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  1. Found a translucent MU Iron-Spider at a local TRU express.
  2. I don't post on here much anymore but I think I will put my 2 cents in. I think Commander Rogers hit the nail on the head, a little courtesy goes a long way. Everyone on here wants to belong to a very small niche community and wants to show off their creations, so we should all show some support. It's not about being able to take criticism but about others showing respect for the time and effort the creator put into it. When someone just spouts off with a negative comment with no sense of context it comes across as flippant and dismissive. So please show others here the respect that you would like to be shown for your own work, and we can continue to build a supportive and close knit community. Oh BTW DK real nice Blazing Skull and Legend glad to see your work again that Ares kicks butt.
  3. Here is my Iron Spider-man fix. Added some legs from a spider figure to give articulation to the mechanical arms. Hope you like For more go to O.P.P. here. Thanks for looking and as always comments are appreciated.
  4. The Super Skrull is not Hulk/Juggy size, but I would use a Piledriver or Wrecker size body. Colossus would be perfect, but you'd have to fill in all the ridges. I like the idea of using the Astral Dr strange legs to complete the look though. Xenesthis great job on the Mystique.
  5. Here is my custom MU Pixie. Made from a Kitty Pryde torso upper arms and upper legs. Lower arms are sculpted over Iron Man, lower legs and boots movie Thor with some sculpty, hands are various, Head is a head cast from O.P.P., Wings are from a McDonald's Happy Meal Barbie. As always comments are appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  6. Gigantic Battles at a Walmart in Albany, NY. Picked up my Frost Giant/Loki. Will wait until big Bill goes on sale. Now waiting for the Apocalypse wave.
  7. Yes, Northeast Pennsylvania. More specifically, the Scranton area. It definitely IS out of the ordinary. I went out looking for the Green lantern stuff, and stumbled upon these. Wish I would have stumbled into the first sighting of the movie Cap stuf, but still, I'm not complaining haha. Dude I grew up in Wilkes-Barre, my family still lives there so I get back fairly regularly. Nice to see a collector around from my old haunts.
  8. Target today found my first full revison case. Picked up Sunfire, Archangel, Variant Warpath, Variant Ronin as well as a Black Hand Ninja 2 pack and an IM/Punisher 2 pack. Ronin is up for trade I need variant Ms Marvel and Phasing Vision. PM me if interested.
  9. Picked up a Carnage today Target. now I can stop kicking myself for not grabbing it the last time I saw it.
  10. Don't do it bro. And not just b/c the guys on here will crucify you! The warpath body is too muscular for Vulcan, IMO. If you're using fodder, you should kit bash some parts together to make a good Vulcan. My two cents! btw, is that an x-force warpath, or recent variant? If its x-force, you should do a trade with someone on the boards who needs it. I already have one, just lookin out for the others.... Use a Cyclops torso instead or a Captain Marvel. Much better and cheaper. If you need one I'd gladly trade a Cyclops for Warpath...;}
  11. Carefully take a hobby knife or razor knife and carve into the armpit area along the seam. Once you get a good hole insert a small flat head screwdriver and carefully twist apart the torso. If the screwdriver dosn't work use the knife to cut down the chest along the seam cutting the other peg then it should pull apart easily. Don't try to crack the torso with a vice or wrench like you do for Joes this usually breaks the chest on MU figs.
  12. Those wings are too small to be accurate. The wings you need are from an old Toybiz Savageland 2 pack with Angel and Sauron. They are from 5 inch figs, but should work great for a 4 inch Angel.
  13. Here is just a repaint of a cast Norman Osborn head. Meant to represent how he looked during the Siege storyline. BTW Punisher and Emma look fab.
  14. While TRU didn't have any new MU on the pegs, they did have Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides Figs. Not bad sculpts though the Articulation is sub MU (they are from Jakks Pacific). Oh and Thor deluxe figs are only $9.99 at my TRU, much better than the $12.99 at Target.
  15. Both TRUs had full Thor line up today, Targets and Walmarts have pegs cleared for the street date tomorrow. Good Hunting folks. Frost Giants for everyone.
  16. Here is my Avengers:EMH variant Wasp figure. Mostly a repaint of the mini Wasp figure that came in the SW 2-pack with some sculpty for the skirt and the Hair/earpieces. Also another member of my Secret Invasion Skrull Hank Pym in his Yellowjacket costume.
