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  1. What I really want for this Legends are: Figures of actual characters (or in it's actual costume) or character that don't have 6" figures yet, like: For Marvel Legends: * Commander Steve Rogers * Giant Man * Thunderbolt's Luke Cage * Shadowland's Daredevil * Lady Bullseye * Jessica Jones * Black Cat * Doc Strange (black clothes) * The Hood * Iron Fist (white clothes) * Iron Patriot * Franken Castle * Daken * Beyonder * Col. Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross * Thor (with gloves) * Hawkeye * Hawkeye II (aka "Dark Reign Hawkeye") * Future Fundation's Mr. Fantastic * Future Fundation's Invisible Woman * Future Fundation's Thing * Future's Fundation's Spider-Man * Beast (Avengers' outfit) * Lady Deadpool (w/Headpool) * Namor * Diablo * Mockingbird * Armor * Victoria Hand * Earthquake * Matt Murdock * Kidpool (w/Dogpool) * Ultron * Kang * Professor X (without wheelchair) For Iron Man Legends: * Bleeding Edge Armor Iron Man (aka "Heroic Age Iron Man") * Rescue * Mandarin * Ezekiel Stane * One figure for every of 52 Iron Man armors * Whiplash IV (confirmed) * Blizzard For Spider-Man Classics (hoping they could be what they were) * Neon Spider-Man * Peter Parker (JRjr look) * Mary Jane Watson * Spider-Armor II * Doc Ock (8 mechanical armed) * Hobgoblin VI * Venom IV * Spider-Man III (aka "Sinister Spider-Man") * Electro * Lizard * Mayor J. J. Jameson * Ezekiel Sims * Harry Osborn (/Stanley Osborn) * Grey Goblin * Norman Osborn One thing I hope is that Hasbro could release Galactus and Sentinel with 6'' Silver Surfer and 6'' Wolverine. Also that they release Gigantic Battles for 6'' and Greatest Battles. They could make a series with vehicles and figures like Ghost Rider (with cycle), Wolverine (with cycle), Cap America (with cycle), Tony Stark (with Resilient Car). Just only thing more: I hope they'll do what they said: a BIG relauch
  2. I couldn't find in Amazon.com two figs I really need from Hasbro: Peter Parker Quick Change to Spider-Man ("Spider-Man 3", 2007, Hasbro) and Spider-Man with Wrestling Gear ("Spider-Man Trilogy", 2008, Hasbro). If someone of you knows were I can buy them, please tell me.
  3. Welll, at last I found the perfect scale for cars: 1/10, now I'll buy some cars at Amazon.com.
  4. @ X66: I looked to your diorama and it's incredible, it was the thing that impulse me to re-take my diorama proyect. @ BigBearJahlon: I know that and I said it on my post. I find at Amazon.com some 1/24 cars: that scale is the rigth for 6'' figs? It's dimensions are 9'' x 6'' x 4'' aprox. I think it's good for 6'' figs but I would like to have some opinions. About that Gordon fig I found at Amazon.com a 3-pack of S.W.A.T./Gordon/S.W.A.T. and other Gordon S.W.A.T. fig and I have my eye on it. Thanks to all of you! P.D.: @ x66: where did you get that firefighters and that reporters? (http://s164.photobucket.com/albums/u25/66jedikiller66/DC%20NEW%20FIGS%20AND%20BUILDING%20DECO/?action=view&current=P1010907.jpg&newest=1#!oZZ20QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs164.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fu25%2F66jedikiller66%2FDC%2520NEW%2520FIGS%2520AND%2520BUILDING%2520DECO%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3DP1010906.jpg%26newest%3D1)
  5. Well, I'm planning to make my city diorama but I have problems to find civilians action figs, cars and other complements. I'm going to buy some Jean Grey, Jhonny Storm, Logan and Norman Osborn figs, but I need more, incuding police officers, the officer that comes with movie Sabretooth isn't enough. Where I can find civilians figs? Preferred at Amazon.com Also I found at Amazon.com Wolverine's X-Racer or something like that, but I still needing other car types like Police cars or civilian cars. HELP! And also I need city parts like streets, signals, detailed buildings, etc
  6. If you like the 10 feet height he was in the movies and want that height next to your Marvel Legends then I recommend getting the Marvel Select Hulk. He is almost perfect height for ML if you like the 10 feet height. He looks alot like he did in the 2008 movie too. Here is a comparison of the Incredible Hulk movie figure with Marvel Universe and a comparison with the Select Hulk with a Marvel Legend. Keep in mind the actor in the movie pic I posted it only like 5'8 in real life so he's very short. Cap would come higher to Hulk. Thanks to you reply I decided to buy Marvel Select Hulk MS Abomintation has the same stature?
  7. I want a Hulk fig, cause the ones that I have are from "The Incredible Hulk" movie, i.e. 3,75'' scale. And searching for Hulk action figs in Amazon.com I've found a 10''/25 cm Hulk from "The Incredible Hulk" movie line. Doing comparisons with 6''/15 cm action figs I found that the 6'' one reach the 10'' abs, a scale like we can see in "The Incredible Hulk" poster or in the Hulk vs. Blonski scene. Well I still having doubts of the Human:Hulk scale in comics, so, comment.
