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  1. You and I are in complete agreement. Does it seem cold in here to you?
  2. Yeah, if your area is anything like mine, it could mean you need to move to an area that actually GETS new stuff. I have one Wal-Mart and one K-Mart. Everything else is an hour's drive from me. Not only that, but my WM rarely (if ever) gets exclusives and/or Marvel stuff anymore. War Machine from the Iron Man movie? Nope. FFF wave? Nope. 2-packs? Not a chance. Then there's all the Target and TRU exclusives that I never even see, let alone actually have a shot at getting. I say all this not to gain pity, but to explain that those who talk about going to a dozen stores to find one toy and end up in the "I can't find anything!" or "This has been out for a week and I can't find it!" or "We got three cases of this and it sold out in five minutes, so it must be successful!" boats don't seem to have a solid concept that their area is not the only one out there, and they STILL have better odds at getting the new/exclusive stuff than a lot of people.
  3. psst please. it be like this again in another few months. " oh ml is cancelled wah wah. " :P You forgot "Hasbro sucks because they don't give me exactly, specifically, one-hundred-percent the characters I want in the way I want them! How dare they try to sell to anyone else!" I kid... mostly. In all fairness, the answer doesn't really tell anyone anything. This could mean that TRU will be getting one exclusive Wolverine figure sometime next November. Actually, the word is that the movie/cartoon lines will be 6", and they could just shoehorn those into the ML banner and feed us a 'Look, you're getting 6" figures!' line. I want 6" figures, and I'm not given to complaining about how Hasbro killed the line, but even I can see that this answer doesn't amount to much. The better question would have been "Will you be putting some effort into ML instead of keeping it on life support for the foreseeable future?"
  4. My collection needs Mandroids. SHIELD just isn't the same without them.
  5. Abso-freakin'-lutely. Actually, I'd settle for him coming without those bells and whistles accessories, since I haven't read that comic, and just had an interchangeable hand. Get it? Bells and... eh, never mind. Anyway, I would even prefer not getting the IG at all over having a non-removable one. Adam only possessed it for a limited time, and maybe I'd like him to represent some other part of his 40-year history. Sure, the costume still wouldn't be accurate, since it's very much his 90s look, but one nitpick at a time...
  6. It's the first 6" figure. Toy Biz released a few back in the 5" days, although I believe they were all exclusives of one form or another and not general retail.
  7. no. one guy made the comment about adam's gauntlet, and what you get for 15.00. i said that i remember when you posted the increase.......thats it. No offense Pooda, but your comments seem to intone that you're taking CJDDO's comment to mean that MLs are $15 now. Given that he isn't saying that he actually found any of the new stuff, and his follow-up post about Thanos also being $15 or less (when he has a retail of about $20), I'd say he's a bit confused on what the prices of his toys are. That's what GEEK is trying to get at... to a casual reader you appear to be talking about a price increase that hasn't happened (yet?) as though it's in place and been reported here, which I don't think was your intent. You guys are compounding a simple misunderstanding. On another note... if there are no BAFs after Red Hulk/Ares/Nemesis, and we're likely to get mostly/all 2-packs for the foreseeable future, and the price increase is happening after that... I'm not really sure how a price increase for single MLs really affects anything at all, at least for the moment. Then again, maybe I'm confused about what's going on.
  8. Emma's head doesn't work for Emma, so no way it would work for Hepzibah! Although I've never been big into the Starjammers, I would buy this figure if it were on the shelf. I'm not crazy about her shiny costume, but that's a style choice that's very minor with this character.
  9. I said he made one mature action, and that it was unintentional. That doesn't make him mature. As for standing up for himself, he's a 10 year old, and you're an adult who is fully admitting to getting his jollies by picking on a 10 year old. Standing up for him, whether or not he can do it himself, is just pure human decency. The flip question is 'why can't you maturely handle the presence of a 10 year old?' Your only answer has been that you refuse to, which leaves you acting like as much of a child as the actual ones here. Actually, he was avoiding swearing in PM. You posted his PMs in the thread. And I wasn't lying, I honestly thought the filter would stop words like that. This means that his not actually swearing shows more restraint than you do. Once again, a simple examination of your argument finds proof that he probably has more 'right' to post here than you. I can't figure the mentality that WANTS people to think they are a jerk. Never understood it, probably never will. It doesn't matter what his previous posts/threads were. What matters is a kid who is showing an honest effort to be a member of this board, and an adult who's biggest contribution is that he's made picking on a 10 year old his personal hobby. If you, as an adult picking on a 10 year old, don't understand why other adults with some aspect of the maturity you tout would defend that 10 year old, then you have no grasp of it yourself. Oh, but I did read. But see, some people may have read that statement and have thought you were offering an honest apology. Phrases like that are generally meant to make mislead the reader. I made it perfectly clear to everyone that you were still being the same jerk. Thank you for admitting to it.
