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  1. Here are a couple of customs I've recently done. I'm not very good at this so all of mine are quite simple. Here's my Captain Britain from the K-Mart 3 pack. I got a GIJoe Duke figure off ebay for $2 and did a head swap. Makes a world of difference! Here is my Gladiator. All I did to him was scrape off the dark purple paint on his face that made him look like a raisin. I would have preferred his whole face to be that darker color but am happy that at least his face is just one color now.
  2. Hit all the stores again today and nothing. I'm still waiting for my Targets to bring out their displays. I really wish there was some sort of subscription service available that would send me figs at or slightly above retail price + shipping. I guess that will only happen in my dreams though.
  3. The Wave 13 case I ordered from Entertainment Earth showed up today! I never saw these figures in stores so I had to order them. I'm relieved my Cable came with a Hope. Plus they through in a Twilight Zone mousepad for free! Anyway now I have extras of the following for sale/trade: Apocalypse Gladiator 1st Appearance Wolverine Bleeding Edge Iron Man Spider-Man 2099 Wold War Hulk Spider-Woman PM me if interested
  4. Just got an email saying the case of Wave 13 I ordered from Entertainment Earth is shipping! I've been really unlucky with this wave in stores and have been suffering from figure withdrawal so I am pumped! I really hope my Cable comes with Hope otherwise I may be looking to trade for one. I'm only going to be keeping one of each of the five new figures so if anyone is looking for any of the other figures in the case let me know. I should have an extra Apocalypse, 1st appearance Wolverine, Gladiator, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099, Bleeding Edge Iron Man, and World War Hulk up for trade/sale.
  5. This morning I went to Toys R Us to turn in my time and discount cards. I got another job and am no longer able to unload trucks there due to a scheduling conflict. I was pretty bummed out about it. Before I turned them in though I quick checked the pegs and was surprised to find a Crossbones and a Red Skull waiting for me. I snatched them up and used my discount one last time.
  6. Found part of Cap wave 2. Picked up Bucky Cap, U.S.Agent, and Cap Britain. Passed on the movie Cap for now and am not going to get snowboard Cap. Missed out on Crossbones and Red Skull though. Also still no sign of Wave 13.
  7. Ah, ok. Yeah this figure would look a TON better without the mask.
  8. Just got back from my 45 minute drive to the nearest K-mart to get the International Patriots 3-pack. Captain America is a surprisingly good figure. Getting this pack is an easy way to skip getting the single-carded version of this figure. The shield seems superior to the ones from Marvel Universe. It actually looks like it's metal. The only downside to the shield is there are no straps, just a peg that plugs into Cap's back (which I think looks bad). I also agree with most people about the lack of wrist articulation being bad. I remember when I was reading that thinking "what's the big deal?" but once you get him out of the package it is very much evident how adding that small detail would have made a world of difference. Captain Britain is pretty blah. His costume seems goofy to me. I don't recall ever seeing him in a mostly blue costume without gloves. The sword is a nice touch but you can't really pose him holding it in a natural/cool way. It is interesting though that he is the only figure in the set with wrist articulation. Red Guardian. He is the reason I wanted this set so much. I've always liked this character for some reason and even though this is my least favorite costume (and shield) of his it was still a "must have" for me. This figure is very simple to the Captain America figure but has different hands (still without wrist articulation) that look like they are formed for holding guns. Must be from the Bucky Cap figure. The shield is kind of a let down because it is a soft rubbery plastic that deforms when you push on it. In fact I had to go through all the packs that K-mart had to find one that didn't come with a shield that was deformed. The interesting thing about this figure though is how much his head looks like a Kree soldier's. Could this mean we might see one sooner rather than later?
  9. Picked up the X-Men First Class Cyclops and Marvel Girl comic pack at Toys R Us this morning. Even though these are repaints I like the costumes enough to justify it. They were $17.99. They had the Sabretooth pack but I passed on that since I've already got a few brown costume Wolverines and I have that Sabretooth mold (although in lighter colors) from the Blob two pack. Still no sign of Wave 13 in Madison, WI. It's killing me :P
  10. I already got that Sabretooth from this: http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=1374 I found it on clearance a while back for $3. The Blob figure is worthless but the Sabretooth is sweet and makes that First Class set an easy pass especially since the Wolverine is just a repaint from the movie line too.
