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  1. I don't think it would be limiting, since pretty much every character can be covered under an umbrella alongside others, it just depends on how wide or narrow it is, just as long as it's there. If there's a character who can totally and absolutely not be covered under an umbrella no matter the width, it's most likely not even going to receive a figure at all. As a counterpoint to the sales argument, I think thematic cohesion helps sales, since it can incite people to buy all figures in a wave. I've seen collectors mention how they originally intended to buy one figure from the House of X wave, only to think, "You know? This Cyclops would look neat alongside this Wolverine... and what about the Magneto?" and so on. This benefit to thematic cohesion extends to the BaF. In my case, if the BaF for this Iron Man wave had been Iron Man-related, I would have ordered the Ultron. But now I won't even bother with the Hologram Iron Man. Personally, I favor thematic cohesion because I like the harmony of it. It's kinda holistic. That being said, just because I prefer waves with a thematic cohesion doesn't mean that I'm entirely opposted to anything else. I've already used this example, but I understand and I'm okay with figures like Gwenpool, Night Thrasher or Shang-Chi being in Spider-Man waves. But Spider-Man gets two waves every year as a baseline . My gripe with the lack of a thematic cohesion in this Iron Man wave comes in great part due to the fact that it's the first Iron Man wave since 2013, and who knows when is the next Iron Man wave going to be.
  2. And as a chaser for all my whining, I just came up with a different "What If?" digibash that I'm sure will become a reality eventually:
  3. I think I expressed the same thought in my original comment, but that definitely would have been the better course of action.
  4. I'm fully aware since collecting Iron Man figures is my thing. But I think it's worth pointing out that out of those four images, only one isn't a variant to a release of the Classic Armor. When I see variants like these, it's much more understandable that there's no retooling since they're variants. This new figure is its own standalone release. And you have to admit that if there was one opportunity to break this tradition and finally provide a comic-accurate Stealth Iron Man, this was it, especially after they gave the Silver Centurion new boots and gloves and even handplates and the layman wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't done that.
  5. Reflecting something I mentioned in that gripes-with-Legends thread, I think collectors should get a well-rounded display out of a wave. A wave should form a cohesive unit. And that's my issue with Ultron, Darkstar and Ursa Major. Ultron is related to Iron Man by way of the Avengers, but he's not an Iron Man villain. If I'm feeling generous, I would consider him Iron Man tangential. But like I've mentioned before, I already have an Ultron in my Iron Man villains display and I don't feel he belongs there. As for Darkstar, even if she's been involved in one or two Iron Man stories, and even if the Winter Guard formally debuted in an Iron Man issue, I don't think she qualifies for the label of "Iron Man character." I would say Hasbro feels the same since both she and Ultron have the generic Marvel logo in the front of the package. I also have to clarify that there's a reason I'm being particularly finicky about the character selection in this wave. Which is the fact that this is the first Iron Man wave in eight years, and who knows when's the next one going to come out. I can live with Shang-Chi or Night Thrasher or Gwenpool being in a Spider-Man wave because Spider-Man has two guaranteed waves every year, not to mention he gets many special releases, with last year's special releases amounting to an entire wave. Well, there's another reason I'm being finicky and that is that Iron Man is my favorite character. That adds fuel to my stuck-up-dork self. Gotta admit that.
  6. I guess I've decided to illustrate my thoughts on the Stealth Iron Man. Really wished Hasbro had gone the extra mile, especially with the precedent of the Silver Centurion. I'm pretty sure this figure would have sat better with the collectors that are thinking "wow, so this is just a straight-up repaint" if it had included some new tooling. I'm particularly bummed about the shoulderpads.
  7. The Hologram Iron Man is 100% pulled out of Hasbro's butt. The most use I can see this figure getting is as a prop in a diorama of Tony Stark's laboratory. I do plan on making a display like that, but my goal is to make it comic-only and, unfortunately, the mold they're using for Hologram Iron Man corresponds to the MK 46 from the MCU.
  8. The two suits are too different on a fundamental level. They have completely different aesthetics and not even the unibeam is in the same place in each suit. I give Hasbro flak for repaints, but there's no way they'd do Ironheart MK 3 as a mostly-repaint of the MK 2.
  9. The wave as a whole? I don't. The specific figures? I like three of them (Modular, Ironheart, Guardsman), I don't like two of them (Stealth Iron Man and Hologram), I don't care for three of them (Ultron, Darkstar, Ursa Major). But two of the figures I like I wish they'd made different (Modular and Ironheart), and one of the figures I don't like (Stealth Iron Man) I'll get because sometimes you gotta make do.
