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  1. This made me realize that I should have included this guy in my comment. I'd love for Hasbro to pull a Renew Your Vows and give us the next definitive pinless Classic Iron Man already. I'd love it if they went full fanservice and included an alternate faceplate with the nose, and soles with rollerskates that could be plugged into the feet pegholes. And while I know it wouldn't be entirely accurate, I'd love it if the figure used the same colors as Hasbro's first shot at Classic Iron Man: The candy apple red and the flat lemon yellow provide such a nice visual contrast. Nowadays, Hasbro rarely differs the value of the colors they use, which is what makes their figures look so flat. They need to bring back using contrast.
  2. I'm patiently waiting for a redo of Madame Masque, classic costume. Could also use a modern Ghost update. Oh, and I guess the Mandarin too.
  3. Love to see some appreciation for Arsenal. I've been dying for Hasbro to retool the Juggernaut BAF into Arsenal.
  4. In addition to the improved headsculpts, a good change has been the use of digital printing on comic figures. It's good that Hasbro realized the potential of the technique besides helping capture a live-action likenesses. Pinless tech is also up there too. Also kind of an overlooked change has been Hasbro's use of overlays. They're like a middle-point between brand-new sculpts and the buck system. Don't get me wrong, I would always prefer a new torso with new sculpt, but a new overlay over an old sculpt helps bring variety within the constrains we know that the design team has to work with. A change I don't like is the use of different types of plastic, or at least the way they're not properly color-matched. And the following change that I don't like is more about a practise than a technique, but I dislike Hasbro's budgeting for BAF waves. BAF waves no longer feel like every figure costs about the same to make, nowadays it's too noticeable which figures got the short end of the budget stick, and it doesn't help that the BAF pieces sometimes take protagonism over the figure they come with. What I mean is that BAF pieces were never freebies, I know, but you could lie to yourself and kinda buy into the illusion that they were, and that you would get a brand-new figure for free as a bonus for buying an entire wave. But nowadays it's very noticeable how much of the budget a BAF got in a given wave, and it's gotten to a point with figures like AoA Jean Grey, MCU Ms. Marvel or Speedball, where it feels like the figure itself is an accessory to the BAF piece. And this happens at the cost of the figure's playability, since Kamala came with not even an energy construct fist, and Speedball came with not even a streak of bubbles.
  5. Between MacKay taking Avengers from Aaron and Duggan taking Iron Man from Cantwell, I'm happy to see that nature is healing. MacKay in particular has been a beast, and all of his Marvel work has been steller, particularly his current Moon Knight run. I've also loved the way he's written Iron Man in Black Cat, Iron Man Annual and Iron Cat. He was at the top of my wishlist for Cantwell's successor, but him writing Avengers is the next best thing, especially since Tony is going to remain in the roster. Also happy to see Vizh back in the fold. It was about time the Avengers had more classic members back. I could use the Wasp and Hawkeye being added, but I'm satisfied as it is now. Who knows, maybe the roster can shake up a bit down the line and add people like Jan and Clint.
  6. Always love me some modern Loki. Really hope it feels like a spiritual sequel to Agent of Asgard the same way Kibblesmith's short-lived run did.
  7. I like it when villains aren't left out of being given legacy characters. I hope Khem is a fun character, Riri could use to bolster her own rogues gallery.
  8. It was Tony who built them, under the Skull's influence, and then he made Tony forget about them. What's more stupid is that the Red Skull used Tony's lingering knowledge from housing the SHRA's database on his brain... but Tony still possessing any of that knowledge completely undermines his sacrifice of him deleting his own brain during Dark Reign to erase the database. Thanks, Remender.
  9. Stark Sentinels 2: Electric Boogaloo. At least this is a much better premise than "the Red Skull somehow brainwashed Tony Stark into making them." Even though I'm not big on the X-Men, I'm kinda digging this kind of interconectivity. Since Feilong is making these Stark Sentinels, I wonder what will Tony be making for the mutants in turn.
  10. I don't disagree with the overall sentiment for this figure, but to give Hasbro (some) credit, the entire torso and the left forearm are new sculpts.
