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  1. So my nephew is obsessed with Skylanders and his birthday is coming up and I'm looking for some certain figures for him. I am realizing now that these things are really rare and popular. Looking for: Warnado Zook Chop Chop Ignitor Flamesinger Drill Sergeant I have for trade: Iron Fist (new wave 17 version) Thor (ages of thunder wave 17) Patriot (wave 17) Will trade one for one. Or if someone was super cool and nice and saw one or more of these at retail, I'd love to paypal them the $ plus shipping. Help a brother out!
  2. In my experience, no. I really dislike UPS because of bad experiences with damaged items and also the ship time. I get frustrated when I know they could deliver sooner because I tracked it to the nearest facility and then I gotta wait another 2-3 days. I guess they don't realize customers are happy when they get something sooner than when you quoted them. I prefer USPS because they handle boxes better and will deliver ASAP. I also think Fedex is better than UPS.
  3. I found a Stretch Strike Venom over the weekend at a Target during a roadtrip. I'm looking to trade it, but I don't need too much. I'm looking for the new comic packs with Quicksilver/WM and Bullseye/DD. And also news star wars vintage figures.
  4. Got my case of wave 16 from small joes today. I'ma big xmen fan,so I was pretty happy about this set. Well,I'm always happy to get anything new. But, I think wave 15 was better overall. There was a lot of potential doing Iceman, Astonishing Wolvie and Magneto. But doing just repaints was kinda lame. That being said,they will do for now and I'm happy to get them. I painted Magnetos face black except for his eyes. Looks cool. Also, I think the flesh Absorbing man is the regular more wide release version. The metal seemed to show up in the first cases shipped,like the ones to BBTS. Everyones been finding flesh version recently. So I'm glad I bought a metal one off ebay for $15 shipped. I have a feeling it might be the new astral Strange. And I missed that one.
  5. A little crazy lucky, but I found another Mandarin at a Ross today after snagging one at a Ross yesterday. Only one at each. Whats funny is that they didn't have any other IM2 wave 4 comic series figures there. Just the one Mandarin at each store. I bet kids just wanted the others. No love for a Chinese Villain in a green suit? I got a couple trades in the works for both. Nice to finally have some good luck this week! I found wave 15 at TRU on wed after getting my case of it from smalljoes that same day. LOL
  6. Went to a nearby Ross (Capitola CA) today after hearing someone else scored a Mandarin at a Ross store. Well, walked in and what did I see first thing in the toy aisle? Mandarin! There was only two other IM2 figs there, and they were crappy IMs. But I was stoked on Mandarin. I have one from BBTS already, but I figured I could trade this one or I'll just open it. Anyone wanna trade me straight up a Astral Strange or a Deathmask Archangel for the Mandarin? The Mandarin's card is creased at the top,but that's mostly only visible from the back of the card. There is a Ross price tag on it still, which I might take off cause it doesn't look like it's too badly on. Must've been lucky wearing my oldschool X-Men shirt. Also gonna check out another Ross and a Savemart this weekend and see if I find anymore IM2 wave 4 comic figs.
  7. My Darkhawk's wings stay fine. I wish Hasbro had better quality control on joints and paint. I've had Jim Lee Cyclops and WWHulk's leg fall off right outta the package. But luckily they went back on and stayed ok.
  8. Just lettin people know that I got an extra Ultron at cost ($9.50,from a case I ordered), a X-23 at cost ($10.25 @ my TRU,includes tax), Namor ($10.25 from TRU) and Darkhawk ($10.25 from TRU). I know that my TRU is expensive, $9.49 plus tax. But if anyone is still looking for them then maybe it's worth it. I'm happy to ship either carded or loose. If no one wants the three I got at TRU then I'm gonna return them this weekend. Also, I just ordered a case of wave16 from smalljoes. Even though they're repaints, I don't have Iceman and Astonishing Wolverine. Magneto is a decent redo and I want a single carded version cause I like the display and art. Also, Absorbing Man is okay,just Iron Man kinda sucks. Shoulda done just a Tony Stark figure instead. Extremis IM body is lame.
