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  1. Wave 13 @ tarjey , 2 cases out , snagged a cyclops for meself, there were 4 apoc , 4 grape juice bukake (lol doomtron) gladiator, 2 cables with hope, 4 wolvies , 2 wwh and 2 future spidey and other MUs. [@ noodlechow i guess youre going on a roadtrip lol :), jk ], tarjey hayward/union city , get em boys and girls. hope that helps.

    Damn, I grew up in Hayward and now I live in Florida. I knew I shouldn't have moved!!

  2. I just bit the bullet and pre-ordered Wave 3 (Dr. Strange wave). Sigh, $49.99 isn't too bad for 5 figures. It's silly that the Wave 2 pre-order has already jumped up to $69.99. BBTS really takes advantage of the hype factor around collectibles.


    Has anyone ever split a case from Entertainment Earth? It seems like the best deal especially with the future even pack outs. $99.99 for 12 figures, each person gets the new stuff and you can easily sell or trade the old stuff.


    Still no luck with the new stuff...

  3. So I stop in TRU on my way home and I see the same revision cases that have been there for a while. I ask a girl if they got any in today (since it's their shipment day). She looks it up and it shows there are 29 on the floor. I go back and see that the figures are scattered between 3 different isles but I only count 17. I find her again and she says that sometimes people steal them or they get scattered around the store. Makes sense, until I thought a bit more. Exactly 12 figures "missing". Could they be...A CASE OF WAVE 13!?!


    So either someone was hording them, it didnt get stocked yet, or she was too lazy to check. Either way, I'll never know...

  4. I see a ton of people NOT logged in as guests but that have actual usernames and I've never seen them post. I guess the point is they don't always have to just be a guest to be a scalper


    we're not all scalpers, honest. i just signed up a few days ago and have been reading the forums for info, i just got into these figures recently (literally, like last week) so i don't have much to contribute yet.


    i did spend about $350 in a week picking up these Marvel Universe figures and a few GI Joes, so now i'm mostly looking forward to the new set. i want that cyclops bad.


    but this is my first post, so hi everyone.

    You picked a great time to start collecting. Nearly everything from the previous waves are easily available. 3 months ago you'd be lucky if you saw more than an AIM soldier and 10 Iron Men. Welcome!

  5. Made a run during lunch today.


    TRU - had completely restocked the 2 packs...but no DP/Task or Wolvie/SS =(


    Target - The had an case of wave 13!! ...but someone beat me to it and all they left behind was the WWH, 2x Wovlie and 2x Gladiator. Double =(


    I really wanted the Gladiator but as other people have mentioned his face is jacked. It's not so much that they painted on highlights but they just left off the darker color. It's not as bad as Team X wolvie but it's not ideal that's for sure. The 1st App Wovlie was cooler than I thought and it appears that they did make him much shorter, especially next to Gladiator. I'll probably pick them both up when I see them again in hopes of better paint apps.



  6. A friend of mine in the bay area just found a death mask archangel in a Raileys...the supermarket. The catch is they were charging $14! Since when did a Raileys become a specialy store?


    Also, its kinda silly that we're supposed to form little clicks on here in order to get the scoop on figures. The whole point of these boards is to inform and help out fellow collectors , strangers or not. If you only want to help out your "friends" then pick up the phone and call them. Don't post on here that you've found something but you're only going to tell your friends so nanner nanner. Scalpers are going to get what the want when they want. Being secretive on here isn't going to change anything.

  7. i think i'll even get that gladiator because my earliest memory of him was this scene:



    Funny enough Gladiator and the Imperial Guard were actually created as sorta a spoof of Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes. His name is even Kallark, a mix of Kal-El and Clark.


    He's since kind of broken away and become his own character and now he's a big ol' space pimp. He might be my most wanted out of this wave.


  8. Hey guys...another new poster here. So thankful for this website. It saves me so much gas money by not just blindly going to every WM/Target/TRU in town (which I still regularly do).


    So pumped about the new wave, but I'm actually probably going to pass on everything except for Apoc and Cable...although when I see an original Wolverine in stores I probably won't be able to pass up. I already have few Cykes from all the other packs he's in and I really don't find a point to Gladiator without other characters like Lilandra or Deathbird. I'm trying to collect for my 2 year old and 6 month old, trying not to open them until they're old enough to play with them (and hopefully appreciate them).


    BTW...anyone get lucky with the comic 2 packs (wolv/samurai or deadpool/task)? I haven't heard much from anyone getting lucky since that one guy who created the thread...

    Welcome. You'll be happy to know that there are more collector like you here, myself included, who are buying MU for their future generations. I have a 3 month old who's going to have one hell of a 5th (or 6th...or 10th) birthday. I tried to keep my collection all MOC but the WWHulk and Thanos were making fun of me behind their plastic shell.


    A lot of us are hoping more Marvel Cosmic characters will pop up in future waves so you might want to snag Gladiator now before he's impossible to find (or he shows up in future revision cases in 6 months).



  9. I told the story a few days ago about how I went to a Walmart and they had the GB sticker but no figs. I asked a guy and he took my number and told me he'd call when they got in. He was really nice but in my head I was saying, "There's no way he'll actually call". I'll be damned if I didn't just get a call from him saying that there are 2 of each on the shelf. Bad news is I already picked them up at a different Walmart that same day. So if anybody is in the Hollywood, FL area go now!

  10. Blade



    Iron Fist



    these are the only 4 MU figs missing from my collection... as someone said earlier, i hope these are re-released in future revisions.


    on that note, Iron Fist (1st appearance) is being released in the CP with Power Man. IMO, that new Iron Fist is way better than the first release! can't wait for that CP to drop.

    Yeah I love the 70's big collars they both have. That's a definite buy.

  11. my girlfriend snagged me a Frosty/ Loki pack this am. She's like " i grabbed the the one with the best paint apps of the three." thats a good girl. :cool:

    Marry her now. The chances of you finding another girl that is willing to go to that length for your hobby is about 0.005%. Trust me.


    My GF used to buy my comics every other week and mail them to me while I was on an internship. 2 years later I put a ring on her finger.


    On topic: when does everyone expect the next wave to hit? What have been the trends in the past?

  12. thanks man, I felt like that kid that scored the Golden ticket on Willy Wonka when I saw this,


    but I still feel it had to be a error or old stock because I haven't heard of this happening......yet.

    You lucky SOB!! I ordered 2 warpaths too but they were both Red and Blue. They shipped before April 4th so I'm guessing they pulled it from the march revision cases. I'm thinking they are actually going to re-release the X-Force Variant and you were one of the first to get him.


    BBTS was right. Cases were packed at random!


    Oh, and congrats!

  13. I snagged both GB packs this morning! They only had 4 total (2 of each). I'm so glad I dont have to worry about that for a while. I really hope they dont release a variant. This was stressful enough.


    Both sets are pretty awesome. I've never seen the first 2 and from pictures I just figured that the giant figure was the size of a ML figure. Holy crap was I wrong.

  14. For the people that have been collecting figures for a long time, have you found that figures pop up on the west coast sooner? I'm just curious if stores get an actual nation wide release date or if they just put them out as soon as the get them.


    I'm mostly concerned about the GB packs. I'd rather wait for a Californian to break the news than driving 20 min out of my way every morning hoping Walmart will have them.

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