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  1. $35 shipped on avg @ eBay. $25 and up at LCS, from what I've read here and on ToyArk. my LCS has one sinister/ gambit pack left at 22. They also have a metal abby, translucent iron spiderman and clear doc strange for 12 each. Hey busman, which LCS do you go to? I have two down here in Akron but they are strictly more for just books. I'm looking for one even if its in Cleveland that, not only carries some toys, but also has a bigger back log of books. Let me know man.
  2. Hey guys, long time no post in the sightings and hauls. I have been casually looking around the Akron, OH area and a few other areas I have traveled to since this summer with not much luck. Our area seems to be very behind everyone else's in terms of getting product into the store. I have had more luck lately, though. I found a Stretch Strike Venom last week at a Wal Mart, and at another Wal Mart on Sunday I found the FIRST Hydra Soldier I have ever seen in the wild. As far as strictly MU goes, I have found pretty much every single 3 pack that exists except the GotG pack and the FF variant of the F4. I am currently looking for a FF F4 variant so if anyone would like to trade one for a regular Fantastic Four let me know. The comic packs were not nearly as hard to find for me, as I came across the Silver Samurai Patch and Deadpool Taskmaster set about 10 times each AT LEAST. Just last night I happened across the Powerman Iron Fist and Cap Britain Spidey packs and bought them for trade purposes. I had great luck this summer finding Wave 14, both variants and regulars, in the Minneapolis area. The only one I could not find there was the regular Strange and Skaar, but a few months ago I found them at Wal Mart. Wave 15 has not been as easy until as of late. I have seen Commander Rogers a handful of times, Dr. Doom many times, Ultron once or twice, never seen Darkhawk, and came across X-23 once in the wild and bought it immediately. Wave 16 has shown up spottily here. I have seen probably 20 damn Namors and no one else. I came across a mangled Astonishing Wolverine and bought it (not a mint collector, my nephew opens them and plays with them so no matter to me) and am still looking for the metal Absorbing Man, Iceman, and a Magneto. I have seen Sentinels in many places but they are all the silver and purple inaccurate one. Anyone looking for trades I need Magneto, Iceman, and Metal Ab Man so let me know. Good luck hunting guys.
  3. Where at here in OH? I'm looking for Skaar and Regular Strange still. Any chance of getting that Skaar off of you? The best I have for trade is a Cable with Hope but the card isn't immaculate.
  4. Where are you in Ohio? I live in the Akron area and they are literally stocked to the brim at both of my TRUs. I would venture over here and you could have your pick of the litter.
  5. My sister lives in Prior Lake near Savage and I was just there last week. There is a Target there on Highway 13 that ALWAYS has primo Marvel Universe stuff. I have found THE BEST stuff there. Last year I found Archangel like 5 times, Havok variant twice, the Death Archangel a few times, and so on and so forth. Last week I found Wave 13 there on two separate occasions. The first time I was there there was only a first appearance wolverine. The second time however was last Sunday and they had everyone but Cable. I picked up the Cyclops and left the rest. The walmart over by that area also had the comic two packs of SS/wolvie and DP/taskmaster. Hopefully that helps.
  6. Hey guys long time no post in here. Have been hunting for both the new wave and the Cap stuff. So far I have done okay. As far as MU goes I have been to only two stores out of many that have ever had Wave 13 in. One had the remnants of the Wave 12 stuff left and a Target here in Prior Lake, MN (here visiting my sister) had a 1st appearance Wolverine and 3 Gladiators. Other than that I have yet to come across any of these guys in the wild but I was lucky enough to get Apocalypse, Cable and Gladiator on TRU.com. Also found the X-men box set at the Toys R Us in Montrose, OH. None left though last time I was there. As far as the Cap stuff goes I have seen nothing but the first wave. I did, however, just get back from the K Mart in Burnsville, MN where they were doing the aisle reset as soon as I got there. I was able to get them to bring out their Cap stuff and snagged the International Patriots 3 pack. Not a bad grab, especially for only 20 (which is cheap these days). They didn't have any singles so no luck finding the infamous Wave 2 but I suspect they might put them out soon. Since I am at my sisters I will hit up all of the places around here and see what I cant find. I'm here with my nephew so I definitely will be looking more since this is his thing. Wish me luck.
  7. finally got the pics posted. here they are. I also had a friend of mine call me up and say that he found a fell set for me of wave 13 at the fairlawn TRU. YAY ME!!! although, I have to wait till tomorrow to get them . I also got an extra FA wolvie and gladiator for hellseeker. But me and hellseeker have a good feeling about the next several days here in NE Ohio. Ill post pics of tomorrows haul when i get them. I'm also gonna post some close up pics in the cap thread of those new figs. Fairlawn/Montrose TRU got wave 13 in? They haven't had new MU forever. Any way you can grab me a set? I'm going to stop by there tomorrow morning, but it wont be until after a Final I have in the morning.
