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  1. Normally, I would agree. But my Target hasn't received any new Marvel U since last August b/c of all of the AIM Troopers and various Iron Men that are clogging the shelves (and a handful of Spideys I noticed today). My hope was that after Christmas they would clearance those figures out, but they did not. They didn't order new figures for Christmas b/c of the glut, so I don't expect them to order more ever at this point. Time for my monthly gripe, I guess. Still nothing at Target. Been since August. Every peg is full to max with Iron Man and AIM Soldiers. Also no restock on Marvel at my local Wal-Mart since way before Christas or Meijer since last summer (but the usually only get 1-2 shipments of action figures a year, it seems ) No restocks on Star Wars, or any of the various DC Comics stuff at any of the 3 stores since about late November. Only restock on GI Joe was at Target a month ago and it was the first Wave of the post-movie stuff. All three stores have restocked all other toys except action figures fairly regularly. I'm sure I'll be back with the same complaint in another month.
  2. Normally, I would agree. But my Target hasn't received any new Marvel U since last August b/c of all of the AIM Troopers and various Iron Men that are clogging the shelves (and a handful of Spideys I noticed today). My hope was that after Christmas they would clearance those figures out, but they did not. They didn't order new figures for Christmas b/c of the glut, so I don't expect them to order more ever at this point.
  3. Well, my Target finally finished their post-Christmas reset and did not clearance out their almost literal sea of AIM Soldiers and various redundant MU Iron Men (or movie Iron Men, for that matter) that have been clogging the pegs since the summer. So, at this point I'm assuming they will never get another new case of Marvel figures.
  4. Went to an out of the way super Wal-Mart last night. Checked the toys and it was all of the usual old stuff. Then I heard an employee tell another customer that their toy overstock was in the lawn and garden center, so I went to check it out. It was HUGE and loaded to the ceiling with random toys! More than I've ever seen at my dinky little local Wal-Mart. They had at least 5-6 cases worth of the latest 2 packs, just stacked on a random shelf. Couldn't find any of the new Waves of singles but it was hard to find anything specific since it all looked like people had just grabbed boxes and emptied them wherever they happened to be standing at the moment. They had about 10 cases worth of the new Return of the Jedi VotC figures but each case worth was in a different location throughout the lawn and garden center. Crazy site to see.
  5. Saw about 6 Galactuseses' (Galacti?) at TRU yesterday. None were the variant. They haven't stocked regular figures since the week Iron Man 2 came out on DVD. My local Wal-Mart hasn't restocked in about 6 weeks.
  6. Finally saw the new comic packs today at Target. Love the Spidey, but not enough to pay for Sentry too. Wanted the Cap/Wolvie set but it's a huge let down - the claw marks on the shield are just paint aps! I could do that! I guess it was foolish of me to think they'd actually sculpt them on. Oh, well. Passed on them. But I'm glad to know they're restocking again.
  7. If only it were that simple. No one in my circle of friends buys toys from him, but he's got the only comic shop in our area and gives me a pretty hefty discount on HeroClix. So, I don't really complain to him much about scalping, I just deal with it. I'm frustrated by it since I go searching every single morning and he just happens to show up one day out of the blue a minute before me and snags stuff. But ranting on the Interwebs helps me get over that. He marked the Skrull down to $12 by the time I got my books, BTW, and it hasn't sold. I'm hoping he'll return it. Still no new Marvel stuff to report around here. Did find the SW ROTJ VOTC Wave this morning at Target, though, so I'm pretty happy about that.
  8. Haven't found much of anything for a while now. Target made room for a lone Skrull Soldier yesterday morning, but I got there at 8:01 and the local comic shop owner already had it and is now scalping it for $20. I asked him why he doesn't just order cases for his store instead of taking what really ought to go to collectors and/or kids. He said the cases come with too much crap he can't sell and then got a big old cheesy grin on his face and said that kids and collectors should come buy this [the Skrull Soldier] from him :hulk:
  9. Found a Carnage at Wal-Mart this morning. They had Ben Reilly and Doc Ock too, but I passed on them. Even though I have all the Spidey-Related MU stuff, Doc Ock is just terrible, IMO, and I'm not really a Ben Reilly fan. Wish they'd get more Spidey Villains in the actual MU line :\
  10. After 21 years of collecting action figures, IMO the biggest problem in collecting always has been (and always will be, as far as I can tell) the toy companies' and retailers' failure to acknowledge scalping as a problem. They are the ones who could put an end to it, but instead they turn a blind eye to it. But enough on that. At least we have the Internet now, which makes collecting a thousand times easier than it was 10+ years ago.
  11. This is why I can't ever find anything w/o extreme luck...and why I'm now turning to Gaelinic to buy one of his extra Archangels... (still waiting to hear back from either my PM or one of my posts, BTW) I've got 2 other local guys helping me search for an Archangel...who both have 2, 1 opened, 1 sealed , while I can't find just the lone, single 1 I need that will definitely be opened. Hoarding is barely different than scalping. At least I can get stuff from scalpers
  12. Hey, dude, I never heard back from the PM I sent you about Archangel. Do you still have the extra? Also, for everyone else looking for stuff, I went out this morning thinking if nothing else I'd find that Iron Patriot variant since my Target was flooded with about 10 a couple weeks ago...and struck out on all accounts. Hit Target, Wal-Mart and even bothered to go to Meijer and found nothing. Target is now flooded with about 10 lame spy Wolverines, Wal-Mart has about 20 of the weird red/silver Iron Man and Meijer still has the Hobgoblin/Vindicator refresh case on the shelf, so I'm thinking it's going to be a while 'till I see anything else
  13. Not much, as I don't usually buy more than one of anything and I usually open everything I have. But I do still have a classic variant Havok I haven't gotten around to opening yet that I could probably live w/o if it would get me a non-variant Archangel. I have lots of opened DCUC and some still unopened, but I don't know what all anyone collects around here. I mostly collect Star Wars. It's Galactus, Thanos and the promise of Apocalypse that's got me stretching into the Marvel U beyond Spider-Villains. EDIT: Forgot I do have some of the Indiana Jones Last Crusade figures I never opened too.
  14. If I can find Thanos or YJ, I'll definitely let you know. At this point, I'm pretty desperate to find a non-variant Archangel.
  15. Kitty wave as in Archangel wave? Why are these still hitting everywhere in the country (it seems) but here. AFAIK they hit Target once (I missed them) and Kroger once (got the Death Variant) and never anywhere around here ever again. Is that Wave still shipping? Should I keep looking? Or if it hasn't come by now, should I give up?
  16. I swear, trying to find an Archangel is going to give me an aneurysm :hulk:
  17. I found Galactus at a TRU on Saturday 10/9/10 and Wave 11 at a Target the same day. Both in Louisville, KY. I already put this in other threads, but I guess this is the official one, so...yeah...sorry...I'm new here And, then today my closest Target restocked with about 6-7 helmetless Iron Patriots and Iron Spiders, taking up every last bit of space I figured they'd use for Wave 11 later this week.
  18. Sounds like I'm a day late on the Archangel Why is he so freaking hard to find and are they going to re-release more?? Sheesh. Between the impossibility of finding the regular one and the new X-Force version being subscription only, it's like they don't want us to have Archangel
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