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  1. My fingers sure are hurting with how hard I'm crossing them for the Infinity Saga line-up to be revealed soon (or at least part of it).
  2. Looking at Nova's shoulderpads and looking at the upcoming Stealth Iron Man that should have ones like it, I'd love to see somebody try to do a little shoulderpad transplant.
  3. Mmh, Donny Cates did express on Twitter that he'd like to do Hulk with Ryan Ottley. With Ewing's run ending, I wonder if this is about that.
  4. That was my take as well. I simulwatchd the finale with some friends who are fans of the MCU (not Marvel in general, the MCU in specific) and when the post-credits scene happened, they were disconcerted because it "didn't set up anything." What were they expecting, for General Ross to walk up to Zemo in the Raft, name-drop the Thunderbolts and wink at the camera? It's like people learned nothing from WandaVision. On the other hand, my first and instant thought was "this has to lead to Armor Wars." Or at least I hope it does.
  5. Considering Spencer has been handling the Lizard's reform, I'm expecting Doc Ock to be somehow forcing Curt to do his bidding. Hopefully there's an explanation for Sandman as well, though him not being a blob of sand is already making me fear for the worst and expect a full character regression.
  6. Ooh, so that's the pay off of the Savage Six stinger from Hunted, neat. Villains vs. villains with the hero caught in the middle always sounds like fun.
  7. That's because they're not rings in the conventional sense. They're cylindrical objects attached to the power rod of the Makluan ship where the Mandarin found them, and they just-so-happened to fit on human fingers as if they were finger rings.
  8. Doom acts in accordance to his own interests because he's Doom, not to mention the first thing he did when he encountered the Guardians was attack and belittle them, and will probably try to order them around (hint: it's only been an issue). As for Super-Skrull, he is loyal to the Skrull/Kree throne, so whatever is of Hulkling's interest is of his own interest. It is also worth mentioning that Hulkling has specifically assigned Super-Skrull to a diplomatic posting to stop him from shedding any more blood. I understand if you want to give up understanding the nuances of layered characters. It must be scary, I know.
  9. This guy's classic figure has already been made, but I wish we had gotten an Agent of Asgard Loki figure before classic Loki. It's the version of Loki that made me like the character, and Agent of Asgard is still to this day one of my favorite comic book runs. In a similar vein, it wouldn't have bothered me if Hasbro had released a Pymtron figure before classic Ultron. It's an interesting status quo for the character. In terms of figures that haven't been made, I'll be content if Hasbro did the Mandarin by just slapping a new head and hands into the Nick Fury suited body. The only other Mandarin look that I like, the 1990s-2000s tunic, feels like a nightmare to engineer without making the entirety of the tunic out of soft goods, and I don't like soft goods in my action figures. If Hasbro did suited Mandarin, they could allocate the part of the budged that would have gone into a brand-new body into multiple hands and effect pieces. Oh, also Titanium Man. Never liked the H.E.R.B.I.E.-on-steroids look, and I'll be getting the Marvel Select version of it to make do more than anything.
  10. I think it was in an accompanying tweet that they out-right referred to it as "Al Ewing's Space Age." I'm glad it's kind of official that he's the new king of cosmic Marvel. It's an Al Ewing world space, we're just living in it. I'm also glad that we're already going to get a follow-up to that Empyre stinger.
  11. I don't care much for Civil Warrior or Contest of Champions, but I have to admit I'm still debating with myself whether or not I should get this figure for the "Into the Iron Verse" section of my display, since this is half an alternate version of Iron Man. Maybe if I can find it loose for cheap on eBay...
  12. If they don't agree with you, that just means they do read comics. Wonderful how doing that can actually inform your opinion on them.
  13. lmao. The old geezers in here with the "Old man yells at a cloud" mentality who complain about things they only know about are not a good judge of quality. However, that being said, coming from a person who is actually up to date with modern Marvel... Avengers is definitely not a crowd-pleaser. Does that mean that Marvel should have stopped in the 90s? No, there are still a lot of great titles coming out, a lot of great writers doing their best, and a lot of great artists drawing their best.
  14. With Immortal Hulk ending, I think Ewing should be open for handling another title. And considering he proved himself with both Immortal Hulk and Empyre, I think making him the next Avengers writer is a no-brainer. But that's not to say Jim Zub wouldn't be a great choice. In my perfect world, Ewing, Zub and Waid (due to being the No Surrender / No Way Home team) would each handle an Avengers book, with all three titles sharing an underlying status-quo narrative not unlike the way X-books are currently being handled.
  15. The A.I. Tony head definitely looks better in-hand... or in pictures of it being in-hand. I also like that it seems to be smaller than the 80 Years Tony head. I really disliked that Hasbro made that headsculpt and Rhodey's proportional to the armor and not to the person inside of it. I find it funny that he mentions collectors not displaying the A.I. Tony head on the figure when that sure is the way I will have it on my shelf. If you already have the 80 Years release, I don't see the point of having this figure on the shelves as a regular armor. There's some fun in A.I. Tony being a completely separate character from fleshy Tony. And seeing this figure and the old one side-by-side, I'd love to see somebody try to switch all the yellow parts of this one into the old one. The contrast between the bright yellow and the dark red would really make it pop and it would look similar to the original classic Iron Man that Hasbro made back then as a 2-pack release.
  16. "The storyline She-Hulk fans have been waiting for"? So, Jen returning to her regular self? The whole "bring Jennifer Walters’ current journey to its pulse-pounding conclusion" makes me hopeful.
  17. That's my sentiment as well. Spymaster and Crimson Dynamo being in the place of Darkstar and Ursa Major would have made this wave a lot more well-rounded and cohesive.
  18. Ursa Major was the next logical choice after Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo? I wish they had explored more possibilities, since there are other big Iron Man characters like Arsenal or the Controller that could have been made before jumping to the non-Iron Man-related Ursa Major. The Juggernaut BAF is a few retooling away from being Arsenal, and the deluxe Thanos could be repurposed into the Controller. I hope at least they take that into account for the next Iron Man BAF wave.
  19. Yeah, you'd have to paint them. I can see the faceplate slits being easy to recolor with a fine tip marker. The unibeam would be harder, maybe a sharpie or a gundman marker?
  20. Can't say I'm entirely convinced about that headsculpt for A.I. Tony. The front of his hairline looks like a pompadour.
  21. The colors are not wrong because this isn't meant to be the classic classic armor. This is how the armor looked like in Secret Empyre when A.I. Tony was piloting it:
  22. Y'know, I was a bit peeved that the MCU was going forward with the the real Mandarin thing. I had no problems with the IM3 fake-out since the twist was very layered and Kingsley as Trevor was a delight. When All Hail the King came out with the "oh, but there is a Mandarin" stinger, I was okay with it since it felt like a compromise without back-peddaling. But then they announced they would actually show the real Mandarin, and that they'd do it in a project completely unrelated to Iron Man. But now, seeing that Tony Leung's character doesn't even look like the Mandarin and doesn't even wear the ten rings in his fingers, I don't feel so bad about this. The way Wenwu is shaping up to be, Ben Kingley's character will remain a closer adaptation to the Mandarin than this character, twist included.
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