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  1. My usual haunts (Targets & Walmarts) haven't restocked anything in a while... You know it's bad when the peg-warmers at Target didn't even sell when they were on sale last week... On the bright side, my local Target had a couple of the Marvel Lego sets!... I didn't pick either of them up, but they had the Cap Motorcycle set and the big Build-a-Hulk model/figure... Saw a shelf tag for the Hulk Helicarrier set, but nothing was there... They also had that Avengers board game with the mysterious pink aliens that pics were floating around for a while back. They're Skrulls, according to the back of the box; so obviously not a direct movie tie-in.
  2. I picked up a $25 Sentinel at Walmart today. Clearance + Payday = Yay! Last weekend, the 2 nearest Targets finally restocked MU for the first time since before Xmas. I managed to find an Electro variant at one store and a white Iron Fist at the other. Only remnants of the respective waves at each store, so no Storm for me yet. Also, most of the Walmarts near me seem to be dropping & clearancing the Comic Packs (but keeping singles, just not restocking them), which sucks because I still haven't seen Quicksilver/Wondy or DD/Bullseye anywhere yet (let alone the Adam Warlock wave). :mad:
  3. At the TRU 3-for-2 sale today, I picked up Darkhawk, 70's Ms. Marvel (is she in a recent revision?) and Renegades Duke. I got Duke mainly for his head; it's the most Pym-like head I think I've seen yet. Though it may work nicely for Iron Fist. At Walmart this evening, I saw a Stark-head and 2 Icemans (Icemen?). It's the first remnants of that wave I've come across in the Dallas area so far. I passed on them, since Wolvie is the only one I really want. Also, forgot to post a week or so ago when I snagged the white FF set at Walmart. I've seen enough of all the 3-packs in stock at both Walmarts and TRUs that I think I'll wait for a sale/clearance before I pick up the GotG set.
  4. Good to see another Dallas person here!... Which TRU was it?... And have you come across the newest comic packs anywhere yet?
  5. Upon hearing several of you finding the mysterious trays of MU at Target, I decided to hit up a couple locations I don't normally make it to in my rounds (since my usual haunts have all come up empty this week). Sadly, the 2 stores I checked had nothing terribly new. BUT!... There was a Walmart across the street from the 2nd Target, so I popped in. Totally full pegs of MU and all the offshoot lines. Again, nothing I needed from MU but I about choked when I spotted a sole Lizard figure left among the Spidey line. No Scorpions left, but plenty of "Electric Blue" Spidey. So, YAY! Finally, another Spidey villain for my collection!... Great looking figure, too! And better articulation than most of the Spidey figs I've seen. My only complaint? When you emblazon the package with "Posable Tail!" there dang well oughtta be a wire in it!
  6. Aaargh! So, I open my brand new Cable (the only one I've seen at regular retail, and the only cool fig I've found in weeks), and as I'm straightening out his joints... POP! His hand falls off. Wrist peg still in his forearm, bionic hand laying on my desk (and of course, the only super glue I can find, the cap is glued on tight). Seriously, I barely touched his hand. BOO! Has anyone else had poor quality issues with recent waves?
  7. QthaGreat apparently had most of the luck in Dallas this week. After 2 trips (Tuesday and today) to 3-4 Walmarts and Targets each, my only score was (finally) a Hope-less Cable today. That was at a Target (non-Super), which also had 3 Thanoses (Thani?), 2 WWHulks and a flamey Torch. Saw a Gladiator or 2 and a couple 1st app. Wolvies, but nothing else exciting. None of the Targets had endcap trays out yet. On the accessory front, I found Maisto Harley-Davidsons on clearance for $3.48 at Target. Picked up a 2008 Cross Bones for Ghost Rider and 1942 WLA Flathead for Bucky.
  8. I also found a big Cap haul at Fry's yesterday... They had a mini-pallet display in the aisle. I had to dig, but I found their one and only Crossbones, but had my pick of several Bucky Caps & Skulls (actually found some w/ decent paint apps). They also had a couple of the Tasky/Pool packs. So for those of you still looking, if you have a Fry's near you, check 'em out!
