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  1. Not included in the poll on the home page... Just wondering? I'd have put it near the top!
  2. I don't know what it is about this fig, but I picked up another Thanos from a local grocery chain. I had to order two of these guys off hts when they popped up for about 5 minutes way back when because I never saw any around here. In the last few months, I've seen him three times, and bought him each time. I opened one, have one to save moc. Gonna give one to my uncle for christmas, and that leaves two to hoard for no reason I can explain.......... I don't want to sell or trade him, just have him. Only other fig in the line i have done similarly with is wwh. Please help me with my plastic crack addiction. I know its wrong, but it just feels so goooooood...............
  3. BTW, I have both the toybiz and the new hasbro figs. I am a hardcore TBlegends fan, but I prefer the Hasbro version. Here's why: The TB loki is not the classic loki garb, it's more nordic flair loki, what with the layered skins and such. They used a very muted mustard color for the yellows, and a muted green for the paint, leading to a very dull overall finish. The articulation is better than the hasbro, but just barely. The sculpt on the tb loki loses to hasbro on al levels, especially the face. Where the tb loki looks neither mischevious or malicious, in fact looks constipated if I'm honest, the hasbro loki reeks of malice. Just awesome.......... My two (or one and half) cents
  4. Got my second asgardian thor (this one to open)today from another wally. The girl was just doin the reset and she went and pulled the cases for me. Awesome customer service this go round! Everyone was very helpful. Out of 5 local wally's, only three had or were getting these figs in. Weird....
  5. Just picked up two loki (one to open) and one comic Thor at wally today. The guy had two cases, but only brought out one and comic thor is shor packed, or I would have gotten two. Loki is awesome. Great sculpt, paint, artich is good. Had to hollow out the back of the head socket so he could look ahead and not just down. Very pleased, and was so excited to get them. Some of the wally's in the area aren't carrying them, for whatever reason.
  6. lol! its all good! It's just ironic, that's my point. I'm glad people are finding them! Can you post the upc code for me? I just want loki and asgardian thor. it's the numbers under the upc code lines.........
  7. Can anyone out there provide me with a upc code for asgaurdian thor and loki? My local wm's don't have these yet, no stickers on pegs or anything. I'd like to be able to get someone with a gun to look them up for me like I did with gigantic battles. Thanks guys! BTW, I'm FROM michigan, and it really burns me that spideydamage could come in from illinois and find them here!! lol, crazy world of collecting!
  8. Thanks to a tip from a fellow board member, I scored the imperious rex stand to close out my wave 15 needs. For fellow michigan collectors, the target at Hall rd and Heydenreich in macomb township has the whole wave.
  9. Anyone have the dcpi for these figs? -loki and thor mostly...... The only way Wal-Mart can look them up is if you find a Manager actually walking around with the back stock gun (as I call it) I had him scan the Barcode on the peg to see if there were any and there were not and then he informed me when cases were going to be at the store and I showed up that night to open both cases of the Cable wave in order to get one for my son and myself and that is also how I got my Deadpool/Taskmaster Comic Pack they came on the same truck so the only way you can find anything out from Wal-Mart stock wise is be up there when the pallets come out like I have done numerous times or just happen upon a manager with the gun checking and ordering inventory unfortunately. My WM down here tends to do that stuff on Saturdays early in the morning not sure if they all do it on the same days or not but just a hopefully helpful tip for everyone here ;) Thanks. My wallmarts don't even have a peg for them yet. If anyone can shoot a pick of the barcode on the peg at their store, I can get the info from that. Thanks All!
  10. when I was hunting savage frost giants I got some kind of code which the employees could use to look the item up. Maybe it was the upc code?
  11. Anyone have the dcpi for these figs? -loki and thor mostly......
  12. Had totally given up on wave 15, figured i'd order it off hts when they got it. Went to Wallyworld to buy something to make for dinner for the family, and bam!! All of a new case of wave 15 except one Darkhawk. picked up doubles of namor and rogers, one each of ultron darkhawk and x-23. left the other x-23, she was so mangled in the package i don't know how she made it past qc. So, one more darkhawk and x23 and i'm good! Woohoo!
  13. Thanks bud. you going to the con? unfortunately I won't be able to attend. I live in Tennessee and I've never had a chance to get out to Cali. Someday I hope. Thats because you spend all ur money on toys!!!
