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  1. Which coast do you live in west or east? Not sure if im correct but it seems to me when I see things hit on the west coast I start seeing them a week or two later here in the east.
  2. Found that darn Phasing Vision today. Not as happy about it as I thought I would be though. He still looks like he's staring at his feet like my regular version does. I Was hoping My regular version was just badly molded and this one would be able to look straight ahead. Oh well he's still pretty cool to look at illuminated.
  3. You are fortunate to have decent distribution in your area. I have a few stores clustered about 25 miles from each other. 5 targets 3 SuperWalmarts and a TRU, out of all of them only 2 targets have had any of the Revisions (twice) in the last 3 months. Retail is useless in my area. But hey if you need any Ironmans we got those.
  4. My experience with dyeing the figures is that the outline of the original paintjob will still be present, i.e. you can tell the separation of color on all of the figures I Rit-dyed. However, the head will essentially soak up all the dye, so you'd either have to paint the face all over again or just paint the head itself separately. Thanks for the info that should be very helpful. I plan to pop off the head and free hand it, being a smaller area to cover im confident this should work the way I plan.
  5. I want to Rit dye my archangel black but have some concerns. The effect i want is to have the light pink remain lighter than the dark blue so I can use it as a guide for painting the silver. If it works the way I would like it can make for a easy repaint. Any thoughts? i have quite a bit of experience painting lead mini's and this would be my first attempt at a plastic action figure. I would prefer to paint in 2 layers rather than line to line Silver meeting Black if you get what im saying.
  6. I would hate to add up how much gas I ate up over the last 3months looking for the revision figures. No more retail for me because im sure I could have bought 4or5 cases for the gas mileage I used. Up until the last revisions thats how I've done it and I'm quite happy to wait for the UPS driver like he's Santa Claus.
  7. I feel your pain here in Reading PA as well. Over a dozen stores within 20min of me and only one restock in 3months its pathetic really.. as a consumer I feel slighted without any form of recourse or action to take.
  8. Dude! Jack Of Hearts and Quasar are figures I dream about. Awesome Job.
  9. All of my local targets have signs posted on the pegs that say the figures will not be available until march 1st. Kinda makes me wonder how many people are pestering the employee's for them to post that. Quite honestly, there is nothing from this line that is difficult to find. I've seen every figure on multiple occasions at different Target locations. I'm not sure why anyone would pester an employee to bring out new figures from a toy line that will have niche appeal as it is. If there was a variant or short-packed figure, I could at least understand. But there isn't. I have no intention of picking up anything from this line or the Capt. America movie line. Classic characters only, please. My exception is Iron Man - because I love the concepts. I think your location must have much better distribution and far less scalpers than mine. I can guarantee that within the 3 Targets 2 Super Walmarts and the 1 TRU within 20 mns of me they will stock once and be picked apart by scalpers before anyone can even see a Odin or Frost Giant. If the ever get any restock it will still be the same thing. Like I said my area has'nt broken street date and I have already seen and heard the demand while in the stores. a few weeks before the Ironman figures came out there were very large peg sections devoted to them, The Thor figs have been given about a quarter of the same space. I think im going to take my camera out to the stores on March 1st just to show how friggin nuts it is here.
  10. All of my local targets have signs posted on the pegs that say the figures will not be available until march 1st. Kinda makes me wonder how many people are pestering the employee's for them to post that.
  11. I found 2 Warpath variants and 1 IM2 Silver Centurion and 1 Classic blue Iron Monger. All but 1 Warpath are up for trade if anyone has a Moonstone or Clear Vision.
  12. No apologies, I appreciate your compassion for what happened. The floor manager told the man she knows who he is because he is there all the time and he is banned from the store. I believe I heard her ask the police for a picture of the man, for what reason im not sure.
  13. Yeah he hit and ran pretty quickly and got to the registers before anyone noticed what happened. He was just about to walk out of the sliding doors when one of the male employee's blocked him. If I was'nt alone with my daughter I would have been all over the guy. It worked itself out all by itself. The employee that stopped him looked more PO'ed than I was...... My area is scalper central. I see them everywhere when I take my kids out to the stores and they're generally not very nice people. The manager shared some stories similar to mine and I felt kinda bummed that its not that unusual for situations like mine to happen there. It just is'nt worth looking most of the time.
  14. Glad to hear shes alright man! And that *explict explict explict* scalper get what he deserved. Really cool of the employees keep him there until the police arrived. Those employee's were awesome, they gave my daughter a free Ice cream sandwich and she forgot all about her BooBoo... When the cops questioned the guy he just stood there with a dumb look on his face, He said he did'nt see her there which I believe, but it did'nt make it any better. My daughter thinks TRU gives out free Ice Cream now..lol
  15. thanks bigbud, My daughters alright its just another 3yr old BooBoo. It was a bleeder though and kinda scared the crap out of me. Anyway I bagged a scalper, who can beat that haul.
  16. I really need to vent.. I called TRU earlier and they told me that they recieved a new shipment of MU figures and the clerk said alot of people had called regarding them. I brought my daughter with me to have her show me things she might like for her coming birthday. I was in a really good mood and thought it would be cool if maybe I could find some of the new variants I've been looking for, if not oh well I'll spend some quality time with my little one. Anyway I get to the store and on the way in I see this white trash guy I see all the time scalping toys at all the local stores I could tell he knew me as a collector as well. I knew then I would'nt get what I was looking for but again I just felt Oh well maybe next time. So white Trash scalper power walks past us and and we casually walk behind him. As we turned the corner we could see a stack of empty MU boxes at the end of the aisle in a shopping cart. What does white trash scalper do..He pushes the cart in front of me HITTING my 3yr old daughter in the face and just kept going.. I comforted my daughter who was bleeding badly from the mouth and started walking her the the bathroom when an employee asked what happened. I told her and she asked if the man was still in the store, when I turned around he was at the register and I pointed him out. TRU called the police and some associates would not let him leave until they arrived.. He was arrested for assault on a minor. Guess what he had purchased? 2 Visions 2 Warpaths and a Ms Marvel. I hope they pay his legal bills. That was my haul today.
  17. I have high hopes for friday morning at my local TRU. When I went last week I noticed they no longer had two sections of MU and they had put all of them in a shopping cart and left the pegs empty. I went back the next day(Friday) and the pegs were empty and the cart was gone. I asked an employee about it and he scanned the pegs and said they had none(I believe him) in stock, but the truck comes on Thursday night. I think a big restock is coming and I am debating going Thurs. night or Friday morning, or both.
  18. I have been seeing alot of Phasing Visions without capes selling on Ebay and wonder if anyone here is capable of casting a mold for it.. Or clue me in on how to do it myself.
  19. Not having much luck here in southeastern PA. I was at the local TRU and saw stickers placed on the empty pegs with today's dates on them. The clerk told me they are for reorders from their warehouse. Anybody see this at their stores before? How long should I wait to check back? I was thinking tomorrow.
  20. I'm new to the forums and want to get my feet wet customizing figs. I am looking for suggestions on a decent helmet to use for a Nova custom. I wanna try and make some cosmic Marvel figs.
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