  9. Just throwing it out there again, I got all of wave 15 for trade. Looking for Astral Strange mainly. Also got an extra Deadpool pack. Need a FF variant too.
  10. The tru in santa cruz ca has the new wave 15 w x23. Ofcourse they get it the day I get my order from smalljoes! Anyway,im picking up an extra of x23 and darkhawk. So I got an extra of each fiure if someone wants to trade. Listed what I got above. Also,they have deapool and taskmaster. Im gonna leave wats here behind the galactus on the bottom shelf if anyone wants to come grab them.
  11. Got wave 15/wave 4 today in the mail from smalljoes. Looks awesome. I have extras to trade: namor w/imperious rex stand, steve rogers, ultron, falcon, and dr doom. Looking for astral strange and the powerman/iron fist 2pack. Or even a comic version hydra soldier from the cap line. Oh,and the ff variant pack. Im also willing to sell my extras at cost plus shipping too if no trades come thru. Think im gonna order the newest wave 16 from smalljoes. Can't afford to buy them off bbts right now so soon.
  12. Ofcourse this means that I'll find them in a store before I get them in the mail. Ha
  13. Thinking about just buying a box of the new wave 4 on smalljoes. With shipping works out to $9.53 a figure and that's with priority mail. A bit better money wise and shipping time than BBTS actually,who is usually where I buy from online. Will save me a lot of time and gas,plus no frustration. Yeah, I just talked myself into it. I can't be anymore patient. With my Target charging $8.79 a figure and TRU charging over $9 now, its actually become cheaper to order online. WOW. The retail chains are gonna become more obsolete for collectors of action figures year by year.
  14. Looking to get rid of my X-Force Warpath (single carded version with silver/black, loose, mint and complete) and also my Vision (regular version, loose, complete and mint). I love both of them and happy that I got them from BBTS when they came out,but figured I could get decent trade offers for them. I'm looking for the newest wave 4: Darkhawk x2, Namor x2, Steve Rogers, Ultron and X-23 x2 And also for the variant Dr Strange Astral.
  15. Checked my Target and they had some wave 14 revision stuff: Falcon, Doom, Moon Knight, Wolverine (jim lee), among others. I did see a Carnage from the spiderman line and a movie style Hydra soldier. I passed on both because I'm not interested. But if someone has extra 2011 wave 4 (darkhawk wave) I'm happy to trade. And as I posted above, found some other wave 14 revision stuff at TRU including Cable (no hope) and Ms Marvel. LMK cause I can go back tonight or tomorrow. NEED THE NEW WAVE PLEASE!
  16. Went to tru today to check out any new stock for the sale. They put out a wave 14 revision case. I saw cable, classic ms marvel,punisher,moon knight,daredevil (variant),thanos,hulk,falcon and dr doom. If anyone needs those then lmk. Im looking for wave 15/2011 wave 4,the newest wave. Im in need of two of each except steve rogers and ultron. Just one of those figs.
  17. Were you get the ff pack at,online or store?? Thanks I bought 2 FF sets at hasbro toy shop. to my surprise once came variant and the other one ( which I havent taken a pic because is coming with a xforce set) I am assuming will come normal. I hate how Hasbro toy shop split orders and ship the items at different times. follow my advise: order two fantastic four sets and you will get a variant set, like it happened to me. Ha, I wish. I ordered 2 sets of FF from HTS. Both were regular.
  18. Finally got my HTS order today consisting of the Avengers pack, Fantastic 4 pack x2 (they were both reg, no FF variant), X-Force pack, and Guardians pack. It sucks that the Wolverine in the X-Force pack is missing a little paint right in the middle of his teeth, so he looks kinda buck tooth or like he's missing one. I want to keep all MIP except for the extra FF. The packaging looks great and these figures look especially good displayed in the package, personally. Half of my collection is loose and the other carded. Pretty stoked for these since I don't have a Walmart close by. And the one that is closest doesnt even carry MU. Damn. Also, my TRU didn't have anything good for the sale. Just waiting on 2011 wave 4 to hopefully show up at my Target.
