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  1. To clarify, Heikks86 is partially correct.

    Recently it seems that tosro and head characters are getting more and more increasingly difficult to find. Especially in the last year or so, sometimes with Marvel, but mostly with DC related products.


    However, the real reason that you are having a a hard time finding a decent priced MOC Guardian, is the same reason I still can't finish my Fin Fang Foom without wanting to do some custom work: these items are sold as EXCLUSIVES.


    For some reason, Wal-Mart exclusives such as Ares and Nemesis are very difficult to find so that gives sellers the reason to raise the prices into the stratosphere.


    Now i know FFF was not an exclusive, but it felt like it.

    Target seems to do better in the actual availability of their exclsuives.

    Wal-Mart makes finding their exclsuives like an Indiana Jones adventure.


    I sugesst you not only try ebay, but Amazon, CMDStore.com (they have a section just for loose BAF parts), Tfieds, and other sites to find a Guardian figure that is not so high priced. Also check the trade section on this site as well.


    God bless!


    Thanks. The exclusive figures are, in my opinion, a dumb idea for an entire series. One figure, maybe. But not a whole series. I remember many adventures involving my THREE local Targets to try to find a Union Jack (torso of Rulk, I believe).


    Thanks for the advice. I had never thought of Amazon until my girlfreind recently suggested it to me.

  2. because he came with the lower torso. figures that come with the torso are usually more expensive on on-line retailers



    I don't necessarily agree with you on that. The only two "torso" figures that are "rare" or expensive are Warbird (with Giant Man's lower torso) and Invisible Woman (with Ronan's torso). Other figures such as Bishop, Mystique, Pyro, Nightcrawler, Deathlok, etc. are all readily available on eBay for next to nothing.


    Also, the Guardian figure itself is expensive. Loose on eBay it goes for almost $30. And the piece is nowhere to be found.


    Back to my original question, why is Guardian so expensive? And why is the BAF piece so rare? Was it a quantity issue? Limited release?

  3. Went to TRU today. They had a two pack with Nick Fury and pre-ML 5" Carnage...and another with Skrull Soldier and pre-ML 5" Doc Oc.


    That's pretty F'd up.


    What was weird tho is unlike my pre-ML figs, these looked brand spankin new.


    I am confused as to what you are talking about. By pre-ML, do you mean the ToyBiz Marvel line? From the late-80s to early-90s?

  4. Finally found the second wave of new 2-packs today. Picked up the F4 but passed on the iron man and dum dum variants.



    Ha. Found them at my local TRU. We never got the "first wave" in stores, I had to pick them up at a comic shop. But I dropped $75 on the Chaste Ninja/Dum Dum, FF two-pack, and Stealth IM/Sharon Carter.

  5. i dont care about non-powered characters in toy format enough to make a list, but i do wish they make some alter egos.


    1.) tony stark

    2.) matt murdock

    3.) p.parker with sculpted clothes

    4.) steve rogers

    5.)any xmen member in regular clothes.


    I agree with your list,except you missed T'challa and maybe Jen Walters


    Several years ago, Hasbro released an SDCC exclusive Jennifer Walters that had removable clothes to reveal a FF costume.

  6. Id really like to see some new box sets. A few I had in mind were Dark Avengers(Long Blonde hair Sentry, Daken, Ms. Moonstone, Hawkeye, and Iron Patriot) X-Force(All Grey and Black Wolverine, X-23, Elixer, Arcangel, Domino) or The Eternals (I know this would never happen but they are my favorite)



    I'm not sure if anyone is as much of a fan as the "Old Man Logan" story as I was, but what about a five pack for that? Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye, Spider-Girl, President Red Skull, and Old Man Hulk.

  7. what do you think we'll see at nycc, if anything? not familiar with how hasbro does nycc if they do it at all.


    If we are lucky we'll see the other three MLs we'll be getting with Deadpool, Valk, and Widow.


