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  1. ARROW

    Any Point?

    Go to Hasbro.com and see all the products they make for yourself.......... just keep looking in all the various toylines they produce to see anything that relates to Marvel--from Preschool toys to collectibles, to games like Heroscape etc. The info is there. Need some help? Marvel Legends series 1, 2, 3 and FF Legends, as well as Ghost Rider and the Spiderman Origins line--adds up to six lines. Now if that appears less for this year........well last year they made the statement about 5 lines per year, but if those lines did not sell to their expectations, then scaling back or ( as in what appears to be the case with wave 4) of re-doing the waves is prudent. It also unfortunately eats up some time. As I said before, patience is the key. Up here in Canada, the lag-time is an additonal 3-6 months BEHIND the USA in most toylines-excepting those with a specified street date like movie toys......so you have nothing to complain about.
  2. ARROW

    Any Point?

    Um. How could Hasbro have let you and other English customers down when its English retailers that determine whether or not the products are sold in their stores? If they do not place orders with Hasbro, then Hasbro cannot do anything about it.......right? You need to direct this complaint to the stores you want to buy the toys from, not the toymaker.
  3. ARROW

    Any Point?

    Hyerion, I don't understand these "facts" you talk about. Hasbro has successfully released products from concurrent toy-lines at the same time without problems--they are a large companyy that can clearly multi-task. Last year was a starting year for Hasbro with Marvel Legends--people forget that--and they delivered many other products under their Marvel license at the same. Do you need a list? Have you also considered all the other toy-lines Hasbro makes and has distributed.......its not just boys toys. I doubt they have been affected by these movies lines. You perceptions are out of whack.......be patience......wait for whatever reasons for the delay in HML4 are revealed, and for the product itself. Its far too early and presumptuous to cast doom and gloom over this specific toy-line. Yeeeeesh.
  4. ARROW

    You cannot see the eyes of the demon...

    Larry, the Cable-Predator??? Git 'er done.
  5. Some of those are available RIGHT NOW at BBTS--check out their "vintage" stuff.
  6. ARROW

    anyone willing to sell a mcfarlaine spidey???

    Well, I have a complete loose one but I'd trade it for a loose FFC Superskrull, Kang or Dragon-man--with maybe a few $$ to even the thing up a bit. Yea, I know that sounds pretty steep but that's what I'd ask for.
  7. Sounds painful. @lol@ Only for the wieners. Of which I don't mind, LOL!
  8. Dang Good Dawgs, or the really simple secret to a better tasting Hotdog. Ingredients: couple cloves of garlic You fav hot dogs ( I suggest a bigger "ball-park frank" type wiener--I prefer a brand called Juicy Jumbos) This is a two-step recipe: First, get a pot of water going on the stove, enough water to cover the wieners. Take the garlic and give it a good smash either with your hand or the flat of a knife and your hand. Drop the garlic into the water and bring to a good boil. Add the weiners and cokk for about 5 minutes. What you are doing here is what's called blanching the wieners--its going to make them swell a bit and the garlic will infuse some flavour into them. While the wienies is on, either get the BBQ outside going ( I like a gas BBQ--a charcoal one will take longer to set up so if that's all you have, get that going before you do anything else), or a fry pan with a bit of oil going on the stove. Transfer the wieners from the pot to the pan, or the BBQ grill. (Here's the thing: slapping a frank right onto a grill or pan is just going to shrivel the thing up into this horrid looking little mess. By blanching the wieners first, you are getting them to soak up some flavoured moisture to compensate for what they will lose on the grill.) Cook on the grill and turn with tongs. You want to get that crispy brown/blistered skin on the outside. Try to avoid burning the suckers--so turn as frequently as you have to. Once they have a good crust outside, take them off and serve. The dogs will have a semi-crispy outside and juicy inside--with a hint of garlic flavour to them. You could add other strongly flavoured stuff to the water, but garlic is simple and works the best, I think. Tuck them into a bun or roll of your choice and add condiments. This has become my favourite way to cook hot dogs.
  9. ARROW

