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    On 10/18/2018 at 8:00 AM, JayC said:

    You say that like it was being used. There hadn't been a new post in the section for several months. 3.75" falls under the Marvel Legends now and there is still Marvel Legends section so if you want to talk about 3.75" feel free to do so, but there is no point in having a bunch of areas on the boards people aren't using.

    Respectfully, that is because over time, areas of active discussion were pulled from the main 3.75 forum and placed in other sections. When that happened, discussion died off.

    First it was the custom thread, then figures in action and collection photos. That really only left sighting and hauls and well there is not much to see or haul in.

    Perhaps though we should look at this as a chance to redefine 3.75 as a discussion forum. If the issue was lack of discussion, putting those threads back would help. Additionally, opening it up for more general 3.75 line discussion would not hurt. Given that Hasbro has given the line a rest for now, the hobby currently hinges on kickstarter, boss fight, zombie lab, mauraders, etc.

    We can make wishlist discussions but the only wish right now is Hasbro gets back to making new figures. Unlikely with 10% cut in work force and everything else going on. And there can't be rumor threads without rumors. 

    However, closing the forum and moving the one active thread likely guarantees that thread's quick demise. It didn't work the other three times. So if the goal was to foster discussion, I fear you will see the opposite. Since there is no longer an area that fits my interest for discussion, I and others will likely go elsewhere. That seems counter productive to your goals in my opinion. 

  2. Nothing for 2018 or 2019 it seems. Big miss on not doing something with Avengers 4 for this scale in my opinion. But that lack of Toys R Us probably doesn't help us either.

    I'm just going to hope by 2020 we see a return and some of these legends sculpts get shrunk down- Kingpin, Jim Lee Gambit, Jim Lee Storm that is apparently in the works and some of the other characters we never got.

  3. Archangel- Cool never got him so this will be one down.

    Professor X- Perfect. Exactly what I wanted. I assume he's not in the actual wave then if he's a vehicle. So easier to get then. Yay!

    Gambit- Exactly what I wanted. Can't wait.

    Storm- White or Silver or both, I don't care. Can't wait to finally have her. Still mad we never got her in 3 3/4 though.


    I believe that leaves Beast and a proper Jubilee and Colossus since we just got Psylocke and Bishop.

    Hoping the Build a figure is Beast or that Beast is in the wave and not yet announced. Given Xavier doesn't appear to be in the wave itself, that opens a slot for Beast. Unless they actually have Storm ready to go and its all about how to paint her which would be amazing.

  4. I get my receipts emailed now so yes I do:


    3.75IN THR LEGENDS MOVIE 19.99 T1
    3.75IN THR LEGENDS MOVIE 19.99 T1






    what's the Articulation of Hulk? does he have waist Swivel, upper leg cut swivel, hand swivel etc?

    No, No and No.
    Molded waist for him and thor. No wrists. And no upper thigh. Fits with the rest of the movie Avengers though
  5. Found the two packs at toys r us. Sadly the one Strange set that was there had a lazy eye. I bought it for now but will likely exchange it when I find one with better paint. Also nabbed the Guardians pack as I had my pick of three and thankfully I found one Yondu where the eyes were correct. And grabbed the legends Groot as well since all sizes there fit well enough for Star Lord.

  6. wedge: It's not certain. There was the Wal*Mart planogram but employees apparently plugged the UPC in and it's the current Black Series. So either Hasbro is continuing Black series and adding TFA (sadly likely knowing them) or they are just the old figures soon to be phased out. I'm hopeful since there is still a Ceremony Leia in limbo that they are just going to add some TFA into Black Series 3 3/4 and that'll be it.


    However, even if that is the case, this is still the red headed stepchild of the line instead of what was once the centerpiece. And that's just depressing.


    Emma and Northstar feel like the true end of an era now that I have them in hand. And it's highlighted by how awful Chameleon is. I kept saying Emma and done and I am seriously thinking that may be the case, especially if this is the future Hasbro is forcing on us.

  7. Three years of waiting over. Though it was sort of ironic that I had an extra three days waiting after the package cleared customs. It was literally an hour away from me for the past few days. But at last! Emma Frost!:


    The new Chameleon body is awful, but it'll work for Osborne. And I was able to replace the head on custom Chameleon I'd bought so yay:

    Emma is on the Bay... $91 as of this writing- a few more weeks and it should be available for pre order!!!

    Emma is overdue enough that I can see her selling out quickly everywhere she's available, but I still think she'll be easy enough to get that paying $91 is insane.



    You think that's insane, she's at 147.50 right now.


    The next time Hasbro complains about female characters or articulation, tell them to look at what happens when you hold a desired female character for nearly 4 years!

  9. I watched SP's interview with the Hasbro team and the one "sub-section" to the X & FF question I wished he would have asked...

    Ok, Hasbro has the rights to do X-Men & FF, BUT do they have the rights to the likenesses of the actors who portray the characters?

    I really want a ML version of DOFP Wolverine(battle suit) or DOFP Fassbender Magneto to go with my RDJ Iron Man or Chris Evans Cap. That's the real question. Why aren't we getting movie likenesses of these characters in the ML line? And why aren't we getting "movie" specific 3.75 lines anymore? I admit I wasn't thrilled with the 5 POA AOE figures AT FIRST but after purchasing all of them and cracking them open I really enjoy them! I'd love to get movie themed 3.75 waves again even if they are all 5 POA. But I want those lines to be specific to the films with movie accurate portraits and costuming.

    So again the real question can Hasbro use Fox "actors" likenesses for ML themed figures or 3.75 movie themed waves?


    The answer to that is easy. The minute they make a movie likeness, they have to give Fox money. Fox gets a portion of any movie related merchandise. So Hasbro might be able to obtain it, but they won't. Because Disney/Marvel does not want them to.


    That's why the only figures that came out for DOFP were strictly comic based at TRU exclusive. Marvel is on record saying something to the effect of preferring to sell something and get 100% of the profit rather than selling something and getting only half. And that's why we're not going to see any movie figures. Marvel would much rather cash in on Civil War where they can sell Cap, Iron Man, new Spidey, Black Panther and the avengers and get 100% of the profit. Same reason we will see Dr. Strange get merchandise but nothing for Deadpool or Gambit. This is different from when XMO Wolverine came out and we were just getting to Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. Now these things are in competition. And if X-Men movie figures sell twice as well as Civil War, then Marvel is losing a lot of money. In their logic then, it is better not to spend that money on helping Fox at the expense of hurting their films.


    That said, I fully expect a Legends themed wave of X-Men comic characters next summer with a BAF Apocalypse. Remember if it's the comic characters, Marvel gets 100% and Fox gets nothing.

  10. Seriously?! I checked around 11:30 and it just showed the usual "Out of stock" for them all, except the Sandman that I'd ordered.


    The blue beast is supposed to be 3 per case. If they really went back up, either they just put up a very small amount or there's as much, or more, of a demand for this wave as there's been for any other, despite all the complaining that's been done.


    I had an easier time getting the Valkyrie, Red She-Hulk, etc. set of figures. :(

    Given people got ship noticed today, logical assumption is these were cancelled orders and not a full on re-stock. So do not despair yet!

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