    Oh...and MU...lots and lots of MU...


    Hasbro stated that the their three picks for the ML two-packs will be announced at the Toy Fair in NYC (February 14-17, 2010).


    Damn, why so long? Does it take that long to decide a simple wave of figures? They already got the prototypes just match them up according to relationships they have with the characters. I'm almost sure that Hulk will be with Valk she doesn't go with anyone else.


    I don't remember seeing anything that said the three Hasbro picks would be from the same prototypes. They may release her with an updated Thor mold... But probably not.


    As for why Hasbro is taking so long to announce, other than they want sales on the last wave of two-packs and the Nemesis wave to ride out, who knows. Why does Hasbro do anything they do. Or don't do, rather.

  8. what do you think we'll see at nycc, if anything? not familiar with how hasbro does nycc if they do it at all.


    If we are lucky we'll see the other three MLs we'll be getting with Deadpool, Valk, and Widow.


    Oh...and MU...lots and lots of MU...


    Hasbro stated that the their three picks for the ML two-packs will be announced at the Toy Fair in NYC (February 14-17, 2010).

  9. If Hasbro does decide to keep the cash flowin' on it, here are some ideas for them. Let me know what you think.




    X-Factor Series- Each figure is in their blue and yellow costume


    Strong Guy (BAF)


    Multiple Man (variant black costume with trenchcoat)








    Havok (variant modern costume)






    Wave One


    Yellowjacket Wave (18-inch Build-A-Figure)


    Bucky Captain America (variant Winter Soldier)


    Warpath (black and silver costume with classic variant)




    Iron Patriot


    Storm (First Appearance)


    Charles Xavier (green Army fatigues)




    Wolverine (Patch)


    William Stryker


    Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr)




    Two-Pack Wave One


    Old Man Logan and President Red Skull (Old Man Logan)


    Clint Barton (Old Man Logan) and Spider Girl (Ashley Barton)




    Ultimate Series- Each character is in their Ultimate Marvel appearance


    Giant Man (Build-A-Figure)








    Giant Man


    Red Skull


    Black Widow (in armor)






    X-Men Series


    Lockjaw (Build-A-Figure)


    Jean Grey (Jim Lee costume)


    Jubilee (Jim Lee costume)


    Cyclops (Jim Lee costume)


    Morph (variant Evil Morph)


    Modern Dazzler (classic costume variant)




    Two-Pack Wave Two


    Cloak and Dagger


    Luke Cage (modern) and Jessica Jones




    Wave Two


    Stature (BAF)


    Daken (variant Dark Wolverine)


    Business suit Red Skull (variant Aleksander Lukin)


    Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)


    Punisher (cap)






    Shang Chi


    Brother Voodoo




    Spider-Man Series


    Anti-Venom (BAF)


    Spider-Man (variant Peter Parker)


    Aunt May


    Mary Jane


    Gwen Stacy


    J. Jonah Jameson


    Green Goblin (variant Harry Osborn)




    Two-Pack Wave Three


    Jamie Madrox and A.I.M. Soldier


    North Star and Aurora




    Wave Three


    Thanos (BAF)


    Fantomex (variant Agent Zero)


    Black Captain America AKA Isaiah Bradley (variant US Agent)


    Speed (Young Avengers)


    Silver Samurai








    Sunfire (classic costume)




    Thor Series


    Odin (Build-A-Figure)




    Modern costume Thor (classic variant)


    Thor Girl






    Radioactive Man


    Frost Giant




    Iron Man Series


    Iron Monger (Build-A-Figure)


    Tony Stark business suit (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent variant)


    Crimson Dynamo




    Obadiah Stane (business suit)


    Titanium Man


    Pepper Potts


    Edwin Jarvis




    Two-Pack Wave Four


    Corsair and Vulcan


    General “Thunderbolt” Ross and Bruce Banner in lab coat (variant ripped clothes)


    Thanks for reading!



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