  14. Well, had a helluva day at tarjay today. If you read my earlier post, you saw I found a cyke and a few babied cables in a revision endcap. Went this evening to another target on the way to my parents house, and the scanner showed product in the stockroom. A very helpful guy (who gave no grief about "collectibles") went in back and pulled - wait for it - an encap display box. He said "I put it on the electronics counter, take a look and grab what you want. I figured it was another revision case. Went to the counter, and BAMM! Wave 14 times almost three...... I picked up two of each, and I have everyone but skaar up for trade. Tried to call a local board member to buy for him/tell him where they were, but no answer. Been tryin to help him out with the cables and this, but no call backs.... Hey bud, if you look at the target at 23 and gratiot, you can get all but the doc, unless someone bought them. At any rate, the doc is astral, and like I said, there is also ben reilly, falcon, and doom for trade. I wasn't going to display any from this wave, especially skaar cuz he looked so goofy in the pics, but he is much better in person so he's goin up with the hulks. Anyways, hit me with a pm for trades. already have a trade pending for moonstone/dark ms. marvel with another board member for cable with hope, so she is not a good offer. I am really wanting deathmask archangel and egg beater havok.
  15. So I shot to Target today while picking up supplies for a job, and the same old tired figs were on the pegs, which weren't full. I absentmindedly walked one to the scanner (which I always do with absolutely no success), and I let out an audible "huh!" when it said there were figs in the stockroom. I found an associate, and after debating with her about the "we don't bring out colloctibles" rule (as I said, pegs were not full, so I convinced her to fill them), she went into the back. She came out with a GINORMOUS box, and my mind started to race. I had visions of picking up all of wave 14 in one shot. Alas, it was the target endcap display. Very strangely stocked. a bunch of apocs, spiderwomen, fa wolvie, wwh. A single cyclops, and a couple cable with hopes. I am flush in all these categories, but I picked up the cyke and cables for trade bait. If anyone wants them, hit me up. See my sig line for wants.
  16. picked up 2 crossbones from the disney store here in michigan today. They were nice enough to put them aside for me. I passed on the red skull, just not a good fig.... one of the xbones is up for trade, pm me if interested. i'll trade for a Destroyer, variant archangel, egg beater havok, ultimate iron man, or comic whiplash. Hit me up with a pm!
  17. If I had to make a guess, I think the legends line will be stacked with the standout sculpts from the 3.75 line, i.e. wwh, cable, silver samurai, b.e.i.m., colossus, j.l. cyclops, apoc, upcoming namor, im sure im forgetting a few. Seems that these figures, with their superior sculpt and articulation, can be easily scaled up (or perhaps were already scaled down from master molds) and tooling shoud be fairly easy. If they were smart, they would use this approach. Saves them money and time. My two cents......
  18. Get well v3nom! Broken ribs SUCK....the injury that keeps on giving. Try a flexeril/vicadin, and splash of hooch cocktail when you get out. Make you sleepysleepy
  19. Its apples to oranges, imo. Toybiz sentinel outclasses Hasbro's in every area, sculpt, paint, articulation, detail. No comparison. At all.
  20. They have to at least be as good as the current marvel universe articulation. The newest style has ankle pivot and swivel, shin pivot, double jointed knee, thigh swivel, hip, waist, torso, neck (to look up a good deal) shoulder, bicep, elbow (should be double jointed for legends), wrist. They are really hitting their stride with these. My biggest fear is that hasbro will have a big learning curve to get up to snuff on the legends like they have on universe, so will get so/so artic, sculpt, and paint for a few years before they really hit their stride. I was not too impressed with the latest two packs, which I thought were only marginally better than Hasbro's legends of a few years back, which I did not buy because I was spoiled by Toybiz. Maybe they'll take all they've learned from universe and apply it right away???? Geez I hope so. But it is probably an entirely different production team who will re-invent the wheel so to speak. Here's hoping that's not the case.....
  21. Okay, so I got my cable and jim lee cyclops from hts (extras from those I had already). I've been waiting to open these, and I have to say I am not disappointed. Sculpt, paint, and articulation is phenom. I was debating on opening the cyke or put him up as trade bait, but I just had to see what everyone was raving about. He's awesome!! One of those figs where the enhanced articulation really serves to create that extra something. I put him in a really dynamic pose activating his visor, and he just kicks ass. No other way to say it. So happy I got him, then opened him...
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