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  1. I just got my Staff Strike Sif in the mail today. Had to order it from England but got a decent price for it for ebay. Now all I need are the new comic packs and I am all caught up again till next wave :D
  2. They reset the toy aisle at my local Target and it is GLORIOUS! They had at least 9 pegs full of Avengers stuff (unfortunately nothing I needed) and had 6 pegs of Marvel Universe! Here I have been worried that the stores around me would end up getting rid of Marvel U but Target doubled the amount they are going to carry. Walmart has a ton of stuff on clearance so it looks like they will be doing their reset soon.
  3. I agree although I made a custom unmasked Doom. Did the same thing for Nick Fury. They were both simple head swaps. I did order that X-Force Archangel though since my painting skills are lacking.
  4. While loosing some POA is kinda lame, for the most part these figures are pretty good. Here is a simple review that I'm sure most people will disregard: First off I have done a bit of digging and it seems that somehow I have come up with Wave 2 of the Avengers toys instead of Wave 1 like I previously thought I had. I am actually really confused as to how it seems that we collectors aren't on top of a official check list like we have with MU. But I digress... Today I purchased 7 Avengers figures. I am an opener and I opened all but 2 because I am not entirely sure what is supposed to come out later. I will explain. Here are the figures I got this morning. Please be advised I just got back from the bar so if there are any spelling errors it will be explained by my drunkedness. Figure #2 is the Ultimate Thor figure. This is a decent figure other than the lack of articulation. He is pretty badass except the way they sculpted his head he is always looking down. It isn't even because he has long hair. He is just constantly looking down. Figure #7 is the Concept Fusion Armor Iron Man. I picked this up because it looks cool but haven't opened it yet because I am not entirely sure I NEED it. It is basically the Iron Man Mark VI from the movies painted black and silver with a red arc reactor. The reason I haven't opened it yet is the lack of POA. Figure #8 is Gamma Smash Hulk. I opened it because I am fairly certain it will be the only movie version of the Hulk released. It is actually really disappointing once you get it out of the package, mostly due to the lack of POA. Also the gimmick in this one is if you pull his arms up they are spring loaded and smash back down. I also don't like that he doesn't appear to be as big or as ripped as Hulk normally looks. Figure #9 is Shock Strike Thor. I haven't opened this one either. This Thor is a movie version without a helmet but with sleeves. I haven't opened it because in one of the trailers I saw Thor without sleeves and I hoped to get a figure like that. In spite of that this figure looks really good. It is WAY better than the Sword Spike Thor from the Thor movie line (which was most accurate IMO). I may very well open this one tomorrow just because of that fact. Figure #10 is Shield Launcher Captain America. This is the masked movie version of Cap in the Avengers. This IMO is the most impressive figure I picked up today. It actually has double knees. It also comes with a pistol that fits into a holster on his hip. The gimmick weapon is pretty lame, but his shield is pretty cool and comes with little plastic straps that actually get him to hold his shield on his wrist fairly naturally. The only downside is his wrists dont swivel. Figure #11 is Fusion Armor Iron Man. This is the Mark VII armor from the movies and is the most disappointing figure in the line. This is because in the MASSIVE Iron Man 2 line I have gotten used to certain things when it comes to an Iron Man movie figure. These are all POA. This figure has single knees, no wrist articulation, no torso articulation, and the shoulders are one piece as opposed to the two piece deelies the IM2 line had. All they needed to do was take a Mark VI IM2 figure and add a MKIII upper torso from that line and they failed to do that. The arc reactor looks lame too. Figure #12 is Loki. This figure is actually pretty awesome (if you ignore some of the lack of POA). If you collect movie figures and need a Loki get this one. So yeah overall I am happy with these figures. I think Hasbro definitely could have added some extra swivels here and there but hopefully they make up for it with diversity. Hopefully someone bothered to read this.
  5. Yesterday I got my paycheck that had a bunch of overtime on it. Today I finally found Wave 17 AND the first wave of the Avengers toys. Now all my OT money is gone :D
  6. Liver failed + internal bleeding. Spent over a week in the hospital, only the day before I got out and the day I got out would they let me out of bed to do ANYTHING. Was under anesthetic over 48 hours straight as they drained blood out of my stomach and tried to do surgeries, which they kept being unable to due because of too much blood in me so they couldn't see anything. I had at least 8 things of blood transfused into me to keep me alive thanks to how much I bled out. I now have some permanent side effects, I can't eat red meat and if I get sick I can temporarily lose coherency/memory for hours at a time. It's worse than Alzheimer my family told me. Basically, I wake up and do stuff, but I don't remember any of it, even when I become coherent again. Last Saturday it happened, apparently I vomited on myself at night, slept in it, threw up twice in the morning, fell down numerous times trying to walk around the house, rolled out of my bed twice.. and who knows what else. I only know of that much because I was told it all happened. When this happens, I have zero recollection of any of it, it's like being asleep yet doing stuff. Dude, I seriously hope you get better soon. That is no way for anyone to live let alone an awesome person who collects action figures such as yourself.
