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  1. I got my HTS shipment and...sigh...variant Warpath. At any rate I already have one so if anyone still needs him let me know! Also, after my first order showed up smashed I requested that this one was sent in a box. And sure enough each piece, 6 figures shipped in 3 different boxes, all showed up in perfect condition.
  2. I went to one of my local Walmarts this weekend and sadly it looks like their not carrying MU anymore. They even went as far as taking down the Marvel sign and overloading the pegs with Iron Man (on sale) and a ridiculous amount of Thor. Thankfully I have another Wally World which I went to this morning. I finally saw that infamous $24.95 Gigantic Battles sticker but no figures. I asked a guy if he knew when they would be out and he either didn't want to help or he simply had no clue. So I'll be checking it out every day this week. They had a surprisingly good selection otherwise. Black Widow, Multiple Man, Bucky, Iron Patriot, etc.
  3. Ahh! I already have a phasing vision and I already ordered the Warpath. There's still a small part of me that want to believe these are the regular versions but I just can't do it. Quick, someone else buy them then give me one if it's the regular! Sunfire is back up too! Edit: he's gone already. Warpath is still up.
  4. I noticed quite a few people are finding Punishers (Wave 3 Im guessing). If anyone happens to pick one up with great paint apps I'd be happy to trade for/buy it!
  5. You got it already!? Makes sense for the Vision but I thought the Warpath was a pre-order for April 4th. There's still hope! maybe...
  6. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail but it does say regular or blue and red warpath randomly packed in case . there may be hope yet for that black and silver. damn im sherlock holmesin the universe. Elementary my dear crayons. It even says that the Havok and Archangel are randomly packed as well. That revsion case has the same pre-order date at the figs on HTS. Also the cases are factory sealed so why would BBTS say they were random unless they were told by the manufacturer? So either someone at Hasbro is playing a cruel joke or they're still hope!
  7. I emailed HTS about the variant/regular issue. This was their response. "In regards to the Marvel Universe: Warpath figure, he is depicted on our website as being black and silver, so I assume this is the version you will receive." I'm not entirely convinced but we'll see.
  8. I picked up 2 Sunfires (one for my friend), a Ronin, a Hand Ninja, and a Warpath. I'm hoping it's a regular one too since I already have the variant. If it ends up being a variant well... I have one to trade! Either that or I take it back to Target and make some other collector/kid very happy.
  9. Has anyone gotten their Vision orders yet? Any confirmation that it's a regular or variant? I'm curious about the Warpath and Winter Soldier. Notice the date too. "This product will begin shipping on or about 04/04."
  10. Where the heck are you people driving that it's costing you so much in gas? I guess I'm just lucky that I have a Target, TRU and a Disney store all on my way home. Either way I could drive about 200 miles before I meet the same cost as BBTS. Cost of 5 figs from Retailer - $40.00 Full Tank of gas (200 miles)- $40.00 BBTS Pre-order - $80.00 I totally understand why people are willing to pay it though. Like everyone has mentioned above, you're at least guaranteed to get the figures you want and you don't suffer the heartbreak of driving to store after store and finding nothing. I still don't think it's right that online stores charge that much for figures that haven't even been released yet. To me, it's just as bad as a comic shop tacking on an extra $2 for FF #587 the day it comes out just because it's "hot". But I guess if people are willing to pay it... FYI, Disneystore.com is having a Free Shipping promotion for St. Patty's day. If anyone needs the WWH wave or some of the SW 2 Packs check it out and use the promo code LUCKY. Edit: Just after I posted this I got an email from HTS too. Free shipping, no minimum order! Today only.
  11. I'm not trying to piss anyone off but it does kind of suck when I tell my friend, who only wants a handful of specific characters, that Thanos is available online and 3 min later he's gone because everybody else has bought 2, 3 or 4 of him. I like to think that people on here though, buy them for trading and not selling on eBay. I personally don't like buying online. Not only is it more expensive (BBTS Preorder - $69.99 for 5 figs + shipping = about $15 per figure. I can buy 10 figures for that price in stores) but the paint apps are usually so hit or miss I hate to get stuck with a Captain Aamerica that looks like Sloth from the Goonies (which just happened to me). But that's the nature of collecting. Even Indiana Jones has to deal with grave robbers. It makes finding your treasure all the more rewarding. Ooo, that's good. I might put that in my sig. haha.