  9. Haven't been on the boards much lately. But I scanned most of what I'd missed and didn't see that anyone else discovered this too, so apologies if this isn't new info... It's been quite a while since I've seen anything there, but lately CVS has had a small handful of figures at a couple of the stores I've wandered into... And pretty good (revision wave) stuff, too! I've seen a standard Archangel, darker Bullseye, and the Daredevil repaint (I picked that one up, since I never got the original release) among others... Of course, the drawback is price. DD was $10.48 ("on sale" from $11.98!). But if you're desperate, CVS seems to be worth a look! Other recent scores: Cap Comic Series Wave 1 (haven't found any Wave 2 here yet); Wolvie/Silver Samurai; Tasky/D'pool and G.I. Joe Sand Viper (for that cool backpack!); all from various Targets and Walmarts (TRU has failed me lately).
  10. Dang! Knew I shoulda hit the local Walmart late last night!... I stopped in this evening and got their last Bill/Clor... No Loki/Giants in sight... Strangely, they're the only Walmart out of 5 or 6 I've been to in the Northern Dallas-Fort Worth area that still hasn't restocked single figs with the revision cases. Still the same 2 Wreckers that've been there since summer along with the sloppy-paint Bucky & torn-card Namor that've been there for about a year... I guess it's my own personal Murphy's Law of MU Figure Collecting: "Given multiple locations, the closest store will never have what you're looking for."
  11. Thanks to an almost complete lack of new product (not to mention a lack of funds), I've had to mostly live vicariously through you guys over the past month or 2... Having continuously checked at least 5 or 6 Walmarts, 6 to 8 Targets and a TRU or 2, I've found only remnants of the revision cases about 3 or 4 times... My only sliver of MU luck was finding a single "Ms. Moonstone" a week or so back... Along with phasing Vision, she was one of the variants I wanted most, so yay!... At one of the Walmarts, I got some Joe luck, though. I snagged Low-Light (one of my faves as a kid, and holy crap look at all that stuff he comes with!) and Skydive (who I'm thinking of using as custom-fodder for a Mach V; though his helmet might work for Ghost or Ant-Man too!) But I also wanted to share one of the most ridiculous swap-out-exchange-scams I've ever seen (and the only one I've seen in person)... Sorry about the pic rotation (and the blurriness, I was probably still laughing). Seriously?! Is that Trevor Fitzroy?!... Now, I don't expect the average Target employee to know what every figure in the store is supposed to look like, but this is clearly just wrong!
  12. Nice GLs, Rodimus! And a GREAT Kilowog head!... I can't wait to see the rest!
  13. I dunno, the issue has been in stores for less than 4 hours in most parts of the country. Some of us might've liked the chance to read the actual issue first... While this may be related to (an alternate version of) the character, I don't really see how the customs thread is an appropriate forum for comics spoilers... And really, it was not the comment itself that bothered me. It was the fact that, after purposely avoiding FF spoilers today, I came across the big reveal in a thread where I assumed I'd be "safe." Spoiler tags are your friends, folks!
  14. Thanks for the spoiler in a completely unrelated thread... I think this is what you meant. ^
  15. That looks really sweet. I've been eyeing those Maisto bikes for a while... Nice to see how the MU figs look/fit. Here's the Maisto Catalog in browsable, zoomable format for all you guys... I linked to the Harley collection, but you can flip several pages forward and see their other makes & models. I'm leaning towards either the '02 or '08 H-D Night Train for my Ghost Rider and one of the Sportster models for modern Cap (perhaps the Sportster 1200 Nightster?). The '77 Low Rider & the '86 Heritage Softail Evolution would look great for Logan, but I'm not sure I want all Harleys, so I also like the Triumph Thunderbird & Yamaha Road Star (if anyone would ride a Japanese bike, I figure it'd be Logan ).
  16. That's essentially what they're doing with Panther these days, only in a modern setting. After the Shadowland Daredevil-go-crazy storyline, BP has taken over Daredevil's comic: Like I said, my interpretation isn't perfect, but I think it's fairly passable for now... I'm gonna be on the lookout for a better chest piece w/ molded armor so I can ditch the webgear... And if I manage to pick up another Snake Eyes, I might actually make some permanent modifications to this one.