  10. No. I said he's more mature than you are, where this particular thread is concerned. When he wanted to insult you, he did so in private. You, on the other hand, are assaulting him in a public forum- not only that, but you're admittedly doing so with the intention of making him leave. The former is a mature action, although I will again admit that it was not likely an intentional one. The latter is a pathetic crusade by one geek to prove that another geek somehow isn't 'worthy' of posting at a message board that exists for the sole purpose of having geeks post on it. Now you're arguing semantics to prove a point that doesn't exist. He used language just as strong as you have in this very thread, he just tried to circumvent the swear filter. Then you don't know many kids, and you completely missed the point I was making. ML are meant to cater to collectors... BUT they are also intended for kids to transition into from the kids lines. This cultivates new collectors at an age when they have nothing else to spend money on, and have already developed a 'brand loyalty' to Marvel characters, not to mention that their childhood toys can form the basis for their collection. You apologized, then spent multiple posts still trying to 'prove' that he doesn't belong here. Yeah, you must have REALLY meant that from the bottom of your heart. What a grand gesture. And it's not about taking the collector's side over a kid's side. It's about a kid who's trying to become a collector, and a collector who's being a complete ogre to him because he has a chip on his shoulder about what kind of person can post at a message board that he has misplaced proprietary feelings toward. But hey, you just keep telling yourself that it's just about people sticking up for the kid when you make fun of screen names to prove why he's not mature enough to post here. You keep right on thinking it's about age and ignore that your attitude, no more mature than his, is what's turning people against you.
  11. I responded to your post. You didn't 'end' anything, you just gave everyone the finger and intoned that you wouldn't be back. That doesn't at all prevent others from responding to you. If you were really, honestly 'done with this thread', you wouldn't still be posting in it, no matter what was said. You would feel that you said your piece and were moving on. That's the entire point of walking away from something like this. And it's pretty much 'Internet Arguing 101' that a person will make a 'concession' like that when they're well aware they have no leg to stand on. That way they can blast other people simply for posting, rather than address the things they're saying. Seems more like that's what you're trying to do here, rather than 'end' anything at all. You're blasting him on a public forum for doing something innocent. He's blasting you in private for being rude. His language could be better, but ironically (and probably unintentionally), he IS being the mature one here. No one, unless there's another PM you plan to plaster up here to prove how 'mature' you think you are. He called you names, just like everyone calling you a jerk in this thread is doing. Wow, again with the irony. Marvelfan is showing passion for collecting. You're showing a passion for verbally assaulting him for it. Or they'd beg mom to buy them 'barbarian Hulk' or something like that. While I'll agree that Marvel Legends are marketed more to collectors than kids, the other 6" Marvel lines, with their action features and such, make it pretty clear that Toy Biz/Hasbro want kids to transition from those into ML, while the collectors can come over to the kid's lines to get characters that aren't offered in the ML line. It's this nice little cross-sell that does in fact end up with kids getting ML figures, which helps support the line for the collectors, and then the kids become collectors, and the line is supported indefinitely. Well, it would work that way if Hasbro had any brains about it, but that's another topic that already has a thousand threads.
  12. Actually, I've defended you when you made sense. I choose sides based on what I think of the issue at hand, not the person. And I'll admit that the difference between 'look what I got' and 'utter crap' is sometimes slim. Which one do you really think he was going for? Honestly, do you think he said "Let me post about this so that I can annoy people", or do you think he said "Awesome, someone for Captain America to fight! I have to tell everyone!" I maintain that it was the latter, and I have yet to be convinced that someone being excited about getting new toys (however old they may actually be) is something others should be getting upset about. There's a flipside to this, you know. I'm sure there's some 'mature' toy collecting board out there where they're all serious about toys and no one says anything silly ever. I'm also sure that such a board is pretty darn boring, because aside from finding new stuff, there's really nothing to talk about in the world of Marvel toys right now. But you're welcome to go join up there if you want. You can complain to your heart's content about kids collecting a toyline like it's... *gasp* ...a toyline! Even better, let's consider for the moment that he just bought a pegwarmer to go with his new product. So the store got another space to put a toy in (potentially one that YOU want), and the new stock is selling, which as we know is what makes the toy world go 'round. He's supporting the line when others are dropping out left and right. Plain and simple, this hobby (and this line in particular) needs 'new blood' among the collectors. I don't think treating someone like dirt until he thinks that only jerks collect Marvel toys and gives up on Marvel Legends as a result is really the right way to support the hobby. Hey, look at that. Even when we get mature and serious about it, he still did nothing wrong, and you're still being rude. No, if people his age want a right to post, they have to have basic computer and English skills. That's it. If you're competent enough to fill in the blanks and check your email, you can post here. Sorry that you don't like it, but that's how it works, and I don't think any amount of your rudeness is going to change it. Your options are pretty much to deal with it, to be rude until the mods get tired of complaints about you and ban you, or to start your own board where you can be an ogre and get to decide who can post.
