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  1. Went to Tarjay this morning and found a shiny new Wave 13 case. I picked up and extra Cable w/ Hope since I know so many people on here are having a hard time finding him. Hit me up if you're interested. Cost plus shipping or I'll trade for a FO Torch. Side note: I scanned him and it said they had more in the stock room. So I found a woman and asked her if she could look. She scanned it and looked me straight in the eye and said there were none in the back. Hhhmm. Lazy *&%$. I tried to find someone else a little more helpful but there was no one to be seen and I was running late for work. Sigh. They also just put out the Cap 2 pack exclusives. Even though they dumbed down the paint on all the figs it's not a bad deal.
  2. Just saw the remnants of 1, possible 2, revision cases at Target. Damn, I want that FO Torch! Anybody have an extra?
  3. Just came back from China. I was there for work but I was hoping to find some kind of hobby shop or market that had some toys. Sadly, even though they're all made there I found absolutely nothing accept some knock-off "Vehicle-Changers" aka Transformers. I did come home to my FF and Avengers 3 packs. I'm a little bummed that BBTS hasnt filled my Wave 14 pre-order yet. Although a friend of mine found me the Clear Dr. Strange so I'm only on the hunt for a FO Torch and the DP/TM 2pack. Did my usuall rounds today and it looked like none of the stores got anything new. S. Florida blows.
  4. Picked up the Wolvie/Sabretooth 2 pack today at TRU @ 25% off. I really didnt want the Wolvie so $14 for Sabretooth and a comic isnt too bad.... Still no sign of Wave 14 or the Wave 13 Revision case here in S. Florida. I preordered Wave 14 off of BBTS but I'm hunting for that Astral form Dr. and Flame on Torch. Anyone have an extra?
  5. Damn I want me some Avengers/FF box sets! If I remember reading right, he picked those up at a comic/specialty shop right? They're not in retail yet are they?
  6. I didnt see the sticker that says it's a TRU exclusive. I think they are just the first to get them.
  7. Saw the First Class 2 packs at a TRU today. The Cyclops/Jean is decent but I'm personally not a fan of the costumes. I really wanted to grab the Wovie/Sabretooth but why, oh why, can't they pick a Wolverine and stick with it. The one pictured on the back is the one from the Cap/Wolvie 2-pack but for some reason they stuck this squatty head XMO crappy repaint in with a pretty decent Sabretooth. If it drops in price I'll pick it up but $17.99 is too much for only wanting one figure. I also found a Skull and Crossbones at a Target but passed since a friend of mine already snagged them for me. I have a feeling these will be pretty abundant the closer we get to the movie's release.
  8. Finally picked up the SS/Wovlie 2 pack at Walmart this morning. Only had one left and no DP/Tasky 2pack. The Wolvie head could be the worst yet. I'm tempted to buy a new X-School Wolvie (which I've avoided) just to do a head swap.
  9. A friend of mine in Cali was able to snag me a Crossbones, Skull, and Bucky Cap from a Walmart. I'm finally caught up except for those illusive 2 packs. I've yet to see any of them anywhere in retail.
  10. I'm still confused. Other than the hair it looks like the exact same figure. What makes the XMO one sooo much better than the new MU one if it's just a repaint?
  11. I stopped by a K-Mart, Books a Million, and a Walmart on my way home today. K-Mart had nothing. Some Iron Man figures from a year ago and the only Cap stuff they had was the 12" figure. Lame. Books a Million only had 3 Cap figures left though they were from Wave 2. Walmart had Cap Wave 2 as well. US Agent is a cool character but I'm not crazy about the figure. I really wanted the Bucky Cap. The metallic paint app and the sculpt are perfect IMO. Aside from the rediculous shield I was really impressed with the figure. Sadly they only had two and one had bad paint and the other's upper thigh swivel was warped. I hope I can find him somewhere else!
  12. just in case anyone else was wondering where to get them http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo...mber=HMV78230P2 http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo...mber=HMV78230P1 This might be when we see the "Astral Form" Dr. Strange. Does anyone think we'll actually get the regular DD and Modern Ms. Marvel in these packs? Or more variants and running changes.
  13. I saw (for the first time) the Wolvie/SS GB pack at a LCS. They were asking $25 for it! Anyway, the Wolvierine head is attrocious. You think they would have learned their lesson with the X-School Wolvie but I guess not. It's almost worth picking up the new one just to do a head swap.
