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  1. Really hoping it's not just a new MK III. Hasbro could easily make a 3-pack of the first movie's armors due to the MK II being a slight retool and repaint away from the MK III, and it would feel weird in anybody's collection to have a 2008 MK II standing next to a 2021 MK III. I'm really crossing my fingers for my dream set of MK I and MK III, MK II and MK IV, MK V and Whiplash, and MK VI and War Machine MK I.
  2. Luckly, since then they've tonned down the added elements from Kris Anka's revision, and they've mostly gone back to the Jamie McKelvie version. The only big elements from Anka's version that are kept are the short gloves and the sash/belt. This is more or less how she looks like nowadays:
  3. Hasbro is definitely overdue another Captain Marvel. She's one of those characters whose modern looks I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't made. I'd add her next to Hawkeye, Loki, Doctor Strange, Falcon and Pymtron. They should give it a proper unique sculpt to capture all the seams and textures of her current costume. They can even max profits on that unique mold by re-releasing it in green tones and with a Universal Weapon to have Accuser Captain Marvel from Empyre.
  4. Funnily enough, it shows that they didn't think this through at all since in interviews the directors and the writers have given contradictory explanations. The Russos have said that Steve grew old in a parallel timeline before (somehow) returning to the prime timeline (which would be correct), while Markus and McFeely believe he stayed in the prime timeline.
  5. It's a fashion show for Christ's sake. It sounds so self-serious to act like this is some shark jumping stunt. And the storyline will obviously not be 20 pages of mutants walking down the runaway. Did you even read the solicits that clearly show the gala is a backdrop for the political and internal intrigue of the current X-books? You don't need to answer, it was a rhetorical question.
  6. Yeah, a fashion gala is too goof-ball for the X-Men. Marvel should return to something more grounded, like that time they fought a BDSM club, or that one time Cyclops got on with a girl that looked exactly like his dead wife and turned out to be a clone. Maybe have Wolverine lose his nose again. Why not have Professor X's time-travelling son try to get on with his own mother? Why not explore a castle full of leprechauns? Maybe have Cyclops psychically cheat on Jean Grey with Emma Frost. Pffft.
  7. Yeah, man. I'm sure sales are gonna tank because Marvel decided to slap some Met Gala outfits on the X-Men There's something funny about you saying stuff like that when this era of the X-Men has been selling like crazy and brought the X-Men back to the spotlight. But let's ignore that when we can pretend some silly outfits will bring the end of comics as a medium.
  8. That reminds me, a few days ago I stumbled into more of these Mech Strike figures on eBay, from seller toysuperjp. Since the concept had a mini-series that used the characters' current comic designs, I wish the figures did the same.
  9. Even if you skim through the press release of these covers you should get the idea that these are just outfits for a fancy gala the X-Men are holding. They're not super hero costumes.
  10. I'd like to think it's coincidential considering Hot Toys has released Whiplash figures with Mickey Rourke's likeness a good while after the movie came out. If likenesses is an issue, Hasbro could easily just do the Whiplash MK II, since it covers Vanko's face.
  11. I already feel pampered with two Iron Man releases, one Iron Man 3 release, and the MK 85 / Thanos 2-pack... but I'm going to be greedy and hope one of the unknown sets involves Iron Man 2. It's been ten years for a Whiplash, Hasbro. Ten years. Not to mention I would love to have new MKs IV to VI and WM MK II to complement any new MK I to III figures.
  12. The X-Men holding a fancy schmancy fashion gala when they're a sovereign nation is scraping the bottom of the barrel? Sometimes I wonder what are you guys on.
  13. For the Iron Man 3 release, at this point I'd be happy getting just a handful of the Iron Legion suits. Silver Centurion, Shotgun and Heartbreaker would make a fun set. If Hasbro had played it smart, by investing in a few new molds, they would have been able to milk them to infinity. Silver Centurion, Shotgun. Heartbreaker, the MK 7 and Striker only need a new coat of paint to be turned into Blue Steel, Shades, Tank, Midas and Gamma, respectively. And a lot of suits are a mix-and-match of parts from different armor. For example, using the upper half of the MK 7 with the legs of Heartbreaker would give us Python. A new torso with the legs of Heartbreaker and the arms of War Machine MK 2 would give us Casanova. And then Casanova with an arm from Striker would pass off as Fiddler. And so on. If this Iron Man 3 release isn't Iron Legion suits, I would be content with a re-release of the MK 42 with better paintjob, better shoulders and interchangeable hands.
  14. Gamma Flight has been a fun part of Immortal Hulk even though I feel they have been underutilized, which means them getting a mini is the perfect thing.
  15. I'm very happy with the prospect of a new MK 85 figure, even if it means having to invest on a 2-pack featuring a version of Thanos I disliked. The first MK 85 was a bit of a letdown. Whatever Hasbro does for this release, please, and I mean please, don't screw up the arc reactor like last time. At this point I'm more concerned about the arc reactor than whether or not it comes with a Tony Stark head.