  11. I worked at Toys R Us this morning unloading their truck. I had my hopes up because this was the first truck in a couple weeks and it was a big one. After unloading a ton of action figure boxes and finished the truck I went to the figure aisles hoping to see wave 13. Nothing. All of those boxes were transformers. I am disappoint.
  12. Last night I noticed a pallet full of Captain America stuff on the top rack in the back room at work taunting me. There was a sign on it that said "5/10".
  13. $35 When I bought mine this morning I used a 20% off coupon that came in a mailer.
  14. Awesome news about Thundercracker. I can't wait to get a Wheeljack myself. Really wish they would release a set with Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. That would be awesome.
  15. Where are you located? Madison, WI. These just came off the truck this morning. I just opened them all up and was surprised to find that the comic in the Silver Samurai pack was misleading. The cover is for Wolverine #2 (and that is what it says on the package) but when you open it the story is from Wolverine Origins #42.
  16. Just picked up the Taskmaster and Silver Samuri comic packs and the Giant Size X-Men set. There weren't any variants on the shelf for the X-Men set. I'm guessing that must be a running change that will come out later.
  17. My X-Force Archangel came! I made a squee noise all the way back from the mail box. :D
  18. I work at my local TRU helping them unload trucks. They were supposed to get a truck in last Friday for that sale but it got canceled. I worked this morning and was hoping that those toys would be on this truck but there weren't any action figures whatsoever. Seems like TRU is really hit or miss when it comes to what will be on their trucks.
  19. I finally found a Frost Giant. My local Walmart just got in another shipment but it was already the last one on the shelf. Seems like it's not a "one and done" thing after all.
  20. I got home from work and my neighbor must have signed for my order from BBTS. I got the Mandarin wave and just opened them. These figures are awesome! They may be the best out of the entire Iron Man 2 line in my opinion.
  21. It probably varies but I know the 3 Walmarts around me only get 4 at a time. I'm still looking for a Frost Giant so I know your pain.
  22. My shipment from BBTS is supposed to be delivered today! Too bad I will be at work :(
  23. Just got an email my pre-order came in for the Mandarin wave at BBTS. So knowing my luck I will see these at retail tomorrow :P Sounds like I need to stop at TRU tomorrow!
  24. Sorry fellow forum peoples but I just have to vent here a little bit. Last week Tuesday I went to my local Walmart (in Madison, WI) looking for the Gigantic Battles figures. There weren't any on the shelf but there was someone working in the aisle with a scanner so I asked if she could check to see if there were any in the back. She scanned the bar code and said they didn't have any but to check back in a few days because some were on order. The problem with this was I had plans to be out of town for an extended weekend. I left my place Thursday morning for a 3 1/2 hour drive north. I stopped at every Walmart along the way hoping to get lucky and find these only to discover that every single Walmart I visited stopped carrying the Marvel Universe line completely. Today I got back home and a few hours later I went to my local Walmart. I got the last Gigantic Battles off the shelf (Goliath/Clone Thor) and asked the same woman if there were any in the back. There were not. I then drove to a super Walmart a few miles away to check. There weren't any on the shelf so I took the tag to customer service to check. They didn't have any either so I had them call a store on the far side of town to see if they had any. They called and told me that store had 4. I got to that store about 15 minutes later and went to the toy aisle. There weren't any there so I asked a guy who was stocking toys if he had any in the back. He told me "there was no way to check for that" and walked away. So I went to customer service and explained that I was just at the Monona store and they called and said there were 4 of them here. Nobody knew what I was talking about. I was finally referred to someone else to was very nice and took the time to triple check. The results were that they didn't have any either and that I had wasted a trip. Then a lady came up and said she sold 4 of them on Saturday to a guy from Milwaukee. I'm guessing this same guy cleared out the Monona store too and is scalping them. It's really frustrating to look forward to these things for months only to return from a trip and find them all snatched up. It's also frustrating that all three stores only order 4 of them at a time when they sell out so fast. At least I got one. Still need a Loki and a Frost Giant. End of Rant.
  25. It's not a variant. The Punisher with white boots and gloves came out in Wave 1 (and is hard to come by). The one in all black came out in Wave 3.
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