    serviceisnumberone is ascalper in chicago

    Y'know.......as much as scalping is a blight on the toy collecting hobby, its NOT illegal and this person you are calling out has done nothing wrong in the sight of the law. Anyone can set the price on any item they own for any amount they desire---that too is legal. Likewise anyone can buy from the scalper for the price they are asking--its up to the buyer to be informed and if they are not.........well, its sucks to be them. Calling them out in forums like this is pointless--just do not buy from them.
  10. Arrow, I just tried this recipe tonight and just wanted to say THANK YOU! That was one delicious meal and super easy for the amateur. :):):) You are welcome--tasty, huh?? LOL! Glad you liked it. I keep thinking the sauce is a bit too runny myself--but I do not know how to thicken it up any. I do like to tinker with it a bit--usually adding come garlic salt, or garlic powder, or some chili powder for a bit of a kick. You could add tabasco for a bigger kick if you like...its flexible. To cut down on the grease, I'd suggest trimming the chicken of as much visble fat as you can. You could even do this with lean, boneless pork chops or pork loin as well, I suppose.
  11. ARROW

    Ok i am confused.. who is the strongest

    Whoever is written as the strongest, is the strongest. I'm surprised more people haven't figured that out by now....
  12. ARROW

    Drat...I think I used a Glossy.

    You should be able to strip the paint on the existing item by using Easy-Off oven cleaner. It should be able to take the stuff right off with no trouble and not harm the plastic. If you are going to buy a new item anyway, try the Easy-off to see if it works and note that for future reference. If you are going to use the clear material, do not brush it on. Get the spray stuff and use that because it'll give you better consistency. And do not forget to prime before you paint.
  13. ARROW

    Drat...I think I used a Glossy.

    Are you using spray cans or brush? Sounds like the paint is reacting to the plastic--as acrylic be dry very soon after application. That can be a problem. The solution to this is actually a retrograde: strip off the paint you have on now, apply a PRIMER coat and then reapply the white. I don't know what results you would get putting a matte clear coat over a tacky undercoat, but i was always told there would be problems because tackiness is a sign the undercoat is reacting to something. Matte coats ALWAYS need to be applied to a dry clean undercoat. It really doesn't matter much if you use glossy or matte paints, because you can always go over a dried gloss coat with a clear matte overspray to lessen the shine. The other thing--that is kind of late now--is to NEVER trust the paints you use. Always do a quick experiment with paint that has sat for a while on some scrap material--preferably the same kind of plastic as the item you want to paint, let it dry and see what happens. Even with fresh paints, a quick test is smart because it tells you what's going to come out of the can. If you are still unsure about all this: call up Testors customer service line and explain the problem to them. They know their products and how they perform.
  14. Here's an easy one: Its called Coca Cola Chicken The recipe is not mine, it came from a "bachelor's" cookbook I bought years ago--the gist of which every recipe had no more than 4 ingredients. 1 pound or so of chicken ( breast, thighs, drumsticks-bone in or not, whatever you have) 1 cup of regular ol' cola ( NOT diet) 1 cup Ketchup ( or call it catsup, I don't care) salt & pepper. Preheat the oven to 400F Grease a baking pan big enough to hold all the chicken in a single layer--use butter/margarine or cooking spray. Put the chicken in the pan, mix the cola and ketchup in another bowl and then pour over the chicken. Salt and pepper to taste. Bake at 400F for about an hour----the " sauce" will be runny but chicken will have a nice looking glaze to it. You can baste the chicken with the sauce if you like a few times as it cooks. You can serve it with cooked rice, or roasted potatoes or fries, and green beans or veggies of your choice. The sauce combo might seem unsual, but its really very tasty. Traditional bottled BBQ sauce is really just tomato paste and carmelized sugar and water......which is really just what the combo of ketchup and cola is. The recipe can be expanded easily, and you can add stuff to the sauce if you like.....fresh or dried thyme, garlic powder. Its been a favourite of my family for a few years now.
  15. ARROW

    This is not Art

    But it must be done..........artistically.

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