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  1. In the review, at around 3:48 you can see MCUcollector analyze the piece and mention that it's molded into the figure.
  2. I'm also hoping for that. The FF wave has the potential to be a good precedent and maybe Hasbro could at the very least start some kind of rotation, focusing on several lines over the year instead of just Spider-Man and X-Men, Spider-Man and X-Men.
  3. I think it's more comparable if it was a situation like being a fan of Starscream, yet Hasbro focusing solely on Optimus Prime and Megatron. Iron Man is a character that Hasbro could totally milk the crap out of, it's not as if I were asking for a Moon Knight wave.
  4. I understand the point of sticking to the most popular characters... but, c'mon. It's not like an Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk wave is a risk. Hasbro's excessive focus on the Spider-Man and X-Men lines means they can use them to explore the obscure corners of their worlds (with figures like White Rabbit or Skullbuster), like you mentioned, but at the cost of overlooking lower-hanging fruits that can't fit in these lines. We can't even rely on catch-all waves since those include MCU figures. And since the most wanted figures are the MCU ones, the comic figures end up being characters like Rock Python and Nighthawk. I don't want to bring down the mood, but I feel kinda bummed that as a fan of a popular character like Iron Man, I have to build my collection out of breadcrumbs and crossing my fingers. However, if I were a Spider-Man fan, it's a given that I'd have to wait only four months to get at the very least one more version of the main hero, plus at the very least two of his villains, no matter how obscure they could be.
  5. That's two holes-in-one for me, with Ewing and Schiti. One is my favorite writer and the other one of my favorite artists. I like Slott as well, but I like to be cautious. Still, I trust that Ewing will be the driving force behind the event overall, considering it's bound to be a continuity fest like he writes best.
  6. He does and he will complain about it.
  7. I've been crossing my fingers so hard and for so long for an Iron Man wave, I think they're locked in that position now. I believe it's ridiculous that there has only been one Iron Man wave in the entirety of Marvel Legends' run. On the other hand, Spider-Man is getting his 13th wave. Please, Hasbro, just divert the budget to another character just one time. One. Please.
  8. I'd love a Titanium Man or Arsenal, but I feel that with Crimson Dynamo, Hasbro won't think much about doing an Iron Man-themed BAF for the time being.
  9. Mako sees the past, the present and the future. For Mako knows... it... all.
  10. The use of a unique sculpt in this and the MK III figure gives me hopes Hasbro could consider redoing the Advanced Suit using assets from the game.
  11. Yes, Hasbro did an Iron Man MK V figure, as part of the 6" Walmart exclusive line. Not only like all those figures it currently stands underscaled compared to modern Marvel Legends, but it wasn't very good. The head can barely move up and down, the legs can barely kick up, and the feet only move left and right. For that time, no ankle pivot is understandable, but that the feet can't move up or down was pretty ridiculous even for its time. It's also badly proportioned. But until Hasbro redoes it, it gets the job done. Personally, I'm dying to see Hasbro redo all pre-2013 Iron Man figures. MKs I to VI, War Machine MK I, Iron Monger, Whiplash MK I and II, and Hammer Drones. I also want an improved MK 85 with better colors and fixed arc reactor shape and paintjob, as well as a figures for the most iconic Iron Legion suits (Silver Centurion, Shotgun and Heartbreaker at the very least).
  12. +1 for Silver Centurion and War Machine. As for Fresh Start Thor, a fun trivia tidbit: the portfolio of Eamon O'Donoghue, the artist who did the illustrations for the comic figures from the Endgame waves, includes an unused package illustration that seems to indicate a Fresh Star Thor figure was planned but scrapped at one point. And as for your question whether Thor will still be sporting this look by the time Hasbro could make a figure out of it, he will be dropping it next month with the beginning of Donny Cates' run.
  13. Prolly Titanium Man, or Kaine Scarlet Spider. Definitely not the most obscure characters overall, but they are out of the figures I have.
  14. Tony Stark: "I was looking through some old photos, and it looks very, uh... similar."
  15. After IvX, he was part of a team of mutants gathered by Polaris to cover for the time-displaced X-Men and help Magneto against Emma Frost and Havok, and killed himself in the process of using his powers in battle. He was later brought back to life in Krakoa.
  16. "I love Latveria, I get along very well with their beloved leader. He's a nice guy, and he thinks I'm a nice guy too. They're a strong nation with a strong leadership and they're big and powerful." I don't know why but that was the first thing that popped in my head after reading your comment.
  17. Thanks for the clarification, your comments really put Poe's law to test so a heads-up is probably the only thing good in them.
