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  1. They're Chinese. Their figures usually pop up on AliExpress and eBay, the former is cheaper. You can see a listing here on AliExpress selling either the MK III or MK II with different packaging and accessory options (the more souped-up options come with accessories not originally for the figure, as you can see by one option of the MK II coming with a knock-off of Hasbro's flight effect) for around the 25-dollar mark. And here's a listing for either figure + Hall of Armor dock combo for around 55. You can also find the Hall of Armor dock alone here for around 30.
  2. Definitely. Redoing MKs 1 to 6 should be a no-brainer for Hasbro. I'm very happy with ZD Toys tackling them and even releasing Hall of Armor docks to bring the whole thing together, but I'm also pretty frustrated that Hasbro has had all these years to do the same and they've done nix.
  3. ZD Toys are 1/10 scale, so the top of a Marvel Legends Iron Man reaches the middle of the head of a ZD Toys. Here's an image from JayC's review of their MK 85:
  4. I'm pretty amazed by the speed they're working at. And yes, they already have MKs 1 and 6 prototyped (in different stages, but, still...). I can't wait until they have the full set.
  5. Okay, those accessories look really good. As always, I really hope they can work with Legends. And it'd be funny if the head being underscaled ends up making the Tony Stark head fit with Legends.
  6. Huh. Considering DST has only made two comic Iron Man figures (not counting Hulkbuster), there are other suits I'd rather they'd done first. But it'll still make a nice addition to my Select shelf. The product description says it includes "Multiple interchangeable parts." At least one extra pair of hands and an alternate head, maybe?
  7. Good to see they managed to repurpose this mini after the Empyre tie-in culling. I'm still bummed Marvel's best modern event had to be trimmed down because of the pandemic.
  8. I think it's clear they wanted to keep the thick neck of the armor's comic design for accuracy, but a regular head articulation set-up would have really been hindered by it, so they decided to make the neck and head one piece connected to the torso. It wouldn't have been a bad idea if only the neck ran deeper into the torso or sat lower. Making the neck double-jointed like an import would probably have been the way to go, but it would have carried an extra cost.
  9. I know you are not a fan of keeping up with anything, but many comic book shops had to be closed in the early days of the pandemic, and Diamond went on a hiatus on delivery between April and May. And while Marvel managed to resume distribution once the new normality settled in, they had to bottleneck their output since they can't simply pump out issues at the same pace before the pandemic. Because of this, some issues were pushed further back than others. And even then, most of October's books were originally solicited for May. Meaning Werewolf by Night, having been solicited for April, is only taking one (1) extra month of delay. And it's not even the only series to have been pushed back from April to October.
  10. JayC didn't update the copy when he reshared the article. This book was delayed until October due to the pandemic. I'm afraid you'll have accomodate and delay the dose of crankiness you had reserved for this book as well.
  11. For a long time I contemplated buying the ZD Toys Iron Man MK 85 figure from this specific AliExpress listing, since it includes two hand cannons and a hand with the Infinity Stones that I wanted to try using on the Marvel Legends MK 85. While there was no guarantee the accessories were going to go with the figure, it was only $25, and the figure they come with is a good set piece regardless. Anyhoo, here are the results. The hand with the Infinity Stones is based on the same accessory from the Marvel Select MK 85. However, since ZD Toys' figures use a system that places the pegs on the forearms and the pegholes in the hands (which is the opposite of what Hasbro and Diamond Select do), it's retooled. Because of this, I had to use sticky tack to secure the accessory to the forearm of the Marvel Legends. The sticky tack can be hidden well, and it works well with the figure except for the slight color variation. The hand cannons also require sticky tack to secure it to the figure, but it's not noticeable as long as you don't use too much. Personally, I think they work better on a MK 50 figure (the 2-pack version), both because of the figure's darker colors and because this specific weapon was only used with the MK 50, and I'm finnicky like that in terms of what nano-weapon was used with what suit. Also, the energy effect on the cannon is removable, and is exactly the same as Hasbro's lightning effect. Since the figure comes with two hand cannons, you can remove the piece from either of them and wrap it around Iron Man's arm if you have the hand with Infinity Stones on it. I currently have my MK 85 displayed like that. The lightning refocuser is the toughest to make look right on the figure, and I also had to use a lot more sticky tack. It's not that big of a deal from certain angles, but from the side it's very noticeable. This is because the accessory comes with three long pegs to port into the figure it was made for. An obvious workaround would be to cut the pegs, but I've always been hesitant about tampering with figures and their accessories. Again, this is me just me drowning in a glass of water. If you don't care about altering figures and don't intend to use the refocuser on the ZD Toys figure, just break those pegs and it'll be no problem. Tagging @memocromatico since I mentioned him I had this thing planned. And in case anybody is curious, the unmasked Tony Stark head is a custom by Nota Studios (discontinued, unfrotunately), and the unibeam is a custom sticker I printed out.