  12. What about Winter Soldier? Was the long or short hair the running change? I'm guessing since I found the short haired one recently, that is probably what HTS has in stock. If anyone does receive a regular vision I'd be happy to trade for/buy it. Let me know!!
  13. My sister was able to snag me another Phasing Vision in California. So I have one to trade if anyone is interested. I'm really looking for a regular vision.
  14. WOW, Hasbro is awesome. I complained about my 2 smashed figures and how they were shipped in envelopes. They offered to resend me new figures (in a box), and refund me for the shipping I paid for my whole order! Class act. Between them and Disneystore.com I've never had such great customer service.
  15. Well I got my Captain America from Hasbrotoyshop today and I was right. They shipped it in an envelope so the card and bubble are completely smashed. That didn't bother me as much as his paint. This is the first Cap I've finally seen with decent face paint, but his upper arm chain mail is a different color blue than the rest of his chest! Has anybody else seen this? Total bummer.
  16. I just got (most of) my Habrotoyshop order. Captain America apparently takes a little longer to ship. Anyway, got a Mary Jane, Skrull, and Black Spidey. All are great except they shipped the Black Spidey separately and in an envelope rather than a box. So his packing was smashed and bent. I personally dont really care since these are for my kid who is going to rip them open, but just be warned. If you're looking for MOC figures, Hasbrotoyshop might not be the best choice. I'm hoping they ship Cap a little more carefully.
  17. Went to another Target in my area. This was the last one to finally get a revision case in. Unfortunately it was all stuff I already had: Red Hulk Multiple Man Dark Hawkeye Kitty Pryde Union Jack and a Captain America. WHICH, I actually need but this is the second cap I've found and his paint has been so fugly I just can't get myself to buy it. I also found another Dark DD but didnt pick him up as I already have an extra. If anyone is interested in trading for him send me a PM!
  18. So I went to Wizard World Miami today in hopes of finding some more MU figures among a few other things. Sadly I only saw about 8 TOTAL figures in the whole place. I The rarest being a Classic Havok which I'm in the middle of trading for. Oh well, I guess it's just as hard for the comic stores to get these figures too. I did get Bill Sienkiewicz's signature on an Elektra Assasin poster and the 2nd app. of Bullseye (Daredevil #132) though.
  19. I just recently came into a handful of older Marvel Legends figures that a friend was getting rid of. I'm not really into the series (I bought the first 2 waves years ago and ended up selling them years later) but I am collecting the Marvel Universe line for my son. Check out my signature for the list of all my Wants/Trades and PM me if you're interested. I posted this on the MU thread too so sorry for the double post!
  20. Wow you're really lucky! Lucky that you actually found all that and lucky that they only charge 9.50! Mine charges 24.95.... dang disney scalpers Geez are you buying direct from Mickey? Check out Disneystore.com. They have all of the WW Hulk wave, almost every Iron Man, and about half of the SW 2 packs.
  21. So I checked out that Disney Store and I'm glad I did. I picked up a Black Panther Moonknight Jean Grey (which unfortunatly looks like she just got done making a porno with Scott) Yellow Jacket (better paint then the one I had) and....Phasing Vision!! Can't believe I found him. I left behind a Grey Hulk Silver Surfer Wolvie (new head school outfit) all of which I need but couldnt spend another $80 on figures. BTW Disney has the highest retail price of $9.50 BUT if you have a Disney Chase card and spend over $50 you get 10% off making them about to the same price as Target/TRU/WM.
  22. I have my hopes up today as I spoke to a girl in my local Disney store and she said that they were getting their shipments in as we spoke. Over 200 boxes! Surely within those 200 boxes there has to be a few MU figs right?
  23. I spoke to a guy at Target this weekend and he did confirm that they do have more on order but it would take "a couple weeks". I'm guessing he was referring to the Apocalypse wave.
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