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  1. Man, I wish I had more space for this kind of thing. It looks like a nice shelf piece.
  2. I feel like Marvel has enough faith in Moon Knight as an established character to launch the book now, cashing in on the hype of the announcement alone, without relaunching it yet again when the show drops. Black Widow and Shang-Chi did do the mini-before-ongoing, but their minis were announced as such, while this is being treated as a proper ongoing.
  3. This book has been one of my favorite current Marvel series, and I hadn't ever read the Runaways before it. I'm really happy it's made it this long, and I hope it still has a long way to go before it ends.
  4. I haven't read his Thunderbolts but I would chalk it up to a fluke considering I've consitently enjoyed everything else he's written, including Uncanny Avengers, Champions and even the Marvel's Avengers one-shots, as well as his co-written Avengers No Surrender and Avengers No Road Home. He is a writer who knows it's more important to make a story about the characters and not just the events they go through, and he has shown an ability to give each character their own voice. Plus, he is similar to Al Ewing in that both embrace the fact that writing for Marvel means writing for something bigger than themselves, in the sense that they let their stories properly feel like they are part of a shared universe and like to play with continuity.
  5. C'mon, Hasbro. Dust off the cancelled Marvel Universe Fin Fang Foom. Pretty please.
  6. This run really was an instant modern classic and unparalleled. The next Hulk writer has some Hulk-sized shoes to fill. I'm really happy for Ewing for managing to close the run on his own terms after years of being an underdog with rushed wrap-ups due to cancellation. Can't wait for his Defenders and whichever book he does next.
  7. Considering Loki's arc in Journey into Mystery -> Young Avengers -> Agent of Asgard is one of my favorites in comics, I feel very compelled to get this figure even if I collect only Iron Man. It's also worth taking into account that when Loki was reborn as the God of Stories, he canonically became taller. So I wonder if that would help with wedging this figure into a Marvel Legends display.
  8. The show's biggest influence is Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye run. It took place (mostly) in Brookyln where the show's been shot, it featured the Russian mafia we'll see in the show, Madame Masque who we'll see in the show, Lucky the Pizza Dog who we'll see in the show... and Kate Bishop who we'll see in the show.
  9. I think the MK 2 can be best released in a 2-pack with the MK 4 to commemorate the birthday rumble. It'd be neat if it came with open faceplates for both Tony and Rhodey.
  10. Does anybody know if the Hasbro team has expressed in interviews or anything of the like whether the Infinity Saga thing is meant to be a line or a one-off thing? It would make the most sense if this is a line, but I'd like to know if there's a confirmation.
  11. I want to be mad at Hasbro because they keep going for the the easy repaints of the Iron Legion instead of making the heavy hitters like Silver Centurion, Heartbreaker or Shotgun... but I can't be mad at that Happy Hogan figure. It'll go perfect holding the briefcase MK 5. That MK 3 looks amazing, though I wish it included a second pair of hands with holes for repulsor effects. I'm glad that it includes a face with the faceplate up, it's neat that Hasbro isn't skimping on using RDJ's likeness. Now we just gotta wait until it's repainted into the MK 2. And I'm happy for the Rescue, the two alternate headsculpts are very much welcome. All this time I've been bummed that the Figuarts never saw a bootleg version since I would have liked to take the drones from it for the Marvel Legends, so I'm happy to see a Marvel Legends including them. The only problem is going to be the Captain Marvel figure since I only collect Iron Man, luckly I have a friend who might want her.
  12. Rescue? I would have preferred a War Machine MK 6, but you won't be hearing much complaining from me if it comes with the drones and maybe unmasked or faceplate-lifted heads. I wonder if they would retool the figure to make the torso more screen-accurate. I doubt it, but just a random thought...
  13. I think you're misconstruing my message (which is not uncommon for you). I'm not saying Peréz or Byrne are "Eeehhh." I'm actually a fan of Peréz work, especially his Avengers run with Kurt Busiek. I'm saying that I don't find them comparable to the particular flare of the pages I posted above by R.B.Silva. However, I'm glad to hear that only now I've lost my credibility. You'd lost yours in... too far ago to remember.
  14. This isn't a contest, gramps. That being said, Kirby? Definitely since he was a visionary. Sinnott? Wasn't he an inker and not penciler? Perez and Byrne? Eeehhh. Plus their layouts were definitely more in the traditional sense. Getting that out of the way, my point is that you can definitely open a Fantastic Four comic and "see the works of truly great craftsmen." You can boo-hoo all you want at modern comic art by cherry-picking bad artists from the good (as if the Silver and Bronze Ages didn't have their fair share of bad artists), but you can't deny that the panels above are a beautiful combination of pencils and colors.
  15. But word of mouth is that Inhumans was a pet project of Perlumtter. This is why the movie was dropped from Marvel Studios' slate a few months after they were placed directly under Walt Disney Studios' control and away from Perlmutter's supervision. Marvel Television still reported to Perlmutter, so that's why the Inhumans were made into a show.
  16. This just made me realize how much I'd love to see a Marvel Legends of racetrack Tony Stark with snap-on MK V pieces in the process of suit-up (it'd be a lot more simplified than this, but I think it's doable). I feel like with the Infinity Saga line, Hasbro can really milk scene-specific versions of characters the same way they do it in the Star Wars Black Series.
  17. Yeah, too bad now you open a Fantastic Four issue and you see this: Hey, waitaminute. These are beautiful. And they're from recent comics! Golly!
  18. Time-travellers going back in time to change the future in comics are no different than War Machine suggesting to go back in time to kill Thanos as a baby. The only difference is that other time-travellers seldom have a smart Hulk to tell them it doesn't work like that. It's easy to miss this kind of nuance since we have an out-of-universe perspective of what transpires in the comics, but interally there's no reason why people have to understand the mechanics of time-travel unless they're Kang or Doctor Doom.
  19. Judging by the photos, there is a hinge at the base of the head. Unless Hasbro pulls some weird nonsense, the neck should be detachable from the head.
  20. I did say there are exceptions. But aside from the paradox caused by Logan travelling back in time to stop himself from killing Pym (which is not 100% impossible since it's been explained that Doctor Doom's platform makes use of magi-tech to allow travel within one's timeline), it follows the rules since the Pym-less timeline wasn't Earth-616 but Earth-26111. The handbooks themselves clarify that the Invisible Woman and Wolverine that arrived at the good present in the end of the series are alternates whose fates are unknown after the story.
  21. But the time-travel rules they used for Endgame are pretty much the same as the rules in the comics. These rules have been broken from time to time, but a time-traveller being able to jump in time within their own timeline is an exception, not the norm. The comics have even had to come up with ways to explain the instances of time-travel within the same timeline.
  22. With any luck, Heroes Reborn is the middle point of his run. The climax of it is definitely going to be the Iron Verse vs. Mephisto-Verse that he teased in issue #31. As an Iron Man fan I wish I could enjoy a writer putting Tony in such pivotal role, but it had to be Aaron. I had some hopes for his run when he introduced the concept of geopolitical super hero team dynamics, but instead of focusing on it, he had to relegate it to background noise while he drools over his "super mega big threat" story of the month. I think it's so funny that other concurrent writers are subtly throwing shade at his run. Can't wait until Marvel realizes they just need to drop Al Ewing on Avengers to get the next modern classic run.
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