  19. Went to Target and TRU looking for the new wave since people are finding it already. Got a Classic Ms. Marvel at TRU from the revision case and saw plenty of the Dr Strange wave at Target. But no new stuff. I scanned a figure at Target and it came up as more in the stock room so I got excited. Asked an employee and he was nice enough to check. But it was just more Scarlet Spider, Strange, and Dooms. No variants, nothing good. Oh well. Im in the same boat as everyone else...if you find a set of Darkhawk,Steve Rogers, X-23,Ultron and Sub Mariner then I'm happy to pay cost plus shipping. And some extra $ for the gas. Also on another down note, my TRU has now risen MU prices to $9.49 a figure. With our 8% sales tax it came out to about $10.25! Frickin' $10.25 a figure is insane for retail. I went ahead and bought the Ms Marvel anyway since I missed her before. But, now that I know they upped MU,I won't really waste my time with TRU unless theres a sale or something. My Target nearby is $6.99 still. BBTS and HTS are looking better and better for competitive prices even after shipping. I like that BBTS doesn't charge me tax since I'm outta state. I was ordering pretty often thru BBTS up until recently. Since I found wave 14 in stores pretty easily.
  20. I think you mean a flash tv show figure. There's never been a movie of The Flash, live-action or animated. Oops, I meant the Flash Gordon movie from the 70's. I've been working 12hr days teaching a youth karate camp of 50 kids and then regular classes at night. I'm super fried and didn't even realize that mistake. I probably typed "Flash" because the figure is of him with his Flash shirt from the beginning of the movie when he's transported from earth. Also, I'm totally not a DC fan, except for Batman, so I guess it didn't cross my mind that typing just Flash would be confused with the widest known Flash in pop culture. LOL. Ah crap. So yeah, Flash Gordon figure signed by Sam Jones. I think thats his name.
  21. My local TRU had a wave 14 revision case. Kinda random. So I got an extra Dr. Strange (regular), Cyclops, and FO Torch for trade. Left behind the Dr. Doom, Apocalypse, and a few others not that notable. Looking to trade for the following: Dr. Strange Astral version, and all Team 3packs. I don't have a Walmart nearby so I would love to snag the 3packs. Anyone see the 3packs at Target or TRU yet? Also saw a Sentinel, but I have the SDCC version and that's good for now. Will pick up the retail one someday when on sale. Also, found a Flash movie figure that was signed by the actor. At TRU today of all places. Really weird. Anyone know about an actual signed Flash figure showing up at TRU? They other Flash characters and they look to be entertainment earth exclusives and from SDCC. The signed one is actually signed with black sharpie.
  22. Picked up wave 14 but still looking for the Astral version of Dr Strange. I would trade one of the following for him: Skaar, Falcon, Doom, Scarlet Spider (upside down), Hydra Soldier (cap line). And I also got the new Beachead and Firefly from the GI Joe line. LMK!
  23. Oh, also got home to find my SDCC Sentinel I got off ebay waiting for me. Oh man, this sucker is AWESOME! I wanna take it out and display it with my loose figs but the packaging is just way too cool.
  24. So, got back last night from my trip to Spain. Went to Target this morning since I've been outta the loop for about 3 weeks now and figured I'd try my luck. Well, found all of wave 14 including both Dr. Strange's being regular version. Super stoked on this score, it's about time my Target actually got something new. But, now I wanna go check out TRU for their sale, but I wish I had known ahead of time about the sale before visiting Target because I coulda gotten Target to price match if I had an ad, right? Anyway, I'm open to trading one of the following for a Strange Astral version: Skaar, Dr. Doom, Scarlet Spiderman(upside down), or Hydra Soldier (cap line). LMK if anyone is interested.
  25. My Target is sucking like usual. No reset, nothing new. I'm looking for Wave 14, except Scarlett Spiderman. Just need one of each: Falcon, Doom, Dr Strange (either), and Skaar. Any help would be appreciated if someone would be able to hook a brother up. I got the following for trade too: -War Machine from Iron Man 2 comic series wave 4 (removable heads) -Ultimate Iron Man from Iron Man 2 comic series wave 4 -Deluxe Hyrda Soldier (with cannons, my Target has several) -X-Men 1st class packs Thanks, wish you all better luck than I've had!
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