  7. I know the later ones are bigger, but they do look quite a bit different than that particular model. That is a really good price regardless of the size but if you are looking at 3 3/4" scale I would probably pass if I were you.
  8. Got my variant sentinel in the mail today from ebay. It is freaking awesome! I don't understand, however, why they didn't decide to make a rare variant out of the small figure that goes with it like they did with the Galactus variant. They could have at least gone with Wolveriene's brown costume but whatever. I am very pleased with the original colored sentinel. On a separate note (even separate from action figures), a cute bartender near close to where I live winked at me as we both where on our way out of the bar. Her shift ended several hours before and she decided to hang out with me and a couple other patrons. This excites me and I hope for a better outcome soon.
  9. Just missed out on a Sif and King Loki. They had a couple Thors and an Odin from that wave but I passed. I did find the new 6" classic Thundercats figures at another store though. Still no sign of wave 17.
  10. Two figures I ordered came in the mail today. One was a Stretch Strike Venom I got from GERRILLIUS (thanks man). The other was a metal Absorbing Man from ebay. I found the Quicksilver and Daredevil comic packs a couple days ago too. Now if only the Storm wave would show up...
  11. Here is my Beyonder-empowered Unmasked Dr Doom custom: His head is from a MXS Travis Pastrama figure I got on clearance at Target I think it looks closer to the card art than the actual exclusive figure!
  12. Disappointing day for me. Went to Target and saw a Shadowland Daredevil. Got really excited as this is the first figure I have seen from this wave and grabbed it. Then I noticed his nunchucks were missing. I looked at the rack and apparently it was the last figure of that wave they had left. Then I went to Walmart and saw I Spidey figure I didn't remember seeing. I looked on the back and apparently it was from the wave with the Stretch Strike Venom so I missed out on him too. Weather permitting I'll look at other stores this weekend. Really hope I come back with something new.
  13. Found the Captain Britain/Spidey pack yesterday. I'm pretty impressed with the Captain Britain. Now that his first appearance costume is out of the way, I don't think we need anymore of him. I mean, I've got four different versions of him now :) Really didn't need another Spidey but he looks great and has thigh swivels. I'll swap him in for another Spidey in my display. Today I stopped at a different Target and got the Crossbones comic pack on clearance. The Crossbones looks cool and I can use the shield from the pack on my single carded Bucky-Cap. The biggest surprise was they actually had the last wave of the concept figures for Iron Man 2. I had four of them in my hand but couldn't pull the trigger because all of them had messed up paint. :(
  14. I just picked up the Target exclusive two pack of Arctic Cap and Red Skull. It was on clearance for $3.29. The Cap looks terrible with the white and blue pants but the Red Skull is pretty cool.
  15. Went to Walmart after work hoping they would finally have the new team packs. They've had a tag for them up for almost two weeks now but still nothing. Then I turned around and they had the new Spidey wave. Picked up Ultimate Scorpion. Still waiting on the team packs.
  16. I'd say the new IM2 comic War Machine. The other one is good too but the modern one is just so bada$$
  17. Just got back from a trip up north to visit my parents. On these trips I stop at stores along the way and am usually disappointed. This time however I lucked out. I stopped at a Target on the way up and finally found an astral Strange! They were still buy one get one at the time and since I couldnt find anything else I needed I ended up walking out with two of them so I have an extra if anyone is interested. On the way home I stopped at a Walmart and found the Thor wave with the Destroyer and the Warriors Three. Good times.
  18. I haven't been following the New Avengers since they re-launched it at #1, but I think back at the end of World War Hulk Bill Foster's nephew was discovered to have the same growing powers and was working for Damage Patrol. I don't remember his name though. Could this be the new Goliath?
  19. Just got back from a Target on the west side of Madison. They just had set up their endcap and it was really sad. Then I went into the main aisle and... WAVE 14! I got one of each and 2 regular Dr Strange figures. I'm looking to trade one of my Dr Strange figs for a clear variant straight up. PM me.
  20. Got a text this morning from a friend at Target saying they were setting up the hasbro endcap. I ran over there and watched them wheel the cart out. They had a flat of Spider-Man figs (no lizard or scorpion) but no Marvel stuff. They have an empty shelf labeled for it but no figures to fill it. I ended up picking up a Doc Oct figure just because. Still wishing for wave 14 to show up but since I never found 13 in the store I guess that's more of a dream. On a more positive note, yesterday I went to TRU and they had the new Thundercats figures! I got an 8" Tigra and Lion-o from the old cartoon! So pumped!
  21. I'm not sure the Sentinels have a release date. If they did the employees wouldn't be able to just pull one from the back. I used to work at a TRU and last week one of the guys there told me that I probably wouldn't see any new figs for a while because they were just starting to do summer inventory. Maybe they are waiting until they get that all done before doing any resets to make room for the Sentinels?
  22. Good news: The Target stores near me are doing their reset Bad news: Thus far the only new figs they have put out have been out of the revision case. I already have those :P
  23. I stopped at Target after work. No new figs but they more than DOUBLED the amount of pegs they had for Marvel Universe! Hopefully this means they are getting a buttload of figures in soon.
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