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  1. Would have liked to see Matt in his hallway appearance (regular clothes with Jessica's scarf around his head). A hoodie for Luke definitely. Love Colleen! Jessica could have used a bottle in a brown paper bag (perhaps not suitable for a toy-isle, but a perfect con-exclusive) and a camera holding hand. I still have my doubts about Danny, and this figure is not convincing me. Which means, in the end, this is a Colleen set for me, and judging by the dynamic in Luke season 2, I'm banking on a Colleen / Misty two pack in the future.
  2. Definitely experiencing a numbing sensation. I went from buying entire waves, including figures I didn't necessarily want to keep, to cherry picking not just the ones I might want, but the ones I really want. Overall I buy less figures because I've completely given up on the concept of buying everything to support the line. I often skip figures until they go on sale. And as others have said, the piling of wave upon wave and tons of exclusives all at once is not helping things. It's probably Baby Groot in charge of the releases-button, and Rocket standing there explaining why he definitely shouldn't push the button or another wave is going to get dumped on the market...
  3. I actually prefer the newer Hasbro capes. If sculpted correctly, they convey motion in a way that I appreciate. I also like the newer Vision/Reaper cape because of the added space between cape and back, and the slenderness around the lower back, which gives a lot of room to pose. Do I suggest they keep using that particular cape again and again? No thank you. Just keep adding what you learn to newer figures. The old rubbery Toy Biz ones get sticky on mine a lot. The cloth ones stand out too much because of the enormously different material compared to the rest of the figure. The old Hasbro ones never gave the freedom of movement implied, whilst also often not sturdy enough to helpfully assist in posing. To each his/her own I guess.
  4. Would love to, but participation eludes me as I am not a US citizen, nor do I desire a twitter handle. And here I was, thinking my 30+ year love for Marvel would do the trick. Oh wait what now! I can enter the vote, but not the competition. Well, that's what I initially came for. Voted for Angela.
  5. I think you'll have to vote at the top of the page to make it count.
  6. Wow! Just wow! Mockingbird looks really good. Nice new sculpted parts! Classic Cap fills a gap in my collection. Taskmaster just screams future reuse for Moon Knight hood, Black Knight sword, and that body armour ... awesome! I hope they use the same size peg for the new Cap head so I can interchange with my previous figures.
  7. I never even considered this! I live in the Netherlands, you know, Sodom and Gomorrah (...not Gamora) as some people would have us think.
  8. sorry dude but that price was not decided by hasbro but by Entertainment Earth Somehow you both thought I blamed Hasbro for EE international shipping? That would be silly. Sorry. Somehow, it seemed like you did. Misinterpretation on my part. No problem at all! ;)
  9. sorry dude but that price was not decided by hasbro but by Entertainment Earth Somehow you both thought I blamed Hasbro for EE international shipping? That would be silly.
  10. I try to keep it balanced. I have some complaints which I believe have some validity, like Entertainment Earth charging $100 to ship a box to me, or the general process of putting out "exclusives" of characters that never see a normal release. In my mind a perfect exclusive was the FF She-Hulk. A character that was available at retail got a repaint/retool, some fun accessories and didn't cost a kidney. I believe they achieved that with the Ant-Man box this year. You miss this set, you don't miss any essential characters, because they have been widely available in all sizes. But it's still really special in both thought and execution. (Yes, that was a big compliment for Hasbro!!!) Then there's the Book of Vishanti set. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. The love that went into this set really shows! But I feel (and please disagree should you need to) it's just not cool to put characters in an exclusive (i.e. very hard to get) set. I believe the set would have been way better if it had just been Astral Strange and a variant on either Voodoo or Dormammu, for which we could get a regular release later on (like Archangel). Maybe pack in a scaled book stand with the Book of Vishanti as an accessory. But let's be honest: I'm just some guy. If Hasbro wants to do it this way, this is the way they will do it, and I can either choose to buy or not buy it. Believe me, I realize it's just an opinion. Like my opinion on the Bucky mold. I LOVE IT!!! I love the variety in molds we have gradually been getting. I love the wide range of characters available to us. I love that Hasbro genuinly seems to invest in making ML the best thing in action figures at this price range. I love the improvements they have made on themselves and on the ToyBiz legacy. I love the style consistency they have achieved since The Return. My wallet hates me though, and I do hope 2016 will bring just a few less, more evenly distributed waves .... I know, I know, don't want to seem ungrateful, just not looking forward to having to skip on figures. I love collecting Marvel Legends and this was truly an amazing year.
  11. But .... can I get that Silvermane head onto the movie Ultron body?
  12. Lovely! Are you sure Venom is using the Hyperion mold, and not the newer Grimm Reaper mold? And Crusher looks like a completely new mold to me. Hope he still has an ankle pivot. I was hoping the Silvermane head was a joke to build up hype for the second 2016 Spidey wave with Silvermane BAF....but this looks fun as well. I am very happy for those fans who have been wanting a Ben Reilly Jack 'o Lantern and Morbius update, but I'm even more happy for me to get a wave where I don't automatically want all the figures!!! More for you! Spider-Gwen, Speed Demon, Beetle and Venom look wonderful .... still might buy all to get that monster of an Absorbing Man.
  13. Well I feel vindicated. They just gave Marvel Universe Odinson the Odin BAF Jarnbjorn, admitting it was insanely small for a six inch figure, let alone a seven and a half inch behemoth. Edit: My bad, I was wrong. The new MU axe has more detail. My size complaint still stands though.
  14. I would but the polls only allow 10 choices, even counting out the Black Spiderman we still have 15 characters. Ah! Thanks for the effort though!