  17. Thanks for the comment. Practice is what it takes. Just start doing it ask for tips you'll be surprised what you can do. Don't be discouraged if they don't look like Legend's first time out.
  18. I did this Hank Pym custom a while back used a G.I. Joe full face helmet from the PIT Commando figure, Recently redid the antennae with some smalled gauge wire looks better now.
  19. Here is my latest. I am tired of not finding a Skrull at a reasonable price (one of the very few I have never seen in the wild), so i decided to make my own. Here is the Skrull Queen as well a Skrull Trooper Queen is Spider-Woman with some sculpty and paint Trooper is a Moon Knight body with an O.P.P. Skrull head. Join Us...Embrace Change or die This is just the begining, more to come.
  20. Nice work Guys. Love them all. Tiger that Kitty is my personal favorite of yours. Rod keep them Green Lanterns coming. Lazy great job on all of them you beat me to the punch with that Phoenix I've been putting her off for almost two months. DK love the Skull, I'll be waiting to see what the Cap line brings us. Dellamorte great start, keep up the good work.
  21. Here's a custom I've been kicking around for quite some time. My son always wants more bad guys from the Avengers cartoon. So here he is a Master of Evil Abomination. He is made from a Secret Wars Thing and a lot of Sculpty. Thanks for looking and as always comments are appreciated. You can find more picks HERE
  22. Found a Mystique and a Havok at Target today. Don't know if they are part of a revision case, but it seemed pretty random.
  23. Had the same problem. I'll be heading back Tuesday March 1st.
  24. Ok this is not really a MU custom but here is my winning O.P.P. Custom Challenge entry Sky-Hawk an original character of mine. In early 2000 Sauls Research Institute (SRI) made an amazing discovery. Aboard the research Satellite Leo I scientists had developed a material they were calling Nanocites. These Nanocites are silicon- titanium nanotubes with remarkable properties. They were almost indestructible once formed, yet they were easily assembled into a thin sheet-like material. Most importantly however, they produced their own energy. Each nanotube can output about 2 watts of electricity every hour. This energy can be transferred over a system of Nanocites with little to no power loss. Given their small size, a simple 8 in X 11 in sheet of Nanocites contains enough energy to power over 100 homes. Using this new material, Dr Frederick Sauls designed suits of armor to act as guardians of this new amazing technology. To pilot and support these suits, Dr. Sauls recruited some of the world’s most elite military personnel to wear the suits and become the Swordsmen. Dr Sauls was assassinated a year later when the Leo I was destroyed by unknown forces trying to steal the Nanocite technology, and now the Swordsmen act in his name, searching the globe for those responsible and setting right the wrongs they find along the way. Sky-Hawk is the code name taken by Col. Andrew Walker when he dons Swordsman suit SRI-712. Specially fitted to his body and only responsive to his bio-mimetic signals, the suit grants Col. Walker augmented speed and agility, as well as the ultimate in personal protection. His specially designed flight helmet, while powered by the Nanocites, is not made of them due to the sophisticated electronics contained within. The same goes for his external flight pod (EFP-032). The EFP-032’s plasma generator is powered by the Nanocites but made from a special lightweight alloy that is able to contain and distribute the high temperatures produced by the generator. The EFP-032 consumes most of the Nanocites’ energy output, allowing Sky-Hawk to fly at speeds near Mach-2 and is armed with twin micropellet railguns. His strength is augmented to a maximum lift of 3,000 kilograms. He has a special plasma energy gauntlet that produces a two bladed plasma sword which burns at 25,000 °F. The defensive nature of the armor is able to withstand the impact of a 56 Kg warhead, and all known small arms fire. The helmet contains a voice-activated full HUD / diagnostic system with a SGP navigation system is and synched to Col. Walkers voice patterns. Sky-Hawk uses all these tools to keep order with his fellow Swordsmen; Switchblade and Frenzy. The Swordsmen Brothers in Arms Brothers in Armor Sky-Hawk‘s body arms and legs are from an Arctic Armor Iron Man. The head is sculpted from green stuff with the IM head as a base. The flight pack is made from an IM2 Air Drone backpack, Legos, and plasticard. The gauntlet is from a SW Plo-Kloon.
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