  8. Stopped by walmart today looking for the GB packs. To my surprise there was one sitting there and it was the frost giant set. One problem..........some #$### opened up the pack, took Loki and all the accessories for the Giant, and left the package back on the rack. You know, scalping is one thing. But when someone steals something it makes me so pissed off its not funny. I gave the fig to a worker there and he told me they had more on order. Im screwed, I cannot even get these here because the ONE walmart that carries them has a thief frequenting it. If I ever catch the douchebag that did this, Ill beat the living #$@# out of him. K, done ranting.
  9. I was at a walmart a few days ago in Stow, OH and they had the sticker but no guys. The guy scanned the marker for me and told me they were at the warehouse and would be there in 5 to 7 days if everything was done right, but like he said you have to remember that "this is wal mart so you never know". That line made me laugh. If you find them there before me I would appreciate a heads up. I want one of each for my nephew. On a good note this has been the best place for me to find the revision cases. The last two weeks they have steadily restocked the revisions there and I have seen Grey, Red Hulk, hand ninja, ronin, everyone but Sunfire, Ms Marvel, Warpath, Daredevil and Bullseye. So far the only revision left that I need is Ms Marvel and then my nephew will have pretty much every single figure in the line.
  10. Totally agree. I don't think people are trying to brag but we don't really have a location based system to all of this so it seems like people are just here to share what they got. I'm fine with that, I just wish we had some threads that were devoted to STATE BY STATE findings and hauls.
  11. Thank you, I now have the two Warpaths I wanted. Good looking out, I have gotten pretty much everything I want to get for my nephew because of HTS.
  12. While I ordered three of those Visions, my intentions are fully to trade. I have already talked with several members on here about trades and that is why I bought so many. Ask the three or four members on this board I have traded with in the past and they will tell you that's why I did it. I hate scalpers, I hate the price that I pay online for figures, and I hate the fact that I cannot win an ebay auction for a figure at a decent price (I refuse to think that the Warpath that EVERYONE but me can find is worth over 20 dollars after shipping when I bid on him). But I also think some of us buy these figures with the right intentions. Like I said, I am not even the collector. My days of toys ended almost ten years ago. But now that I have a nephew who loves the Marvel guys just like I did when I was a kid I collect them and send them to him if he is good. Hopefully these extra Visions will help me snag a Warpath or Bullseye or Sunfire for my Nephew. I know that by buying 4 WWHulks like I did my nephew now has a Mystique, Skrull, Mandarin Whiplash that he would otherwise not have. Now, of course I dont think any of you on here are accusing those of us that got the Visions of being douches, I'm just commenting on the recent posts. Hopefully anyone that needs a Vision will be willing to trade for it, and if not and I find the other figures before a trade happens then I will be more than happy to sell my Vision to someone else at price for what I paid. I am not an ass and I will be fair in that sense.
  13. Thank you, ordered 3 Visions, a black widow, jean grey and grey hulk. I will be trading one or two of the Visions that's why I bought so many.
  14. Must be nice to be able to find revision stuff. Me? Nothing. After a month of searching, the rarest thing to be found around here was a Yellowjacket. I have not seen a single Variant. And the best part? Of the twelve or thirteen stores around here that are supposed to carry Marvel Universe, TWO have had revision cases come in and one of those stores has had it happen ONCE. I am officially going to give up on finding these things. My stores simply refuse to order more Marvel Universe figures and whenever I ask about them I get employees telling me they have no idea if and when they are going to bring them back. None of my wal marts really carry them anymore and of the two toys r us in the area one DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A SINGLE SINGLE CARDED FIGURE! Its been 6 weeks since I have seen any at the store. Awful. I'm done trying to find these damn things. If you want toys, DO NOT LIVE IN AKRON, OH.
  15. Alright I'm getting sick of this. Apparently Ohio is not getting anything. I have been out many times over the past few weeks and I have only ONCE seen the REMNANTS of a revision case. I keep looking and my results are: Of the two Targets, one has nothing but the same peg warming Iron Man MU's and AIM Soldiers. The other Target is where I saw the revision case remnants of Bucky, Classic Cap, a Jim Lee Wolvie (which i grabbed) and a Multiple Man. The Two Toys R Us we have are also worthless. I saw ONE Union Jack at one and then the usual fodder. At the other they DON"T EVEN HAVE single MU's anymore and haven't for over a month. My closest wal mart no longer carries them and has THE WORST toy section in America. I swear. The other I was at had TWO Iron Man, a Green Goblin and a Hobgoblin. I am sick of this. I SIMPLY CANNOT FIND A SPEC OF PRODUCT IN AKRON OH! I keep looking but to no avail. I am ready to give up. I keep trying to find Bullseye, a Jean Grey, MAYBE a Sunfire, a Vision all for my nephew but NO LUCK. I would also love two variant Warpath's, one for my nephew and one for myself (I dont collect figures, but warpath seriously is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE x men). I dont think I am gonna get any of them. I cant even win the EBay auctions for them!
