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  1. And you masterfully make sure that every single one of your posts showcases that.
  2. You're genuinely the first person I've come across that dislikes Al Ewing. The general consensus about him seems to be overwhelmingly positive. Al Ewing is potentially the best writer currently working at Marvel, and I've enjoyed every single one of his works. His plots are dynamic and superb, his dialogue feels fresh, his characters have each their own distinct voice, and he's not afraid to jump between genres; he's as good writing dramatic moments as he is writing funny scenes. And on top of all of that, he uses continuity (both current and past) in excellent ways to either to develop or push stories forward. He made me like Blue Marvel, as well as many other characters I didn't care about. But that aside, you're mixing up Al Ewing with Eve L. Ewing. Eve is the one writing this thing. She's a newcomer, but a rising star. Her only Marvel work so far has been Ironheart, which turned Riri Williams into a bearable character.
  3. I think the similarity with Civil War is only at surface level, since CW included registration, the battle of ideologies, and its main focus was the hero vs. hero angle, whereas this seems to be one-sided. I'm really curious to see the reaction of the older heroes, whether some will help young heroes stay under the radar or tell them to stand down. It'd be fun if this story ends with the heroes and the government reaching a compromise, resulting in the foundation of (another) academy for young heroes. I always liked the concept of Avengers: The Initiative and I'd love to see Marvel take another shot at it without the premise being constantly derailed by the turmoil of the Civil War aftermath, then Secret Invasion and then Dark Reign. I've always had a knack for the concept of superhero academies. Of course our ol' buddy mako is never going to bend, and he probably has us blocked, but it's still funny to show him up.
  4. Why dontcha point out when has this scenario happened ever before? Good luck.
  5. Sounds fun. I trust Eve Ewing, and the concept of outlawing only teenage heroes feels like a much more believable middle point between the extremes of the usual "everything's fair game" and the "no matter who you are, if you wear a mask you're under arrest" from Civil War.
  6. I've been waiting since 2010 for Hasbro to upscale pretty much 90% of their output for the 3.75" Iron Man 2 line. Modern Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man, Dark Reign War Machine, classic War Machine, modern Whiplash, classic Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man MK I, MCU Whiplash, MCU Hammer Drones... It's painful to think about it.
  7. Yeah, the Valentin Shatalov version. I've seen a handful of eBay listings for it loose at a cheap price, but never pulled the trigger since I've already spent enough money this year. However, what I meant from beggar choosing was in regards to a modern Marvel Legends Crimson Dynamo. Much like the Titanium Man figure that came in the same Iron Man series, that Crimson Dynamo only works well if you hide that it's underscaled, like you mentioned.
  8. Well, so this is what it feels like to be tempted for a wave when you're only interested in the BAF and one other figure. It's not the Crimson Dynamo I would have preferred, but it's still a Crimson Dyanamo so I won't be a choosing beggar. I guess I'll scout for BAF parts on eBay, save for the right leg, since the other figure I'm interested in is Spymaster.
  9. My first reaction to the Cuckoos was "I feel like there's potential for a Peni Parker custom in this."
  10. Fallen Angels writer Bryane Hill has confirmed that his book will evolve into Hellions, so it seems FA is done with issue #6. Doesn't seem like a bad thing, Zeb Wells has a good reputation, and I haven't heard many good things about Hill and Fallen Angels seemed to be the black sheep of Dawn of X. Plus, Stephen Segovia is a hundred times better than Szymon Kudranski.
  11. It's Humberto Ramos. I wouldn't say his art objectively bad or good, but it's certainly not everybody's cup of tea. Personally, I enjoy his style with the dynamism of his strokes, variety of shapes, and the liveliness of his facial expressions.
  12. It feels so weird looking at the Iron Spider with the original set of only three waldos.
  13. Nothing like somebody jumping to conclusions because they don't read comics... Then using the inaccurate conclusions to jusify doing so.
  14. Especially since he toooOOooOOootally reads comics so he actually knows 100% what he's talking about and isn't talking out of his butt. Nuh-huh. Watch out, it's an Expert's word. With capital E.