  10. With all the leaks I was expecting Hasbro tease more of the stuff we already know is coming. As for the Iron Man wave, the first Iron Man wave since 2013, it's underwhelming. Darkstar and Ultron are not Iron Man-related, and not even the BaF being Iron Man-themed is particularly flagrant. I approve Spider-Man waves getting away with slapping Shang-Chi or Night Thrasher, but Spider-Man gets two waves every year at the least. This wave deserved to be fully Iron Man-themed, or at the least 90% of it. The Hologram Iron Man should have been revealed in April 1st because it's a joke. The Stealth Iron Man doesn't come with the appropriate retooling. The Stealth Iron Man is supposed to have curved cuffs, shoulder pads, a backpack and a different helmet shape. It's not just the classic armor painted dark blue. Speaking of, the Stealth Armor should be mostly black with blue highlights. The suit is not blue in the comics. The Modular Iron Man should have come with modular snap-on accessories that even ToyBiz managed to pull off when they did the figure, and the Ironheart figure should be using her current armor and not the outdated MK 2 design. The only figure that is good for what it is is Guardsman. And that says something about this wave. I'm really disappointed that this wave managed to check every box in my list of "Fears I have about this wave." From the Stealth Iron Man being a lazy repaint to the Modular Iron Man not reaching its full potential with accessories. Looking at this wave and the Black Widow wave from last year, I feel like Ursa Major and Darkstar should have switched places with Crimson Dynamo and Spymaster. That would have made this an appropriately Iron Man-themed wave.
  11. They're compatible with Marvel Select, since they're both 1/10 scale. Unfortunately, non-compatibility with other lines was already a problem with Select.
  12. This figure would have been a much better release if they had just simply done something similar to this statue:
  13. I could do without less artistic license, but I'm glad Hot Toys is starting to dip into comic-based figures. It's funny and sad at the same time that the closest to comic-based figures they had gotten was through Spider-Man PS4's comic-accurate alternate skins.
  14. I've heard great things about MacKay's Black Cat, his Taskmaster was fantastic, and Avengers: Mech Strike is great fun, so I'm excited. I'm not familiar with Cappuccio, but after a quick Google search, I think he's up to the task.
  15. They did an astronomical jump in quality a few years ago. You can check out any review for their MK III figure and people will praise it as a miniature budget-friendly Hot Toys.
  16. Nice touch to include the Winter Soldier red book. I love this kind of specific accessories. I wonder if anybody will pair the unmasked head with a more civilian-looking body and the book for a Civil War display.
  17. With the way ZDToys has been showing Hasbro up left and right, I can only hope Hasbro will be motivated enough to blow it out of the park with any future redos of the MK 1-7.
  18. Can't say I had been missing him. JRjr peaked in the 80s, but the more he pushed into his unique style the uglier his artwork looked. The only time I've enjoyed his modern style was during JMS's Amazing Spider-Man run, but I figure much of it is owed to Scott Hana's inks and Dan Kemp's coloring.
  19. I've seen some people theorize based on details from the silhouette that the mystery character is Agent Venom-like. They even threw around the idea he could be bonded to Sleeper, making him Sleeper Agent. I can get behind something like this. Any semblance to Agent Venom is good in my books.
  20. Since Walker's figure in the wave used the black costume, I was wondering if they were going to make a special release for him as Cap. It's a nice touch to model the packaging after the figure that appears in the episode.
  21. A lot of times I feel like Hasbro is just churning out figures, making a lot of them feel cookie cutter, and I'm not taking about mold reuses. Simplistic paint apps, no accessories, no effect pieces, not even alternate hands. Doesn't make them feel like β˜†β€’Β°. π“…π“‡π‘’π“‚π’Ύπ“Šπ“‚ π’Έπ‘œπ“π“π‘’π’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ’·π“π‘’ π’Άπ’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ π’»π’Ύπ‘”π“Šπ“‡π‘’π“ˆ .Β°β€’β˜† to me. And this is only worsened when it overlaps with budget sponge BAFs. Stuff like the Abomination or Sugar Man waves make most of the singular releases feel like they only exist to come with a BAF piece (like the flagrantry that was AoA Jean Grey). I feel like every release should be able to stand on its own or at least look like it could. My other biggest gripe is something that I understand why it's done and I'm not gonna fight it, but it still annoys me, which is the integration of comic figures into movie tie-in waves. I would love it if there was a segregation of movie, comic and game figures, to have everything in its appropriate lane. This practise particularly annoyed me in past years when Hasbro used to leave a lot of gaps in movie-based waves. Like the Iron Man 3 wave only coming with Iron Man and Iron Patriot, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier wave not including Falcon, the Guardians of the Galaxy wave not including Ronan, the Captain America: Civil War wave not including Black Widow or Hawkeye, and so on. It would make everything feel so much more uncluttered if movie tie-in waves would properly focus only on the movie at hand, if buying an entire movie wave would mean getting a well-rounded display out of it. This practise annoyed so much with Avengers: Endgame. Collectors might not have gotten figures for Captain Marvel, Wong, Black Widow, War Machine MK 6 or a proper Smart Hulk out of the three (3) waves that were made, but they can sleep well knowing they have Rock Python and Nighthawk.
  22. Hasbro has always given movie armors their proper unique sculpts (exclusing Disco), so there's no way they'd do something like that for a main armor.
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