  8. Top 10 of Spidey 6'' figs: 1) Web Swinging Spider-Man ("Spider-Man the Movie"; Toy Biz) 2) Spider-Man with Streetlight Scene ("Spider-Man Classics"; Hasbro) 3) Stan Lee ("Marvel Legends"; Hasbro) 4) Secret Identity Spider-Man ("Spider-Man Classics"; Toy Biz) 5) Peter Parker ("Spider-Man the Movie"; Toy Biz) 6) Iron Spider-Man ("Spider-Man Origins"; Hasbro) 7) Spider-Man (the last one) ("Marvel Select"; Diamont Select Toys) 8) Web Trap Spider-Man ("Spider-Man Classics"; Toy Biz) 9) Spider-Man with Gargoyle Base ("Spider-Man Trilogy"; Hasbro) 10) Spider-Man 2099 ("Spider-Man Origins"; Hasbro)
  9. Well... It's my first topic . You only have to write the name of the figs you want to see made by Hasbro. This topic is about: "Spider-Man Classics" (6''), "Spider-Man" (3,75''), "Iron Man 2" (3,75''), "Iron Man Legends" (6''), "Marvel Legends" (6''), "Marvel Universe" (3,75''), "Super Hero Squad" (2''), "Marvel/Transformers Crossovers" (?''), Mighty Muggs (?''). Remember to especify of wich subline is this figure (e.g.: "Exclusives", "Marvel's Greatest Batlles Comic Packs", "Squad Crusiers", etc..) or if this figure is of a series you like to see (e.g.: "Ultimate Figures" (see ), etc...). I start with: "Spider-Man Classics": Single figures: Spider-Man (from "Amazing Fantasy" #15), Peter Parker, Scarlet Spider, Negative Spider-Man (with "Dark Reign" Negative Spider-Man variant), Battle Damaged Spider-Man, Green Goblin (from "Marvel Knights: Spider-Man" #1), Doc Ock (form "The Amazing Spider-Man" #600), Electro (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #613, Menace (with "American Son" variant"), Norman Osborn, Mary Jane Watson, John Jonah Jameson, Morlun, Hobgoblin (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #64-), Spider-Man (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #64-), 8-armed Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man, Bag-Man, Spider-Armor, Spider-Man Unlimited (from "Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man" #13), Secret War Spider-Man, Spider-Man (from "House of M"), Symbiote Simulator Spider-Man (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #597), Tarantula (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #637), Kaine (with "Who Was Ben Reilly" variant), Ezekiel Sims, Spider-Girl (from "The Amazing Spider-Man" #648), Hulked-Out Spider-Man, Lizard (with "Shed" variant), Anit-Venom, Madame Web, Spider-Man Zombie, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Bullet Points Spider-Man, Carnage II, Toxin, Black Cat, Peter Parker-to-Spider-Man *exclusive*, eeeeettttttttcccccc... 3-packs: Eddie Brock's life (Venom/Brock/Anti-Venom), American Son Battle (Symbiote Simulator Spider-Man/American Son/Menace), Grim Hunt(ed) (Black Spider-Man/Aracne/Kaine), Avengers (Spider-Man/Iron Man/Steve Rogers), Identity Crisis part 1 (Negative Spider-Man/Dusk/Ricochet), Identity Crisis part 2 (Prodigy/Hornet/Norman Osborn), The Other (Battle Damaged Spider-Man/Morlun/Post-mutation Spider-Man), Clones (Ben Reilly/Spider-Cide/Kaine), Stacy's Death part 1 (Romita's Spider-Man/Doc Ock/Captain Stacy), Stacy's Death part 2 (Peter Parker/Green Goblin/Gwen Stacy), Shattered Dimensions *exclusive* (Spider-Man Noir/Spider-Man 2099/Ultimate Spider-Man). Ultimate Figures: I want to see a line of figs with mega-multiple accesories: Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Black Spider-Man, Venom. "Iron Man Legends": Singles: Heroic Age Iron Man, Classic Iron Man, First Iron Man (with Golden variant), Rescue, Whiplash I, Whiplash IV, Mandarin (classic variant), Ezekiel Stane, Iron Monger, Extermis Iron Man, Classic War Machine, Blizzard, Iron Spider, Ultimate Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Tony Stark, eeeettttttccccc... "Marvel Legends": Singles: Steve Rogers, Victoria Hand, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo, The Protector (with Marvel Boy variant), Sentry, Iron Patriot, Skaar, Heroic Age Thor, Shadowland Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, Franken-Castle, Red Skull, Bullseye (with Hawkeye variant), Thanos, Black Panther (with Dark Reign variant), Iron Fist, Nick Fury (with S.H.I.E.L.D. costume variant), Captain America II, Wasp II, Hood, Moon Knight, Lady Deadpool, Black Widow, Heroic Age Hawkeye, Mockingbird (with classic variant), Madame Masque, Molecule Man, Super Skrull, Baron Zemo, Dark Wolverine (with first costume variant), Falcon, Mephisto, eeeeeeetttttttttttcccccccc... 2-Packs: Hulk vs. Red Hulk, Iron Man vs. Iron Patriot, Thor vs. Void, Silver Centurion Iron Man vs. Iron Monger, Dr. Strange vs. Dormammu, Daredevil vs. Bullseye, Kree vs. Skrull, Venom vs. Carnage, Cap. America vs. H.Y.D.R.A. soldier. Well, it's late, so... I'll continue next day, comment please. P.D.: I won't wrote about Marvel Universe because I don't like it ¬¬ P.D.2: Sorry for gramatical errors , I'm uruguayan (in South America, under Brazil).
  10. Incredible Hulk (comic series) R (sorry, I picked other name at first)
  11. Hasbro only make the action figs. 3,75'' to save money and plastic. They first started with "The Incredible Hulk", after "X-Men Origins Wolverine", "Marvel Universe", "Spider-Man", and now "Iron Man 2". Back to the 6"!
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