  12. It was just Shang-Chi getting the temporary ability to multiplicate himself as a minor sub-plot in the lead up to Secret Wars (considered one of the most meaningful stories of late) after touching some alien stuff. It wasn't billed as THE ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT SHANG-CHI, SUPER NEW STATUS-QUO IT WILL ROCK THE MARVEL UNIVERS TO THE CORE BUY NOW.
  13. I'm in another continent, but in the same situation. Isn't there any way you can use a courier service? What I do is basically pay a company to have a P.O. box in Miami. I do online shopping in American stores, they send my purchase to that address. Then when I accumulate enough products, I have them send all at once to my country.
  14. Shucks. Argh, I just know I can't suck it up, so I'll probably be browsing for a second copy before I know it. Thanks for the information.
  15. Got Iron Man 2020 the other day and I have to admit I was low-key worried about not getting it before the year ended. However, I have a question to make for any other owners of this figure, are the boot thrust effects supposed to be the same? I noticed only now that my figure came with two "R2" thrust effects. Since the effects are basically universal save for a small detail in the contour of the flat part that denotes it's made for the left feet, it wouldn't surprise me that Hasbro didn't bother making one for each feet in this release, but there's still a chance my figure was a fluke in that regard. Any clue?
  16. I feel like this Doom is coming out a bit too soon, since the previous version came out less than a year ago. And if it's heralding a Fantastic Four retro wave, I feel that'd be superfluous for the same reason. At the risk of sounding a bit too "but what about what I, the center of the world, wants???" I'm going to say that I feel an Iron Man retro wave would have been more timely. Here's hoping for next year... Well, at least this new Doom and a potential F4 wave hot off the heels of the previous one is better than Hasbro pampering the X-Men to a fault, and maybe this new Doom will help lower the prices of the last one.
  17. I appreciate Hasbro trying to score maximum points for accuracy by making the head the way it is, but they should really have made it run deeper into the torso. It doesn't look like it's gonna look bad in every pose, so it's not gonna be a deal-breaker for me, but still... a bit of a bummer. I also wonder if any talented customizer is gonna try pimping out their War Machine by swapping legs and arms with the Silver Centurion, since the silver in its limbs looks better.
  18. I really wish Hasbro could make an Iron Man NOW! as a deluxe figure. The armor is modular, and it had four different specific attachments. Additionally, since the armor was drawn alternatively with an MCU-style helment, the figure could come with two helmets. I know this armor wasn't exactly the most iconic, but it's got its fans, and plus, it's Iron Man.
  19. I gotta admit I know I could spend 140 elsewhere, but the figure on its own just looks very promising and leagues better than any other MK 85 figure save Hot Toys. However, I'll wait until I see a couple of reviews before ordering it. For a cheaper alternative for the accessories, I'd suggest you to buy the ZD Toys Iron Man MK 85 from AliExpress (from this listing in specific). It comes with the lightning refocuser, two arm cannons and a hand with the Infinity Stones. I've seen one person on Instagram mod their ML MK 85 to plug the refocuser (but I plan to wing it with sticky tack), and the hand is the same one from the Marvel Select, which fits on the ML MK 85 no problem. I have that figure coming my way, so I in a few days I could give some actual proof of concept that it works.
  20. Turns out the figure is already up for preorder in BBTS for $140. Yikes. The good news though, is that it's gonna measure 6.30 inches (16cm), meaning it's gonna be barely a hair shorter than the Marvel Legends version, so it's gonna be a buy from me.
  21. Here's a buttload of new images of the figure. At this point, my only worry is whether or not it'll fit with ML. This post here says it's scheduled for June 2021, and it'll cost around $120. That'll hurt my wallet, but honestly, a small price to pay for salvation.
  22. I doubt they're gonna uncover more accessories for this figure later on. But as it stands, this is a pretty good amount of accessories. In one single release, it basically combines most of all three of Figuarts' releases. The clean paint from the first release. The shield, lightning refocuser and energy blade from the second release. And the arm cannons from the third release. All of that, and it looks to be more well-proportioned than the Figuarts version. It wouldn't bother me if they decided to make a release similar to Figuarts' third release. New molded parts with severe battle damage does warrant a separate release.
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