  15. I feel like Hasbro is due: Updated Extremis Iron Man Modern Ultron (Pymtron, but classic Ultron wouldn't be bad either) Modern Loki (Agent of Asgard) Updated modern Captain Marvel (Kris Anka retouch of the Jamie McKelvie design) Updated modern Hawkeye (David Aja's take on the Marvel NOW! costume) Modern Wolverine (Dawn of X) Modern Cyclops (Dawn of X) Modern Professor X (Dawn of X) Modern Magneto (Dawn of X) I really not an X-Men guy, but I feel like a Dawn of X wave is such low-hanging fruit it's actually touching the ground, especially since not much new tooling is required) Updated classic Doctor Strange Updated classic War Machine Modern Thor (upcoming new look) Updated classic Moon Knight
  16. I feel the most thankful for the revamped Iron Man MK L from the 2-pack, with the cherry red and nano-weapons... But on the other hand I think it's more of a "Jesus, finally you got it right after three tries"-kind of thankful.
  17. You are going on a bit of a tangential rant and blaming TV for things. If you want a honest opinion, you are sounding old and bitter. Marvel went through a few bumpy years after Secret Wars, but things have really taken off ever since C.B. Cebulski took over from Alex Alonso. This Dawn of X revamp, for instance, has been one of the most revitalising things to happen to the X-Men since New X-Men. And there have been other great books that came because of this change in the line of command. Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk, Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man, and Donny Cates' Venom, to name a few. The most average of books nowadays are still fun reads too. Even the last few bumpy years that I mentioned had some fantastic series. I also have to hit a hard disagree on the "90% garbage" thing.
  18. Yes you're reading too much into this. Too bad you can't say you read too much comics as well.
  19. Wave 1: Extremis Iron Man: A redo of the Terrax Wave figure, with a better bulk, scale and articulation, and an Adi Granov Tony Stark head. Modern Mandarin: Upgraded male suited body to reduce tooling costs, and pour that into alternate hands and ring effects. Modern Blizzard: A retool of the Hulkbuster Wave Blizzard with ice accessories. Classic War Machine: With unibeam in the upper torso for the Rhodes version. Plenty of firepower accessories. Classic Madame Masque: A redo of Epic Heroes Wave figure. Ghost: Re-release of the SDCC Thunderbolts pack. BAF - Modern Classic Titanium Man: A redo of the Iron Man: Armored Avenger figure from 2011. Wave 2: Silver Centurion Iron Man: Using the 80 Years buck as base. Workshop Tony Stark: with interchangeable feet and hands, kinda like the Figuarts Iron Man 3 Tony Stark. Ironheart MK III: With an unmasked Riri Williams head. Firebrand: Gary Gilbert, with fire effects. Zeke Stane Jocasta BAF - The Controller Wave 3: Pentagon Iron Man: So it can be later retooled into both Osborn Iron Patriot and Rhodey Iron Patriot. Rescue MK I: Retool/Re-release of the Marvel Unlimited figure, with Pepper Potts head Modern Ultron: Pymtron, with two alternate heads. One full-Ultron, and the other half-half. Modular Iron Man: Redo of the ToyBiz figure, with modular accessories. Dreadnaught: Some army-building fun. Modern Whiplash: The second Anton Vanko, with either posable whips or retool of the Omega Red tentacles. BAF - Hulkbuster Add-On Wave 4: Marvel NOW! Iron Man: Redo of the Hulkbuster Wave figure with modular accessories Initiative War Machine: Redo of the Iron Man: Armored Avenger 2011 figure. Neo-Classic Iron Man: Redo of the Epic Heroes / Retro Wave figures, using the 80 Years buck as base. Classic Mandarin: A redo of the ToyBiz figure. Guardsman Classic Modern Black Widow: A redo of the Retro Wave figure. BAF - Crimson Dynamo: Dimitri Bukharin. Tried to distribute figures evenly, without putting all my top figures in Wave 1, balance tooling costs, and balance modern/classic versions. Some honorable mentions include: Iron Man 2020, Iron Man MK I, Heroes Return Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Classic Ghost, Ultimo (BAF), Modern Stealth Iron Man, Heavy Duty Iron Man (BAF), Modern War Machine, Ironheart MK II, Detroit Steel (BAF), Arsenal (BAF), Ultimate Iron Man.
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