  15. Couldn't we change this thread into a poll? Just to see how visitors of this site compare to visitors of SDCC. You know, with the fancy progress bars and dots for clicking and stuff.
  16. Well let's see: Angela - Yes please, the chance to get anything Neil Gaiman in plastic is awesome! Sam Alexander Nova - I have a feeling we won't need to vote for this one, although any help to get a smaller Miles Morales suitable body is fine by me. Black Spidey - This will happen so don't waste a vote on it. Please. Don't. Just don't. Bor (father of Odin) - Very rare for me .... but REALLY not interested. Cosmo The space dog - Only on the non negotiable condition that it's actually articulated. None of that weak Rocket stuff!!! Darkhawk - Sure. Removable wings and a head that looks all the way up. Disir Army Builders - Again .... very surprised Hasbro thought of something that doesn't interest me the least. Just make sure they don't have a BAF piece. I hate it when army builders have a BAF piece. Excutioner - YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! This is one of those figures that when mentioned makes me want to go off into rant mode. Sif - Sure ... but you could also make Amora. Make Amora. Lyra - Hard to relate to since she's disappeared from the comics. Wouldn't mind, but would rather use the mold for She Hulk or Titania or a Sharon Ventura Ms Marvel. Malekith - Sure. Depends on the mold though. Mysterio - As with Spidey, don't waste your vote. Nebula - Interchangeable heads for the WIN!!!! Go for gold Hasbro: Put a classic and modern head on her. (not at the same time .... that would be stupid) Quasar - YESSSSSS!!! Either Phyla or Wendell, in any costume you want, just make it happen!!! Hood - Meh. Sure. Why not. Would help if he had enough guns and spell effects accessories. Ulik - Nice and big please. So that's Angela, Executioner, Nebula and Quasar as sure picks for me. And if I had to choose a fifth I'd choose Sif over Darkhawk because females are less likely to be released.
  17. NEW: REMAKES: BAF: Enchantress (big body) Cable Stature Firestar (classic) Rachel Summers (red costume) Nimrod Hawkeye (Kate) Bishop Lockjaw Dazzler (blue costume) Hyperion (dark costume) Mister Hyde Monica Rambeau (modern) Wonderman Blue Marvel She-Hulk Nighthawk Domino Songbird Namor (Kraven mold) Spider-Gwen Ultimate Spider-Man Silk Rogue (modern) And as a bonus! (really because I want this more than any other toy) Box Set: New Mutants (classic costumes) Cannonball - Sunspot - Mirage - Magik - Wolfsbane - Magma - Cypher - Karma - Warlock With plenty of height/mold differences!!!
  18. He reminds me of the Spider-Man Origins two pack (with Venom) that I once bought. Is his head (neck) at a sideways angle to his body? I don't have it anymore (my daughters have it ..... somewhere in their room....) edit: found a picture
  19. ... Not what I was expecting. In stark contrast to (in my opinion) the efforts put into the regular lines, another exclusive set comes along riddled with questionable choices. And then there's the money. Strapped for cash because Hasbro has doubled their output compared to last year, I'm offered a set for (let's include the discount) $100,- ... plus another $100 for shipping?!? Let's start calculating taxes: Yep, that's a grand total of $250 for five figures. Maybe instead of this they could have released Gamora with a sculpted hood/cape as a single exlusive for whatever store. That would have freed them up to sell this box set (replacing Star Lord with Thanos featuring a different head sculpt and the possibility of wearing his infinity Gauntlet and having Gamora in her modern costume) as an SDCC exclusive, breaking their bad habit of offering characters at SDCC that never see regular releases. Then in 2016 they could release a wave of GotG with a clothed Groot BAF, Rocket with articulated legs (and Cosmo to fill out the box), Mantis, Adam Warlock, Phylla Vell, Moondragon, Bug and Star Lord (finally seeing a regular release for his comic costume). None of these figures would require much (if any) resculpting, but they would fill a hole in many fan collections. Just my somewhat dissapointed two cents.
  20. Dr Strange wave Movie Strange Astral (clear) Strange Clea Mordo Magik Wong (with cape for Avengers Strange) BAF Dormammu Captain America Wave Movie Cap Falcon Cap Deathlok (modern) Nuke King Cobra Mister Hyde BAF MODOK (modern) Spider-Man Wave Silk Spider-Gwen Miles Morales Firestar (classic) Shocker Beetle (classic) BAF Tombstone To be honest, I'd be very happy to just stick to three waves per year, evenly divided with attention to quality and distribution. So no Avenger wave for me.
  21. Plenty of choices: Wong Mephisto Morgan Le Fay Daimon Hellstrom Nighthawk Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) Cloak & Dagger Nebulon Enchantress The Hood
  22. I've had this too. The clip was designed for bucky cap's wrist and I've broken or severely stressed the clips on both the US Agent and Ultimate Cap shield. The wrists on these characters are much thicker and Hasbro should not have used the same clips. I have not had any problems with Marvel Now Cap or Commander Rogers.
  23. Geeking out! But am I the only one worried about this many figures making it to stores? I mean they've more than doubled their output for 2015.... and we've been hearing stores don't want them for years. WHY NO MAGIC!!! (sorry, hard time articulating my complete lack of X disappointment)
  24. Jocasta Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel etc. Quasar Jessica Jones Starfox Stature Kate Bishop Hawkeye Cannonball Sunspot White Tiger
  25. Congrats on the Widow! I can't remember if I had the same issue, but carefully heating both parts with a blow dryer or hot water (don't put the dryer in the water) could help. This will make the plastic softer and more flexible. Once cooled down it will harden again. If you sand it down, there's no going back and you have to be very sure of your skills.
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