  16. On my end I've been waiting for a Whiplash figure for 10 years and counting... oh god. It's really been over 10 years.
  17. This list is also missing his current modern costume.
  18. Hasbro investing on the Legacy films (as they're called on Disney+) isn't a bad idea... as long as they first fill all the flagrant gaps in their MCU collection.
  19. Wanda caused the anomaly by accident, yes. But she kept it going even after coming to the realization that its citizens were under her control. Using the Ultron comparison, Tony and Bruce didn't continue working with Ultron after creating him. (In addition to that, Tony was prompted to create Ultron by Wanda's manipulation, and she admits hexing Tony because she knew it would cause him to self-destruct, and on top of that, it's also established that the Mind Stone kick-started Ultron on its own and Tony and Bruce were nowhere near making Ultron functional at the time he went online)
  20. She did not. The notion of WandaVision having "a 'Luke Skywalker' Moment" comes from the headline of this interview by TVLine: "Will WandaVision Have Its Own 'Luke Skywalker' Moment? Elizabeth Olsen 'Really Excited' for Surprise to Come." The interview is as follows: When asked if WandaVision has anything similar [to the Luke Skywalker moment] in store — namely a casting that she can’t believe hasn’t leaked yet — Olsen gave us a quick, “Yes.” And though she dared not offer any specifics, she did share with a laugh that “I’m really excited” for viewers to see what (or who) is coming. The interviewer herself clarifies what she specifically asked was if there was a casting that Olsen couldn't believe hadn't leaked yet. This article is from February 2. The fifth episode of the show, in which Even Peters appears as "Fietro" came out on February 5, and up until that episode, it was only known that Evan Peters was in the show, but not as whom. But if you can find an interview in which the words "Luke Skywalker" do come out of Olsen's mouth, I will stand corrected.
  21. Olsen never teased a "Luke Skywalker-level cameo" herself. She simply said "Yes" when an interviewer asked if we're going to see an unexpected casting. Clickbait sites misconstrued her words. And that interview happened before the 80s episode, so the casting Olsen was referring to was Evan Peters. As for Bettany's comments, he was just being cheeky when he mentioned he was excited to work with a certain actor, since that person turned out to be himself. I do agree with some of the complaints you stated, namely Hayward being the only person who was appropriatedly treating Wanda like a threat only for him to turn out to be a full-blown bad guy. And while the ending didn't put Wanda in a pedestal, the narrative still tried to paint her in a heroic light, especially since Monica validated her, whereas the one person opposing her was reduced to a bad guy. That's the one thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about the entire show, how the implications of Wanda's actions are brushed away. Monica being "They don't know what you sacrificed or them" comes off as tone-deaf considering all the did was do right by the people she was torturing for weeks. Ending the anomaly wasn't a favor that Wanda was doing its citizens. I wonder what would have happened if Agatha hadn't gotten involved, since it's only by contrast to her Disney villain nature that Wanda comes off as a good guy. All in all, I don't have strong feelings for the show. It was entertaining and the gripes I have with it are just gripes. I wonder if this is because I wasn't really invested in it or because I never read into fan theories or let myself be carried by the hype, which certainly had something to do with me not being disappointed at the show not using Mephisto or whatever hundred crackpot theories MCU fans were pushing for. On that side, I think this show is a cautionary tale for fans, and that they shouldn't set these crazy unwarranted expectations on a story.
  22. I just pulled the trigger and burned 130 bucks to finish my Iron Man 3 Marvel Select collection. I am afraid.
  23. Felicia being in the mix feels a bit odd, but considering I've heard good things about Jed MacKay, I'm not worried. I know that even the press release goes over how the Infinity Stones have "returned" but this is really just a continuation of Gerry Duggan's Infinity Stones saga that has been going since 2017's All-New Guardians of the Galaxy. The guy who is going to appear in the Captain America issue, Overtime, actually debuted right at the end of 2018's Infinity Wars. So while the Infinity Stones have been beaten to death, I'm content they are continuing this saga. It's not going to be after this story is done that I'm going to hope the Stones remain in limbo for a while.
  24. These two look neat. The Red Guardian mini-figure accessory looks like a fun, silly detail. I like these accessories that add some charm to the figures.
  25. I think that they've used Pymtron a good amount of times. He first popped up in Uncanny Avengers, then Secret Empire, then Infinity Wars, and Tony Stark: Iron Man just a year ago. It's not like regular Ultron appeared every other week either. 100% agree with you on Zub and Ewing. Those two and Waid have done so good with No Surrender and No Road Home that I'd love to see the three become the architects of the Avengers, each having their own Avengers title with a level of interconnectivity similar to the current X-books.
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