  18. I can understand some of the aversion to modern character looks, but I feel some of it is unwarranted and exaggerated. For major characters, I think classic versions should take precedence. But once that figure is out of the way, I think the top priority should be for modern versions. Nowadays, characters are bound to change looks frequently, so I think Hasbro should bank on their pertinency and make figures based on new looks while they're still topical. I think the recent Fantastic Four wave is a good move on Hasbro's part. I can't see Hasbro making figures for this version of the Fantastic Four five years down the line when they're probably back to turquoise and black or giving red another shot. Other looks for the team like the inverted colors are more evergreen because of the nostalgia that comes with them, so Hasbro can make figures for it any given time. I think it's all about balancing topicality with nostalgia-influenced evergreenery. For minor characters, I think it all comes down to aesthetics. Let's be honest, the Silver and Bronze Ages were pretty hard on most villains. I love the recent Living Laser figure because I think his look is unique and appealing... but I'd only get a retro Living Laser if it was the only version of the character available. This is more or less how I feel about the upcoming Spymaster figure. I'd rather have gotten a more modern version of Spymaster, maybe even the Sinclair Abbott version, but I'm still gonna get it. I don't feel as much aversion for classic Crimson Dynamo and I'd rather have a figure that represents Dimitri Bukharin, but I have to admit I find Gennady Gavrilov's armor to be much much more visually appealing. I also think some characters have the advantage to have maintained a modern look for a long time, or to have something that can be considered "modern classic" (for example, while I think the Model 4 Armor is Iron Man's classic look, the Extremis Armor is his modern classic look). For instance, the Living Laser debuted his modern look in 2012 and it's still kicking (... even if it's due to him being reduced to cannon fodder or minor villain). Something similar happens with Ghost, whose poltergeist look is something I can't see Marvel ditching any time soon.
  19. Fun covers, but I worry for her spine in the Venom one. Or maybe I shouldn't since it looks like it's rubber.
  20. Jesus that cover of Namor has more beefcake than what could be made with all the cows in the world.
  21. I love that you claim I lost the argument when I clearly laid out all the points that disprove your point of view, and you didn't even try to counter any of them. All the "insults" and "name-calling" I did was just call you ignorant once. And that's because it's simply and objectively what you are. I didn't even bring out any actual insulting words, but sure, whatever you say.
  22. I like to take potshots because you're ignorant and seem to relish on that. You like to talk out of your butt almost as much as an anti-vaxxer likes to pretend they're a doctor, and then get offended when somebody shows you up. If what you said had any actual substance, things would be different. This question you're posing really shows how simple-minded your way of thinking is. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going for over 10 years, and the overall character arcs are laid out well in advance, so they can't just decide to adapt a story from two years ago right now when they've been working with more or less the same pieces for the last decade. Not only that, the movies move at a much slower rate than comics. Hundreds of comic stories will be written between Movie 1 and Movie 2, and since Movie 1 and Movie 2 use comic elements released before them as groundwork, Movie 3 can't suddely use comic elements from the hundreds of stories written in-between Movie 1 and Movie 2. And even then, it's very easy to show that the MCU does eventually work its way up to newer stories, they're just like a reader that needs time to catch up. But better that than a reader who doesn't actually read, right? Let's take a look: 2008's Iron Man took cues from the "Extremis" storyline from merely 4 years prior. 2012's Avengers was greatly influenced by 2002's Ultimates, from merely 10 years prior. 2013's Iron Man 3 also took cues from "Extremis." 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier took cues from a storyline from 2005. 2016's Captain America: Civil War from 2006's Civil War. 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming had elements and characters from 2011's Ultimate Spider-Man. 2017's Thor: Ragnarok from 2006's Planet Hulk as well as Jason Aaron's 2013 Thor run. 2018's Black Panther had among its influences the almost concurrent Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates' run that had started in 2016. 2018's Avengers: Infinity War was not only inspired by 1991's Infinity Gauntlet, but also 2013's Infinity. 2018's Captain Marvel was heavily influenced by Kelly Sue DeConnick's run from 2012. 2021's Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt the saga of Jane Foster Thor from 2014. On the Disney+ side of things, Ms. Marvel who debuted in 2014 will be getting her own series, and WandaVision will take cues from Tom King's 2016 Vision run. See? Movies from the 2010s took elements from comics from the 2000s, and now movies from the 2020s will take elements from comics from the 2010s. There's also the obvious fact that older stories are much more ingrained in people's minds than newer stories, and since they have longetivity on their side, they usually take priority. And since older stories also feature a more simpler version of character's mythos, they're much easier to take cues from. To sum up, sit down.
  23. I'm an Iron Man fan, but I've always disliked the retro look for Titanium Man. With those round eyes he looks like a friedly robot with the body of a metalized Hulk, like the armor equivalent of a baby-faced body-builder. So I'm on the side that wants a late-1980s-to-2000s Titanium Man (basically, a redo of the 2011 Titanium Man figure).
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