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  1. So it seems MAFEX is effectively making their way through Avengers: Infinity War, with Iron Spider, Thor and now Captain America... And MAFEX are closer in scale with Marvel Legends... Please announce an Iron Man MK 50 next, MAFEX, please.
  2. Man, the quality of the accessories... Like with the deluxe figure, I hope it's a sign of things to come and not just a one-time thing.
  3. Fun fact: a plot involving Madbombs was the back-up plan for Captain America: Civil War in case they didn't manage to get RDJ on board (x).
  4. BRB, googling what are the most valuable organs that I can live without.
  5. Looks promising, especially with Larraz and Silva on board to complement Ewing and Slott. Nice covers too. I always liked how Jim Cheung draws the Extremis Armor.
  6. I don't want to hijack this thread too much, but totally agreed. The first and only Iron Man wave in the entirety of Marvel Legends' history happened seven years ago, and because of his movie. Kinda ridiculous.
  7. 1. Iron Spider - This figure is long due for a redo, especially since they can reuse the MCU Iron Spider's legs. 2. Extremis Iron Man - To go with the Iron Spider for a Civil War theme. 3. Ghost - Spider-Man and Tony teamed-up once to fight him. 4. Iron Man 2020 - Spider-Man fought him once in that annual. 5. Iron Man MK I - During The Other, Spider-Man borrowed the armor from Tony. 6. Initiative War Machine - In Avengers: The Initiative, War Machine fought Spid-- I mean, Spider-Man fought War Machine. BAF. Titanium Man - Since Spider-Man fought him in the Civil War prelude for his series, I think it fits. I think this would be a really cool Iron Man wav-- Spider-Man. I meant Spider-Man weave. Yes... Spider-Man... Yeah, Spider-Man. Not Iron Man. Nuh-uh. Spider-Man.
  8. Pretty much just copying my comment on the Black Widow figure announcement thread, but if these deluxe editions look like they're going to be reusing generic effect pieces, I think War Machine would really benefit from coming packaged with plently of "boom" "fwoosh" and "rattattatatta" effects. Like a souped-up version of the effect assortment that came with the ToyBiz War Machine. I'd love it if they did this for a Classic War Machine or MCU War Machine MK IV figure. For Iron Man, I'd love to see the MK 50 with a selection of nanoweapon accessories on par with the Figuarts weapon sets or the Nota and Takara Tony custom sets. I'd love to see that with comic armor as well (the Bleeding Edge and Model-Prime suits), but I feel they're less feasible since they're not MCU-related. And if a nano weapon set is too specific, I think an Iron Man could still come packed with more generic-looking effect pieces. Unibeam, long repulsor beams, a take-off base like the old Marvel Select figure, missiles, etc.
  9. A MK 4 War Machine like this would be a dream come true for me, since it's my favorite War Machine armor and it's the suit that packed the most firepower in all the movies. As for the MK 50, I feel the same as you. I always thought the crevices were too wide and deep. I mean, you can pretty much stick your nail into the creases in the abs and the helmet. The shoulders are also too wide. And while the 2-pack reissue fixed the color and added some sorely needed accessories, I never really liked that they only serve to recreate two very specific configurations. I always wanted something with more versatility and better mix-and-match opportunities, like the Figuarts nanoweapon sets.
  10. I'm all into getting a fourth MK 50 if it comes with a crazy amount of nano weapons. However, since this Black Widow release is reusing some parts, I wouldn't be surprised if these deluxe figures only come with generic accessories like explosions or muzzle flashes. In that case, a War Machine figure could really benefit from that.
  11. That's some import-tier accessory assortment. I really hope it's not a one-off.
  12. I've always been lukewarm about Pops, but I figured I would have to buy at least one to tick off the checkbox, so I decided to get their previous version of Tony with the Infinity Stones. Now I kinda feel a little bit cheated.
  13. With stories written by Al Ewing, normally reading the previous stories it uses as foundation is just a bonus, not a requirement. He makes sure to bring readers organically up-to-date with things they should know, so Empyre should be accessible if you want to give it a read.
  14. Marvel seems to going full in on continuity porn for this one. Thank god for Al Ewing.
  15. It doesn't look particularly captivating, but at least it looks presentable.
  16. Interviews mentioned that while the ban was specifically on vigilantes under 21, its ramifications were going to affect older yet-still-young characters.
  17. Doctor Strange has been a character that pretty consistently dipped into the horror genre, especially during his stint leading Marvel Premiere in the 1970s, which was basically a Lovecraft homage that introduced Shuma-Gorath. He fights physical embodiments of horror tropes like death, pain, suffering; and constantly journeys to the usual planes of existence "beyond human comprehension." Even in modern times the character's stories have still been rooted in cosmic horror. If the villain of his second movie was going to be a bad guy with such straightforward name as Nightmare, there is no way it wouldn't be partly a horror movie. And the movie wasn't even going to be full-blown horror. Feige has come out to clarify the movie was simply going to be scary. It's not like they intended to make the movie something out of Stephen King.
  18. I want this premise to intrigue me, but I just can't see past the "I can't believe it's not Arkham!" flavor.
  19. [Looks at my 13-figure Iron Man shelf while also having three more figures already coming my way] Sounds about right.
  20. I also would rather get other armor, but you can't deny thre's a high novelty factor about the scenario of getting Iron Man 2020 in 2020.
  21. I gotta throw one out there for Arthur Parks and argue that his modern design is pretty good (despite the bottleneck-shaped helmet, but it depends on how long do artists draw it), and the best to come out of the Iron Man rogues gallery redesigns by Salvador Larroca.
  22. ABC is also Disney so it's more of a "you can/can't play with your brother, ABC."
  23. Well, Fox's name is front and center because the movie was made by Fox. It's like the Star Wars movies showing the Lucasfilms logo, not to mention the movie was made before the buy-out. The Marvel logo does appear 30 seconds in, and the movie's official description reads "20th Century Fox in association with Marvel Entertainment presents..." Marvel might want to make a distinction between New Mutants and the MCU, but that distinction already exists.
  24. Proper figure engineering would solve any potential issues caused by the gears. While I agree that Classic Iron Man 2020 is the more recognizable form of the character, modern Iron Man 2020 is having his time in the spotlight right now, so he's the currently-relevant version of the character, with the added topicality of him becoming Iron Man specifically because we've reached the year 2020. If I could have it my way, I'd make Classic Iron Man 2020 a single-carded figure and Modern Iron Man 2020 a BAF. We have the Monster Venom wave as a precedent for a wave in which the BAF is just a different version of a character already in the wave.
  25. I want an Iron Man 2020 figure, but not the version you guys are talking about. This is probably the most topical Iron Man figure of all time, and if Hasbro doesn't make it before the end of Arno's current stint as Iron Man, I hope at least they make it before December. I wouldn't mind a classic Iron Man 2020, but it'd be just a retool of the 80 Years Iron Man. Not only I'd rather get modern Iron Man 2020 because it's the Prime Marvel Universe version of Arno, but also because it would require a new sculpt and that would give the figure more worth.
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