  16. I remember someone on here saying they ran into it at Toys R Us or something. I think.
  17. Found all of Wave 12 except for Spider Woman at the Toys R Us in Chapel Hill. I picked up a second WWHulk, Spidey, Samson, and Captain Marvel for trade. Left a few Hulks, Spideys, and Bleeding Edge Iron Man.
  18. Quick question for you guys. What is the best type of modeling glue to use to touch up basic problems with your figures? My nephew has the Doc Ock from the Spider Man 3.75 in line and the arms are awful at staying in their peg so I want to just glue them in there. Also his NightCrawler came out of the package with a messed up head, the plastic cracked and can fall off when turned. I was looking for a glue that will fix all of that and take the wear and tear of a lightly played with toy.
  19. I picked up my Wave 12 at a Target in Greene, Ohio. I happened to hit them right as they were opening and the only doubles they had were of bleeding edge, 2099 and WWHulk. Haven't been down there since, but have been to like 10 others looking for other stuff. The Ben Reilly Spidey and Carnage I found today were at a Target in Elyria. Not only that, but I took back all of my wave 12 along with the Spidey guys with a Toyrus circular from Sunday and got my figures price matched on the 2 for 10. Doesn't get better than that.
  20. Hit up many different places this morning on a search for many items. I was hoping to find any of the new Iron Man 2 comic wave, any wave 12 to possibly barter with (or Wave 11 for that matter) the Ben Reilly Spiderman and Carnage, A WWE Legends Series 3 Rock (good luck) and an Xbox Kinect. Of course I struck out on half of it, but did stumble across both Spiderman figures and was able to snag the ONE KINECT that is in NEOhio right now for my sister. I am almost there with all of my searching for my nephew, as the only thing that would make it the perfect Christmas for him is if I could find some more Wave 12 to barter with for the IM2 figures because there is no way I am finding them around here. My one hope is I come across some more Wave 12 to trade, otherwise I will be searching the MILLIONS of Targets that reside in the Greater Minneapolis area when I go up there in 12 days. But so far my nephew's Christmas haul from Uncle Spencer consists of: The Clean Up Crew: Bulldozer and Thing (completes his wrecking crew) Ultron and Mr. Fantastic Enchantress and Classic Thor Winter Soldier another AIM soldier 2x Multiple Man Dark blue Human Torch to match the other two FF Pointed Mask Iron Man and Silver Centurion (to give him pretty much all of the hall of armor) The Good Stuff: Sentry and Spiderman Dark Phoenix and Cyclops Constrictor Dark Hawkeye Yellowjacket Iron Man 2020 Thanos WWHulk Captain Marvel Doc Samson Spider Woman Spiderman 2099 Bleeding Edge IM Carnage Ben Reilly Spidey Triple Battle Truck (gonna get that in Minne) On top of that he's getting a two Lego Star Wars things, A nerf gun, Epic Mickey, and I got his mom a Kinect which he can use too. I'd say my brother and I are doing pretty good this Christmas, but thats what happens when you never get to spend the holidays with your sister and her kids. Thank God my niece is only 21 months old or I might have gone into debt this year.
  21. Well, I went to the Target that said they were restocking and of course nothing. But, I called the other Target south of me and found all of wave 12. I went and picked up every figure, leaving a WWHulk, Spidey 2099 and bleeding edge IM. Now with my Wave 11 coming next week I have found all of the figures I was looking for to get my nephew for Christmas. If anyone would like to trade a Captain Britain for one of those figures I would be willing to listen to offers. I need a Captain Britain pretty decently.
  22. I went searching today to the South of me and found absolutely nothing. But, after talking with a few Targets I found out that they expect a box to come in tomorrow morning, so I plan on being there at opening. I suspect it will either be Wave 11 or 12. I am looking to buy all of Wave 12 for myself, but if anyone needs anything I would be willing to trade straight up for some guys I probably will not find like Captain Britain, Skrull Soldier, or even IM2 guys like the new whiplash, mandarin, ultimate IM and modern war machine.
  23. If you got me one of each of those I would pay all of the necessary money to get them to me AND I would discuss maybe sending you some other stuff out of gratitude.
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