  17. As I think I've stated before, I'm no customizer... Especially not of the caliber of the rest of you fine gentlemen here... But while staring at my new Snake Eyes figure late last night (as I've found myself doing a lot lately; DAMN that's an amazing figure), a shockingly simple kit-bash popped into my head. It's not 100% accurate, especially in the chest-armor region, but it's pretty darn close... Anyways, I present Black Panther: Man Without Fear! POC Wave 3 Snake Eyes, Target 2-pack Black Panther head, Cobra Shock Trooper web gear & baton-chuks
  18. Because I am weak, I picked up WW Hulk today... He was the only Wave 12 fig I hadn't gotten, mostly because he doesn't really fit in w/ any of my other figures (Who does he stand next to?!)... But gosh darn it! It's such a pretty figure! I also found the new Wave 3 of Joe POC!.... Passed on the bad guys, got the good guys. Cobra Shock Trooper(s) looked amazing but I'm sure I'll see 'em again. The Storm Shadow in this wave is silly and lame (some cool weapons tho'). Snagged the nicest looking Duke of the 6 or so they had and scored their one-and-only Snake Eyes. I haven't really been a Joe fan/collector since my 80s childhood... But holy schnikeys, this is the most amazing Snake Eyes figure ever!... I want another one to kit-bash into a post-SHIELD Nick Fury. Question to anyone else who's picked up Snake Eyes: are your nunchakus string-less too? Or are those suppressors, not nunchakus?
  19. Ha-ha! My plan worked!... By telling myself I don't care if I see Wave 12 before Christmas, I found (some of) it within 2 days... Picked up Bleeding Edge Iron Man and Spidey 2099 at my local Walmart today. They were the last ones of each at that store (I seem to have a knack for doing that)... This, of course, prompted me to visit 3 more Walmarts in the area... All of them had the same thing: more IMs and Spidey 2099s, but nothing else from Wave 12... Strangely, one of the stores had around 6 to 8 of EACH, yet the pegs were still so full (of the Hobgoblins, Wave 1 IMs and Namors I saw 2 days ago) that the rest of those cases wouldn't even have fit. What the what?! I guess the pallet-scavengers got to 'em last night before they even hit the pegs. Grr!
  20. Is this the 1st sighting of Wave 12 at Target? Seems most of the finds have been at Walmart and TRU... Has anyone else found 'em at Target yet?
  21. My 2010 purchases are now complete!... Unless I happen across Wave 12 while Christmas shopping. I'm not holding my breath, but it's no biggie. I can wait until after the holidays, when I'm sure I'll see plenty of the new hotness. But, I digress... I found the 3 figs I was missing from Wave 11 today at Target: Yellowjacket, Dark Hawkeye & Constrictor. Lester's got a less-than-perfect face paint & Constrictor's got a random black spot on his lip, but whatever... I finally gots 'em! I gotta say, for primarily older molds, the construction on this wave is pretty nice. No warped legs, stiff joints (especially the knees, which I've had problems with). Quality stuff.
  22. @ Rodimus: I love this. I especially love your use of the original Secret Wars parts... Really clever. @ Onyx: Can I assume this will be added to your heads-to-be-cast list? Please? Pretty please? I'm not much of a customizer (apart from the occasional head and/or gear swap), but this just might get me to start!
  23. Ahhh... It's like the world was telling me something... I've been flat broke for weeks, so I haven't felt too bad about not seeing any new figs near me. Then today, I got paid! Woo-hoo!... I hit 3 Targets, 3 Walmarts and a TRU... FINALLY found Wave 11. Well, bits of it, and only at Target. I found an IM 2020 (I've got a soft spot for old Arno) and a freakin' Thanos! So, if whomever snatched up the rest of the wave from the Lewisville Super Target but left me a Thanos is out there lurking: THANK YOU!... Now I need to find the rest of the wave. I wasn't sure I cared enough to pick one up, but I also managed to find a Carnage tonight. But gosh, that sure is a purty figure!... Had to snag it, especially since he seems to be so scarce. The Walmarts in my area seem to finally be restocking a little... with Wave 10... D'oh! Anyone need half a dozen Team X Wolvies?
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