  13. Like talking about toys? Like... talking about toys? I've been here long enough to notice there's not a lot of conversation going on anymore, and when it is, it's often redundant. The "I found ___" threads are bringing in the responses these days. I'd much rather read that someone is happy about finding a new toy (even if it's only a 'new' toy) than the millionth thread about how much someone STILL hates HML Banshee and White Queen or Hasbro sucking or something else I've seen over and over and over. Yeah. You can only have toys if you're a grown-up! Kids these days, how dare they buy toys! How dare they be happy with their purchase! How dare they tell anyone about it! Honestly, the kid's excited and he's trying to start a discussion. I'd love to see a board full of that kind of enthusiasm, rather than some 'mature' adult being a pompous elitist and verbally assaulting others for not taking their toy collecting seriously.
  14. To my knowledge, the Hellboy toys weren't sold at the department stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. The video stores and such that sell toys one the side will generally allow the companies to get away with more than the 'family retailers' will. More accurately, the rising sun is attached to the Japanese throughout their history. The Nazi swastika represents a very specific and dark time in Germany's history. One isn't specific to WWII, the other very much is. True. I remember the winter Olympics in Nagano a few years back. People called into the networks complaining that they were seeing swastikas on some of the Japanese buildings. The networks did an ad-hoc special to explain that it wasn't the Nazi swastika, and being on buildings that were hundreds of years old, had nothing to do with WWII.
  15. That's pretty much the answer right there. ML has always been in a 6" scale, but it appears that is measured independently with each figure and even then often has mistakes. The example of standing Phoenix and Rogue next to Banshee... well, at what point were either of the ladies that tall? They tower over half of the Toy Biz males! And X-23 is one of the few figures based on an artist's work, and both versions have an enormous head no matter who you compare her to. She and MODOK go hat shopping together every second Thursday of the month. The line has never been perfect when it comes to scale. We as collectors just do the best we can when we display them.
  16. No way. If you paint your Ultimate Iron Man, then you don't get the cool Jim Rhodes head to snap on the Shield body for yet another cool Shield agent. See, cool Ultimate War Machine and bonus head. (Sure there's a sex joke there, but I left it sitting.) Plus the BAF part. It's a win/win/win GEEK I haven't seen the Jim Rhodes head, and I'd like to check it out. Link/pic? I wouldn't put it past Hasbro to repaint Tony's head and be done with it. Toy Biz did that back in the day with the 5" figures to make an 'unmasked' War Machine.
  17. You got it in one, more or less. The word 'holocaust' is pretty loaded. While not technically racist or necessarily referencing WWII, it could be offensive to a lot of people. I mean, it's a flaming skeleton in a suit of armor, and the Nazis burned millions of people in ovens... it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to see how this could turn real bad, and real fast. In the 90s, Toy Biz made a 5" figure of Holocaust. They renamed him "Dark Nemesis" to sidestep his potentially offensive name. Hasbro doesn't want to use the name either, so they're using something similar as well. In a roundabout way, it's almost a nice little nod to TB.
  18. Did you miss the part where I said that your reasons for liking him are completely valid? Did you miss that I never said you were wrong, but only gave an alternative point of view? Because that's what I was going for, and I explicitly said so. I think it's perfectly fine that you don't like him (or aspects of his design/character history). My differing thoughts aren't meant to invalidate your opinion, but just to point out that the opposite also has validity. I like him for the reasons I've already said. I actually LIKE that he's an alien that looks like a dragon. Aliens have to look like something, and dragons have to come from somewhere. I like that his form invokes power and destruction before he even actually DOES anything. When you get down to it, guys like Thor and Herc are aliens too, being non-humans from other dimensions and all. Foom is just more direct about it than they are.