  11. Sony's descent into Spidey-IP madness is becoming the greatest case of unintentional self-parody.
  12. Damn, not even with a relaunch Landy could escape Land. Well, I'll keep enjoying this story despite him. All-Out Avengers has been very enjoyable.
  13. What a nice variety in this X-Men Lege-- I mean, Marvel Legends stream. Glad to see all corners of the Marvel Universe being touched on, and not just one. Oh, well. I don't think I can give the Hasbro team too much flak since they've also revealed a whole two (2!!) Spider-Man figures... Hmphf... Okay, I shouldn't be that acerbic. I'm just bummed since I was hoping for at least some more reveals instead of a 90% X-Men stream. Next year is also the Avengers' 60th anniversary, and so far they've only stretched the reveal of the next wave over like three months. But speaking of the Spider-Man reveals, I can't believe they've gone ahead and once again made an Insomniac Spider-Man figure on a buck instead of giving it a unique sculpt. Well, at least it looks more accurate than the first one did. But that's the only thing it has going for it.
  14. I feel the exact same way. And similarly with Figuarts, except those are too small for Legends. However, if Mafex decided to start doing figures like these... Now that'd spell trouble for my wallet.
  15. I just noticed something about Iron Man's packaging. The complementary armor is taken from a cover that features the wrong armor. Good to see Hasbro help perpetuate the constant misidentification of the Pentagon Armor as the Extremis Armor and vice versa.
  16. Marvel NOW! Iron Man is one of the redos I want the most. Unlike the previous Extremis Iron Man, I have outright refused to buy Hasbro's initial attempt at the armor. The figure has the potential to look beyond fantastic if they do it properly. It would be the biggest Marvel Legends redemption in my eyes.
  17. Jesus, that Extremis Iron Man is a thing of beauty. They captured the design perfectly, and even nailed the slight roundness of the helmet. And, unlike their first version, they painted the jaw gold. I really have to give Hasbro props for this one, they even got it doing the three-point landing pose for the promotional renders.
  18. You're right, but this 5-pack is meant to represent the different forms of Spider-Man throughout the years, so Funko is already making this mistake. I think it would also be easier to fudge a cape-wearing Prodigy as Peter as opposed to a female-presenting Dusk as Peter.
  19. Feels like a major missed opportunity that this pack isn't just all the Slingers. You already got two of them, just add Dusk and Ricochet. Maybe if you want to keep it a 5-pack, just add a female Dusk as well so the figures can double as either Peter or the actual Slingers.
  20. Oh, wow. This is the first time a Marvel Unlimited figure has gotten a package. I'm still not interested in upgrading to plus this year, but this definitely amps up the value of both the figure and the membership kit. I hope this is a precedent and not an exception for the following years.
  21. In defense of this figure, the silver is supposed to be have a tint like that. In defense of Capcom, War Machine being an Iron Man repaint wasn't a lazy way to get War Machine into MvC, but rather a clever way to get Iron Man into MvC. Iron Man had previously appeared in Marvel Super Heroes, but his video game rights became tied up when Acclaim Entertainment started developing the Iron Man/X-O Manowar crossover game. Capcom repainting Iron Man and calling him War Machine was more than anything a loophole to ensure the character appeared in MvC in some shape. And in ToyBiz's defense, their repainted-Modular-Iron-Man War Machine was in turn a homage to MvC. The figure also came out in 2006, and ToyBiz had already made a proper Marvel Legends War Machine the year prior. It's also worth mentioning that their MvC War Machine wasn't meant to be a figure on its own right, but a variant of the Face-Off Iron Man, so it makes sense that it would be only a repaint.
  22. Wow, they came really close to this digibash I made back in 2021: Not to knock Hasbro down, but I think I prefer the colors in this one, athough hopefully the promo images are just a bit darker than reality.
  23. You're correct (and I appreciate the ping, btw). War Machine being a palette swap of Modular Iron Man is exclusive to MvC (and there's a fun story involving legal loopholes and video game licensing tied to that).
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