  14. Picked up a Winter Soldier and the Giant Size X-Men pack at a TRU. After looking through over 15 X-Men packs I finally found one where all 6 figs have decent paint apps... until I opened it up and found a spot on Colossus back was unpainted and Wolvie had some blue paint on his leg. Not a huge deal but if it drives me more crazy I may go buy another set and swap 'em then return it because yes, I am that anal jerk who want's his toys perfect. Overall I really like the set. The only figure that is an exact duplicate will be Wolverine once I get the Sentinel later this year. Also, I'm always more inclined to open box sets than MOC figs so this is my first hands on experience with all of these figures. I do like the WS a lot. I wish I could pose him kneeling but his upper thighs and belt pouches wont allow it. Also, it's kinda lame that the gun on his side doesnt come out and his sniper rifle is bent and I can't seem to straighten it out. Does anyone have any tricks to fixing this?
  15. Found 2 X-Men sets at TRU. One had bad paint on Cyclops and the other was just an empty box. Sigh. A few members on here convinced me that I should pick up the new Winter Soldier and I've seen him everywhere but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find one with decent paint.
  16. If you're in the East Bay definately check out Crush Comics in Castro Valley. It's the store I went to growing up and I actually worked there for a couple years. I haven't been in years, as I live in Florida now, but it was always the best place to find back issues, trades, and a good selection of toys. If you go, tell Mike, Tom says hi!
  17. Found the Giant Size X-Men pack at a Disney store. About 10 of them. One being the variant. I wonder what the case breakdown for that is of if it's just a crap shoot. I like the set as a whole. The figures are nice, but I couldn't get myself to spend $49.50. If I find it ar TRU for $35 I'll definitely pick it up.
  18. I got my TRU order of 2 Cyclopses today! To bad I found him in stores. Let me know if anybody is interested in trading or buying. If not I'll just take them back for store credit.
  19. All this talk about the Cap line Winter Soldier has me jonesing to buy him. Why does everyone find him better than the MU version? Just curious. I saw him but passed because he has that rediculous jet pack. I'm interested in the Bucky Cap too (since I'll never score the GB Skrull pack for less than $50) but again, why the rediculous shield with blades popping out? Come on Hasbro, leave that junk for the deluxe packs and the scuba/desert/flying/forest versions of figures.
  20. Wave 2 is out already? Has Thor Wave 2 even been released?
  21. I'm sure the Cap stuff is going to be pretty easy to find. They were at least smart enough to pack 3 of each figure per case. I opened up my Ult WWII Cap last night and he's frikin' sweet. His articulation is a little hindered because of his bulky clothes but he even has the swivel ankles which I'm hoping is becoming the norm for all Hasbro figs. Winter Soldier was the second best but I'm happy with the MU version. Edit: I just realized this WWII Cap is the exact same figure as the SDCC 2010 Exclusive just with different paint. So if you're not ready to drop $30+ on that one, he's a perfect replacement. I'd love to get my son some of the vehicles but the figures are so terrible. It's like rather than using a bush to paint them they just dunked them in three colors and hoped for the best. I've seen better paint apps on Chinese knock-offs.
  22. Well I grabbed 2 Cyclops and a Cable off of TRU.com but then I went on a mega hunt this morning. 4 Targets and one TRU. Here's what I found: Target 1 - WWII Cap from the new Cap line and an Archangel for a friend. Target 2 - Remnants of a Wave 13 case so nothing there. Target 3 - 2 Apoc (1 for the same friend) and a Cyclops!! Target 4 - 1 Cable and left behind Cyclops and 3 Apoc. TRU - Nada. I tried to cancel my TRU order and they said it was already being processed. Damn that was quick! So after all that I unintentionally have 2 cyclops and a Cable for trade but I wont get them in hand until at least the 16th. Hit me up if you are interested.
  23. Stopped by a target this morning. No wave 13 but they did have Cap stuff out. I snagged a WWII Cap cause he is by far the best figure in the wave. I was pretty impressed with the vehicle sets too but the figures that came with them had the WORST paint apps I've seen. I mean Team X Wolvie bad. Actually most of the regular figs were pretty sub-par as well. It's a shame.
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