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  1. Gunn did explain the purpose behind those tweets, expressing that his intention those years ago was to act as a provocateur. He additionally had already apologized for his raunchy attempts at humor. I don't think that joking about serious issues in such a way necessarily means that a person has a thing for them, especially if the purpose of those "jokes" is to cause a reaction. It's making a joke which is offensive for the sake of it being offensive, and not necessarily to insinuate some kind of depraved fetish. There have been many news of idiot tourists making the Nazi salute in Germany, which doesn't automatically entail they're Nazis. They're just idiots (at the very least, hopefully). I believe this is a similar case with James Gunn. His tweets are disgusting, and don't say anything nice about the person he was in 2010. However, Gunn himself and the people he has closely worked with for over five years expressed that he has changed and that he's no longer the kind of person those tweets reflect. I don't think any kind of conclusion from this incident should be made without taking those people into account. And I don't think it's appropriate to assume Dave Bautista is depraved solely based on his stance from this situation. He knows much more about James Gunn than the slim portion most people get to see. Gunn's situation has been mishandled for the most part by people online, and shows a toxic mentality. It tells people that it doesn't matter how much they have changed as a person, their lowest point will always define them. And just in case there's any doubt, I don't mean to defend James Gunn's tweets, or the type of "humor" we waved like a flag back then. I don't even want to pretend to know what course of action Disney should've taken. It's a slippery slope, but there should be some balance between painting him as a misunderstood saint and a depraved would-be child-molester.
  2. I'm happy for any addition to Iron Man's rogues gallery, so I'm really grateful to see Living Laser. Hasbro has gotten a lot kinder when it comes to accessories ever since they released that Blizzard figure in 2013, so I'm hopeful the figure will include some effects.
  3. Try to hold your opinion on your own, without having to resort to assuming what would prolific creators you don't even know at all think. Have you even read some of Stan Lee's soapbox columns? He was pretty "SJW" if you ask me. Don't assume either what I think. My problem here is that you decided to turn this thread about Steve Ditko passing away into an outdated "sjw marvel ugh" rant. Captain America is no longer black, Thor is not a woman, Hulk is not asian, Wolverine is not a girl, etc. You're two years late to the party to complain about it, not to mention this isn't even the place to do so.
  4. Did you know Ditko personally? Because he was a person that used to keep to himself for the most part. He wouldn't give a crap about Marvel's direction, he was just an artist who wanted to create and move on.
  5. Way to take this thread about the passing of a legend and make it about "muh comics."
  6. I feel conflicted. All of the figures are great, but I feel like Hasbro should shift their focus a little bit. The Spider-Man waves could be pushed to the background in favor of families of other characters like Iron Man, Thor or even the Avengers as a catch-all alternative. I would also be happy if Hasbro tried harder to make figures of new characters or characters' new looks. The Black Panther wave makes me feel hopeful. The fact that Hasbro themselves highlighted that it's an all-movie wave hopefully indicates there'll be more like that, and characters like Klaue or T'Chaka getting figures could mean Marvel's movies will get a better treatment. I just want it to stop being like Infinity War, which missed figures for so many characters, or Ant-Man and the Wasp, which only got figures for the two main characters and not even the main villain. I still can't believe MCU Ultron got a figure in a wave that wasn't even for the movie he appeared in.
  7. That makes the most sense, especially since the accesory is displayed in a Spider-Man shelf.
  8. Mmhh... they already announced Omega Red (and even have it on display there, plus, his tentacles are rounder), Constrictor got a figure for RoML and he's not popular enough to guarantee a remake so soon. Please be Whiplash.
  9. These reveals have me hopeful. Not that I'm particularly psyched for these figures in particular, but that they might be an indicator that Hasbro is starting to take movie-based Marvel Legends seriously, especially since they're willing to release a proper amount of figures for a movie that came out six months ago.
  10. I'm glad to see Hasbro is willing to make Marvel Legends of relatively minor characters from a movie, like Klaw and even 4-minute flashback T'Chaka. Hopefully this means future movies will get this kind of attention, and maybe even past movies. I've been waiting for a 6-inch Whiplash since 2010. I just wish Hasbro actually made 6" series only focused on a given movie, without comic figures thrown in between solely to prevent them from being shelf warmers. We got Cobra and Songbird while we're still waiting for Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive.
  11. It seems Hasbro looked up the wrong Poison when they wrote that bio. It's describing the Poison from "What If? The Other," not the Poison(s) from Venomverse.
  12. That Iron Man looks amazing. I wish Hasbro would go back and remake the earliest Iron Man suits in this style: in a proper scale, with blaster effects and even articulated flaps.
  13. ADour

    Iron Man 2 Armor Cards (help)

    Thank you very much.
  14. Something that recently caught my attention was the Armor Cards that came with the 3.75" Iron Man 2 figures back in 2010. Essentially, I think they're pretty neat. Not in terms of functionality or purpose, but because of the armor illustrations. I tried googling and couldn't find many good images of the cards themselves. Anyway, I thought it might be worth a shot posting this here looking for any 3.75" collector that collected this wave and wouldn't mind sharing scans (like the ones that can be found in this blog) or good res pics of any of these Armor Cards (can be either the individual cards or each set of three placed together... I'm asking for a favor so I don't want to be picky). Cheers!

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