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  1. Drayco90

    Marvel Vs. DC

    http://deadliestfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Use...uper_Tournament ^ Imma just leave this here.
  2. Drayco90


    You're not. As someone who only ever saw nine series 2 figures in the wild and four series 3 figures before this year, I've been treated well with all these revision cases.
  3. Drayco90

    New Doc Ock and Ben Reilly Spidey?

    From the small picture, it doesn't look like it'll be that much of an improvement on the old turd, but I might pick this one up. Please, just give it some Carnage-level articulation, Hasbro.
  4. Frag grenades man...frag grenades.
  5. I'm Austin TheWizard Elder on Facebook, if anyone wants to add me. Because I'm dumb enough to actually put that there without fear on this forum. I haven't started playing yet, but I would like to. Wonder how long I'll play it before getting burned- espicially with Mass Effect 3 dropping tomorrow.
  6. Drayco90


    ULTIMATE Spider-Man. As in, the universe that nobody actually gives a #$@# about any more, so they can get away with some fun PR stunts for the lulz.
  7. Drayco90

    Avengers Movie Figures

    I'm dissapointed by the weaker articulation and paint, but I fully intend to buy Hulk, the new Cap, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Movie Hawkeye to go with my other Avengers and Cosmic Spear Loki. Maybe the MarkVII Iron Man, depending on the movie itself. They aren't bad, but I wish they were as good as the Thor or Iron Man 2 figures.
  8. Drayco90

    Best MU series?

    I liked the First Series the most. As great as the next two were in terms of figures, I can count on hand how many Series 2 figures I saw in retail, and only a few more popped up from Series 3. I wish that was an exaggeration. I really, really do.
  9. 1. Deadpool- Check, but I want one with a Sheep Cannon. 2. Rocket Raccoon- Pretty much 3. Nick Fury- Not really. 4. Doctor Doom- YES! 5. Moon Knight- In dire need of a re-do. 6. Thor- Done perfect, far as I'm concerned 7. Man-Thing- No 8. Starlord- YES! 9. The Deadpool Corps- No. 10. Baron Zemo- No.
  10. Drayco90

    Top Five Characters Hasbro Did Right

    1.) Doctor Strange- I LOVE this figure. Fan-tastic (/FrankWest). Combine it with some of those blast effects from Iron Man 2 to make it look like magic, and Strange is a work of art on the shelf. 2.) Deadpool- The X-Men Origins Wolverine figure is still one of my favorite figures ever, and his re-releases over the years have only improved on the minor complaints I had. (oversized sheathes. Doesn't hold weapons perfect.) 3.) The "Core" Thor Movie Figures- Sword Strike Thor, Loki, Odin, Frost Giant, ect. I LOVED this line, and felt that the characters that weren't the "gimmick" versions were easily some of the best figures to come out of Hasbro in a long time. 4.) The Guardians of the Galaxy pack. Can only be described in a single word- "perfect". 5.) Power Charge Rhio and Carnage.
  11. Drayco90

    Top 5, 3 packs you hope to see.

    Oh, oh- my turn! 1.) Agents of SHIELD- 616 Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan and Agent Coulson 2.) Deadpool Corps- Deadpool, Lady Deadpool and Kidpool. Would be like the GoG set- 2 normal figures, a tiny figure and 2 glorified accessories (Dogpool and Headpool) 3.) Dark Avengers- Iron Patriot, Sentry and Ares 4.) World War II- Sergeant Fury, Golden Age Captain America, Adolph Hitler (Yeah, I know- not happening. I just want my "#$#@# Slap Hitler Action!". 5.) Deadpool's "Chess"- Fantomex (X-Force Costume), Bob: Agent of HYDRA, Daken (post-Dark Avenger)
  12. My personal order- 1.) Nick Fury- The real one. The classic one. Give him a new head on the modern male buck with added webgear and a bunch of repainted guns. He's kind of one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, and to have made him an exclusive to ANYTHING was outrageously dissapointing to me. 2.) Doctor Octopus - One of Spidey's most infamous foes, Doc Ock isn't just a great villain, he's as iconic as Gobby or Venom, and thanks to his own movie to carry and multiple recurring television appearances, he's well known enough that he wouldn't be pigeon-holed into just a "collector figure". Cmon, Hasbro- Carnage is proof you guys CAN put out quality Spider-Man villains when you want to, work your magic on a Doctor Octopus please? 3.) Luke Cage- Can we get a modern Luke Cage, please? Not this nonsense "gangsta" Cage that was only briefly in the comics, and not the classic "Tiara of Blaxploitation" that we got in a comic pack. A real, true modern Cage, wit hhis jeans and yellow call-back t-shirt. Maybe not the most exciting design, but that's the cage I've grown up with- and its' the Cage I want in action figure form. 4.) Ghost Rider- Another really mainstream character, the original Ghost Rider never showed up around me, and I would think a deluxe figure with a bike and the leather jacket/chain combo would sell much better than his classic blue thights. I appreciate Hasbro's care for representing the mythos as a whole, but would really prefer we get some of the iconics out of the way before we start with making variants of them. 5.) Hawkeye- I'm sure the original mold was nice. But I never got to see it. I'm sure the Dark Hawkeye mold was nice. But I never saw that ENTIRE wave. Isn't the classic being rereleased on a light-up stand? Maybe, but I'm not paying 15 dollars for a Hawkeye. Just get me a Hawkeye on the modern male buck, throw in the same accessories as the comic pack, with a few goofy trick-arrows, and I'll quitmahbitchin'.
  13. Drayco90

    Marvel vs Capcom

    Mega Man himself was cut from three due to fans being unable to agree on whether it should be classic, X, Legends or Netnavi versions. (It should've been classic, though) That said, Zero and Tron Bonne made it into the game. There was a 5"ish Nemesis released a loooong time ago, and while it would fit in, it costs a Krogan quad or two just to get your hands on one. Other Resident Evil figures wouldn't be too hard to make customs of with the right G I Joes, as long as you're experienced enough with painting. That's all I can think of myself.
  14. Drayco90

    Which Hulk figure to use as movie Hulk?

    I plan to us the new Avengers Hulk. Sure, it looks like crap, but I hate, hate, hate the "scale" of the 6" Hulk figure. It looks terrible with other Marvel Universe scale figures, unless Hulk is supposed to be thigh-high to Galactus or twice as tall as The Thing or Juggernaut. Bleh.
  15. Drayco90

    Avengers Figures are out

    I picked up the Loki figure. He doesn't stand all that well on his own, and I really wish he had waist or chest articulation, but I ended up really liking him. Will be picking up that god-awful Hulk and the new Captain America later. And the wave 3 Black Widow if she ever shows up around these parts.

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