live TOYBIZ!!!!!!! Hasbro is doing some great stuff these days and half way to redeeming themselves in my eyes but still... Toybiz 4 LIFE!!!!
  4. I don't blame customers for the downfall of ML figures in the least. As soon as Hasbro took over the license the quality went to #$@# (remember the Annihilus wave?... yuck) and it never really got much better. Granted hasbro did bring us some great figures in the first run. I would say that overall though they put out more crappy figures than they did good figures. Let's look at the ares wave. A lot of feel like that is the best or one of the best Hasbro ML waves released. We got: Ares who is a very nice baf, crossbones who is awesome and sold like crazy, and then we got Kang (crappy figure), Ben Reilly Spider-Man (crappy figure), Human Torch (not bad), Kang (crappy figure), Iron Man reborn (crappy figure), Vision (crappy figure), guardian (mediocre), and ultimate war machine (crappy figure). We can go over the rest of the waves as well and most of them end up like this; a couple nice figures but more crappy figures than good ones. It isn't the customers job to create and support a crappy product. It is the manufacturer who needs to ensure they are releasing a good products to ensure they can continue to stay in business. How many times have I heard a company say, "it's the customers fault we went out of business". That is the reason for the downfall of Marvel Legends. The customers stopped coming when the product started sucking. Who is to blame there? Do you blame the customers when a terrible movie doesn't get a sequel?
  5. I can explain to you why a lot of us feel that way if you like thedevilsdue06. To sum it up quickly, we are talking about the toy company that at one time destroyed what was most of our favorite toy lines of all time which was Toybiz ML. Hasbro ran it into the ground and for 3 years they treated collector's like #$@#. Yes they are making some nice figures now but it doesn't make up for what they did. In my mind I will be satisfied if they release 5 waves of ML figures with Bafs in 2012 just like Mattel has this year with DCUC. If they do that then they are forgiven. This is a start but Hasblow is Hasblow and a lot of us can't forgive what they did to the line in the first place. That is why all the griping. Hope that clears it up for you.
  6. Agreed x66, what do you think the chances are we are going to see these in Windsor? (I'm the guy who bought the gentleman ghost off of you). Anyone know aprox. when wave 2 will hit?
  7. Oh okay cool a Daken then. He doesn't look like Daken in the artwork. That's going to be sweet then. Neon black Spidey, hmm sounds cool. I still don't take back my F you Hasbro! Seeing figures like these makes me even more mad at Hasbro that we didn't get these years ago. I don't know why maybe I am the only one who feels that way but it does.
  8. Yeah without the colour's it is confusing about the Wolverine and Spiderman. What versions are they going to be? Anyone speculate?
  9. I like this wave more than wave 1. That Zola baf is a must have for sure! Great baf choice Hasbro. The bucky cap is meh decent I would say, and the others are all passes for me unless I see them at retail locally (which is usually never the case). So as far as the 2012 return, not bad Hasbro not bad. It's a start but I still say F You HASBRO FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS! F YOU!
  10. It's a start Hasbro, it's a start. The Commander Rogers and Hope figures look really good. The rest I am not really excited for but will definitely pick up if I see them at retail. Is it just me or is it odd that Terrax has a fist in one hand even though he has this HUGE axe that obviously would take 2 hand to swing and lift. Hopefully they will correct the fist hand before he is released. Glad to have Marvel Legends back! Excited to see wave 2 but just a little.
  11. Oh man, sorry to hear about that dude. Remember to leave that guy feedback accordingly. I hate dudes who sell stuff like that on ebay. Tell the seller because a few weeks ago I received some broken figures as well from 2 different sellers and they claimed that when they sent them out they were just fine. See if they will do anything for you.
  12. Hi guys, I have seen quite a few people asking about this figure and I had an extra one which I have decided to sell. I just wanted to let you all know in case any of you are still looking for this guy for your collection. Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=180691059375
  13. Hasbro, I am not impressed by your performance. These figures are soso, but definitely nothing I am going to get excited about. Mediocre at best. I typically don't like movie figures anyway. May pick up if I see at retail but won't be ordering online.
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I don't understand why they chose to go that route for the mass retail version. I definitely thought it would be the other way around too with the classic color scheme being the mass retail one. Oh well, meh.
  15. Hi guys, I just wanted to start a discussion with all the die hard Marvel Legends Collector's on what everyone thinks the superior Sentinel will be, seeing as how the new MU Sentinel hits next month. So just to start up the discussion I have added a poll to this one so we can all vote on which one we think will be the best. Of course the new Sentinel is not out yet so we don't really know for sure how it will look in person (well most of us since we don't all get to go to SDCC every year). But, we do know what the MU Galactus looks like and most of the parts are borrowed from that for the new Sentinel (except for the head). From the pictures I believe we all pretty much have a good idea of what it will be like. So let's hear it guys! Which Sentinel will you be collecting more of and how many? Will you be selling your old Toybiz Sentinel to get the new one or are you not interested in the new MU sentinel whatsoever? I will start by giving my opinion, which is that I will probably pick up one of the new Sentinels to test it out and compare to the others and if I don't really like it, I will rip it's head off and turn it into a custom Mastermold using an old x-men toybiz mastermold spider figure which I have already painted up. Let's hear it dudes! Whadda thunk?
  16. Looks absolutely awesome as always man! I definitely like the second one better and that danger room setup looks great too. I never thought of using multiple Marvel Select bases to create one. Great idea though for sure!
  17. I just hope next month we find out some big news about Legends man. It's just been so long since the line was hot. Releasing 1 wave a year or so just isn't doing it for me. They can definitely do much better than that. They need to stop putting so much of their resources into MU figures, superhero painted cars and trucks and give us some damn Legends man!! I don't hate MU figs but common there's no comparison to good old MLs!
  18. JUBILEEEEE!!!! *sparkle *sparkle with Vampire variant!!! :)
  19. They look awesome! I was hoping we would get a Marvel Select Colossus or maybe cable to go along with the x-men they were releasing. Oh well it makes sense that they are releasing the avengers. I love all marvel Selects man. They half fill the void that Legends has left. I say the more Selects the better!
  20. lol, oh it wasn't me. I just replied to a person who started it. However, I believe the votes were never tallied so it is still open for debate.
  21. Heya dude, yeah this one has been done before as well. Here is my opinion on the top 5.
  22. I didn't start this topic and am not even thinking about selling my collection. It's the other guy. I was trying to tell him not to.
  23. oh I see lol well it's up to you man. I have to tell you though when you try to compare a nice ML collection to a MU collection you really get to see the difference. I mean, detail, posability, there are just so many reasons. Basically good ML displays look almost statuesk in most cases and the MU ones look like micdonalds toys. Granted, some MU figures are really nice like some of the latest one they are putting out, but don't get ahead of yourselves and try to compare them to ML figures. You just can't compare the two.
  25. absolutely bro. I have been putting it out there since they started, now granted they are getting better. I will probably pick up the Jim Lee Cyclops and Apoc but definitely these figures are overpriced. If they sold them for 3, 4, or 5 bucks I would collect them. I feel like it is more of a shame that they charge so much that I won't collect them. I just don't think they are worth it on average.
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