  19. You did. Then you kept on going. The question took one sentence. Heck, you asked it in the title of the thread! The very fact that you provided multiple sentences gave something to break down and respond to. Honestly now, you're getting bent out of shape because someone is trying to further a discussion... on a discussion board. If it looks like I'm trying to tear your opinion apart, that's not my intention at all. You asked several good questions and made several comments that were great for starting a public conversation, so I figured that's what you were doing. I didn't realize you thought you were posting in your personal closed area. I would contest that having a 'normal' dragon in a superhero universe (even one with Thor and Hercules running around) would be a lot cornier... but that's my opinion. If you think it's corny... then you think it's corny. It's all relative to the tastes of the individual.
  20. So you know that people like him, but you're asking if anyone likes him. Say huh? Even a 'regular dragon' has to come from somewhere. How is space any worse than other dimensions, or being an ancient species that for some fantastical reason doesn't appear on the fossil record, or any number of other explanations that comic books toss out for various monstrous beings? Not to put to fine a point on it, but FFF's first appearance pre-dates Fantastic Four #1, widely held to be the birth of the Marvel Universe as we know it. That means that, technically speaking, there weren't ANY cosmic characters at the time of his creation. I'll even grant that he was retconned into being an alien... but I'll also put forward that there weren't nearly as many 'cosmic characters' around then as there are now. It's not like the guy just made his first appearance less than a year ago *cou-Son of Hulk-gh*. Maybe you have it backwards. Maybe Chinese dragons look like his species. Well, not Chinese dragons specifically, since his design has traditional elements of both Eastern and Western dragons, but you get what I'm saying. But really, he has to look like something. Why make a species that look like goblins (Skrull)? Or like blue humans (Kree)? Or like humans with feathers (Shi'ar)? Or like bugs (Brood)? Or like cat/skunk people (Mephistoids)? Or like any number of the recognizable things that comic book aliens tend to resemble? Why make him look like a dragon? Because it gives him a good reason to be huge and impressive and powerful and all the other things that make him Foom.
  21. Actually, that's right on par with the Wal-Mart exclusive that Toy Biz made. The only truly 'new' figure was Thor (well, Giant-Man too, but so is Ares). Even better, the Black Panther body was used twice in that same wave (Captain Britain and Sentry), just as the Silver Surfer body shows up twice in this one. In an ironic twist, you're knocking Hasbro for being like Toy Biz. And even better: Hasbro's not giving us another Wolverine. Spider-Man, yes, but at least they seem to be honestly trying to top the one Toy Biz made.
  22. No, it's not. The dictionary definition simply does not matter in this case, as Marvel Legends are not in the dictionary. It's how the company making the figure defines it that determines if it is what you say... and by the Toy Biz lexicon, variants were defined by different paint jobs/heads/accessories that were clearly intentional and duly noted on the back of the card. Unless you flip that card over and there's a picture of Hawkeye with the word 'variant' under it, like there is with Vision and Ghost Rider, then what you have is something else. That's why other words and phrases exist to denote the things that are different for other purposes and reasons. Running change, correction, error, variation (that's the word that would apply here), and so on.
  23. There is a third option, you know. Maybe BC is trying to give the most complete answer possible. I mean, OCD may be involved, but at least it's being put to a use that's constructive to those 'on the hunt'. Although I would agree with you that something like this is not necessarily a 'variant'. That word gets tossed around too easily these days.
  24. Oh, I have. But he's even more of a different character than Changeling/cartoon Morph are. I wanted 'Changeling' and 'Morph', but while Exiles Morph has good reason to look silly, Changeling just looks like a moron in a stupid hat for no other reason than being designed by Kirby (possibly while drunk)... so I went with a version of him that was better, in appearance if nothing else. Too much shading on everything, cardboard characters, and 'ripped from the comics' plots that were often little more than pale imitations of those comics, in my opinion. But if you like it, that's cool. I'm sure I could name at least half a dozen shows I like that you find unwatchable.
  25. His toy (click me!) had brown hair. I liked it better. To a large extent, I'll agree. I don't see the huge attachment to what was, speaking frankly, not a show that holds up to time and/or any scrutiny at all. But... Morph was an original(ish) and well-developed character, and the highlight of the episodes he was in. Additionally, Morph was based on a character from the comics, the early X-villain/X-Man known as Changeling (seen hereand here), and while I wanted some X-Men in my collection that I could count on never seeing as 6" figures, I'll be darned if I'm going to make that Kirby-hatted freak. I'd much rather go with a not-entirely-canon revamp.
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